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We love our families. We would do anything for them. Yet, somehow, we often forget to tell them.  We assume they know.  We get busy with life. Tomorrow is National Compliment Day, a great reminder […]


Show Love Daily

When we love someone, we are comfortable with them. When we are comfortable with someone, we fall into a routine. When we fall into a routine, we forget to do special or meaningful acts of love for […]


40 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Big Game Party

Hosting a party to watch a big football game like the Super Bowl can be one of the most fun events you host all year. Here are 40 tips to make your party a true […]


Lean Cuisine

This is a sponsored campaign. Do your kids “tell it like it is”? I know mine sure do. It seems like they are always telling people things that I thought they were oblivious to and […]

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How to Create Digital Time Capsules

Do you ever imagine what you want to say to your children when they reach those special milestones? 16th birthday… Graduating High School… Wedding Day… First Baby… I do. So I’m excited to share with […]


Popcorn and A Movie

by Teresa B


How long has it been since you have treated yourself to popcorn and a movie? I happen to think the timeless pairing of popcorn and movies will last forever. This coming Sunday, January 19th, is […]


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Ask The Domestic Life Stylist Lisa our resident fine living expert answers your questions each Friday. Submit a question here. If you are a blogger, this is a great chance to have us feature and […]


Amanda Shadow 2002.0

Jennifer Donovan, 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, is thrilled to have rediscovered some family memories when trying out the YesVideo experience. We are part of a compensated ambassadorship with YesVideo, but all our opinions are […]


5 Minute breaks for mom

5 Minutes for Mom contributor Marya shares 5 minute breaks for moms. It’s easy to let the business of being moms consume us from day to day. We may think we’re being more productive by […]



Fine Living/Travel Expert Lisa Get to Know the Life Stylist behind The Domestic Life Stylist. Today we are pleased to announce that Lisa will be joining us in a weekly feature known as “Ask the […]