Weight Loss Tip #1 — NO Dieting!

Weight Loss Tips - Winter Weight Off

I don’t “diet.”

Yes, there are times when I am more disciplined and focused on what I eat and how much I exercise, but I am careful to not have a diet mentality — a “beginning” and an “end” approach.

A “diet” means deprivation and pressure. A “diet” means a temporary change. A “diet” means that what goes down, will eventually go up.

Healthy weight loss tip #1 — NO dieting!

Absurdly Small Diet Meal While it is tempting to look down at the scale and scream, “DIET TIME!” that reaction may only guarantee that in a matter of months, or years, we are right back on that scale, looking at the same number, and screaming “DIET!”

But wait — didn’t I say that I need to LOSE weight? Didn’t I name this series the “Winter Weight Off?”

Yes, yes I did.

But with a huge disclaimer — this series is NOT about radically depriving ourselves with a short term goal of losing weight.

This series is about healthy weight loss tips and healthy eating and exercise ideas to incorporate into our daily lifestyles.

This is not a sprint. This is healthy living.

As I said in my Winter Weight Off intro post, I am usually a disciplined, healthy eater, but I want to catch myself from slipping too much this winter and forming bad habits. I want to get re-focused, inspired, and accountable about healthy eating and healthy weight management.

Yes, I want to lose some pounds. But once I achieve that weight loss, I won’t have “finished,” I won’t just give in to bad food choices.

My mother and some of my extended family are “dieters.” They find their inspiration and motivation in short term goals. They make radical changes. They suffer and sacrifice. They succeed. And then they stop.

My mother laughs about her bad patterns, knowing she is making life far more difficult for herself. But she finds that she needs to know that there is an “end,” that there is the reward of finishing the diet waiting for her.

For me, the solution is to ENJOY the journey so I am not waiting for it to end.

For me, the key is to make healthy eating, healthy weight management, and even weight loss, do-able and enjoyable.

Ranch Chicken Wraps with Dried Cranberries

Ranch Chicken Wraps with Dried Cranberries

Eat delicious food. Celebrate and indulge.

Just ensure that the bulk of that delicious food is smart food — healthy, high fiber, low-fat, low-sugar, protein-rich food that doesn’t leave you deprived and starving, and that the celebration and indulgences are selective and not taking over your daily food choices.

Some weight loss or health experts suggest an 80/20 balance. Some suggest one day or one meal a week to splurge. Kathy Kaehler, whom I interviewed last year, suggests a 90/10 approach.

Whichever way you choose to balance your diet, just ensure that it is indeed balanced — that you are making healthy food choices, with a little celebration as you go!


How do you approach weight loss and healthy weight management?

Do you tend to use the short term “diet” model? Do you follow an 80/20 or 90/10 approach?

What works — and what doesn’t work — for you?

Are you posting your Winter Weight Off journey too?

weight loss tipsIf you want to join me for healthy eating tips and healthy weight loss this spring in our “Winter Weight Off,” I have posted a linky for bloggers to link up on my intro post. Feel free to join in and link up there, and find other bloggers who are participating.

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What weight loss plans or healthy weight management models work or don’t work for you?

How are you currently approaching your weight loss or management?

(Feel free to answer in your post or just post whatever you want to share with your readers about your healthy living journey.)

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a health professional, nor do I make any health or medical claims or advice here at 5 Minutes for Mom. I am simply sharing my opinions and personal experiences. Please consult your doctor about all medical issues and make sure you follow your doctor and health professional’s instructions regarding your health and diet.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Janice.
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  1. says

    Yes! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t really do the “diet” thing. You explained perfectly why I don’t believe in dieting. I had my first baby six months ago and I’m working on getting those last few pounds off – exercising {I love Pilates!} and trying to eat healthy. I don’t know if I’m gonna blog about it though. …… :-/ ……. So far, what works for me, is eating healthy, portion control {it can be really easy to go back for seconds just because something tastes good}, and exercising. I’ve never heard of 80/20 or 90/10.
    I would love to see some of your recipes! I’m always on the lookout for foods that fit into your exact description {low-fat, -sugar, high fiber & protein}. I would love some fresh insight into what you make.

  2. says

    I’ve never dieted either because I have read enough to know it doesn’t really work for anyone. Approaching life with a ‘live healthy’ attitude seems to be the better solution.

  3. says

    I don’t diet, either. I just try to eat healthy. When I deprive myself of something I like and label it as “bad” I tend to want it more. Yes, that would be YOU, Doritos.

    So, instead of restricting what I eat, I focus on ways to get more of the good things I know I should be eating. Honestly, that leaves less of a desire for the not-so-healthy choices.

    • says

      That is a great approach Kim — the forbidden fruit holds far too much temptation! My greatest weakness is ice cream… and brownies… but especially ice cream, with fresh, warm brownies… and some whip cream… oh and sure, through in some chocolate sauce… 😉 But I can’t go THERE very often! LOL

  4. says

    Excellent points all! I do follow healthy diets – to use as guidelines, and then adjust them to my personal needs as a busy member of the Sandwich Generation, caring for the elderly parents in my family while babysitting grandchildren. As you can imagine, that keeps me constantly on the run! In the past I’ve made good use of the South Beach Diet – usually just phase one and phase two recipes, as well as the Serotonin Diet. This time, I am experimenting with the Prevention Flat Belly Diet Plan as I love so many of the foods on their menu – especially the MUFAS (including dark chocolate!!!). I’ll be reporting on how it works weight-loss-wise and lifestyle wise starting next week (this week – we’re having fun with all the various Valentine blog parties out and about. :) ). I really appreciate this series as it will give me extra energy and motivation!!!! Perfect for in the middle of snow season.

  5. says

    A lot of people especially the female having that misconception upon dieting. They thought diet is something to do with not eating the fatty food or eating a lot. The correct concept should be eating right for the right type of food, plus the right amount. Furthermore, depending upon diet alone wouldn’t help so much in losing weight. Exercise regularly should be added to your schedule. But in the end, do life happily without worrying so much about yourself…

  6. says

    I have gained a lot of weight (20-25 pounds) in the last three years, and my cholesterol has gone up so much that I am afraid I’m going to have a heart attack and leave my children motherless, but I don’t like to “diet.” So, I have approached this as a way to lower my fat intake and hopefully my cholesterol. The weight loss is a bonus. Once or twice a week, I eat whatever meal I want. The rest of the time, I am monitoring what I eat, the calories, carbs, and fat, via myfitnesspal.com Great site! I’ve lost about 10 pounds since Jan. 4th, and I feel better. I’ll go get blood work in another month and see how my cholesterol is doing. I’m hoping for a big change!

    I do feel deprived sometimes, and I feel like I am always hungry, but at this point in my life, it’s what I have to do. It is not a diet. It’s a complete change in eating habits for life. It’s just the way it is. I’ve accepted it.

    I hate when people ask me how my diet is going. I try to stress that it’s a healthier eating lifestyle and the reasoning is not just the weight but the health benefits.

  7. says

    I have those pesky last 5 pounds to lose. IDon’t have a real plan. I just try to make wise choices ……and I do. Problem is snacking for me…..at night.

  8. says

    Hi Everyone, I feel all of your frustrations too! I tried any & all diets, exercise, tips, & my aunt has been a Jazzercise instructor for over 22 years and pushed that hard on me, but what has really made an amazing transformation in my entire family’s life is BeachBody – think TurboJam, P90X, Insanity, etc. They are fun, but challenging enough workouts, easily accessible & affordable- do it in your living room WITH the kids and hubby too, no gym membership or babysitting required!!! And they provide meal planning, recipes, fitness tools & trackers, and a really yummy meal replacement shake called Shakeology. I had so much success with this program I started my own blog to share our fitness journey AND I started my own small biz to be able to reach others like me and spread the opportunity. Pls ask me any questions about the workouts or about becoming a Coach & owning your own biz too. My story is on my personal blog: http://www.rockstarzwife.blogspot.com and my fitness/weightloss story is on my workout blog: http://www.rockstarzwife.com Have a blessed & fit day! April

  9. says

    I am usually within 5 pounds of my “perfect” weight and I NEVER diet! I do however, cut back, and amp up the exercise but I truly believe it has to be a lifestyle change and not a diet to keep weight off!

  10. says

    YES! This is exactly my philosophy and approach as well! I’ve been doing a “not so fat” baby loss journey on my blog for several weeks before you started–but I’m just SO excited that you’re doing this since I really did need help on fresh new healthy food ideas!


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