Weight Loss Tip #4 — Do it like the Diabetics

Weight Loss Tips - Winter Weight Off

Keeping glucose levels even is good for all of us…

When I was pregnant with Olivia I fell prey to my sweet cravings.

I am a dessert lover. I will ensure that I keep my house almost completely free of sweets so that when I am out for dinner or a special occasion I can indulge in DESSERT! And ladies — if you ever stand next to me in a dessert buffet, you will see what I mean!

But, early in my pregnancy with Olivia I was giving in and noshing on ice cream and nutella a little too often.

And when I went for my routine Gestational Diabetes testing, I failed. I had to go back for the nasty fasting tests. Yuch.

gestational-diabetes-dietI was still tiny — this picture is my belly at 28 weeks. But I suppose I had some of that ice cream still flowing in my veins!

In the end, I only failed on one out of three parts of the Gestational Diabetes test. BUT, it was enough for my doctor to recommend a nutritionist and a Gestational Diabetes diet.
When I talked to the nutritionist she was happy with my regular eating habits, (minus of course the desserts I was allowing myself,) but she recommended that I cut out all juice and dried cranberries on my cereal or wraps.

She gave me some Gestational Diabetes diet information and meal plans and told me to focus on getting more protein, especially in the morning to help stabilize my glucose levels, since I had been spiking my blood sugar levels every morning with orange juice. The nutritionist also recommended that I exercise, such as a walk, after meals.

gestational-diabetes-dietAnd ladies, it was amazing! With just a few changes, I was able to keep my blood sugar levels in check while ensuring I had adequate energy and nutrition.

Three weeks later, I went back for a check up and I had lost a pound. Remember — I was five months pregnant! I wasn’t supposed to be losing weight! I was shocked at how effective the diabetic diet was!

So, I added a bit more calories to my pregnancy diet, and continued to follow the Gestational Diabetes Diet guidelines.

I gained only twenty pounds with my pregnancy and was able to easily drop them after giving birth — all because of watching my blood sugar levels and following Diabetic Diet Guidelines!

Weight Loss Tip #4 — Do it like the Diabetics

Diabetic Diet - Blood Sugar Control - WebMD

Diabetic Diet - Blood Sugar Control Photo: WebMD

So, now that I am noticing that this extra ten pounds will NOT leave my thighs and waist, I am starting to get back to basics with the diabetic diet principles of eating a diet of low-carbohydrate and low-fat foods to control blo, with low glycemic value carbohydrates, and eating balanced, portion controlled meals throughout the day, with light exercise after each meal to help kick start the digestive system and prevent a spike in sugar levels.

Making wise high fiber, low fat food choices, controlling blood sugar levels, eating 5-6 small balanced meals, including protein, throughout the day, and exercising regularly — yes, the diabetics are doing it right!

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  1. Barbara M says

    Thanks for a great post!
    I’ve started a new eating plan for myself.
    Eat 200 to 300 calories 5 to 6 times a day.
    It’s working great!

  2. says

    Lately I’ve been trying to eat white fish more because you can eat a lot of it plus it is extremely low in fat and calories. My challenge has always been my carb intake. This week I am splitting my carb servings to spread it over the entire day. I love my carbs…..let’s see how this new approach works.

    You are right the diabetics are doing it right.

  3. says

    If you read Dr. Atkins book very carefully you will find that his diet is the diabetic diet just rearranged a little! You can seriously change your energy level in a matter of days! My Dad was a very at risk type 2 diabetic and went on the Atkins with the ok of his doctor and is now no longer considered a diabetic! The diabetics do do it right!!! If only everyone could see that!!! :)

  4. says

    Perfect timing. I’ve lost my initial goal, but now I’d like to go on to the more comfortable goal. However I seem to be stalled at the 8-10 pound loss mark and am not moving forward. I’m going to give the Flat Belly MUFA foods diet another week, but then I may switch to the South Beach diet phase one and two – supercharged. It was developed by a heart doctor and is even healthier – more of a focus on protein rather than carbs. Thanks for the great advice and reminder.

  5. says

    Janice, I had gd, too,with #1 and boy did I rebel! I fired 2 nutritionists and gave my numbers to my OB to watch them instead. My hub was great in making our adjustments, but often I questioned the whole thing when hub & I would eat the same thing and we’d get the same numbers. I did not have it with baby#2.

    I do suscribe to the “eat low GI” ideas and am seeing more diet & nutrition gurus using the same philosophy. Just glad I don’t have to poke myself and track numbers to do it!

  6. says

    Honestly, this is so key. I’m a thin person. I exercise, eat well but allow myself to indulge. I did not treat my pregnancy as mindfully as i should have, in terms of diet. While i did not test postive for GD, I did give birth to a baby that was 10 llbs, 10 ounces. I don’t know what happened when I took that test early on, but honestly, they should administer that test throughout the pregnancy, whether you tested GD the first time or not.

    I’m certain that as I ballooned during my final trimester, anotehr GD test would have given me more boundaries. Oh well, no matter. I have a healthy boy. I’m healthy. But I will not do it the same way next time around. From the outset, I’ll take on an anti-GD diet.

  7. says

    I dont think Ive caught all the angles of this subject the way youve pointed them out. Youre a true star, a rock star man. Youve got so much to say and know so much about the subject that I think you should just teach a class about it

  8. says

    The key is to avoid refined sugars. And I don’t just mean sweets and chocolates, I mean anything with sugar in it (which is MOST things). Watch for sugars in things most people think are “healthy” like yogurt, fruit juice, and cereals.


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