Wordless Wednesday — A little Italian town


The town of Casier, Italy where my husband’s family lives.

I still haven’t had time to publish all my photos and videos from our 3 week trip… But I have some up at Flickr and a few videos on my Facebook account and I’ll add more in the next few days.

Also, in case you missed it… I published a few photos in these posts about Julia and Sophia’s Nonna and Nonno.

You can see more photos of the farm in these posts I wrote 2 years ago…
Farm Life in Italy
Our Time in Italy is Nearly Over

Now it’s your turn…

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    Beautiful. I visited Italy back in 1994. My husband’s family is Italian. I hope to go back there with him someday so he can visit his family’s town. Take care.

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    What an absolutely incredible place to visit! How lucky you are to have family that can teach you and your children about such a wonderful culture!! It must be hard being so far away but the time together is all that more precious. I’ve enjoyed reading and “seeing” al about your holiday.

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    When my son’s nonna was still alive we went each year to see her in Italy at the Garda Lake.
    The last three years we have been spending holidays there, from the family there is only my SIL left ! and friends of course.


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