Back to School Giveaway: The Orb Factory Combines Art & Science

In this Back to School Giveaway, our managing editor, Anna, shares a look into a series of Art & Science kits for kids. This post is sponsored and she was compensated for her time in writing the post but all opinions are her own.

Back to School Giveaway Event

My daughter is a little craft nut. She loves to create fun, neat, and quirky crafts and she loves to give them away as gifts. Even though she loves to create, sometimes she has trouble coming up with things to create on her own. Give her a little inspiration though and she can fly. Add some science (fire, chemical reactions) to this equation, and you’ve got my son hooked too!

the Orb Factory

The Orb Factory Curiosity Kits® combines art and science. These Curiosity Kits® fulfill a child’s natural need for discovery, self-expression and curiosity. Kids can do everything from building a rocket launcher, explore engineering, watch a chemical reaction with their very own Volcano, and so much more!

the orb factory glitter chalk

My daughter loves sidewalk chalk. She would ADORE being able to make her own because she’s constantly crushing and remixing with water the sidewalk chalk we have.

Mix and match colors and glitter for totally customized creations.  Get outside and draw chalk pictures that really shine!

build your own super sonic

As lots of other little boys rockets and spaceships are a big part of our days. Being able to make his own and then compete (of course) with the rest of the family to see who’s rocket shoots the farthest would be right up my son’s alley!

Super Sonic Rockets are fun to launch using the simple stomp pad.

Enter to Win

The Orb Factory has MANY many kits to choose from. Would your kids love to have these kits?

The Orb Factory is giving away 3 sets of 5 different kits! Use the entry form below…
(Open to US residents only.)


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  1. says

    My son would love the rocket kit. My oldest daughter would love to make her own cards and my younger daughter would love the glitter chalk. They all look fun though!

  2. says

    Love the glitter chalk, not for my daughter though. For ME! Would look great on my “To Do” Chalkboard. These kids, overall, are great ways to teach kids about science.

  3. Natalie F says

    Fun! The lave rock volcano is what interests me most. I think both kids would be fascinated by it and enjoy it.

  4. Linda Bradshaw says

    I would love the rockets for my grandson. He would really enjoy it. We could have some fun together when we go visit him.

  5. diana.padilla says

    3 sets of 5 different kits!!! – How to choose??, like now?? – Oooh gosh – the Etch N press, sounds cool for my toddler boy….the Pulsar Balls OR Sonic Rockets, for our science-techie teen daughter; and well – and well, for our nine year old daughter, the Glitter Chalk OR the Volcano…..thank goodness for our three kids. Told ya – not an easy choice here.

  6. Gina Brandt says

    Love to have the etch and press for my girls and the boys would love the pulser balls and the Lava Rock

  7. Arena Thompson says

    My 7 year old would love the super sonic rockets. The 4 year old would adore the glitter chalk 😀 she loves anything sparkly :)

  8. Maureen says

    I homeschool my children so all the kids look like a wonderful resource. We would most enjoy the Pulsar Powerball kit!

  9. lissa crane says

    They’re all great, but I would be most interested in the Pulsar Powerballs kit! My kids love these bouncy balls and they would flip if they could make they’re own!

  10. Jessica H. says

    My oldest has been begging for a lava volcano set, so this would be ideal for her! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

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