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Our family life tends not to be very structured.  That is not a good thing.  It definitely makes the beginning of the school year kind of rocky trying to get back into a routine.  And […]

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Kari Crum, 5m4m contributor is here to share her thoughts on the Wal Mart Movie Center. We have a fun giveaway to share as well, so be sure to enter. While we were compensated to […]


Geri, a 5m4m contributor, shares her insights about musical artist Olly Murs. This post is part of a promotional campaign for Olly Murs and Walmart Soundcheck Risers. While we were paid to promote this artist, […]


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The baby years are blogging gold. Gold I tell you, gold! Every day with a baby is a day of bloggable importance. You are never short of something to write. Just think of the diaper […]


My kids will do just about anything I want to get a certain gift for Christmas. This is a time that my momma mode kicks in and I start plotting of all the things I […]


I remember when my son was in that running around phase as a toddler. He would run all over the house wanting me to chase him. One day, he discovered the tabs on his diaper […]

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Stop Smoking

When I was 16, I started dabbling with cigarettes. After I turned 18 and graduated high school, I became a regular smoker. The longer I smoked, the more I smoked. For 8 years, I lit […]

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Lets talk about teeth whitening. I have used it all. The trays, the strips. . . in fact, I have not always had a lot of luck with different products. Some work, some don’t… and […]


Did you avoid the crowds on Black Friday – or try to brave them only to find the store was out of what you hoped to find? Have you been waiting and waiting for Monday […]



I was a Black Friday virgin. I’d heard the crazy stories and I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about. So last night at about 7 pm, I ventured South across […]