Middle School: The Inside Story

5 Minutes for Mom contributor, Marya Mesa, is here with a great book suggestion for parents with kids nearing or currently in middle school. In this sponsored giveaway post you have a chance to win a copy of Middle School: The Inside Story.

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Do you remember middle school?

Most parents would agree that it was not the best time of their lives. Those years are frequently filled with social awkwardness, frequent bullying, peer pressure and increasing conflicts at home. Worse, children often start keeping their feelings to themselves.

Middle School: The Inside Story gives parents helpful and practical advice to help their children prepare for and navigate the middle school maze of changing social and emotional pressures.

Written by learning styles expert Cynthia Tobias author of The Way They Learn as well as several other parenting books and Sue Acuna, a veteran teacher, you’ll gain many helpful tips to help your middle schooler succeed. Discussion topics include the physical and emotional changes of adolescence, parenting and discipline tips, friendships and school issues.

This looks like an incredibly helpful read for parents of middle school students, possibly even older elementary school kids or high school students, depending on where they are developmentally.

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  1. Vicky Harinski says

    I have my youngest starting middle school I the fall and I am starting all over again. I havent been heree in 5 years

  2. amanda says

    I don’t have a middle schooleer of my own, but my husband and I are youth pastors and I work in a middle school. This would be a wonderful resource!

  3. Donna Lamontagne says

    I have a Middle Schooler this year and will have another next year. I truly could use all the help I can get. Can’t wait to read!

  4. Cindy Brooks says

    Our grandson (we are raising him) is going into the 6th grade. In our district middle school is 5-8.

  5. anne hill says

    no but my sister in law does & she is a teacher so i would give her this book after i read it in the hopes it would help her out. i would like this book cuz i can always get more insight into kids reading anything about them!

  6. Charlene says

    Yes, my only son begins Middle school in two weeks. I am more nervous about it than he is, I am sure. EEK!

  7. Jenny Moses says

    No but my nephew will be in one year. I think this would be perfect for my brother and sister in law. Then, they could share it with me in 8 years. :)

  8. Gail Fernandez says

    Yes, I have a daughter in eighth grade this year. My son will be in middle school next year, in fifth grade.

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