July 4th Giveaway

(Note: this is a sticky post and will remain at the top of our site until July 4th. For all new posts please scroll down.)

Please Note: We have now published the final contest post for our July 4th Giveaway. Please scroll down and click on the links to the contests you wish to enter. (You must comment on the individual contests to be entered in them. Please note – this is not the place to comment for the ice cream maker. Please click on the link to that contest and comment there. Due to the number of contests, we want to ensure that people are only entered for prizes they want.) Entries for all July 4th Giveaway contests must be in by 12am EST, July 4th (that is Tuesday night!) We will be announcing the winners Wednesday morning on July 4th.

Summer is almost here — time to break out the barbecues and have a party! We are having a huge July 4th Giveaway celebration, featuring tons of contests with fantastic prizes! We Canadians celebrate our country’s big day July 1st — but for the sake of majority, we are going to have the party on July 4th.

We will do it the same way as we did for our Mother’s Day Giveaway:

From now until July 4th, we will be posting various contests. To enter the contests you just need to:

  • Add a comment on the contests you want to enter. PLEASE note: You need to enter each contest individually so we know who wants to be entered in what contest. So make sure you click over to each contest and leave your comment there.
  • Either link back to this post and include a July 4th Giveaway button in that post or on your sidebar (to get the code click on read more at the bottom of this post,) or link to the individual contests you choose to enter. (If you post and include the button, either in your post or on your sidebar, and link back here, you are good for all the contests. No more linking required.)
  • As always, non bloggers are welcome to participate! We know you can’t link – but feel free to spread the word to your friends.
  • Some contests will be open to Canadians. Please check individual contests.

Remember to keep checking back for the latest contests – you don’t want to miss any! We will be posting a dozen contests and updating this post with the links.

Click on each of the links below and comment on the contests you wish to enter:
PLEASE REMEMBER: You need to click over and comment on each contest you want to enter. We will be linking to all of the contests in this post and we need to know who wants to be entered in WHAT contest. Remember you can enter in as many of the upcoming contests as you want. And please only comment once on each post so that everyone has a fair chance. If for some reason you need to comment again – like you left an incorrect email or link, just note that in the comment and I will remove the first comment. Thanks!

  1. For our first contest, we are starting off with a summer treat – a Krups GVS1 Ice Cream Maker and a 4 piece set of Rosanna Sweet Dreams Bowls courtesy of SplendidLife.com. This is a super summer prize – make sure you click over and enter to win.
  2. Our second contest is a Lands’ End gift card good for a custom swimsuit with a retail value of $120! Click over and leave a comment to be entered to win. (This contest is open to Canadians!)
  3. Our third contest is for a package of 50 customized Momager Calling Cards™ from Paperlicious. If you want to win this fun and fabulous set of Mommy Cards, click over and leave your comment.
  4. Don’t miss our fourth contest – we are giving one of you (and a friend) a weekend at Motherhood Redefined in Carefree, Arizona – with free accommodations at the 4 star luxury resort, Carefree Resort and Villas. (This prize includes admission for two and a shared room for the next weekend event happening September 21-23, 2007 and is valued at more than $1000!) Click over and comment to get in on a chance at this fantastic prize. (This contest is not restricted to any country – so Canadians or anyone else, feel free to sign up! If you can get to Arizona – the rest is on us!)
  5. Our fifth contest is for the incredible MetroWrap™ by MetroMamma™. This hip carrier comfortably holds baby snug and close. For a chance to win, click over and comment on the contest post. (This contest is open to Canadians too.)
  6. For our sixth contest, we are giving two of you a “Living the Dream” t-shirt of your choice. If you want to win, click over and comment on the post. (This contest is open to Canadians.)
  7. Our seventh contest is for two packs of Memory Cross cards. We are giving away (to one winner) One Coloring Pack (it will include two of each coloring card so you can have a variety) and One Family Pack (#2). Click here to comment for a chance to win.
  8. For our eighth contest Designing Diva is offering a offering a Dichroic Glass Pendant of the winner’s choice or a gift certificate with free shipping (up to $40). Click on the contest to comment to win.
  9. Our ninth contest is a chance to win 6 personalized placemats from Olive Kids, just click to leave your comment at that contest post…
  10. Our tenth contest is for a $25 gift certificate for Lil’ Sugarplum’s no-slip hair clips. These sweet, little hair clips are lovingly and delicately made by Lil’ Sugarplum, a stay-at-home mom. If you want to enter to win, click over to comment at the contest post.
  11. Our eleventh contest is for the DaysAgo Digital Day Counter. We have 2 packs of the DaysAgo for three winners. Each pack contains 2 products and the packets come in either magnetic or suction styles…so each winner would receive 2 magnets and 2 suctions. If you want to enter, click and comment on the contest.
  12. For our twelfth, and final, contest in our July 4th Giveaway
    Uncommonly Cate
    has provided two patriotic t-shirts for our giveaway. If you want to win a patriotic t-shirt for a little one in your life, make sure you click over and leave your comment at the post.

PLEASE NOTE: Entries for all contests will be closed July 4th at 12am Eastern. I will post the winners for all the contests Wednesday morning on July 4th. (So make sure you have entered all the contests you want by leaving your comment on the individual contest posts before the deadline Tuesday night.)

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  1. says

    Oops! The button code links back to the Mother’s Day contest! Somebody help…I don’t know how to fix that myself! (Oh, and pick me please!)

  2. says

    Just wanted to say “Hi” and let you know that I’m having a giveaway on my blog! Just enter before next Saturday, June 30th, at 8:00 PM est.

    Mrs. U

  3. says

    Yay! I’ve been wanting to get an ice cream maker for a long time! My mom and I used to make homemade peppermint candy ice cream, and it was soooooo good 😛

  4. says

    I put a notice up with the button in a post today linking back to this post, and I’ll put the button on my sidebar soon. Thanks for doing this again! It’s exciting!

  5. says

    I love checking out all of the contests you host! I have posted and included a button. I can’t wait until July 4th to see who wins all of these great prizes.

  6. says

    yay! i’m posting about your contests + entering!
    i’m crossing my fingers that i’ll win a contest.
    i just had 8 giveaways on my blog + i’d like to win too :)

  7. says

    Thanks so much for sponsoring another great series of contests! You guys are the best.

    By the way, I ordered the rocking ladybug from your Rocking Horse store for my niece’s 1st birthday and she just loved it!! I already have a bunch of items bookmarked for future birthdays and Christmas gifts!!

  8. says

    Ok, I’m putting the button on my sidebar, I’m blogging about the contests so far and you know, lighting incense, hoping LOL

  9. says

    OK Let’s see if I understand this!
    • I have posted and linked back to this post.
    • I have put the button in my sidebar–Which I am very proud of–That was my first time to but a button up since my new design–which requires me to use html. Yay! I got it up on the first try!
    • I’m telling you I am in for everything!
    • I think I’m finished for the duration–No more posting or linking–Am I right?

    Great contests! Thanks for the fun!

  10. bob keck says

    Homemade ice cream really hits the spot – I remember eating it so fast when I was a boy that I would get mind splitting headaches. We actually turned the hand crank – none of that newfangled electric stuff. So we really earned it. Good times.

  11. says

    This is my first time on your site and I’m totally excited! My button is up and I’ve entered all the contests! What an awesome website!

  12. says

    I’d like to second everything that Brittany just said. I found your website through a friend of a friend… think “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” style.

  13. says

    Thanks for yet another way exciting contest, y’all.

    But I’m really commenting on a totally unrelated subject. I just noticed your link to donate to hurricane affected states. It often feels like they’re being forgotten while the clean-up and rebuilding has just barely even begun. Thank you for doing that. And I can get one of those for my sidebar….where?

  14. Suanne Giddings says

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this awesome contest! Wishing you continued success!


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