Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010
Scrubbing Bubbles


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This is IT!!! The OFFICIAL Party Post for the Ultimate Blog Party 2010.

Welcome to the Party!

UBP10-jan-sue-300pixWelcome to the 4th Annual Ultimate Blog Party. We are Janice and Susan, the twin bloggers behind 5 Minutes for Mom and we are thrilled that you’re here!

The Ultimate Blog Party is a virtual party celebrating online friendships.

Join the party and find new blogging friends, connect with longtime blogging buddies and maybe even win a prize.

If you’re wondering what is going on here, don’t worry… Here’s
Everything You Need To Know About The Ultimate Blog Party 2010

But, the basic idea is really simple… here, we’ll quickly tell you what’s going on…

Party With Us…

Janice and I each have two children. Janice’s boy, Jackson, is eight years old and her little Olivia is two years old. My Julia will be five in May and my Sophia is two years old (two weeks younger than Olivia.)

UBP10-jan-kids-275pix UBP10-sue-kids-275
UBP10-liv-balloon UBP10-julia-streamers
UBP10-sophia-cupcake UBP10-jackson-cupcake

We’re both lucky to have husbands who put up with our crazy blogging lives. (Although, neither of them like us to blog ABOUT them… which is why you don’t see many photos of them on the site.)

Around here you’ll often find us laughing about stories of our chaotic lives as work at home moms. But 5 Minutes for Mom is about more than us… it’s about Bringing Moms Together. This site is really all about you!

We have a great group of writers here to inspire, encourage and empower you. We couldn’t survive without our amazing virtual assistant Erica Stall and our new technical assistant Erica Mueller.

How to Join the Party:

(Simplified version. Details here.)

  1. Read and comment on THIS post to be entered in the draw for PRIZES.
  2. If you have a blog, write a party post on your site, include a UBP 2010 BUTTON, and tell us which prizes you want if you win.
  3. Add your blog url AND/OR your facebook link AND/OR your twitter link to the appropriate Mck Linky below.
  4. Visit tons of blogs, facebook pages and follow new twitter friends from the Mr. Linkies. (To be eligible for prizes, we ask that you visit and comment on at least 20 blogs.)

And remember to follow @5minutesformom and watch hashtag #ubp10 on Twitter.

There’s Even More Partying This Year…


The Ultimate Blog Party LIVE

For something new this year, we’re adding a live streaming live chat event on Friday night.

The Ultimate Blog Party LIVE — 9-11pm EST, Friday, April 9th, 2010

The UBP LIVE will be a video simulcast on MomTV and 5 Minutes for Mom where Susan and I chat via web cam and text chatting with YOU! We have various bloggers around the country that we will live stream in during the UBP LIVE as we talk about hot blogging topics!

Go To http://www.5minutesformom.com/ubp10live/ to watch and text chat LIVE.

Twitter Live Event on Monday night

The #UBP10 on Twitter — 10-11pm Eastern, Monday, April 12th, 2010

This will be an hour dedicated to getting to know each other on Twitter with questions about blogging, social media and YOU! We will host a special Twitter Handle RSVP for this event so you can find and follow the other participants easily. Check back for that post this weekend.

Chris Mann Live Streaming Show

The UBP IRL live stream featuring CHRIS MANN!!! — 6pm Eastern, April 14th, 2010.

There will be tons of virtual partying going on this week and it all ENDS — 11:59pm Eastern, April 16, 2009. (Well, the link lists will live on forever and you can keep blog hopping for weeks and months to come… but the ‘official’ party will be over.)

Entries for the fabulous prizes close at 11:59pm Eastern, April 16, 2009. And then we will begin trying to draw ALL those winners! Please have patience!

For more information about the party, read these posts:

Time to Link Up and Start Blog Hopping

UBP10-laptop-310Again this year we have MULTIPLE MckLinky Lists — Find ONE of the four following blog categories that best suits you and add the url of your party post to that MckLinky.

  1. Family Friendly Blog
  2. Not So Family Friendly Blog
  3. Mompreneur (Includes Store Blogs and Business Blogs)
  4. Dad Blogger

You can ALSO add your facebook profile and your twitter profile to the last two MckLinkies.

  • Facebook (Personal Profile OR Fan Page)
  • Twitter

1. Family Friendly Blogs

2. Not So Family Friendly Blogs

3. Mompreneur (Includes Store and Business Blogs)

4. Dad Blogs

5. Facebook (Personal Profile OR Fan Page)

6. Twitter


  1. says

    This is my 3rd Ultimate Blog Party and I couldn’t be happier to join in this year. Thank you all so much for being such great hosts and I look forward to coming to you live from here in Boone, NC on MomTV during your 9pm to 11pm Twitter Party.

    I really adore you both and it has been my pleasure to meet and talk to you both in person. KUDOS on job well done!! Let the partying begin :)

  2. says

    I am so excited to be a part of this “Blog Party”!! I can’t wait to meet all the people who visit my blog and I’m excited to be giving away a special prize! Hoping to win one too :-)

    Thank you so much Susan and Janice!

  3. says

    This is my first UBP and I am so excited!! I have loved being a part of Say it Face to Face before and really need to get back and vlog more often. Thank you for hosting this!

  4. says

    This is FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to explore so many fantastic sites and meet so many new people this week! Thanks, 5 Minutes for Mom, for hosting this incredible party!

  5. says

    You guys are the best! Thanks for all of your hard work, and this is totally worth the wait! Ok, going to bed now. Can’t WAIT to continue making new friends!

  6. says

    (My first comment doesn’t seem to be appearing, so I hope this isn’t a duplicate)

    It was worth the wait! I’m so excited to get to be a part of UBP10, it’s the party of the year! Thank you so much for hosting all of us, clearly we’re already all making a little mess here, but hopefully it won’t happen again. :)

  7. says

    Yay! Party time! My post is live and I’m all linked up! Headed to start blog hopping! This is my 2nd UBP and I am excited to join in! Thanks ladies!

  8. says

    Thanks for hosting–glad to be a first time participant! You ladies are beautiful–and have such cute kiddos too! Thanks for putting up with all the issues so people could have a good time and network!

  9. says

    Thanks for hosting this! I know you must have been stressed out on the phone with your hosting all that time. That’s no fun. :( But I’m very excited. This is going to be awesome!

  10. says

    This is SO cool!! Reminds me of my the “Post Frenzies” on my mommy forum!! I’m excited to be here, and can’t wait to get to know some new mom bloggers and chat with some current friends! :) Thanks for hosting this awesome party!

  11. says

    I am so excited for this blog party. I was brand new last year and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Now after one year, I celebrate with you. I am celebrating my one year bloggy anniversary and my 200th post all at the same time as the ubp10. My first blog post was last years party post. Unbelievable…………………Thank you for helping me get started. You were a big part of the reason I started blogging and I have been so blessed. Have a great time at the party!

  12. says

    WOW! Talk about a dramatic entry! 😉

    As a first-time to the Ultimate Blog Party, I can’t wait to meet and greet many new bloggers and blog lovers during this festive week of events.

    Thank you so much Susan & Janice for hosting this incredible opportunity to enjoy some good ‘ol online fun! And, many thanks to Pamela too. I know I could never do your job–I am not the most organized mommy around. :-(

    Now, it’s time to hit the sack, and rejoin the party tomorrow…it’s late….I mean, early!

  13. says

    WOOHOO – Great job! Thanks for a fun blog party! I’m looking forward to doing plenty of site-seeing this week and enjoying lots of visitors to SandwichINK where I’m having a drawing for a 2nd Amazon gift certificate (I’m also giving one here – USC 40 :) ). Thanks again. :) :) :)

  14. says

    Party in the house!! It’s 1:27am here, and I have to get up for work at 5:30am….why am I here?! Cause I’m too excited to leave! LOL Great idea and thanks so much for hosting!! :)

  15. says

    Bummer! I took a break to go finish setting up Spawnie’s crib and I missed all of the rush toward the top! Oh well, baby’s crib is important too 😉

    Hoping I win a fun prize! This will be a fun week! Thanks ladies!!

  16. says

    So excited for this! I truly have absolutely NO idea what I am doing or how to do it but, I have already found a bunch of really neat mom blogs that I am now following. Thanks for doing this!
    -Liza the Outspoken Mom

  17. says

    I can’t imagine how much work this was to put together…much appreciated!
    This is so much FUN!
    I said a little prayer for you while server was being slow and silly:)

  18. says

    I am so glad everything is up and running! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to link up tonight. I am looking forward to meeting many of your and finding some new great blogs to follow.

  19. says

    This is so exciting. Already meeting a lot of awesome ladies on Twitter! Everyone is being so helpful and kind. I can’t wait to visit as many blogs as possible without neglecting the kids, t he pets and my job! LOL

  20. says

    So excited to be participating again this year! Glad I waited up EDT and everything worked out for you!

    I’m looking forward to visiting all these wonderful blogs, and am also hosting my own Giveaway!

    Stop on by everyone! UBP10 – Woot!

  21. says

    I’m a blogging newbie so this is my first blog party, but it looks like a lot of fun! I’m excited about “meeting” other bloggers.

  22. says

    Thanks for getting the UBP10 together for all of us! I hope to win the Laptop, but I see there are tons of nice prizes. I hope to get to meet a lot of people through this

  23. says

    Hi Ladies! Thanks so much for hosting!

    I’m a little embarrassed, I was trying to link my jewelry blog up under the business section, and I put it under the “not so family friendly list” instead! (I guess the excitement is a little too much for me! lol.) So if you have a minute you can delete me from that list. (I’m #5)

  24. says

    Thanks for hosting such a great party! Sorry things were so rough posting tonight. The party will go much smoother from here on out I’m sure!

  25. says

    Congratulations! This looks like fun and I look forward to meeting cool people from here! Thank you for hosting! I tweeted this and have linked my blog.

  26. says

    I just started writing for 5minutesforSpecialNeeds last week. I love this community already!!

    Looking forward to meeting lots of new people!!


  27. says

    Glad to be here. This is my first year attending and I am so excited! I can’t wait to read new blogs and meet new friends :0)

  28. Tina Hollenbeck says

    Ack! I accidentally entered my blog post URL in the Facebook section! I was able to enter it where I wanted it – in the Family Friendly section – after that, but how I can remove it from the wrong place?

  29. says

    I’m so happy to be joining in again for my second time. I’ve already started hopping party posts and will meeting everyone else during the rest of the week!

  30. says

    Ok so this is my first time! I just saw what it was all about just alike at 12 lol and wanted in on it!! Seems like awesomeness!! I can’t wait to meet new people. I’m still a rookie to blogging so my blog might not be up to par like most of yours!!! I’m sooo excited !!

  31. says

    I am so excited to be a part of this party! This is my first year, and it’s already been amazing! There are so many people & blogs, I can’t wait to look at them (hopefully) all.

  32. says

    First time participant here too, and this is very exciting! Hope to learn a lot and make some new friends along the way!


  33. says

    I’m so glad I get to do the blog party this year. I missed it last year and it made me sad. 😀 This is gonna be so much fun! 😀

  34. says

    We are so excited about meeting so many mom bloggers at one time. Thank you for hosting it. This is my third blog party with you! Love you guys.

    If I’m reading this right, I am supposed to put here what prize would be nice to receive. You have my vote for #39 – Hilton Garden Inn Stay by bloggin2noggin. We will be hosting a prize too… trying to get that up now :) Happy Blog Party!

  35. says

    Woo Hoo! The Party has started! I have my blog post and I think I’ve done everything right! First year participating and I am looking forward to visiting as many blogs as I can.

    Watch my blog for giveaways all week!

    Party On!!

  36. says

    SOOOO excited for this years Ultimate Blog Party!! :)
    Thank you for hosting this wonderful way to discover new blogs and make new friends!

    (hugs from Germany)
    Ann Marie @ Household6Diva: Army Wife, Busy Mom, Balance Seeker

  37. says

    This is my first time participating!!! It looks like it is going to be a lot of fun. Luckily it will last for a week. There are a ton of blogs to visit!!!

  38. says

    So happy to meet y’all! I love your goal of bringing moms together…I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Thanks for hosting this blog party so we could meet together and encourage one another! Have a great weekend!

  39. says

    I’m totally joining in… but I’m running a little late! I’m gonna do it though!! :) can’t wait. This will be my first time… and I’M SOOOOO EXCITED!!!:)

  40. says

    I am so excited to join the party! I’m a little overwhelmed already but I can’t wait to meet lots of new bloggy friends. Thanks for hosting. I’ll be back again and again! Have a blessed party!

  41. says

    Yay! I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. Let’s see how many great blogs are out there to inspire me. Better let my husband and son know they’re not going to see a lot of me this weekend!

  42. says

    It’s my first year partying. What an awesome way to get to know others and be a part of a fun party. Can’t wait to start hopping around to all of the fabulous blogs!

  43. says

    It is a lovely day for a party, don’t you think! I’m excited about joining the party for the first time this year and looking forward to meeting the people who come my way!!!

  44. says

    I am new at this blog party stuff and have not spent alot of time on my blog but I am looking forward to reading some new blogs that click with my life and hopefully making some new connections. Oh ya and I love, love ,love the matching dresses! Here goes nothin’ (or maybe something who knows)

  45. says

    This is my first time doing the Blog Party.
    I have been blogging for a few months now and I love it.
    I am looking forward the big party.

  46. says

    What a fun thing to do! First year, but already have my blog post up and am promoting through Facebook and Twitter. LOL! Thanks for the chance to join in! :)

  47. says

    This is my first time partying with you all and I am so excited. Thank you so much for putting this whole thing together. I could use a virtual party right now (I have a 5 month old and we don’t sleep much) :) Your kids are adorable.

  48. says

    This is an exciting week for me. I get to join in on this blog party and I’m also doing a 24 hour read-a-thon. We bought groceries last night & I bought plenty of snacks. It’s just me partying at my computer with ya’ll and snacks. I look forward to making more friends and learning about more blogs. Thanks ladies, ya’ll do a fabulous job!

  49. says

    Can’t wait to meet lots of new online friends. I’m really looking forward to the MomTV get together!
    I’ll update my post with prizes I’m interested in later today. Thanks so much for hosting this event.

  50. says

    I’m in!! I saw the hubbub on Twitter this morning, so I wrote a post, and I need to put the button on it, but I’ve added my pages and now what? I just sit back and wait to get rich and famous, right?

    OK! I can do that!!

    A party where I didn’t have to clean a thing. Where’s the guacamole? WOOT!

  51. says

    This is great! I’ve never done this before, so I can’t wait to check out some other blogs that I haven’t found by now. Thanks a lot!!

  52. says

    This is my first year doing the Ultimate Blog Party. I am participating and have my post and the banner in my post and the banner on my side bar too.

    So many great prizes! It was hard to pick a few. ♥

    I cannot wait to check out some new blogs (looks like there are so many too!). I hope to find some new ones to subscribe to, new people to follow on Twitter and so much more.

    Thanks for hosting this.

  53. says

    I am linked up! This is my first PARTY, so I am really excited! Thanks for hosting, I have been looking for ways to promote my blogs!

    Looking forward to meeting lots of new people, and I will be ‘watching’ tonite! :)

  54. says

    I just linked up and I’m excited to join this year’s UBP! What a beautiful family you have and what an awesome party you are throwing!

  55. says

    This is such a great way for moms to connect whether for personal or business. Thank you for having it again. I missed it last year since of course I only started blogging this year.

  56. says

    Oh my word… that was crazy last night! i gave up at 12:50! When did the post go live?? Do NOT tell me 12:51. :) can’t wait to party hard! Still need to go pick my top pick for prizes. I’ve got my blog hopping dress on and ready to go!

  57. says

    So excited the party has finally started!! Can’t believe how many people have ALREADY signed up…. I got up first thing this morning to make my post and all, and already feel like I’m late to the party :-p But, so glad I get to participate this year! I kind of did last year, but I only found the party only at the very tail end of it… again, so glad to get in on this from the beginning! 😀

  58. says

    Wow I thought I was up early! I can’t believe how many blogs are listed already. I love the adorable pics and want one of those cupcakes :). Let’s start the party!

  59. Annette D says

    I’m I first timer and really excited to be participating! I am looking forward to discovering some wonderful new blogs! Thanks!

  60. says

    After watching and participating from the sidelines for so long, I’m happy to join in this year at last! :)
    Can’t wait to start party hopping — and meet some new friends!

  61. says

    (2nd post, I don’t think the first went through) What a great way to build community on the net, a blog party, and ultimate is a perfect way to describe it too! I am excited to get started visiting as many blogsites as I can this week and meeting many great bloggers, and making new friends!

  62. says

    Isn’t it funny I knew I couldn’t stay awake till midnight, but went to sleep and woke up at 5 am thinking I’d be number 2000 on the list…wheww at least I’m still in the 400s. What a great party!

  63. Megan Hughes says

    I love reading blogs, learning about other people and just reading. I think this is a great idea to have a blog party and will be looking at lots of other blogs.

  64. says

    Can’t wait to party with you all!

    International Prizes: #2,8,10 though I would like any blog design type prize.

    US/Canada Prizes: #1,39

    US only Prizes: #40, 14, 15, 26, 23, 35, 71,47, 6, 23

  65. says

    I always have so much fun and meet exciting new blogs every year. I’m proud to say I’ve been partying since the beginning!

  66. says

    I can’t wait to meet everyone — I’ve been anticipating this all spring. Thanks to everyone who sponsored a prize and put in all the hard work for the UBP10!

  67. says

    I am so happy to be here! :) I hadn’t heard of this party until just a few days ago. I had such a hard time picking my favorite prizes – they are fabulous! Looking forward to meeting lots of other moms and bloggers this week!

  68. says

    I love your blog and have been following for a long time. Come to think of it, I cannot recall seeing any pics of your husbands – it is funny, I don’t usually like posting photos of myself either – I would say it is a guy thing, but my wife is the same way. The kids love seeing themselves though, which is good because without pics of them, I wouldn’t have much of a Dadblog.

    I began my blog in 2008 but this is my first UBP and I am very excited! I look forward to the chats, webcast, twitter event, etc. I also look forward to getting to know people from their Party Posts..I wrote more about myself in my Party post than I have altogether since I began blogging. At a party, I would rather listen, but first I need to explore and visit some of the other people who have joined the party. Thanks for hosting such a cool event!

  69. says

    Excited to be joining!!! So sorry I messed up my link the first time for my fb page – too early in the morning!! 😉 Thanks so much for hosting such a fun event!

  70. says

    Yay!!! The party is up! I am excited to join such a large event like this and know that I will be wasting… er… umm… USING a lot of time to blog hop this week. :)

  71. says

    Thank you so much for throwing this awesome party. It is my first and I am so excited to be a part of it. My DH doens’t like me blogging about hime either. LOL. With 5 kids I have enough to blog about anyway LOL.

  72. says

    My old content was a mix of family and nonfamily friendly stuff (for the past 2 years) but I have gone completely family friendly and pursued my passion of childrens clothing. I hope you come by and visit and check out all the new posts!

    Please note that if you hop around, some of that old content is not necessarily family friendly, but everything front page is (and the past few weeks).

    I hope you enjoy my new direction as much as I enjoy writing it. See you there!

  73. says

    Hello Everyone! Ringing in from Still Blonde after all these YEARS! We are a blog for Women over 45 and the Home of the “Over $50 Giveaways”. Hope you will visit us during your blog hop and leave a comment or two!

  74. says

    WOW! I couldn’t get the McLinky to work last night and I came back to 400+ blogs today!!! Can’t wait to check out all blogs during naptime today.

  75. says

    WOW! This is wonderful! I am sooooo excited. I could really use a new computer. Mine is band-aided together and every week it is something new to fix. What a great way to find new blogs and meet new people. Have fun everyone!

  76. says

    Yea! I am sooo excited! This is my first year to participate and I can’t wait to kick back with a cup of tea and explore all the great blogs out there! (During nap time of course!!!!) Thanks for hosting such a cool event!

  77. says

    I bet you’re glad that party is finally here! Thanks so much for hosting! Can’t wait to check out other blogs and meet new peeps!

  78. says

    It’s HERE! WOOT! WOOT!
    I love,love love The Ultimate Blog Party – it’s always such a BLAST!

    So let the meeting and greeting and PAR-TAYing begin! 😉

    Let’s make this the best Blog Party – EVER!

  79. says

    Yay! I love the UBP!! Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful event. Last year was my first and I made some great friends. I’m looking forward to doing the same this year and finding some fabulous blogs, too! Time to go blog hop! See you around the blogoshere!! :)

  80. says

    So excited to be participating this year, can’t wait to dig in to the blogposts while I drink some coffee! I’m looking at that $200 AT& T GC with WANT!

  81. says

    This is my first year to join in! I have already found several blogs I am now following. How FUN! THANK YOU so much for all your hard work to pull this whole event together….have a blessed week! PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. says

    This is my second year participating and I got to meet some new people last time and I’m looking forward to meeting even more this year. Thanks for hosting this!

  83. says

    What a wonderful idea ~ so excited to be part of such a rockin party! Thanks for all your hard work & dedication to make this happen and be so much fun. Can’t wait to enjoy this fun week & make new friends.

  84. says

    So glad to be joining in again this year. Thanks so much for hosting and putting so much time into this. And oh…..the prizes! Awesome!. Blessings, SusanD

  85. says

    Thanks for hosting this! It’s my first UBP and I’m so excited to meet new bloggers. My party post has my favorite prizes listed, but they all look GREAT! Look forward to meeting you!

  86. says

    The party is off to a great start!! I would love to win a prize this year, there are so many fabulous ones, it was hard choosing my top picks. Check out my prize donation at US #10. See you all around the blogsphere! :) Jen

  87. says

    I am a new blogger and very new to the Blog Party! I’m a little nervous that I’ll do it wrong, but I really would love o network with my fellow bloggers and laugh and learn from their experiences! Thanks for this great opportunity.

  88. says

    So excited and a little nervous to be here! So many wonderful blogs & so little time! Glad to be here, and looking forward to “meeting” you all!


  89. says

    What a fabulous idea!! I am new to blogging, so I am hoping to meet all kinds of peoples! Beautiful pics of your family btw and love the chocolate and pink polka dot dress- it’s darling!

  90. says

    Thanks so much for working so hard last night to get this up and running!
    Happy Blog Party! This is gonna be a blast!

  91. says

    I am so excited to be a part of the pary this year!! There are some cool prizes to win and I am having some giveaways too…because what would a party be without gifts!!

  92. says

    Your button has been on my sidebar for a while, and my party post is up. Wow! There are already lots of links. I’m excited! I linked up on family friendly blogs and twitter. And … I’d love to win a prize! I sure hope to meet lots of other bloggers, too. Thanks.

  93. says

    I can’t believe how many links are on here already! This is my first party and I am so excited to go visit all of these incredible blogs. So much fun!

  94. says

    Hello Susan, Hello Janice,
    I am so glad to be joining you again this year! Lovely to see your children grow so gracefully. Thank you for organising the Blog Party. God bless you and your families. Happy Partying!

  95. Mami2jcn says

    My favorite prizes include:

    $55 Amazon GC (prize #USC8)
    $50 Amazon GC (prize #USC37)
    $30 Amazon GC (prize #73, 74 & 87)
    $25 Amazon GC (prize #52, 88, and USC36)
    Pair of Eleven Collection shoes (# USC 57)

  96. says

    I am so happy to be a party of this party! I am meeting so many wonderful ladies! It is cool that there are so many wonderful prizes to be won too!

    Thanks for hosting and AMAZING party!

    Jody from Mommy Moment

  97. says

    This is my first year participating and I am super excited! Thank you ladies for all the hard work you put into this amazing party! I cannot wait to find some new blogs to love!

  98. says

    I’m never going to get anything done today! I’m having so much fun clicking through as many of the links here that I can and getting to “meet” so many great bloggers. This really is great fun, thanks so much for hosting it!

  99. says

    I love reading about twin girls who feel connected to each other! I have twin daughters that will be 5 next week and I just hope that they will stay the best of friends and stay connected!

    I am new to blogging – started just last month. Love the Party idea and look forward to checking out some other great blogs!!

  100. says

    I’m super excited to participate this year! The prizes are all amazing; I’d be lucky to win any of them. Looking forward to discovering new blogs and making new friends! Thanks for doing this!

  101. Belinda P says

    So excited to party with you all this year! I can’t wait to find new bloggy friends and maybe win a prize if I’m lucky. Thanks 5 minutes for mom!!!

  102. says

    Very fun idea Ladies! I’ve posted you on my FB page already. Contact me if you ever want to give away some Uppercase Living decorative vinyl expressions. I’ll hook you up! I’m off to party. (With my virtual Cosmopolitan.) Whoop Whoop!

  103. says

    I am so excited to be joining in the UBP! I really can’t wait to find new blogs to follow and meet more bloggers! Thanks for all the hard work putting this together!

  104. says

    There a ton of great prizes, but if I were to win something, I would really love to have the stay at the Hilton Garden Inn for 2. My husband I could use some reconnecting time. This was provided by Hilton Garden Inn and bloggin2noggin.

    If that wasnt available, I would love the $100 camping gift card provided by SummitCampingGear.com so i could pass on to my husband whom is currently on a camping trip as I write this.

    And for a third option, I love to read, so any of the Target gift cards where I can pick up a new book without feeling guilty would be wonderful. Thankyou to all the providers of this option: The Frugal Novice, Money4ThisNot4That, Peggy Gorman, Haley Quarles of Love, Life, Family…and then some, Safe Home Happy Mom Blog,

  105. says

    I am so sorry it took me a while to get my post and links up. I’ve been suffering from this darn rhino virus this week and it is making me so tired at night. I wanted to stay up late last night but was unable to do so. I hope that your readers still visit us! It took me over an hour to write my party post.

    I’m looking forward to blog hopping and networking with new mom bloggers this week.

    I have no idea what prize I want but I will comment again once I know.

  106. says

    Wow….I only participated a little last year and somehow I just didn’t remember it being this BIG! I just love you guys. You’re so awesome!! :) You do know though that by doing this I’m going to have your web page up for days going thru all these wonderful gals (and guys) and not get anything else done. Oh well housework will wait!! ;o)

  107. says

    My post is up and I plan on visiting a lot of blogs this week. I still need to read through the prizes and add links to my post. Where is all the time? I need more:)

  108. says

    I’m so excited to participate for the first time and meet lots of new bloggers!

    Love the photos of your little ones. They are adorable as always!

  109. says

    This is my first year participating!! What a GREAT idea!! I can’t wait to meet more blogging friends and find new followers and people to follow me!

  110. says

    Did you know that this party started on my birthday!! Yahoo!! Thanks ladies. LOL!!
    So excited about this!
    Will be grabbing a nice glass of Reisling and will be visiting with everyone tonight!

  111. says

    UBP ROCKS! And so do you cool chicks! Thank you for arranging such a great venue to meet other bloggers and party like rockstars!
    I can’t wait to link up!

    And the prizes ain’t bad either! Woohoo!

  112. DebbieKL says

    This is my first year checking out the ultimate blog party. Sounds like fun!

    I’m a non-blogger, so here’s my prize preference!
    Top 3: US75, US3, US1

    Others in order of preference:
    US11, US95, USC35, USC39, USC8, USC37, US112, US51, USC3, USC15, USC57, US29, USC4, USC30, US93, USC11, US23, USC42, USC25, USC36, USC40, USC44, US73, US74, US87, US91, US52, US61, US31, US32, US107, US37, US57, US65, US43, US44, USC23, US69

  113. Jackie says

    This is my second year participating. I found so many blogs that I love and follow from last year’s party. thanks!

  114. says

    Let’s PARTY! I’m so excited to be a part of this great event this year.
    It’s so much fun! Many thanks to Susan and Janice for all of your hardwork.
    I’ve been in a blogging slump and this party is just the kick I needed to get to one of my favorite things.

  115. says

    This is so exciting I started my site 3 weeks ago and am having so much fun meeting other bloggers and helping others learn to save money. I just blogged about this and put your button on my page. Let’s Party!!!

  116. says

    This is also my first year to participate in the Ultimate Blog Party. Somehow I missed it last year. Looks like it’s going to be a lot of FUN!!!

  117. Charlene says

    I just discovered this site. This is a great idea! I love looking through blogs for wonderful craft ideas, parental tips, etc, and now it’s even easier to search through blogs because they’re all in one place!

  118. says

    Just came across this on twitter! So excited to participate and find lots more blogs to read!
    Mine is Amy’s Blam-General Foolishness and people say I’m funny and they read it when they want to laugh. And I think that’s fabulous!

  119. says

    This is awesome! I am so glad I heard about this from some amazing blog moms! I am participating and hope to “meet” some more amazing people!

  120. Lacey says

    my sister in law @ 4girlsandcounting.blogspot.com told me about this blog party so I am leaving my list of prizes I would like to win:


    Thank You!!

  121. says

    So happy to be a part of this for the third time and hopefully many more to come. Can’t wait to start blog hopping and meeting new people. I hope everyone has a great time at the party!!

  122. says

    I’m so excited this is my first time to attend the Ultimate Blog Party. I love meeting new bloggers! I just started blogging back in January and just started twitter almost a month ago. I can’t wait to make some new friends. Woohoo, Party Time!!!

  123. says

    Wow… I am so excited to be joining the party this year!! Hope to meet some of you soon on your blogs!! Thanks 5 Minutes Moms for hosting such a wonderful party!!

  124. says

    I love love love this idea! I was not able to participate last year, this should be fun! Can’t wait to get to know some more of you wonderful mommy bloggers!

    ♥ Deanna/Mommygaga

  125. says

    Thanks once again for the great party ladies! I stopped by last year, but really had NO CLUE! This is exciting and so wonderful that you host this every year! Congrats on your 4th UBP!

  126. says

    This is absolutely the best blog party ever!!! Congratulations on keeping your site up and running with all of these thousand and thousands of participants partying, visiting the site :) THANK YOU ALL at 5 Minutes for Moms and UBP volunteers for all your hardwork. THANK YOU all participants for making this such a FUN PARTY!


  127. says

    I love the blog party this year! Great job as always ladies! I am looking forward to meeting some great bloggers! If I win anything I am interested in prize #51 because we are due with another baby and that carrier looks awesome. #69 because I am a homeschool curriculum junkie. OR one of those Target gift certificates so I can get some stuff for our new baby!

    Have a great time at the party all!

  128. says

    I have been looking forward to this all year!
    My first choice in prize would be #39. We are planning a family reunion in Kentucky and this would help us out. If not~ any gift card would sure be awesome.

    See you out blogg hopping =)

  129. says

    WOW..this is amazing! Its really strange how people around the world, will share information with you, give free stuff away and yet we have a hard time talking with our neighbors or our childrens teachers!

    Have a great Blog Party!

  130. says

    This is my second year of celebrating with you all! I’m so excited to be a part of this huge celebration! Us twins know how to throw a party! (I’m a twin too!)

  131. says

    Thanks so much. I’m one of that rare breed… the “daddy blogger”. My wife pointed your site out to me. I love it. Hope you have a great party. I blogged about it at the link above. Oh, and I wouldn’t say no to that new TV. Just think how great Yo Gabba Gabba will look on it! 😉 Thanks again for the great site, and the invitation to the party!

    ~Michael (aka: adaddyblog.wordpress.com)

  132. says

    What is that yummy looking drink you ladies are holding in your video. It looks yummy!

    Thanks for hosting this wonderful blog party. :) This is my first time and I only started blogging a couple months ago, so it would be great to grow my blog.

  133. says

    I’m ready to party! I think I got things a bit confused and posted my UBP post not my party post to MrLinky… oh well, I’m sure it’ll be fine, right?

  134. says

    I’m not sure if my first comment went through…It’s not showing up…so here goes another! Thanks Ladies for putting this on! So much fun I can’t wait to start browsing! Blessings everyone!

    Have fun partying!


  135. says

    This is so awesome! I am a first time UBP participant and can’t wait to see the excitement and meet some new people!

  136. says

    Hi, this is my first ever blog party & I’m super excited to be a part of it! Now that I’m aware, I will be making this an annual event for my blog. And WOW, what a prize list- I would be lucky to win any one of those prizes! I think #’s 113, 39, 32, 49, 51 or 77 would be my top picks (too hard to narrow down, lol). Thanks for such a fun event! :)

    • says

      Ok, I have no idea how I messed this up but somehow my blog got listed on 2 lists… #756 on the ‘family friendly’ list (where it SHOULD be) & #32 on the ‘not so friendly’ list (where it should NOT be). Ugh, is there any way to get it off the wrong list??

  137. CherylS22 says

    This is my 1st UBP. Can’t wait to meet some new bloggers & learn more about the bloggers I visit on a regular basis. Thanks!

  138. Jennifer H says

    Wow!! 1st timer party guest here. I hope I’ve done everything right. :) I’m following via fb and commented on 20+ blogs. I would be thrilled to win so many of these goodies!
    Here’s my Top 3 I would be so grateful to win: Grand Prize-Toshiba Satellite laptop, #39/ #40 Hilton/Holiday Inn giveaways from Bloggin2noggin, #63 Razor Rip Rider 360 from Busymommymedia.

    Here’s a list of others I’d love to win: US-#101 Foot/calf massager from Still Blonde, #104 $50 Visa gc from Shootmenow, #61 TRU gc from FrugFabMom, #69 3-5 yr old curriculum from itty bitty bookworm, #32 Target gc from The frugal novice, #20 $50 @ cookie lee, #23 $50 gc to Monogrammed-gifts, #28 Guy & Eva necklace from Momfuse, #77 Baby banz set, #83 Mickey tasty baker, #51 Lillebaby carrier, #11 Rest.com gc from Earnest parenting, #6 from KLA custom, #15 $25 gc to Disney store

    USC- #60 Wall slicks $200 gc, #13 $100 Kay jewelers from an unpink life, #8 $55 Amazon gc from Kelly’s lucky you, #3 Target gc from Peggy Gorman, #27 $50 gc to Recessionista shop, #39 $50 cash from Momdot, #43 Olive kids, #57 Eleven coll shoes from Jamaise

    INTL- #2 custom wordpress blog from Uniquehorn designs, #10 Custom blog design from Startrankingnow

    Thank you so much for such a fab party!!

  139. says

    This is my first year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party and I am so excited! Thanks so much for putting this all together!

  140. Tami says

    Wow! This sounds like great fun! This is my first time exposure to this.There is so much information and events it is overwhelming….I feel like I need a class to prepare me ot the details ahead of time, because I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I will just browse through it all and get the feel of it and self teach! Have fun everyone!

  141. says

    Can’t believe I waited up until 2 am just for the party to get started! I remember the first year I was on the site and #1 on the linky at 12:01 am. Much has changed and the way your site has grown and evolved is a pure delight to see! So glad to have been part of this journey with you!

  142. says

    I can’t describe how excited I am to be joining the party for my FIRST time! I can’t wait to meet some new people too! Thanks ladies!

  143. says

    Showing up fashionably late to the Party!

    Congrats on 4 years and running – this is my first time at the party and I am looking forward to meeting some great bloggers! It’s going to be an awesome week!

  144. says

    What a fun day! Thanks for the party. I’d love to win any of the Target Gift Cards… In order…
    USC3, USC15, 107, 32, USC32. If I don’t win any of those, then the other things I’d like to win, in order are: 16, 10, 33, 7, 9, 25, 4. Can’t wait to see if I win! :)

  145. says

    Count me IN! I’m new to the Ultimate Blog Party. It took me a long time this morning to write my post, but it’s up and now I’m going to hit all the Linky’s! This is going to be fun, thanks for doing it!!

  146. Wehaf says

    I am open to all prizes except religious and digital ones. My top choice for a prize, however, is definitely the grand prize – the laptop!

    Then, from the U.S. prizes, my top choice is 101, the calf and foot massager from still blond after all these years, followed by:

    7, 11, 19, 31, 32, 37, 38, 39, 44, 49, 50, 52, 55, 61, 63, 65, 73, 74, 84, 87, 88, 95, 96, 100, 104, 107, 108, 112, 113.

    From the U.S. and Canada prizes, my top choice is 17, the Apple gift certificate from Cmomgo, followed by:

    3, 8, 15, 25, 28, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 40, 41, 44, 63


  147. says

    Love this party! I have your banner up and following on twitter. Looking forward to the live webcasts! First time partier and very excited!

  148. says

    Thanks for hosting this Ultimate Blog Party! I was so looking forward to it. What a great way to see how the blogosphere is growing.

    I’m giving away a “Bless & Boost Your Bliss Box” to encourage married couples.

  149. says

    What a fun party– I know what I’ll be reading all weekend long! :) Such nice prizes, too– there are quite a few that I would love to have!

  150. Johanna says

    Love all these prizes. Have been thinking about starting a blog for months and am about ready to launch it. Unfortunately I didn’t get it up in time for the Ultimate Blog Party 2010. Hopefully next year!

  151. neljo mullins says

    Hello I am excited to attend some parties!!! lol i am not a blogger But, I am a Blogger REader!!

  152. says

    I’ve had your button up for a while, linked up on the family friendly blogs and twitter! So excited to meet lots of new bloggers! Can’t wait til my kids go to bed so I can dig in :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win lots of prizes and meet great people!

  153. Kirsten T. says

    Wow, I am loving this party!!! I am a non-blogger seriously considering launching one…I am not a writer by nature or training, but feel the need to express somewhere. This party is great research for seeing if the market is too flooded. I have starting digging through sites, what a great variety (is the market flooded??? Can i find my niche??).

    As far as prizes, there as so many wonderful ones to choose from….if I decide to launch INTL 2 and INTL 10 would be very handy. I also like 63, 106,111, USC 17, any of the Amazon or Target GCs, 19, 39 (who couldn’t use a vacation!), 49, USC 14, 15, and the list continues…love most of it.

    Thanks so much for hosting!!!

  154. Trisha Lynn says

    What a great way to find new blogs!!
    If I were to win my choices would be:
    Of course the grand prize!! 3,15,18,19,23,31,32,35,37,39(I could really use a vacation!),40(again with the vacation!) 52,55,61,70,71,73,74,75,87,100,101,104,107,112, 113
    USC 3,USC 8,USC 13,USC 15,USC 17, USC 25,USC 32,USC 35,USC 36,USC 37,USC 39, USC 40,USC 41,USC 44

  155. says

    Wow! I mean WOW! This party is HOPPIN’!

    Fabulous work, ladies. So looking forward to getting to know some of these great bloggers better! Thank you so much for being such fabulous and generous hosts!

  156. says

    I’m joining the party! Thanks for hosting this wonderful event, it’s surely one of the highlights of the blogging year! I’ve posted my link (I’m link #923 on your Family Friendly list above) and I’m off to visit some blogs…. :) Party on!

  157. says

    This party is a blast!!! Thanks Janice & Susan for your amazing labor of love for all of us bloggers. You are a blessing….

  158. Cindi says

    I have already left a comment, but forgot to list some of my favorite prizes!
    They are #’s 75, 76, 49, 104, 4, 7, 6, 13, USC 60, USC 40, USC 15, USC 3,
    87, 20, and 28. Many thanks, Cindi

  159. claudia M says

    been visiting Blog All Day :) wow !! you guys did an awesome job holding a party that BIG :) can’t wait till tonight …whoohoo :)

    been posting under @cdmtx65 ,Claudia M.(cgee),cdmtx65atgmaildotcom

  160. says

    What a fabulous idea! I’m just beginning my journey into blogging more than just for me. Can’t wait to explore some other blogs, get some inspiration & get connected!

  161. says

    This fake partying is actually quite fun. And when I get socially overloaded (which rarely happens) I can leave the party and no one will care. Thanks for doing this! AND as a bonus, my husband decided to take the kids on an adventure last night – overnight to San Fran. So I was up late partying down. Now I must clean the house, must clean the house, must clean the house.

  162. says

    This is my first year here and I’m sooooooo excited!! I’m an obsessed blogger and this is just amazing! My husband is going to hate me for sitting here hour after hour reading all these blogs. Thanks for hosting!!

  163. says

    Super excited to join in this year! My very first UBP! Thanks for letting me join!

    The tops 3 prizes I would like to win personally are:
    *3 day 2 night stay from Holiday Inn Main Gate East in Kissimmee, FL (40)
    * $25 Disney Gift Card (15)
    * $25 Target Gift Card (32)
    * These prizes aren’t too shabby either: (49), (52), (55), (61), (70), (71), (73), (104), (112), USC(13), USC(15), USC (35),


  164. says

    Can’t believe I almost forgot to comment here! Thank you for the twitter reminders, love ya’ll! I’ll take any prize ya’ll give me, but my fav are posted on my site :)

  165. says

    Wow! This is huge! I saw some tweets yesterday and now I see more and more and more and had to come see what all the hoopla was about, hehe, looks like fun!

  166. says

    Thanks for hosting such a fun event, I really enjoy hopping around and taking a look at everyone’s blog. It’s such a nice way to find new blogs and meet new friends.

  167. says

    Love the party!
    As far as prizes go: I’d love to win a lot of them…heehee but my top choices in each section are:

    International Prizes: #2,8,10 though I would like any blog design type prize.

    US/Canada Prizes: #1,39

    US only Prizes: #40, 14, 15, 26, 23, 35, 71,47, 6, 23

  168. says

    I am having a blast visiting all of these new blogs!!! I participated last year too….I can’t believe I am still blogging a year later! Woo hoo!

  169. says

    wow this is all so overwhelming but neat! (did i just say neat?) anyway, thanks for all the great resources. i’m gonna go get some wine and make a few new hundred friends (that’s gonna be alotta wine)!

  170. says

    i forgot to list the prizes. they all are fab! but i like 15,24,31,32,35,37,40,70,73,88,113.
    i would be grateful for anything i recieve though

  171. says

    Heh, left my link last night, but my sleep deprived brain forgot to comment… this will be a fun party for a midnight nursing mama!

  172. says

    This is my third year, I think, participating in this event. So far I haven’t won anything, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s fun just playing along.

    IF I did win, I’d absolutely love 39, 95, USC 13 or 17, but really I’m not choosy…

  173. says

    I love the pictures!!! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful party. This is my first time attending and I am loving it!!!!

  174. says

    This is such a fantastic idea! I’m glad I heard about it…even if I did have my head in the sand until the last minute. I look forward to getting to know you all!

  175. says

    What a cool idea! I’ve read through once…I think I need to do so again (without being climbed on by children) to fully understand…but i love the idea! I’ll be writing a blog post tonight to join the party!

  176. says

    Remember that first year when I tried to actually visit all the sites on your linky? I’m not that stupid any more. LOL

    I LOVE YOU GIRLS. I wish I could participate this time… but if I did, I my snot-nosed little 1 year old would eat everything off the carpet. 😉

  177. says

    I’m very excited about joining in the UBP for the first time this year. Can’t wait to make new bloggy friends and discover more fab blogs! Thanks for this fun party!

  178. says

    I am so thrilled to join in the party this year! I started blogging right after it last year, so I missed out! I’m excited to see what all connections are to be made from this! Thanks for hosting! :)

  179. says

    I can’t wait to check out some new blogs! I love reading other people’s blogs – it helps me improve mine. This is my first year participating and I’ve blogged about it and can’t wait to share with others this week too. YEAH !! It’s a party !!

  180. says

    Thanks! Looking forward to my first blog party! I’ve already seen some great blogs, found some of my favorites, and welcomed new guests to mine. Good stuff!

  181. says

    wow this is SO much fun! my first time ever participating and I can’t wait to find some time to start browsing all the wonderful blogs! thank you for putting this together! =)