Mother’s Day Giveaway

(Note: this is a sticky post and will remain at the top of our site until May 13th. For all new posts please scroll down. PLEASE NOTE: Entries for all contests will be closed Sunday, May 13th at 12am Eastern. I will post the winners for all seven contests Mother’s Day morning, Sunday, May 13. So if you haven’t checked out all the contests, make sure you do now and make your comment before the end of Saturday night!)

mothers-day-button-180-pixe.jpgFor a site called 5 Minutes for Mom – what bigger day is there than Mother’s Day?!? I mean really – we couldn’t let YOUR day just slip by unnoticed! There has to be a celebration – a lavishing of gifts!

So we are having a Mother’s Day Giveaway featuring multiple contests with fantastic prizes!

Here is how it will work:

From now until Mother’s Day, we will be posting various contests. To enter the contests you just need to:

  • Add a comment on the contests you want to enter. PLEASE note you need to comment at the individual contests so we know who wants to be entered. Commenting here is wonderful – thank you – but it will not win you the iPod or any of the other prizes. You need to enter each contest individually. So make sure you click over to the contest and leave your comment there.
  • Either link back to this post and include a Mother’s Day Giveaway button in that post or on your sidebar (to get the code click on read more at the bottom of this post,) or link to the individual contests you choose to enter. (If you post and include the button, either in your post or on your sidebar, and link back here, you are good to go for all the contests. No more linking required.)
  • As always, non bloggers are welcome to participate! We know you can’t link – but feel free to spread the word to your friends.
  • Some contests will be open to Canadians. Please check individual contests. (The iPod Nano contest IS open to Canadians.)

Remember to keep checking back for the latest contests – you don’t want to miss any! We will be posting several in the next ten days.

Click on each of the links below to enter each contest:
PLEASE REMEMBER: You need to click over and comment on each contest you want to enter. We will be linking to all of the contests in this post and we need to know who wants to be entered in WHAT contest. Remember you can enter in as many of the upcoming contests as you want. And please only comment once on each post so that everyone has a fair chance. If for some reason you need to comment again – like you left an incorrect email or link, just note that in the comment and I will remove the first comment. Thanks!

  1. We start off with a bang – the first contest is for Best Buy’s Special Mother’s Day Apple iPod Nano and Chocolate Gift Set! YES – you heard me right! We are giving away a 4GB Apple iPod Nano! (Open to Canadians!)
  2. Our second contest is for a beautifully handmade Mei Tai baby carrier made by Jenn from All Natural Mommies. (Open to Canadians!)
  3. Our third contest is for a copy of Hannah Keeley’s Total Mom Makeover – The Six Week Plan to Completely Transform Your Home, Health, Family, and Life.” You will be energized and transformed through Hannah’s realistic step-by-step approach to living a healthier, more balanced life. (Open to Canadians! AND we have an additional copy to give away. So there will be two winners for this contest!)
  4. Our fourth contest is for some fabulous jewelry made by Designing Diva. It is time to get spoiled Moms – and these pieces are beautiful! (Open to Canadians!)
  5. Our fifth contest is also for jewelry – a $40 (CDN) gift certificate to Alli’s Originals. (Alli is in Canada and this contest is open to both the US and Canada.)
  6. Our sixth contest is for a set of Mommy Cards from Fruition Designs. Cute and convenient – Mommy Cards make planning play dates or getting together for coffee easy. (This contest is open only to US shipping addresses.
  7. Our seventh and final contest is for a copy of Amy Knapp’s Family Organizing Handbook. With 314 quick to read tips, Amy will help get you and your household running smoothly!

Contests will be closed Sunday, May 13th at 12am Eastern. I will post the winners for all seven contests Mother’s Day morning, Sunday, May 13. So make sure you have entered all the contests you want by the end of Saturday night.

To get the codes for the buttons (we have two sizes) click here.

Banner Codes:

To include this wider banner (180 pixels wide) in your post or sidebar, copy and paste this code:

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  1. says

    I don’t see a link for the nano contest…Does posting on this thread count? I added the banner to my blog sidebar, too. :)

  2. Janice says

    gosh you guys are fast! I barely have refreshed the page and here you are!!! LOL

    Make sure that you add your comment at the iPod contest AND all the other contests coming that you want to win.

    We will be drawing the winners from the comments on the individual contests.

  3. Janice says

    Carol the post is there now – I was RACING you to get that post published! You guys are TOOOOO fast for me! It is there now! :)

  4. Janice says

    okay – I think the links are working now. But ladies – make SURE you go over and comment on the iPod POST!!!! I will be drawing the name from over there!

  5. says

    Count me in! I can just see me walking down my street, exercising with my pink Ipod. You see i’ll need to walk more with all the chocolate they’ll send me with the Ipod!

  6. Janice says

    oh my gosh – I have edited this post like ten times already! I keep stressing out that you all aren’t going to comment on the correct post to enter in each contest.

    I am soooo sorry for this confusion!!! Because there will be multiple contests coming – and some of them are for items like baby carriers and jewelry, not everyone will want to enter in every single contest. SOOOO that is why I am running them separately, so only people who want the prizes win the prizes.

    BUT I understand it is confusing – and my sincerest apologies for any misunderstandings.

  7. says

    OK, I know I’m a big dork, but I tried and *tried* to copy and paste that darling button to my blog. It worked once, then mysteriously disappeared! Anyway, I finally copied the picture and linked to you in words. I hope that doesn’t violate any blog regulations or anything. Thanks for the free stuff, ladies!

  8. says

    What fun!!! I posted the link to this post and included Mother’s Day Giveaway button in my post. I’m good to go, right? :) I will go leave a comment for iPod Nano next.

    Thanks for all the fun contests!!!

  9. says

    always surprising us and always super! Although I cannot participate, I have put up the banner!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. says

    Oh wow what a great contest. My daughter has an MP3 player. I have wanted something similar since. Would be great to use while walking, bike riding, etc. Count me in!

  11. says

    I thought I’d already entered, but maybe not.

    Please count me in for the ipod and for all the other Mother’s Day giveaways!

    I’ve posted about it here and I’ve included your button in my post!

    Thanks so much!

  12. says

    Ooooooo! Gimme Gimme! Please? If I had an iPod, I could block out the sounds of my kids whining when I ask them to pick up toys or make their beds…I could dance while doing the unending loads of laundry! And the chocolate would give me enough energy to chase the toddler for his bathtime! Pretty please?

  13. says

    I’m in for all of them and have linked to your page. Is there anything else I need to do? I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to win big :-)

  14. says

    Though I do not own one.. If I win this, it goes to mom. It is a MOTHER’S DAY contest – so that would only be fair.

  15. says

    I’m really earning my mother’s day gift today. My two-year old sat on his potty for an hour this morning, then got up and peed on a clean stack of diapers.

  16. says

    I am in, I had trouble with getting the button, but I did put a link in my post on my blog. Hopefully this counts.


  17. says

    Thanks for the contest…count me in and probably most of my readers as well! I’m up for all the contests…right?! I posted the button and a link from my blog. Do I still need to do the sidebar thing, cause I haven’t figured it out yet.

  18. Carlee says

    This is incredible…I’m just learning of this whole world of blogging moms and I think I need to get in on the fun!!

  19. says

    I hope my mother wins this prize.I do not want her to know that I am entering her in all of these contests. I hope she wins this one.

  20. Kris Krupa says

    Hi, my name is Kris and I work with the Thymes, a line of naturally-derived bath & body products. I am posting a comment to help those of you still in need of the perfect Mother’s Day gift. This year, why not give Mom a gift that she can enjoy while spending time with the ones who make Mother’s Day so special?

    Inspired by the naturally precious nature of newborns, the Sweetleaf Baby collection uses only the finest of ingredients found in nature to ensure baby’s precious skin is soothed and protected. The complete collection includes everything from a gentle, tear-free Baby Wash & Shampoo to a delightfully mild Baby Blanket Wash, to leave linens fresh with a lingering soft fragrance.

    There are also exciting new extensions to the Sweetleaf Baby collection available just in “Thyme” for Mother’s Day including a Lip & Cheek Balm, a Gift Set, a Wash Cloth Set, a Reed Diffuser (for the nursery) and drawer liners.

    Here is a direct link to the Thymes Sweetleaf Baby home page – I hope you will consider giving our “newest addition” to a new mom and her precious little one.


  21. Chrissy says

    Well right now is near mother’s day and my mummy really could benefit from that great sexy-licious ipod.. its the PERFECT thing!! i

  22. Samantha says

    Please include me in the contest it would be the perfect thing to give my mother after all she has done for me in the past year and past years

  23. Laura says

    Hi,Please enter me in all of the above contests. I would love to win something. I never have, so hope i have better luck this time. Thank you so so much.

  24. says

    you don’t know me but i want to wina ipod nano i haven’t got a ipod , and an ipod nano igot a ipod shuffle and it broke in three days please let my mom win the sweepstakes and me and her can share it i love her so much to death please let us win god bless each and every one of you thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Charlese U. says

    Please enter me in the contest. I’ve never won anything so if I win, I will be soooo grateful! Thank you!

  26. Tina Lopez says

    Please enter me in this contest, I have lost my son last year to cancer on my husbands b-day April 1st and I just need a pick me up very bad.

  27. Sandy says

    Please enter me in the contest for Mother’s Day. My mom is my hero and she has had a very hard life with not a good life expectancy.She is the most unselfish person I know.She was a sergant in the Marines. She has been sick for alot of years and she deserves this so so much.PLEASE!!

  28. Sandy says

    Put the mothers day button on my comment and it didn’t work.
    I also fixed my email address.

  29. Trying to be a good husband says

    Dear Janice,

    First thank you for spending the time to set up these contest! You are very special for doing so.

    Second, I would like to enter my wife for the Ipod (I hope there are no rules against doing so). We have three boys, one with special needs and finally she is pregnant with a girl! (due early May 08).

    She is the greatest mom and best wife to me so it would be a great Mother’s Day if she can win. Thank you so very much!


    P.S. I hope I did the URL correct?

  30. Katie Zilk says

    Mom is pretty much the glue that holds this family together. She’s the one that is the most organized with the bills, the groceries, and overall success of the house. She organizes the cooking, cleaning, and everything else necessary to help us survive. Through all of the struggles that have been thrown her way, she manages to come out on top, remain strong, and help shape and motivate me into the person I would like to become. She has taught me one thing and that is to embrace my creativity, and no matter how tough things may appear, to push through them and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I really respect, appreciate, and take pride in my Mom for everything that she has gone through.

  31. Shaila Shirole says

    My Daughter the SuperMom

    On April 8th 2008, it was my daughter’s b’day! At 3:00 AM in morning her house was struck by the fire! It was a nine alarm fire.
    As soon as her husband and her heard the noise she got up. Fire was already started taking over the house. She is mother of two,
    Jasmine 7 and Ryan 6. Most amazing kids! Children were sound a sleep. She seized two children and rushed them downstairs and
    got them out of the house safely. Now trying to adjust to the life from perfect to not having a home for next six months. Counting her blessings and
    keeping her family together. She is soccer Mom and does lots of volunteer work for the school too. I wish you the very best, strength, courage and hope.
    I wish I could take my magic wand and make all your tears go away. I admire your Sacrifices, devotion, love and tears.

    My beloved daughter, you are wonderful mother and wife! I am darn proud to have you as my daughter! Happy Mother’s day sweet heart!

  32. DaWonda says

    im 15 yrs old

    and im lookin for a gift for
    my wonderful mother so
    i would like to enter the contest
    so i can get my mother a wonderful
    mother’s day gift.

    So u can count me in

  33. DaWonda says

    Also I would like to sign up for the
    contest because my mom have 5 kids and she
    raise all of us on her own. I know it get
    hard for her to raise us because
    sometimes she have to go to my granny for
    help she try to hide he pain from us so
    we want be so worried but we can see it.
    Also we go running alot around the park
    for exercise and she was talking about
    getting her an ipod but instead of getting her
    ipod she get us what we need and want.
    So i really think she deserve it so please
    enter me for the contest.

    thanks for taking the time out for
    reading my comment

  34. Sheila says

    My Mom…she is the best…Please delete previous comment. She has raised 6 children and she is the most loving, caring, giving person you will ever meet. She is the best Grammy any child could have. I feel that she deserves to win the Nano because she never buys anything for herself..she always takes care of others. The past 6 weeks have been difficult for her. She was just diagnosed with lung cancer and is very ill. It is all happening so fast that it just seems like one big nightmare. She has to start chemo Monday and she is so scared. I would love to be able to upload her favorite music for her to listen to as she goes thru hrs of chemo. She is very weak and in bed most of the time. I would so deeply love to give her such a wonderful gift to help brighten her day and everyday to come. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. If you ever had the chance to meet my Mom you would know why she is so deserving of such a great gift….Blessing to you..I could not get it to copy and paste…I tried…

  35. Sandy G says

    She is the best MOM in the whole world. She gave everyday of her life to her children and spent very little time on herself. She is the #1 mom and wife in the whole world!!!!

  36. Anna Martel says

    I think my daughter is the best MOM in the world!

    She is a single mom who works the night shift as a residential counselor in a home for troubled-teen girls. She also goes to school full-time on week days to become a dental assistant. She will graduate this summer with honors. She has obtained this goal with little help from others and with little sleep and sporadic child support payments.

    She is raising two of the most well-mannered intelligent boys (ages 9 and 5) that I have every seen and I am not just saying that because they are my grandsons.

    How she manages all this and still finds special quality time with them is beyond my conprehension.

    Way to go girl!!! I am very proud of you.

    This wonderful Mother is Krista Tonkin of Gallatin, Tennessee.

  37. Jean Gaw says

    my children did not enter the CONTEST,SO,i did it myself.I really enjoy sweets. pick me,please and i will tell them about my good stuff…thanks

  38. Mary H.Pardue says

    My daughter Donna Noble is a wonderful mom. In addition to a full time job she drives two cildren to team and personel sports. She is an elementary guidance counsellor but never loses patience with any of her assorted roles.

  39. colleen hass says

    i just got out of the hospt today i have been in ICU for 5 days and i want to say thank you to GOD for giving my more time with my 8 kids. the best prize i could ever have is spending time with my kids. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO EVERYONE

  40. says

    Mothers are a gift from heaven so enjoy ever minute with her like it was your last.Always remember to take care of your mom . Like she took care of you when you were young.

  41. says

    Happy Mother’s Day
    means more than flowers and gifts
    It means saying thank you
    It means I love you
    You are my mother, my friend
    Today is your day!

  42. Tugba Haklidir says

    Hello, I am not the mother, I am the daughter.Please enter Me to the contest so i can win my MOM something.My Mom is unemployed right now so she doesnt treat herself =(.I want my mom too be really happy please enter me to the contest and wish my luck thank you everyone.

  43. Joahn Desrosiers says

    My mother Marie is my hero for a day for many reasons. When I cry a puddle of endless tears she’s the sponge that absorbs them. When I feel like I fall short of a dream she’s like a quote in my head telling me when you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place. My mother is a true inspiration. She loves me despite my flaws and faults. I’ve never knew what a best friend was until my mom has walked me through life. My mom taught me life long lessons that I will take with me through adulthood. The most important thing she has taught me is to love myself and that experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you. I always come griping about what a bad day I’ve had and she always let me know that she’ll always be here for me. My mother stayed in my life when the rest of the world walked out. Best friends are a necessary aspect of every human’s life, as we are not self sufficient in and of ourselves. When I need her for the littlest thing she’ll drop what she’s doing to come to my rescue, she’s super mom. She is the epitome of what an outstanding mother stands for. My mother is my hero and this day of pampering could be only the beginning to show the appreciation and love and compassion I have for her and all the things she has done through out my life. My mother is a rare jewel many have some but, mine shines brighter than the midnight’s stars. She’s one in a million.

  44. Barbara S. Cohen says

    What a wonderful idea. I am a mother, a caregiver and a caretaker. Mother’s day is a time to show our gratitude for those women in our lives who have given us that extra push, boost, and confidence to do what we set our minds on.

    Happy Mother’s Day.

  45. says

    the 5 Minutes for Mom give-away is my last chance at getting something for mother’s day. My son decided this year that mother’s day is too commercialized so I did not get a card or a gift.
    You can read about it on my blog.
    I did get to cry because i was so hurt if that counts as a gift.

    Crossing my finger that I win :o)

  46. angel says

    I would love to win some fabulous jewlry and just for once be pampered on mothers day.Thank you so much for this oppurtunity.

  47. Riki says

    my kids are to young to write in lol im a mom with twin boys on the autism spectrum,please pick me,I need all the 5 min breaks I can get 😀

  48. says

    My mom has been so inspirational for me, and she has put every ounce of herself into taking care of my sister and I, being a good mentor and friend, and making sure we grow up to be responsible adults. Please consider her for this IPod. It would be something good for to listen music on while we are at school. Thank you :)

  49. says

    My mom has been so inspirational for me, and she has put every ounce of herself into taking
    care of my sister and I, being a good mentor and friend, and making sure we grow up to be responsible adults. Please consider her for this IPod. It would be something good for to listen music on while we are at school. Thank you :)

  50. Nikara Gardner says

    My mother is the best person on the planet. She is the coolest mother. She is the most compationate person I know. She has just recently beat a long battle of colon cancer, and she has not changed. She chose not to let it bet her. She and her sister were fighting together and they both have bet the odds. She has a beautiful smile and I think a great gift would be nice for a great woman.

  51. dawn says

    pls let me win this ipod nano from i thanks yu so much and pls let me know about it….bye
    dawn horn

  52. says

    Mother’s Day is coming! Mothers Day is a special day for honoring Mothers through out the world. The Mother’s Day holds great significance for all of us. This year, you can celebrate mother’s day in new and different Ways. Blrmoms gives a platform to share your happiness and pleasant memories with your fellow moms. Post a blog here on your first baby birth experience – “The First Cry” and share it with your family and friends. More information can be found online at Have fun! Good luck for all moms or women!

  53. says

    Hi, Im not gonna enter this thing as some sort of stupid rip off or scam bull i just wanted to share i wanna win my mom something nice, she works all the time has since i was born she was 17 then, and I think she has done a wonderful job raising me and my little brother.. She dropped out of high school then, but since then Ive been to her GED graduation, Her College Graduation, then Ive saw her rack up 2 other degrees since then, im currently trying to build my house, so I dont really have money to spare but It would be absolutely perfect to win something to give her;^) thanks i just wanted to share!!

  54. norma washington says

    mother is one of the best day s of the year it’s a pleasure to know that you have post this website jus for mom everywhere.

  55. says

    I got in love, I was a professional woman,he was wonderful at first and then…THE NIGHTMARE STARTED! I gave chances…but the change never came, so I decided to give my children a new start. Since I gave birth to my children, I have experienced…having to leave my Country to take away my children from an extremely violent environment in which their “dad” bite them, scratched them and when I tried to defend them, he did hit me several times to a concrete wall breaking my neck. I walk into a State that I have never visited, bought a newspaper and founded a one bedroom apartment for us five ( 4 children and myself). I founded a job and a school and after care for them. My day started at 5:00 a.m. While my feet were bleeding (literaly) because I had bad broken cheap shoes and had to walk more than 100 blocks daily to take them to school, for me to go to work, to pick them up from school in my lunch hour to take them to the after school care, to go back to work and then to finish my working day to go and pick them up at 9 p.m at their after school care to take them to the house after taking three buses and arriving to my home at 1 a.m, my children always had what they needed…love, caring, good comfortable shoes and more love and care. Because of the injury their dad gave me when he hit me to the concrete wall, my neck was broken, I had surgery and didn’t come right, but I’m still here! Now, I don’t need as confortable shoes as I did when I used to walk back and forth to keep control of my children and my job…now I have a wheelchair that I use depending on how the day is going. There are good days and there are bad days, painful days and not so painful, but I’m still here. My children came with me when they were babies…now they are taller than me and hopefully one day would come when they will be just like me…there for their children no matter what sacrifices they had to make to keep them safe, happy and learning that life is a risk that sometimes can be easy to embrace and sometimes it comes with other obstacles that you have to find out how to beat. For now…I’m here and I’m planning to be until in my heart I know that is safe for them to fly “solo”.
    Please include me in all the sweepstakes, it will be greatly appreciated. I never receive anything in Mother’s Day or Birthday…maybe this year will be my lucky year.

  56. Megan Henderson says

    I believe my mother deserves to get any of these prizes! I am 14 and I have 3 other siblings that are all younger then me! My mom is very stressed right now because we are in the process of adopting twims from Ethiopia. We have been in this process for almost two years and she never complains. She knows that God has his own timing and she will be patient and wait for what he has planned because thats whats best! Even though she doesn’t show it I know inside she is wanting these precious six year olds to come home just as I do. They aren’t in the best environment right now and she just wants them to have a family who loves them and cares about them. I wanted to get her something this mothers day, but Im only 14 and I don’t get any of my own money! I think she is TRUELY deserving of any on these prizes! She is the best and most patient mom I have ever seen! I love her soooo much, even though sometimes I don’t show it! I would appreciate if you would give her one of these prizes!!! Thanks!

  57. Diana says

    All moms deserve prizes like this!! My mom wo momrks long hours I don’t like that.I bet nobody likes it when their mom works long hours.But moms need the money to pay for bills. My mom wants a new basment because when it rains really bad our basment flods. Plus our house gets mesd up by our dog and cat. I really hope my mom gets this!

  58. ANITA JENKINS says


  59. KECIA CAGLE says


  60. jodi cocking says

    my mum should win she cooks clean and dose every think she could do do make us happy so plz pick our mum as for she is a mother of 4 draughters and would love to win so plz pick us

  61. Julia Wamboldt says

    There is this one special woman in the world she taught me how to talk, she talk me how to walk, and she taught me how to be me. I followed in her footsteps because i wanted to be like her, she was my roll-modle. She made me who I am today a thirdteen year old, that is heathly because she helped me when i needed her, when I had to go to sick kids. I am the girl that everyone knows as the good girl because this woman taught me how to be one. In my mind she is the most beautiful woman in the world. I love this woman more then anything in the whole world, I could not have a better person then her. She makes the house clean,, and cleans my laundry because I am to lazy, but when she needs my help I will always be right there. The house is nice, clean, and it smells good today because of her. She is a very stong woman, and she likes to do things on her own. You would never see one tear in her eye because she doesn’t cry, and you know why she doesn’t cry: it is because she is a very strong woman. Do you know what her name is. Her name is mommy, and that will be her name until the day that I DIE! I LOVE YOU MOMMY/ MOM( best woman in the world )!

  62. says

    My motorcycle mamma loves heavy metal bands….like Metallica, AC/DC Ozzie and such…..Regardless of her free spiriting ways….Wolf and I… her very much. Happy Mothers Day…what more can I say…except that we miss you…today and EVERYday.

    Having Motorcycle mamma made us winners in more ways that one…never boring….always fun!!!!

  63. Robyn Sparrow says

    Mothers Day to me is not about winning a contest, its about thanking your mom for everything that she has done for you and showing her how much you appreciate her by doing something special for her. You shouldnt just show her how much you care on Mothers Day but everyday because its the right thing to do. Since day 1 my mom has been a miracle worker in my life. She has fought for me and taken care of me better than anyone else ever could dream of. No one else could compare to her. I love her everyday of every week of every year. She truly is My Hero and I thank God everyday for putting her in my life :)

  64. sonya says

    My mom has literally given up her life to help others. My mom has lost her mom, dad, sister and husband within five (5)years. she now suffers from seizures and depression. she took care of all her family that passed away until the very end, during that time and even now, no one offered her an extended hand to help. now that they have passed she have relatives that are attacking her for materialistic things. My mom has not had a decent rest in a long time, when no one is around my mom cries in the night, i see the stress and hurt that no one else sees and it tears me apart. I love my mom so much and it hurts that i can not fix her pain. I do my very best to assist in getting her the necessities she need. In everything my mom is going through, she has never stop helping others, shes apart of the clergy board at the police station, where she volunteers her time to help troubled youth and adults, my mom is called at all times of the day including the wee hours in the mornings.What i admire about my mom, is she never complains, she gets up forsaking her own physical and mental pain just to help the next person. My mom believes that there is always someone who carries a greater pain than you, so we should not just focus on ourselves but learn to reach out to the next person because you never know who is on the verge of snapping. I admire my mom so much for her love and support to people in the community and all those who have had the opportunity to come across her path. In closing, I really pray that this letter reaches you, although if there was something i could give her it would be peace – lol but this package would really really move my mommy to let her know that, people do care, i care and that all her good deeds are not in vain. Please help me, do something for my mom. Thank you,

  65. canh truong says

    i want to give my wife the world if i can, she is a remarkable wife and mother. As a wife she is very loving and patient. We have been struggling for many years financially and emotionally. But through it all she still maintain her sense of humor and love for our family. I try to do my best to suppor ther , but things are not going well for me. We have three young ones that does not know what there mom is going through. My wife works nights and take care of my kids in the daytime. When i mean work at night , means she get home at 3or 5 in the morning. I totlally admire her for not being so strong emotionally and physically. She gets maybe 1hour of sleep and have to get up and take care of the kids. She makes breakfast and takes them to school at diffenent time. At the same she is also watching out for my youthest one, which is only 18month old. I know that she is under alot of stress due to her crazy stchudule. On here days off , she only do things for our family , never for her. I just want one time in her life for her to just have some fun and not have to worry about our family. . I know that this year is a bad year for lots of people, but without my wife doing so much , i wouldnt know what to do.

  66. Mickey Lynch says

    Of all the years I have thought about writing about my mother I figure now is the time. On behalf of her twelve children, Colleen, Cindy, Mike, Danny, Sharon, Time, Kelly, Sean, Molly, Mickey, Kasie and Corkey, her twenty-six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren Duffy is our one and only.

    My Father whom we lost in 2004 to Leukemia and was a local Radio station owner(KFDI) would tell you if he could, that this mother of twelve kept the world turning. Growing up her stern hand and loving heart kept our house together, mouths fed and our home safe and warm. She believed God first, others second and her self always last and that makes for a wonderful mother. My mother has endured many set backs, loosing her son our brother Kelly when he was a very young boy but the strength of her faith and love of her family. She always kept an open heart to the world around her. 2004 she lost the love of her life and partner in this growing family they created but not before spending almost six long years going to cancer treatment with him here and in Houston, but because their retirement wasn’t starting out the way she had planned she again endured and let her faith carry her and again kept her family moving forward slowing down little to ask why. It has been nearly six years since her loss and through Grandchildren and great grandchildren being added she has continued to be the rock of this Lynch Family and the most caring person I know. She has been a scout leader, soccor mom, cheer leader and so much more, and now to so many more generations later added she is still our mother and grandmother of the year.

    Well at seventy-eight thinking she will sit back and enjoy the Family she has built over these fifty plus years God has given her a new battle and that one is Cancer and as always with her head held high she is as strong as ever just as she has always been for our family. Her concern shines not for herself but again for the God she so loves and the family around her seems to be the only thing she is thinking of. I can say that she is faith, hope and love and because of Dorothy (Duffy) Lynch my mother and all she has done for this world and continues too we have been blessed. I love you and couldn’t be the person I am today and for that thank you for being the greatest mom I could have ever wished for and this world is a much better place because of youJ

    Dorthy Ann Lynch my mom!

    Mickey Lynch

    Regional Sales Manager

    Voice Products Inc.

    8555 E. 32nd Street North

    Wichita, Kansas 67226

    Local: 316-616-1111

    Toll Free: 800-466-1152

    Cell: 316-303-7469

    Fax: 316-263-1823

  67. Jordana Pellow says

    Strength is a virtue my mother has been blessed with, and thank goodness for that. Already dealing with her own physical ailments for the past six years, my mom can barely walk from a torn medial meniscus that is not operable, as well as severe arthritis, glaucoma and high blood pressure in the eyes that threaten her with blindness. Unfortunately, in the last six months she has been dealt more incredibly tough cards. My father retired recently and his health has deteriorated so rapidly from diabetes and depression/anxiety that he has withered down to 107lbs! He is in a constant state of need and my mom has to take care of a man who last year was fully capable and now is at the doctors office once a week. However, the hardest thing has been her layoff from work. Even though she is a Civil Service employee her position has been eliminated. Now with no funds and worry of how to pay their heavy medical bills, she is just 1 1/2 years short of earning her retirement.
    All this is pretty heavy to deal with for one person at once, and I wish there was more I could do to help such a loving and giving woman. Please help me give my mother some peace and much deserved appreciation this Mother’s day and pick her as a winner of one of these wonderful contests. Thank you!


  68. says

    we have an ipod, but my mom wants one of her own to listen to while cutting grass. It would be such a GREAT surprise for her if she won it.

  69. says

    Okay, My Mom Is Super Special to me, but i have no money at all, cuzz im kinda pore… & ONLY 15!! Please Help Me I Love Hur Ta Death And Wanna Get Her Something Really Special & nice Just Like Her!! =/

  70. says

    I write about gift ideas for Mom, but honestly the best gifts for Mother’s Day are the ones you make yourself :) That’s the best 5 minutes for mom ever spent. If you’d like to check out my “What to get mom for Mother’s Day” you can find it here.

  71. says

    To keep it short, my mom gave me life and literally saved my life 4 years ago after at only 73 lbs and dying<3 and the angel went back to work full time so she could take care of my medical expenses….there is a place in heaven for her…


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