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This Back to School Giveaway offering a $100 Target Gift Card plus a SignUpGenius Prize Pack is part of a promotional campaign with SignUpGenius, but as always, our writer’s opinions are her own.

Back to School Giveaway Event

The back-to-school season is full of mixed emotions. You might be sending your oldest or your youngest to school for the first time, or perhaps looking at the big step of a child starting middle school or high school. Those changes are scary but always exciting too. Our children face different challenges each year, but can I be honest and admit to what challenges me as a mom?

It’s all the papers and forms and sign-up sheets. Throughout the year, these will continue to come home stuffed in the backpack. I’m lucky if I see some of them. When I get those forms, this is my internal dialogue: Do I have time to sign up? Have I already signed up? Maybe I did, haven’t I seen this form before? Who else is working at that time? Maybe I could work with a friend. That would make it more fun.

Are you involved in groups where you get stuck with endless email loops or pieces of paper begging for help? Have you ever tried SignUpGenius? I love it. I’ve never organized a sign up, but I’ve signed up for many different things using this great tool.

SignUpGenius Collage

SignUpGenius has made the following signups much easier for me:

  • Teacher conference times
  • Food items for parties and potlucks
  • Notify volunteers in my daughter’s community service club of needs
  • A community service group I follow uses it to organize volunteers
  • Donations of food items (for Teacher Appreciation, a banquet etc)
  • Book Sale at school

Why do I like signing up for things using SignUpGenius?

  • I can easily see all options and choose the ones that work for me
  • I can see who else has signed up when and choose to work with a friend
  • When I register, I can automatically add it to certain calendar apps
  • If I need to change my time, I can do that myself

If you are the organizer of an event that needs help in the way of donations or time, you receive the benefit of these things as well:

  • Imagine not having to plug willing volunteers into spots (and then move them around when it doesn’t work for some people)
  • Imagine not having to waste time and paper sending out announcements and reminders.
  • Imagine not having to field questions about what items are needed or what other times are available, because you are empowering the volunteers to do this themselves.

In their own words:

The SignUpGenius mission is “To empower people to change the world by making it simple to organize groups.”

Dan Rutledge, CEO, says this, “We consider it an honor to be able to serve the families, schools, churches, nonprofits, and other significant organizations that use our tool.”

Find out how SignUpGenius works.

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One of you (U.S. only) will win:

  • $100 Target Gift Card (to get back-to-school organizing “on target”)
  • SignUpGenius goodies (t-shirt, stress ball, highlighter and more)



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  1. meagan bs says

    mine is just that my daughter is getting older, going to a higher grade. we keep a pretty steady schedule all year because my husband and I both work.

  2. says

    We unschool, so our biggest struggle with “back to school” is that we get lots of questions such as “what curriculum are you using?” even though we don’t do what traditional homeschoolers do. It’s difficult to explain unschooling to people who have no experience with it.

  3. amyc says

    Since my oldest will be starting kindergarten this year, my struggle is trying to explain why she has to go to school and her brother gets to stay home with mommy.

  4. Birdiebee says

    My biggest struggle with back to school is financially being able to buy everything my five grandchildren need for school.

  5. e michelle says

    i struggle with worry about how my kids school life really is.. i have a 7th grader and a kindergartner and i just worry that they will make friends and not be bullied.

  6. Natalie F says

    It is a struggle to get everyone back in to routine. The kids going to bed earlier, up earlier. Lunches made, etc. I also struggle with having to budget for all the school supplies, not really struggle, but surprises me EVERY year.

  7. Brittany says

    Just getting back into the routine of getting everything together before they play. This year I have 4 going off to school, should be interesting. Thanks for the giveaway! We love Sign up genius around here.

  8. samantha wagner says

    Just getting back into a normal routine. Summertime we try to just have fun and not worry about schedules.

  9. Idaho Jill says

    our biggest struggle is just getting back in the groove of the school year…the stricter schedules, bedtimes, and rushing around.

  10. Cindy Brooks says

    Our biggest struggle is getting back into an evening routine for sports practice, homework, band practice, and bedtime…whew!

  11. Terra Heck says

    My biggest struggle is getting the kids back to a normal bedtime routine so they wake up for school without being grumpy. Thanks.

  12. jenn giannetto says

    my biggest struggle is adapting to waking up at 630 am especially in the winter when it is pitch black out

  13. Sarah Hall says

    Getting back to early rising, eating breakfast and catching the bus on time is the hardest for the first few weeks.

  14. Tammy S says

    My biggest struggle is getting my daughter to bed at a decent time and also waking her up in the morning. She sleeps through her alarm clock and is a bit of a bear in the morning.

  15. Laura J says

    My biggest struggle right now…is trying to make Carter feel comfortable going to school! First year for him…and he is so nervous to go!

  16. SuzySweeps says

    I returned to school for myself at (let’s just say 40-something) :) – and my back to school struggle is the cost of getting what I need for supplies and books, etc.

  17. Jenny Q. says

    The biggest struggle for me is getting my kids into the early morning schedule in order to get the school bus on time.

  18. says

    My biggest struggle is driving an hour to pick up my son several times a week since I have two other kids to take with me & one is a newborn on a feeding schedule.

  19. Sarah VM says

    My biggest struggle with back to school is getting the kids to go to sleep early so they can wake up early.

  20. Barbara Montag says

    The kids are grown up now.
    I’m going back to school!
    The biggest issue is finding time to study.
    thank you

  21. Anel W. says

    I am expecting my first child, so I have no challenges yet! But for my sister, the biggest challenge is the financial aspect of it. Thanks!

  22. Holli G. says

    Shopping for clothes. Well actually it is getting them out the door because they whine about leaving to go shopping. Ha!

  23. ACMommy says

    Keeping up with the schedules and routines without getting worn out! 😛 And btw, Sign Up Genius has helped us out greatly, we are in several groups that use it and it’s awesome!!!!

  24. says

    Getting into the school year routine was always the hardest part. My girls are older now and my grandson isn’t there yet, but I know he is going to miss the other kids being around when they are in school.

  25. says

    My biggest challenge is getting everyone back on a good sleep schedule. We try to start a week ahead, but then Labor Day is “the last weekend of summer!” so we’re at the pool late, having sleepovers, etc.

  26. K. Finn says

    It’s a toss-up between affording all that is needed for it and getting the right sleep & routine to be able to be organized & on time.

  27. Jessica w says

    We’re homeschooling so our biggest struggle right now is trying to get our oldest to resist the urge to want to play all day. She’s coming around to it.

  28. katklaw777 says

    My biggest struggle is with getting back into the routine…summer is such a free spirited, no hassle with schedules and homework time…we all miss it!

  29. julie p says

    Our biggest struggle with back to school is going to bed early. As a teacher I am just as guilty as my daughters with staying up late all summer. August rolls around and we are all struggling to go to bed early.

  30. Shannon F says

    My daughter isn’t old enough for school yet but I imagine the hardest part for me is going to be waking up early. lol

  31. Kerrie Mayans says

    My biggest struggle is getting all the paper work for the schools filled out and returning the right papers to the right schools and not forgetting any of them.

  32. Shannon says

    My biggest problem is getting the kids back into the routine…my daughter has bad anxiety now…once we get in the swing of things it will be better.

  33. Jill Myrick says

    My biggest struggle with back to school is getting everyones school , sport and games schedules synchronized again.


  34. Randi C. says

    My son went off to college, and my biggest struggle is missing him…..he is my only and I am now an empty-nester, like it or not!

  35. Aileen Barker says

    I don’t have kids, but whenever I plan on going back to school (college) and it’s hard getting into the groove of being in school for me 😉

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