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  1. Barbara M
    Feb 28 - 9:22 pm

    Thanks for a great post!
    I’ve started a new eating plan for myself.
    Eat 200 to 300 calories 5 to 6 times a day.
    It’s working great!

  2. simplywebly
    Feb 28 - 10:10 pm

    Lately I’ve been trying to eat white fish more because you can eat a lot of it plus it is extremely low in fat and calories. My challenge has always been my carb intake. This week I am splitting my carb servings to spread it over the entire day. I love my carbs…..let’s see how this new approach works.

    You are right the diabetics are doing it right.

    • Janice
      Feb 28 - 10:13 pm

      Yes – carbs can be so challenging! They add up so fast! I couldn’t be as regimented as you – I would go nuts!

  3. Heather B
    Feb 28 - 10:43 pm

    If you read Dr. Atkins book very carefully you will find that his diet is the diabetic diet just rearranged a little! You can seriously change your energy level in a matter of days! My Dad was a very at risk type 2 diabetic and went on the Atkins with the ok of his doctor and is now no longer considered a diabetic! The diabetics do do it right!!! If only everyone could see that!!! :)

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  5. Kaye Swain
    Mar 01 - 7:09 am

    Perfect timing. I’ve lost my initial goal, but now I’d like to go on to the more comfortable goal. However I seem to be stalled at the 8-10 pound loss mark and am not moving forward. I’m going to give the Flat Belly MUFA foods diet another week, but then I may switch to the South Beach diet phase one and two – supercharged. It was developed by a heart doctor and is even healthier – more of a focus on protein rather than carbs. Thanks for the great advice and reminder.

  6. Nan
    Mar 01 - 7:54 am

    Janice, I had gd, too,with #1 and boy did I rebel! I fired 2 nutritionists and gave my numbers to my OB to watch them instead. My hub was great in making our adjustments, but often I questioned the whole thing when hub & I would eat the same thing and we’d get the same numbers. I did not have it with baby#2.

    I do suscribe to the “eat low GI” ideas and am seeing more diet & nutrition gurus using the same philosophy. Just glad I don’t have to poke myself and track numbers to do it!

  7. DigaMama
    Mar 01 - 9:28 am

    Honestly, this is so key. I’m a thin person. I exercise, eat well but allow myself to indulge. I did not treat my pregnancy as mindfully as i should have, in terms of diet. While i did not test postive for GD, I did give birth to a baby that was 10 llbs, 10 ounces. I don’t know what happened when I took that test early on, but honestly, they should administer that test throughout the pregnancy, whether you tested GD the first time or not.

    I’m certain that as I ballooned during my final trimester, anotehr GD test would have given me more boundaries. Oh well, no matter. I have a healthy boy. I’m healthy. But I will not do it the same way next time around. From the outset, I’ll take on an anti-GD diet.

  8. William
    Mar 02 - 10:32 pm

    I dont think Ive caught all the angles of this subject the way youve pointed them out. Youre a true star, a rock star man. Youve got so much to say and know so much about the subject that I think you should just teach a class about it

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  10. Shawn
    Mar 08 - 4:03 pm

    The key is to avoid refined sugars. And I don’t just mean sweets and chocolates, I mean anything with sugar in it (which is MOST things). Watch for sugars in things most people think are “healthy” like yogurt, fruit juice, and cereals.

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