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Lolli here… With Father’s Day just around the corner (are you ready yet??), most of us probably have Dad on the mind. As I was browsing our sister sites today, I found this post on […]


Being a mom is tough work, all magazine controversy aside, and it’s pretty normal for a mom to question the “quality” of her job as a mother. I know I have compared my parenting styles […]


Lolli here…. While I was checking in with our sister sites this week, I noticed this infographic posted on 5 Minutes for Special Needs by the wonderful Emily of Colorado Moms. Although I am not […]


Thriving With Autism

by EmilyV

Autism is on the rise and did you know that 40% of kids with autism are bullied? My youngest son is only 4 and already has experienced this, but not from his peers. You can […]

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I think one of the worst moments of my life was when Mister Man was four and he disappeared. We were at our town’s Fourth of July parade and it had just ended. There were […]


PCI Education Your Special Education Partner

As parents, we spend years focused on our child’s education. We want to know what they’re learning, how they are progressing, how it will all fit into their future endeavors, not only with later grade levels but […]


I admit it. Mister Man’s teeth aren’t exactly the way I pictured my eight year old’s teeth looking. When we let him brush by himself for a few days, I can see them start to […]



The other day, I overheard a surprising and profound conversation between my six year old Julia and her 4 year old cousin Olivia that makes me wish we’d all see the world with the wisdom […]


As I was checking in with our sister sites this week, I found a beautiful analogy from Kimberly at 5 Minutes for Special Needs. Who would have thought that some kids and a few unmatching […]


Now that my kids are older and at school for the majority of the day, they don’t have as many “opportunities” to have melt-downs in public. As a mother of five, I’ve certainly been in […]

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