5 Days of Huggies® — Day 5!

5 Days of Huggies Giveaway

The Best of Times…

I often say that life with a two year old is the best of times and the worst of times.

daffodil-dance-flippedTheir sweet, unconditional love is as powerful as they are delicate. As our angelic babies learn to talk and express their thoughts and feelings, well, a mama’s heart just can’t melt faster.

Yet it is also a time of “full contact parenting” — chasing the escaping toddler down the street, prying her off the monkey bars she is too young to master, or holding her as she screams, kicks and punches in a fit because you flushed the toilet — that can be so exhausting there are moments you look forward to it all ending.

But when I think about it, parenting as a whole is the best of times and the worst of times. There is no high on this planet greater than loving and being loved by your child. It is inexpressable. But the lows — the fears for your child, watching your child suffer, the agony of loving that hard — well those can sometimes cut deeper than a human should ever hurt.

We can’t let ourselves linger in the lows, (or the fear of the lows,) our children need our optimism, our hope, and our joy.

So we treasure the best of times. We pull them out and remember them in the hard times. And we cherish them as it all flies by so quickly.

Today, in our last day of 5 Days of Huggies®, our five days of incredible giveaways sponsored by Susan and my favorite diapers, Huggies®, we want to celebrate the best of times!

If you haven’t entered each fabulous giveaway make sure you do! There is a list of all of them below and on Day 1. Entries are open until June 4th, 2010. One entry per person, per giveaway. So that means you can enter all five giveaways — but only leave one entry at each one.

What are your “Best of Times?”

What are your favorite memories of your family growing together?
(We know you probably have hundreds of favorites — feel free to share as many as you wish. You could even make it a blog post on your site and leave the link to your post in the comments!)

ww-jackson-olivia-apr-310ilFor me, my favorite memories are of Jackson and Olivia having fun with each other. Jackson cried, prayed and begged for years for a sibling. And I cried, prayed and begged God that I could give him one. Finally, God answered our prayers with Olivia.

They are certainly “siblings” and have their share of fights and frustrations, but they adore each other. Having to wait so long for Olivia has made Jackson treasure her all the more. Yes, he likes to torture her and make her scream, (what brother doesn’t?) but he can’t hide his love for her. They are a perfect fit.

5 Days of Giveaways with Huggies!

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To Enter:

To enter please leave a comment below by Friday, June 4th, and tell us about your “best of times.” What are your favorite family moments?

To make entering simpler for you, only one entry per person per giveaway please. (So you enter each day’s giveaway separately.)

This giveaway is open from May 25, 2010, to June 4, 2010. We will announce our winner on Saturday, June 4th. This giveaway is open U.S. residents 18 years of age or older at the time of entry and is void where prohibited by law.

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THANKS to Huggies®!

We have had SUCH a fun time this week celebrating childhood and parenting. And we are so grateful to our sponsor Huggies® Little Movers Diapers.

As we told you in our video of our fastest Little Mover Olivia, and shared in our posts this week, we have had all four of our babies in Huggies®!

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Thank you Huggies® for sponsoring this event, for providing such exciting prizes, and, most of all, for making great diapers for our babies!

*This giveaway is part of a sponsored campaign with Huggies®. Our opinions and posts about the products are completely our own — I mean, good grief, we have been putting our babies and toddlers in Huggies diapers for eight years! So no worries, as always, we post only what is truthful.

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
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  1. Liz says

    My daughter (almost 5) is an amazing big sister to her brother (15 months). She is so sweet and gentle with him. I ADORE watching her get excited as he (excitedly) RUNS to her. It’s so cute.

  2. Celeste says

    Definitely the interaction among siblings–watching my older children love on the newborn is the best!

  3. says

    I also have a 2 year old daughter, and I secretly love this age. Everyone says “watch out, terrible twos..” but watching my child figure things out on her own, and express herself for the first time in her life is absolutely worth every minute. My favorite recent moment was on her birthday (two days ago) when she knew to blow the candles out without me even guiding her- then of course, since her tiny breath of air didn’t do much, she decided to ‘pinch’ the flame away. (luckily we grabbed her before she touched it!) I just had to laugh- she really wanted that flame out!

  4. Sarah Dymond says

    My favorite part of my kids growing together is there love for one another! They are 15 months apart, and are completely attached at the hip. If one cries, the other cries for him/her. Then, will give a hug for consoling. They hold hands EVERYWHERE we go and tell each other “Love” all the time. I am the oldest of 5, and am almost 4 years difference from my brother, so I never had this growing up. It is fun to see them develop into such different but same little personalities. As the birth of #3 approaches (22 months from #2), I see them get closer and love each other more. They both love their new little brother (who won’t even be here until July) and give him “hugs” and kisses everyday. They both blow raspberries on my belly, to “talk” to him. I am so blessed to have my babies be so close with one another!

  5. says

    the best of times? with a 10 month old who’s constantly on the go, the best of times are right before bedtime/nap time when he settles down and wants to be held and he’s still!

  6. says

    The silly moments we have as a family that are spontaneous are my favorite. It could be a sudden game of “tickle monster” or a rainy afternoon cuddled up watching a movie, those are the moments I cheris the most.

  7. says

    Watching the playoffs with my daughter. I swear this girl is Bobby Knight! All I hear is “Shoot the ball!” “Somebody get me the clothes and let me play!” & “I’m taking you out of the game!” LOL

  8. says

    I have so many favorite moments. I love when we spend time as a whole family on a picnic, at the park, camping, etc. I also love watching my boys when they are playing nicely together, using their imaginations. Or going in and giving them a last goodnight kiss as they are sleeping peacefully. Cuddled up on the couch with my 3 boys reading Dr. Suess, rocking a sick baby who just wants to be held and loved on, seeing my husband hold our newborns for the first time or play video games with the 5yr old who is so excited for one-on-one time with daddy, so many great memories.

  9. says

    When Lil Man was about five months old we took a family vacation. By family I mean F.A.M.I.L.Y! Everyone! We rented a four bedroom condo on the beach for a week. We loaded up three vehicles with all the beach ‘stuff’ and headed out for one of the most fun adventures you could ask for. There was my mom, my sister, her husband, her daughter and son-n-law, both my daughters, me, and of course Lil Man. We spent the week playing in the sun, sand, ocean, pool, lazy river, and being tourist. We had so much fun! I’m looking forward to doing it again when the babies are older.

  10. says

    Having three girls all a year apart has been fun and challenging to say the least but I have to say it makes it all worth it to hear them laughing together. Listening outside their door after putting them all to bed and hearing them giggling together. It is the best of times for me knowing that they are so close and love each other.

  11. Emily E. says

    My “best of times” is when my two year old climbs in bed with us on Saturday mornings and we snuggle, play, and laugh,laugh, laugh. Nothing better than the sound of children’s laughter.

  12. gaitha says

    My 2 year old adores her little brother, who is 2 months old. I think we are in for alot of great times with the 2 of them, but just to see the joy on her face every morning when she comes in my room to see baby brother, and when she holds him, and talks to him. They are WONDERFUL moments that me and my husband both cherish :)

  13. Angel S. says

    Wow – I probably have a 1000 best times. I loved every stage – when all they could do was snuggle and look at you, when they started to babble, crawl and walk. When they were 3 and everything was amazing (bridges, tunnels), when they started playing sports and seeming their determination, even with my oldest, watching the man he is becoming. All of it is one blessing after another. My best times are when we all end up in our bed (usually one of us will flop down to relax for a minute and one by one we all pile up to snuggle) and end up either in a lugh fest or wrestling match to see who is King of the matress while everyone tries to push/pull the others off!

  14. heather says

    my favorite family moments are Tuesday Night Family Date nights. We turn off cells, computers, TV’s and we do something fun. Sometimes, it’s games, sometimes it’s the pool or beach, other times it is just hanging on the trampoline and doing “tricks”. Doesn’t matter what we do … Tuesdays are the best days of the week because we are simply together … no one else is there to distract us from being together and create memories as a family. I hope it is a tradition that they carry into their own families down the road.

  15. says

    So hard to pick one…I’m lucky to have lots of “best of times.” I’ve got three amazing kids and we have so many great times. I love it all the time!

  16. Melissa says

    My favorite is that no matter how crazy and hectic the rest of the day felt, before the kids turn in, they give each other a big hug and the 2 year old stretches to kiss his 4 yr old brother on the cheek. It’s so sweet! I love that they show their love for one another regardless of arguements throughout the day.

  17. Stacey says

    My favorite moments are from when all 3 of mine were cuddly newborns. I love their warm little bodies, little grunts and sweet breath.

  18. says

    Hmm, my best memories. I remember a day about a month ago with my children. My older two were in a great mood, the baby was sleeping and I got the whole house cleaned. I was also able to make the calls I needed and schedule appointments I needed. I had plenty of time to do preschool with my older girls and get a good head start on dinner which was on time. It was a beautiful day inside and outside my home. I loved it. :)

  19. says

    My daughter will turn two tomorrow, so I can relate to the kicking/hitting/screaming/running/climbing frustration, but in all honesty I think this is the best of times. For example, when she greets me at the daycare door every day with “YAY! MOMMY’S HERE!” it makes my heart melt. Or when she hugs and kisses me and says “I love you, Mommy” before going to bed each night…oh, all those tough moments are so worth it.

  20. Julie says

    I love getting take dates with my children. That special one-on-one time goes so far for both me and each child. Treasured moments that I’ll miss? Definitely the sweet giggles of all three of my children as the tickle one another or do things to make each other laugh. Those are such sweet moments and memories!

  21. sheri says

    I have 6 children (+ 1 on the way) ranging in age from twins who are almost 2 to an almost 9 year old. So as you can imagine things get a bit loud and chaotic in my house. Since my children are so close in age they love to play together and help each other and of course they can fight with the best of them. Most people think we are crazy for having this many kids (maybe) we are. But I wouldn’t exchange my life for anyones in the world. I have six (soon to be 7) beautiful gifts from God that are the most precious things to me in all the world. Everyday great memories are made just by the sound of the voices in the morning. We laugh, love, live and pray together. With God’s help my husband and I want to raise kids who will leave a good impression on this earth instead of be a destructive force. The sweet memories of all the hugs, kisses and sweet words spoken, not only between parent and child but amongst themselves, are the most precious memories I hold dear.

  22. Misty says

    My 9 month old son has learned to give kisses. Sometimes he will grab my face and just lay one on my cheek- those are the best moments I have ever experienced.

  23. Michelle says

    The best of times…Right now my favorite moment is the boys’ bedtime ritual. My boys are regular boys, all day long they torture each other pick, fight, play extra rough, and sometimes they are just mean for the sake of being so, to see how far they can push each other before one of them has just had enough. But at night just before going to bed after teeth are brushed and they are waiting for story and prayers, they all run to the living room to tell us goodnight they give my husband and I each a hug and kiss and the two year old makes the other two hug and kiss and before you know it everyone has had at least one hug and kiss before going to bed…it is really sweet and I don’t know how long it will last, but I treasure it right now.

  24. says

    my wife and i have been married for about 10 years, and have been trying for quite a while to start our family. we’ve had a few glimmers of hope, but each ended up not working out because of one reason or another. earlier this year, my favorite moment so far happened. we saw two tiny black ovals on the ultrasound. four weeks later we heard two tiny heartbeats, another favorite moment. every visit to the dr has been one more favorite moment added to the list. Now we’re looking forward to a big one, the twins coming in August!

  25. Kirsten S. says

    My “best of times” are the times when I’m feeling crabby and want to complain about life in general — my husband probably having to take a pay cut, the grass that’s dying no matter how much I water it or fertilize it, the pain in my back no matter how many stretches I’ve done — and then I take a peek outside and see my 4-year-old, completely engrossed in what he’s doing, which is covering the cement and himself in sidewalk chalk. I walk into the living room and find my 7-year-old playing “catch” with my 1-year-old. And then I think, “Now what was I so upset about earlier?”

  26. Kirsten T. says

    There are so many, but recently we took our 3 year old to the allergist to see if she grew out of her milk allergy. We found out she was allergic when she was just a week old, it was a hard road. Given how severe her allergy was, I didn’t have high hopes that she would outgrow the allergy. At the appt, she was a trooper through the skin test, but the Monet te doctor said she was negative for her allergy, it was like a huge weight was of our shoulders. DH and I couldn’t help but cry in joy (3 yr old found that funny). It is so nice that she is not singled out anymore, that she can have anything her little friends are having. As good as we were at making sure she was included (yes, I brought dairy free food with me everywhere, includig a stash of safe cupcakes, just in case a friend wad having them), she can now truly feel included. Yay!

  27. Mary Alice says

    Being a new mom, my best moments are being able to experience my son’s firsts. For example, my son started crawling and popped his first tooth just THIS WEEK. I had to call everyone I knew because I was sooooo excited. My little man is growing up. :)

  28. Stacey says

    My favorite memory of my daughters together has to be the day Mylee came into the world. My oldest was at the hospital and so concerned for me but when Mylee finally arrived she lit up from ear to ear with joy! She said to me, “we can keep her and I will never, ever let any thing bad happen to her.” I knew then that I was going to have to fight her because she was a mommy too. She tells everyone how to calm her down and when she needs to be changed….from day one she wanted a little sister and being able to give Makena that was a blessing. She is the best big sister ever and everyday I watch them grow up and think about what a wonderful life we have a head of us.

  29. says

    What a fabulous giveaway!

    My favorite moments are when my little one comes up to me and says, “Mommy – I love you” and gives me a kiss with those sweet baby lips. And more recently – because she REALLY wants a baby sister – she’ll tell me, “Mommy, I won’t care if the baby is a boy” – which is a big concession for her.

    Thanks so much!

  30. says

    My favorite times are when everyone is getting along and we’re all in the kitchen cooking dinner together. We listen to music and have a great time!

  31. Sarah G says

    I love when we have the chance to spend time together as a family. We read books, play games, or just enjoy each other’s company.

  32. says

    My two year old son is crazy about his baby sister. When she was very new, I looked in the rearview mirror of the car. They were both asleep, with her little hand clutched in his. Since then, I’ve caught them this way many times, and it always makes me smile, but almost brings tears to my eyes at the same time.

  33. Michelle B says

    I have a daughter who is 19 months old and I am really enjoying this age! She does so many cute things every day. She doesn’t say very much, but every once in a while she’ll say short sentences. The other day she was eating some crackers and she pushed the container toward me and said, “Want some?” I giggled and said no thanks sweetie. She then ate some more crackers, pushed the container toward me again, and said “They’re good?!,” like she was saying “Are you sure you don’t want some, they’re good?” At this point I started laughing and said, “No thanks baby, but listen to you talk, good job!”

  34. says

    We have the best of times right before bed. I think my 2yo realizes that he’s cute and that we won’t put him to bed if he’s being funny. We love letting him stay up late and show off for us!

  35. Rose Habart says

    Just “us” at this moment. I just love it. Gracie and Gabi giggling together. Their beautiful smiles. Playing as a family. It’s just perfect. It breaks my heart that it will have to change as time goes by.

  36. Kelly Ann T says

    I love going to the park with my family. Its fun to see the kids playing with their cousins. I like being in the fresh air and the kids have a blast, all the adults enjoy it too.

  37. Heather M says

    My little daughter is 10 1/2 months and for months was very colicky and would cry constantly… I have come to really enjoy holding her while she takes a nap (this was the only way she used to sleep). There’s nothing more precious than a sleeping baby!

  38. Cassie says

    My two oldest are boys, ages 5 & almost 3. My youngest is newborn, 3mos. I love the way that they adore her. They are already making her laugh. She has brought us all together even more.

  39. Laurie says

    We have 5 kids soon to be 6 come August and i love Saturday mornings. All the kids come into our room and we all pile on the bed and watch a couple cartoons. Its one of the only times during the day 1 is not picking on another. Sitting around the dinner table every night and listening to how everyone day was and hearing the kids interact nicely is just wonderful.

  40. Miranda says

    When she wakes up in the morning, opens her eyes and smiles. It renews my heart with the new day, new smile, and new outpouring of love from each of our hearts.

  41. Rebecca Hammer says

    The best of times are every moment spent with my 2 children (calvin – 3, Josiah – 1) Calvin is such a caring young boy, always taking care of his brother and making sure that he is happy. They truly are the best of friends and nothing can break that bond. Every time there is drool, or runny noses, Calvin is running to the box of tissues to clean Josiah up. Calvin has a snack he ALWAYS shares with his little brother, and if Josiah is crying Calvin will do anything to help him to feel better: bringing him toys, bottles, hugs and kisses…

  42. Marie says

    Some of my best memories are the things my children say. “mommy you’re sweet, thanks for the apple juice I Love You. or ” mommy you are my best friend I ever had” (he’s olny two so that really grabs my heart.) Also seeing my two years olds playing with their little brother (9 months) is a great feeling.

  43. Aura says

    I love the lazy sundays at the park when my husband and I and the kids all run around and have fun. We had a hard time having kids and then lost a child so just being able to spend time with OUR family- all 6 of us is always a treasure. We appreciate every moment with our kids (even when all 3 babies are screaming) realizing how short life can be. I remember the joy of welcoming each of our children into the world- after months of bedrest and runs to the ER with threatened miscarriages- those are the happiest days of our lives. And as each new sibling is born the joy the older children bring in welcoming the new little one is immense.

  44. Rebecca says

    My favorite family memories are 3 weeks after my baby girl was born and then picking up my husband from the airport with our 6-month old son! Best day of my life to have our complete family together! Lots of crying and hugs and love were flowing. Nearly a year later, it’s watching my kids (6 months apart in age) live life as brother and sister never knowing life apart from each other.

  45. tara says

    Overall my favorite family moments happen every night. My husband comes home from work and we eat dinner. after that my hubby does some relaxing while i give baby skylar a bath. after that we all cuddle on the couch, turn on the radio and read some books. all 3 of us hang out until bedtime and then we do kisses and cuddles with skylar before she goes in the crib. i love just having all of us sit together on the couch and feel her snuggled up against us and ask for kisses.

  46. says

    It may seem simple and silly but my favorite family moments are when we’re all outside together. I can sit back and watch my daughter run around the yard pretending to be a butterfly, watch my son do flips and flop all over the place and my daughter Emma discover the simple things for the first time, new bugs, new flowers, just little things.

  47. Jennifer Peoples says

    how do I just pick one to write about. I guess it would have to be the little time we all get together. My husband works 12 hour days and I go to work almost as soon as he steps in the door, so we cheerish the time we do have. The best are the hour long tickel pillow fights!!

  48. says

    My favorite family times were when we were on vacation. I love spending uninterrupted time with my family. We create great memories on vacations. Last week I went home for my brother’s high school graduation and my whole family sat down and watch our vacation home videos. We laughed until we thought we would pee our pants.

  49. says

    My absolute favorite family moments are those that are unplanned and “boring”. Sometimes, everybody just gets on the same page and we’re all doing the same thing (without shoving!) and enjoying each other. Or I look up and see all three of my kids studying the same patch of ground watching ants work together. Even when we all manage to be quiet for the *whole* bedtime story. Those little harmonious convergences are what make it all worthwhile for me!

  50. says

    My favorite times are the lazy days spent with my girls when they actually remain in a good mood and just snuggle all day long. I also really love those really BIG days when we go to the zoo or to a friend’s house and watch them play until they get all tuckered out.

    Honestly, it’s just nice to see them happy.

  51. Michelle says

    My favorite family times are in the evening, when school and work is over and we all sit down at a table with a home cooked meal. Nothing beats coming together at the end of every day and forgetting about all the troubles we deal with from day to day!

  52. says

    My favorite family memories were Sunday evenings when I was growing up. We always had one big meal on Sundays and then every Sunday night my mom would make a treat of some kind. Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream, etc. It was just time to sit together, chat, play games, and ENJOY my mom’s fabulous cooking. Nothing beats my mom’s cookie recipes. I LOVE THEM!!

  53. Chrisann says

    What are your favorite family moments?
    I would have to say our favorite was when each one of our three children were born.

  54. Brittany Fell says

    I love reading with my kids – and love that THEY love it! There’s nothing better than having them cuddled up around me while we read good books. I love it when, after hearing a new word, they ask what that means. We’ve had so many great teaching moments through books!

  55. says

    My favorite family moment is watching all three sons (13, 5, & 3) sit with their dad and listen to jazz on YouTube. Boys NEED their dads & I’m thankful my hubby wants to spend as much time w/ them as he does. Second favorite: Daddy praying with the boys each night. Melts my heart!

  56. toni jensen says

    my favorite family memories is when my last baby was born and the kids coming to the hospital to meet her and hold her even my son was excited even though she wasnt a boy. I remember them all aweing and cooing over her I still think 2 years later my son has the biggest bond with her its cute

  57. says

    So far, my favorite time is when my kids are playing together and seeing the joy that they both have in that. With a 3.5 year old and an almost 1 year old, it’s a new thing, but definitely a developing relationship that is fantastic to watch :)

  58. says

    My absolute favorite family moments are in the morning when both of my boys do our “quote”. It’s something I came up with this school year to add a bit of confidence to my oldest child. Now my 3 year old says the quote too.

    The quote is “I will be confident in myself so others will be confident in me. Have fun, have a good day and learn something new!” At the end we all give high fives. It really gets our morning going and our day started out right.

    Good Luck to everyone!

  59. says

    I am literally on my knees begging God for this. My Favorite Family Memories:1) living in Texas with my grandparents, we would climb up in bed with my grandmother, eat “bonbons” and watch TV. She had lupus (as I do now) and really any memory of her good days was wonderful. 2) now I’m 28, have a wonderful husband, a 4yo and 1 month old and great in laws. We all eat together every night. I will cook what I can and bring it to share but my MIL mostly cooks the meal. Its the best thing to spend that fellowship w my family everyday. I’m begging for this b/c I was laid off at 5 month pregg with my month old and I can’t really afford groceries so that’s the real reason we go to MIL for supper every night. We have a farm so the things that can be considered farm use we have but groceries don’t count so the diapers would be a blessing and the $ would be a Miracle.

  60. says

    At the end of each day, while tucking them in bed (the 14yo boy, too!), I ask, “What was the best part of today?” After they answer, I say, “Dream about that.” I love that moment and their answers. It’s a blessing to hear their gratitudes.

  61. says

    My best memories have been watching as my two older daughters (4 and 2) start to become best friends. They play, they giggle, they fight, and they make up. I love listening to it all!

  62. says

    Our favorite family memories are vacation time! When we all get to relax, spend time and just enjoy each other – without the demands of daily life!

  63. says

    My favorite family times are the everyday, not the big trips, actually. I love after bathtime when everyone smells good and we’re all in our PJs. We cuddle in bed, all 5 of us, and read and talk about our day.

  64. says

    My favorite times are when we are all snuggling in bed together early in the morning… when we are cuddling on the couch watching a show together….spending quality time as a family having fun, and just being together!

  65. says

    My favorite memories are the simple family vacations. Not anything extraordinary but just hanging out or going to the beach. :)

  66. says

    My favorite recent memory was the looks of amazement on my sons’ faces when they first saw their newborn sister in the hospital. It felt magical.

  67. says

    The best times are spontaneous. Going to bed, saying our prayers, reading a book, just opening up and talking to each other. Two days ago, I went out to jump on the trampoline with my daughter and we had the best talk.

  68. Candice says

    My favorite memories are the ones that we are making daily in watching my son grow up. Watching all of his firsts and hearing him say new things.

  69. destiny says

    My favorite family memories are just the simple day to day ones. Watching my kids grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually everyday is the best. You never know when your favorite memory is going to be your last so I just relish each day as it comes. My kids are happy, polite, active and I hope that means that I am raising them well. If I had to pick one moment from each of their lives that is the best memory it would be the day they were born because that is when we met.

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  70. Annie says

    Wow! The best of times for us are definitely bedtimes, where we cuddle up and read together, or just hanging out with my parents and brother. I love watching the relationships building between my daughter and my family (and Dad’s too)!

  71. says

    That time at the end of a day, when the kids are freshly bathed and cuddled into their beds, and we gather around Daddy to hear a storybook. Those moments are moments I cherish every evening — moments that stick in my mind forever. :)

  72. says

    My favorite family moments…… while the situation was not my favorite, the reaction of my children were the most precious.

    I have 3 kids of my own (now 17, 18 and 22) (+ 2 step daughers): Troy (17), Lyle (18), Samantha (22). Just before Lyle’s 4th birthday he became very ill – – all tests and doctors concerns pointed to Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma — you can imagine how a frightening time that was for us. I was a single mom at that time and doing this on my own… even Troy and Sami being so young knew that something was wrong with their brother. It is amazing how children sense things, know things, they accept it at it’s most simplest terms and embrace the positive for all it’s worth. And they do it all with such heart.

    Lyle’s surgery day was upon us and i can recall, even now, as clear as a bell, Sami being all “momma” to Lyle – she leaned over him and was whispering to him – they were nose to nose – looking at one another as Lyle laid there, he nodded and smiled this big bright smile; Troy clamoring to get out of my arms and onto his brothers bed…. did just that – he laid down practically on top of Lyle (who didn’t seem to mind) and took one hand and placed it on his sisters cheek and the other on Lyle’s and drew them all together… their heads touching as if in a huddle – I remember fighting back the tears and making myself take a mental photograph of this moment… cause in that moment – I knew no matter what – no matter what happened to us- this was our family, this is what mattered – the fights will come and go, the sibling rivalry that would one day come; the fights and arguments; the estrogen laden teenage moments coupled with the testosterone ones that would one day come to a head – no matter what life threw our way – – – this is what I needed to remember.

    After Lyle’s surgery, the gentleness of my children overwhelmed me, I watched day in and day out their tender care and administrations to their brother and to me…. *smile* my daughter assuring me she could “handle things” and to “close my eyes – rest”. Troy often laying his head next to Lyle’s on his pillow or coming over to pat my head and give me kisses….. The giggles in the wee hours of the night – I would climb out of bed and check on them and often find them all piled in Lyle’s bed; giggling over some sibling secret or a book or making funny hand pictures on the ceiling.

    In the worst of moments, do you often find the truest definition of your family…. for me the best and truest moment – was that period in our life, it was the most frightening – yet it was the most rewarding in every way imaginable.

    PS – as I said they are now young adults, my 22 year old daughter is pregnant with her first, she is now living back at home, and once again, they have come together, the boys this time looking out for her, having her back, making her smile, making plans for this new creature that is about to enter our family… I flash back to those earlier moments in their lives – when they would put their heads together…..

  73. says

    My favorite memories are when my husband and I take the kids to the beach. My son and daughter love the ocean and watching them enjoy themselves is life itself. My daughter loves collecting the shells and crabs while my son loves dashing into the waves. There’s nothing better than the joy in their faces when we get to the beach.

  74. Samantha R says

    My favorite memories are of hikes we have been on, reading books together snuggled up on the couch and seeing my son’s eyes light up every time he sees fish or a “big truck” or anything else he finds exciting.

  75. says

    One of my favorites is when I was pregnant with #2 and #3 and my oldest would come over and talk to her siblings in utero. She was so sweet, so full of hope, so full of love for these little babies in my tummy. I will always treasure those moments.

  76. says

    My favorite Family Moments are when Me, my Hubby, and Daughter are all cuddled up together laying in bed or watching tv sprawled out on the livingroom floor. We try and do cuddle time on Saturday Mornings, it is the only day of the week when we do not have to rush to get out of bed and run a million miles a day. We just hand out, talk, watch tv, eat donuts in bed, and just laugh and have fun together. It is my absolute favorite time and I look forward to it all week. Our daughter is the absolute joy in our lives, we have tried countless times to get pregnant again, but it looks liike she may be our only child. We try to charrish as much time with her as we can. I love my perfect little family of 3 and would love to win this giveaway for us. Things have been tough financially for a while and I would love to give something back to my family! lovetoshopmom[@]yahoo[.]com

  77. Jackiw says

    So many moments that I love. But a few are bedtime moments. i love our little routine of reading stories, singing, and ending each day together. I also love unplanned moments. Something small that makes an impression. Most of all I just love time together.

  78. winneratlife says

    My most treasured moments are from family vacations and holiday get-togethers. Times when everyone is relaxed, happy and focused on having fun – playing in the sand, riding roller coasters, sitting on the deck or balcony enjoying the sunset or sipping coffee while the sun rises in the morning, roasting marshmallows over campfires, singing songs around the piano, watching my kids playing with their cousins, etc with not a care in the world for any of us. If only every day could be that way! But i guess we wouldn’t appreciate those times nearly as much if so.

  79. Lachelle says

    My favorite times are the unplanned moments – when I drop my responsibilities and we go to the park and play or make cookies instead of dinner. And vacations encourage complete family time – which I love!

  80. Amy says

    My favorite moments are waking up every morning knowing when I get my child out of his bed he looks at me puts his hands out gives me a big hug and kiss and tells me” LOVE” and pats me on the back.Me being a very proud mommy knowing my lil one is such the sweetest thing at being 2

  81. Candice H says

    My best and fav family moments were when we left the court house with OUR children, my husband had won custudy of his girls and we got them out of the bad situation they had been in and we knew they would be safe and well taken care of from then on…that and when they stood up and our wedding as my bridesmaids

  82. says

    Every since my daughter was born it has seemed like every stage she’s in has been the “best of times” :) Her 2 year old stage is no different. Every day she’s saying or doing something new that keeps me laughing so hard I almost cry or melts my heart. Like when she walked out of talking to my hubby the other day and told me “Oh, cute little daddy!” or today when I couldn’t get her show to work and I told her I was sorry (afraid she would get upset) and she comes over and pats me on the back and says “That’s ok mommy, watch it later!” :) <3 Yes, every day is the best of times!!

  83. susan says

    I was an only child so my best memories are those of my children being kind & loving to one another. Just love it! <3

  84. Viktoriya says

    best moments – walking out together, me, my husband and our 15-month son…stroller-ride or playground chasing

  85. LAMusing says

    M favorite family memories are around playing games together – we played cards and board games, nibbled on snacks, chatted, teased each other, etc… the real treasure was spending that time together as a family. Precious.

  86. says

    Our best of times are chasing fireflies down the old railroad which has been turned into a walking path. The trees arch over us so we’re running thru nearly dark tunnels, crunching leaves and grasping for the flickering lights. We laugh, skip and jump.

    3 is such a fun age!

  87. says

    My favorite memories are the whole family together. Holidays like Thanksgiving & 4th of July are a time for our whole extended family to get together, and I have fond memories of our traditions. thanks for the opp!

  88. Lily Wen says

    My favorite family moment is when we are taking a family nap together with our 9 month old on the couch on a lazy Sunday.

  89. says

    My favorite times are our family fun nights. OnFridays there’s pizza, movies, video games and staying up all night. Sometimes dh would teach the family something like karate moves….

  90. says

    My favorite memories right now are from when we went on vacation as a family. We had a great trip, we were on a bus, in LA, in traffic and the bus broke down. We transferred buses as parents we were stressed, but the kids only remember how much fun we had on the bus. They don’t remember how hot it was, or anything else. They talk about how much fun the bus was all the time.

  91. Jennifer I. says

    I love watching my daughter interact with my grandaughter. It really is a full circle feeling, and we are all very close. Of course, it’s also nice to see when my grandaughter does things to my daughter that my daughter used to do to me when she was the same age! 😉

  92. Jana Pierce says

    My best of times are those simple family moments… planting the garden, walks to the park or bbq dinner on the deck… the simple times we can sit and laugh together while enjoying these precious years in our young children’s life!

  93. Debra B says

    My most recent really favorite memory was our family reunion last year where everyone just sits around telling stories and the kids just love it.

  94. says

    My favorite family moments are when my girls play together. I love to walk into the room and catch them holding hands! It melts my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME! They are both under 4 and 21 months a part so it’s not always a love fest in our house but when the moments of love are shown like that I can’t get enough!

  95. katklaw777 says

    I started reading to my children before they were born…I love books and reading and wanted so badly for my own to love it too.
    Some of our best times are relaxing and reading together. First me to them, now they read to me or we have a quiet time…reading side by side.
    Both my son and daughter love books as much as I do. Happiness!!!

  96. Amy Brewer says

    My favorite family memories are spending them with family and friends. I loved family cookouts when I was younger (still do), but it was the people there then that made it all worth while and they are no longer here.

  97. Bridget says

    My all time favorite moments are watching my children learn something new or discover something new. As the get older the glee in the their eyes start to change because the world has tainted it just a bit. However, when I look at my toddler it reminds me to look at the world through his eyes and teach my older children to do the same.
    I often look at my son and wonder what he is thinking and wish that he was able to tell me. The pure innocence that he portrays in a single look is so amazing. When I was younger and caring for my now older children I failed to notice and savior those moments. But now, I really take the time to enjoy them.
    As adults so many of us forget to enjoy the moment because we are worrying about everything else. But our kids don’t. They take the time to notice everything. Something as small as a bubble or ants on the ground to air planes in the sky and the sun. One day they will start to ask the sometimes dreaded question “WHY?” But until then I am content looking into my sons eyes as he smiles at something new or jumps up and down because something new, that I would have taken for granted has made his entire world.
    I know that these moments will start to fade with him soon. Which makes me want to put him in a bubble and find a way to keep him mama’s baby forever. But then I remember there are so many more milestones to look forward too as well. I am just thankful that right now I make him light up and smile too. In his world I am a hero. There are times when I want to throw my hands up and give my two week notice to my husband. And everytime right before I do. One of my chilrend calls my name or wraps their little arms around my neck and I think to myself. I have the best job and life in the world!! :)

  98. Amanda A says

    My favorite family memories are bedtimes each night reading and snuggling with the boys. The closeness we share is so special and I love having that to end my day. The boys both will lay next to me and listen for hours if I would let them! I think that extra connection at the end of the day makes all the difference in our relationships and I will treasure those moments forever.

  99. Ann Wilson says

    I LOVE getting kisses and hugs from all of my boys (even my grown up husband lol). I also love watching them play together and how much they love each other.

  100. VICKIE AMES says

    My best moments were of taking my daughter out of the tub and wrapping her in a towel to dry her. Smelling her hair and feeling her damp warmth through her towel, I knew these moments would not last. Now, I take my grandson out of the tub, wrap him in a towel and am able to relive those bath times with my daughter some 30+ years ago. Life is a cycle and it does repeat, thankfully.

  101. Lingab says

    My favorite times are watching my daughter caring for, loving and teaching her little brother about life. They are 8 years apart and I was so afraid they wouldn’t connect. She truly is the best big sister in the world. :)

  102. Kayla says

    I have a daughter that’s 8, one that just turned 1, and a son that is 5. I used to work full time and never got the chance to make it to games etc. This year was the first one that I was able to go watch concerts, t-ball/softball games etc. I have always been proud of them but to see them out there playing or performing I just can’t even express what it does to my heart. My one year old has starting clapping for her brother and sister and will squeal whenever she seems them! So cute!

  103. says

    I have one daughter (almost 3) and I love to watch our small family reading together or playing hide n seek…..it’s the simple things that I’ll always cherish and how much of a great father my husband is.

  104. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says

    As a mother of four, there are so many moments that are precious to me. I loved seeing how my first two children (ages 26 & 28) interacted with my next two children (ages 14 & 12). Now my oldest daughter has a child and all three of my kids are in love with their nephew. To add to the memories, my 80-year-old mother is still alive, so there are four generations of my family living within 30 miles of each other. I’m so proud of my children and there are no words to describe the joy I have and the love I feel for my family.

  105. lynn says

    Some of my favorite memories surround having my husband be a very active part of delivering our babies. Other favorite memories surround breastfeeding; this has been a wonderful and special part of our family. I also love being at home with my 4 precious blessings, and teaching them at home.

  106. says

    Our best family moments are the small ones…piling on to the couch together to read, baking or cooking together, conversations at bedtime. These are the moments that will become the framework of our collective fondest memories!

  107. says

    My best of times happen every day! My hubby thought after raising two girls that he would never have a boy. Since his girls are grown now, Monster is an only child. Since Monster was born, it has been one crisis after another, with very little down time. He was early, I got a blood clot after he was born, his dad was in an accident when he was about 5 months old, and with the CT scans the doctors discovered nodules on my hubby’s lungs, and now his dad was just recently seriously ill after having brain surgery. So, every day that we get to spend as a family are our best times. We really don’t take any part of it for granted. Monster is not really a late in life baby, his dad was 43 when he was born and I was 34. His dad survived 20 years in the Army and 2 wars, and I survived two abusive ex husbands. Our family has it’s quirks, and we are by far not perfect, but we are happy. Every day that we get to spend together is a gift and that’s how we spend it. Whether we are traveling to Houston for doctors appointments , or trying to take the boat out on the lake (which we haven’t been able to do YET) we cherish it. Hope this gives you a little insight to our crazy world.

  108. says

    there are so many best times! we are homeschoolers so we spend a lot of time together as a family. i would have to say my favorite time of the day is when we sit down as a family for “Bible time”. my husband reads a passage, we discuss it, then pray as a family. it is our bedtime routine. now, with 3 kids 4 and under (and an 11 year old), it doesn’t always go as smoothly as it sounds. however, we end up walking away with whatever God wants us to gain and it is a treasured part of the day for us.

  109. hippie4ever says

    Favorite family moments so far: Being outside! My son loves the outside, he loves to stare at the sky and the trees, run in the grass. Today he squished his toes in mud for the first time. He had mud all the way to his navel before he was done :) We just bought him a sprinkler and he LOVES it. He also just said OUTSIDE for the first time today!!! Haven’t even told his Daddy yet…still at work. My little boy is quite the outdoorsman…I CAN”T WAIT to take him camping.

  110. Summer says

    My favorite family moments are vacations. Its nice to be away from everything and enjoy each other with out the busyness of everyday life. It also nice to be somewhere new and explore the city together. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  111. Melissa says

    My best of times is waking up each morning to my 2 handsome boys!!!! Nothing is sweeter than having my 4 year old pick me every flower he sees!!!

  112. Christie says

    I don’t have kids yet, so my favorite Mom Moment is just spending the day with my mom. We shop, eat, laugh, drink Diet Coke, and just love spending time together.

  113. says

    My favorite memory from my childhood is of going to Florida with my grandma and siblings. So many great memories about that trip. My favorite memory (so far) of my kids is the first time my oldest daughter told me that our youngest daughter was her Best Friend!

  114. says

    Gosh, it’s SO hard to pick just one. I would say that probably the night my husband surprised us when he came home on R&R after being in Afghanistan for 6 months. We had NO clue he was going to be there and he just shows up. We spent the next two week relishing every minute we had with him. I expect when he gets home for good next month will be an even better surprise :)

  115. Tamara B. says

    Through all of the hours of pain from labor, sleepless nights, countless diaper changes the best thing is when they first smile at you or say Mommy. Gettiing older watching them perform in the school play brought tears to my eyes and my heart swell with such love I can’t even describe. They are what completes us.

  116. Annette D says

    My kids are older now (and so am I!) so, I have had several years to experience some fantastic moments with my sons, ages 21 and 17. It is really hard to pick just one because there have been so many! I am so proud of both of my kids, they are good students, they do not get into trouble, they care about others….they are good people! They have both accomplished much and I expect great things from them both. We have had so many great family moments but there are several which stand out, watching each of my sons solo an airplane (I was terrified but they did great!), attending the Boy Scout Court of Honor when they each received the Eagle rank, when my oldest son graduated from High School. Next year they will both graduate, my oldest from college and my youngest from high school! They are both fine young men and I am so proud!

  117. Alyssa says

    I loved that when I was on bed rest for two months with my daughter, she wouldn’t stop kicking… until her daddy tried to feel her. Then she wouldn’t move. Not even a hiccup. Every single time he’d try to catch her, she’d freeze up. Now we’re at 6 months and she grins at everyone and everything. Every time she smiles is my favorite moment because I know I did something in her life for her that made her happy. And no mom could ask for more than that, right?

  118. Jamie C says

    My favorite family moment has to be when my 2nd daughter was born and my sister brought my 3 year old to meet her. My oldest daughter’s face lit up and she had a present to give her new sister. I will always cherish the bond that my two girls have. Like so many families we had a hard time conceiving both children so both are blessings from above.

  119. says

    Some of the best moments are just the ‘ordinary’ moments at home – when I look up and see all 3 of my young children, with smiles on their faces, playing together, running around in the backyard, the sun shining, hearing their giggles and being lucky enough to sneak in a hug, kiss and an I Love you! Those are the best moments!

  120. says

    I never had a sister but I have two daughters, so for me the best of times is when I see the two of them acting all… sister-y. We’ll be in one of their bedrooms and I’ll turn and find them snuggling and giggling together in bed and even though they are only 3 and 1, I can picture them doing it 10 years from now and it melts my heart!

  121. Kendra says

    This is a difficult one. There are so many fond memories I have. We make new ones everyday. What I most cherish is family game night. We do this every week. My daughter is such a joy. She just laughs and smiles even when she loses. When we first started she used to cry when she would lose but I loved those moments too.

  122. says

    I love before bedtime when my daughter usually goes between me and her dad on the couch. She goes to one of us and snuggles and plays, then back to the other, and so on until we decide it’s bedtime. It’s one of the few times in the day we all get to be together and relax.

  123. Kelly says

    My husband is overseas so being a first time mother of a 5 mth old has been quite a busy time for me. I am making sure to take some of that time just to enjoy the moments with my son. My favorite time is when he laughs. He can laugh for half an hour straight! I even caught him laughing in his crib at 2 AM… Such a silly baby.

  124. says

    Ooh, I’d love to win!

    Our best times are the weekends–I love when all 4 of us (mom, dad, son and daughter) can be together. Sometimes we do things, like go to the park, but mostly we just hang out and play in our living room and that’s the best of times for me–they are my best friends and I just like to bask in the ordinariness of family life. :-) (And ignore the housework.)

  125. Heather says

    My favorite memories with my kids are family trips where we get to spend 24 hours a day together. While at times it gets stressful we always have a good time. I also like when I can just take a few minutes when we are together to really appreciate how much I love them and how blessed I am.

  126. says

    Some of my greatest memories are of when my son just cuddles up to me and lets me hold him. It doesn’t often too much anymore so I love it when we get to cuddle. I also have great memories of going camping with my family. We love camping!

  127. Kristen E says

    My favorite memories? Of course the birth of each of my three children. After the death of my first daughter, hearing my son cry and knowing he was heart-healthy, was a pivotable moment in my life. Watching him grow big and strong,after 2 kidney surgeries and countless procedures, he is now completely 100% according to the doctors. Every day I look at him in amazement. My third child, a daughter, had absolutely NO health issues and is in every way a mini-me. Just hearing her makeup stories and sing and dance, reminds me of my own childhood. Seeing each child grow and learn new things every day is the best memories I could ever wish for. Oh, and remembering to take lots of pictures and videos!

  128. says

    One of my favorite family moments is last Christmas. We spent it with DH family and it was when the twins really started moving around and crawling. They loved getting into the presents and the tree and they got to spend time with their grandparents. It was the last holiday my father in law was healthy enough to spend with his grandkids. He passed away in April and I will always remember and cherish those memories.

  129. xinzhang says

    I must thank to my husband give me such a warm family, he does a lot of things for me and our daughter, one of the most favorite moments is when both of us play with our little one(she is only 6.5 moths),sing the songs to her, I hope we will have a wonderful future!

  130. says

    My favorite memories are the times we spend together as a family just hanging out. I especially like when we pack up the kids and dog and some food and head out to a state park for the day. We spend the day relaxing, swimming or hiking and just enjoy each others company away from the house, but without spending lots of money. I hope the kids will treasure these memories as they get older.

  131. Vickie Couturier says

    my kids are grown now an have kids of their own,my favorite moments is seeing them parent the same way I did,because when I was doing it they thought I was so mean at times,lol,an now they do the same thing! an the Grandparent moments are so great,you get to enjoy them an spoil them an then send them home!

  132. Katherine Barnett says

    As of now my favorite memories is just watching in amazment as my 1 year old little girl learns new things every day. My all time favorite is watching her run away from daddy than come back running and shes cracking up! i am full of joy!

  133. JRG says

    One of my best recollections was taking our son to Disneyland when he was 8. We had a 3 day pass and we closed the park each of those days. Rode more rides, ate more food, and had more fun than a person should! It was great and just the right age for him. Those memories only come once in a long time……..

  134. Sara L. says

    My favorite moments are the ones that aren’t staged…Snuggling in the early morning with my favorite little guy, the way he puts his arms around me a squeezes me has hard as he can, “Ticklefest” in Mama and Daddy’s bed, the look on his face when he learns something new or makes an accomplishment on his own. Those are the times I try to burn in my memory, because I know all too soon they’ll be nothing but memories…Sniff, sniff.

  135. Elizabeth says

    i love taking our family camping. something about being away from the normal routines, tv, game systems, and stress in general, just seems to bring out the best in everyone. great times!

  136. carol y l says

    I lost my sweet 21 year old daughter almost 8 years ago, so I certainly know the worst of times.
    My best of times was when I was young and I had all my kids around and they were little. They were so adorable, very good and it was so wonderful.
    I have to say the best of times now is being with my remaining children and my two grandbabies, who these diapers are for. Yesterday was my 55th birthday and my lovely daughter made me a coconut cake from scratch. She made one a few days earlier which didn’t work out, so made another one, and they aren’t easy! My Mom was there and she made tmost of he dinner while my daughter and her husband helped. My son was there also and later that evening we had a good heart to heart talk. The babies were so cute, so affectionate that I make sure to take advantage of it. It was wonderful to have us all together.

  137. Liza says

    Weekends when my husband is home with us! The 4 of us can just be togethor and have fun doing anything, even errands to the store. Our babies are 3 yrs old and 9 months old, and we enjoy every minute because they will be teenagers before you know it. You can’t go back in time when they are little.

  138. Donna C. says

    Some of my favorite memories were the preschool years with my son- 3 to 4 years old. This was such a learning stage for him. He was so inquisitive and marveled at all his new adventures. When he was 3 1/2 I took him to Disney world for the first time. It was a such a great age for him to go. We went several times after, but that first time was magical

  139. says

    My favorite family moment is just a few minutes after giving birth to my last baby…having my husband, new baby, older daughter and older son all huddled together looking at the new addition. I knew just at that moment my reason for being and that our little family was now complete!

  140. says

    I have many individual moments that are important.I loved all my childrens “firsts”-and bawled like a baby every time. I love trips and vacation,christmas and birthdays..and every pther holiday as well. Through it all I have to say my FAVORITE times ever are watching them learn.I love the sparkle in their eyes when they figure out an answer,or the pride when they master something. The more they learn they happier I am

  141. says

    Since our son is only just turning 5 months on Tuesday, I don’t have to look very far back to come up with some great family moments! Last weekend, our son laughed hard when his daddy zerbered his little cheek. Made my day, week, month! We also love weekend mornings where we talk, laugh, and play in bed for a bit.

  142. jay says

    my favorite family moments are watching my kids learn, discover, and play together. It’s so fun to watch them learn new things, but especially when they do it together- or when the older one points out something to the younger and the look of amazement on the baby’s face.

  143. stacy kin says

    Some of my favorite memories are from the annual service projects we would participate in– each summer we would clean up a local cemetery. I never thought of doing something like that at a cemetery, but it always made me feel good to be helping others and taught me the importance of service at a young age.

  144. says

    My best of times memory with family is usually Christmas. I love how holidays are filled with traditions, and for us it was mealtimes, as well as opening presents on Christmas morning. Getting to spend the morning in the living room with my parents all while growing up is still something I look back on fondly and love getting to do now with my own family!

  145. Val. G. says

    Since we are TTC and don’t have kids yet, the best memories of our family growing together are from our wedding when both our families came together to celebrate our love.

  146. Linda Kish says

    My favorite moments are when I was little and we went on family vacations from New Jersey to Tennessee. I got to sit up front with my dad because I got carsick otherwise. We always left before dawn so when I go out early it brings me back to my youth.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  147. Alexia Christensen says

    My husband and I have been married for almost four years. Every year on our anniversary, we go to the Melting Pot for dinner. Last year, we decided my eight year old step daughter (who was seven at the time) was old enough to take with us. She loved timing how long each of the meats had been in the pot on her Little Mermaid watch and announcing when it was time for each one to come out. On the way home, she was already talking about what we should try for “our anniversary” (meaning all three of us) for the following year. I love that she feels like our marriage was a union of all three of us, not just her father and me. I have another little girl due in about two weeks and I can’t wait to start having memories like that with her as well.

  148. says

    One of my favorite family memories is rocking my son to sleep at night when he was a baby and cuddling with him. For several years, it was just him and me (I was a single mom for five years) and I treasure those times. Now that we are a blended family, we are making great new memories of family outings to the Zoo, the park, riding bikes, and taking walks.

  149. says

    The best time that I can think immediately was actually just this year… when we brought our new baby home and then the older son came down with my parents to meet him. He was SOOOO excited and wanted to hold him. He has just been so good to his baby brother, I love it!

  150. Wehaf says

    Definitely when we all get together at my mom’s house for Thanksgiving! It’s a cliche for a reason, folks!

  151. says

    One of my favorite family moments is with my sister. When I was in elementary school she was in middle school and we would have to walk home. We were latchkey kids so we took care of ourselves after school. If it rained we would come home and get in our pajamas, pile up blankets in the living room, make brownies, and watch a movie. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but typically my sister and I didn’t get along that great…but on those rainy days it was nothing but sisterly love.

  152. Marlena U. says

    Having a newborn and a toddler in the house makes for some crazy days! Best the best of times come when I hear my toddler say “I love you, brother” or watch her gently stroke the side of his face. It reminds me that family is the best and most important thing in life!

  153. Jaimie K says

    One of my favorite things ever is watching (and listening) my my 3 girls play and giggle together. It is a sound of pure joy that never fails to bring a smile to my face and fill my heart with love.
    I also adore seeing my sweet husband’s lap full of girls as he reads them a story.
    One particular time that I treasure was caught on video and I posted it on my blog way back then, here: http://krupptimes.blogspot.com/2009/03/welcome-home.html . It’s the welcome home video of when our little #3 arrived home to her sisters from the hospital.
    Family is everything.
    Thanks for this great series of giveaways! They have been so fun!

  154. Joshua says

    Watching my kids listening to my wife reading the story that I loved as a little boy. Heart warming and forever memorable.

  155. says

    the time that comes to mind is the cruise we took with my sisters, their families, and our parents. We went for our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, and it was a once in a lifetime trip. Since my nieces and nephews are graduating from high school and moving on, we knew that this would probably be the only time we’d have to ALL be together like that. And lo and behold, little did we know that we still had one family member yet to be born! :) It was such a blessing to be able to take such a trip!

  156. Kara Griffeth says

    Our best family moments are when we go to special getaways together and do fun things together like going to the pool, going to the mountains, or just sitting at home watching a movie!! I love my family so much that I try to charish every moment!!

  157. says

    The best times with my family are “the little things”…going for a walk along the river, feeding the ducks, reading books together, singing songs, etc. What a wonderful post and giveaway…thanks for the chance!

  158. says

    My best of times memory has to be the day I married my hubby. My daughter also joined the ceremony. After hubby & I exchanged rings, he gave our daughter a necklace that reads, “Two Became One and Three Became a Family 11/08/02” Our daughter loves that necklace and has always said that “we” married daddy…She finally has the daddy she deserved! Thanks

  159. says

    I am so thankful and so blessed to have so many wonderful memories with my kids. If I had to pick my absolute favorite moments, though, it’s those times when we’re snuggling on the couch, or when a tickle war is started and you can hear the kids laughing a mile away. Those are the memories that I have burned into my mind and will treasure for the rest of my life.

  160. says

    My best of times is when we are at home as a family just simply being together. I love to watch my husband interact wtih my girls and I love to watch my girls interact with each other. One of my favorite memories is just after my second daughter was born. My husband, my first daughter and I were all in the nursery just staring at my newly born second daughter. I thought to myself “this is WAY better than going out with friends on a Friday night!”

  161. Judith says

    My most endearing memory is DisneyLand when my girls were little. It was the last vacation with their Dad. I took hundreds of pictures. So we have lasting memories and they looked at those picture over and over and over.

  162. Ellie W says

    Some of my favorite memories from when my boys were little were when we went to Ranger’s baseball games together. Those were fun times and we were all baseball fanatics.

  163. Linda F says

    Some of my favorite times have been during family vacations. One of my fsvorites was when my youngest son was 4 and he went to Disney World for the first time. He was so excited when he got to meet Mickey. It was so precious.

  164. Steph says

    I don’t really have any specific moments. All are great. Holidays, summer time, meeting a new puppy….they are all good times.

  165. says

    My fave family moments is when we get home from work and after dinner we just (all four of us) hang out. We monkey around or pass the ball or read or the kids sing. It’s pure bliss…then some gets hurt or he/she hit me LOL

  166. says

    My favorite family memories are the times when the entire family gets together along with a few friends. Spending time over a weekend camping, making smores over the backyard fire pit, playing a game on family game night, or just hanging out in my mom’s back yard to swim. I love being around my family.


  167. Donna Holmberg says

    My worst of times with my daughter was after we took custody of her and her brother. She had been through so much emotional and verbal abuse that she was having night terrors and screaming out and I would go in and comfort her. This was also the best of time because this was when we developed or nightly habit of reading together and me sharing m love of classical music with her because it helped soothe her and also helped bond her to me even stronger. Today she’s a teenager struggling with not liking the restrictions of having parents, but she still loves that classical music, and when she’s sad or upset she’ll come borrow my CD’s and listen to them for hours… it’s still our special bond.

  168. Shelley Tomich says

    The best of times was the 3 days my husband and I spent in the hospital when our daughter was born. We basically did not leave that room as we learned how to be parents the first time. Despite being scared to death and extremely sleep deprived, we felt like it was the three of us against the world. I will always remember those three days with so much love as we met our little girl!

  169. says

    Going to a dinner comedy theatre. I started going there when I was a kid with my mom and brother. Now, my mom, my husband, our boys, and I see every show (4-5 a year) and we’ve even made it a family tradition to see their Christmas show on Christmas Eve. It’s amazing to see my boys enjoying live theatre and even watching some of the same actors that amazed me as a kid.

  170. Linda says

    My favorite family memory was made today. I met my 9 month old niece Esme (in person) for the first time today. She is so beautiful and it’s so great to hold her.

  171. says

    My favorite family moments are days like today – when my husband’s home and we don’t have an agenda, but just end up spending the day together and all of those little moments add up into one memorable day. We don’t have nearly enough days like this, but I always treasure them when they happen.

  172. says

    I have a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 9 month old, which makes for some pretty chaotic times. The best of times, though, is listening to my three children giggle in unison! There is nothing in the world like that melodious sound! I’ve never met a person that can hear a child giggle and not at least smile.

  173. says

    My favorite family memories are the simplest times. Now that the days are warm, we’re spending our time together in the backyard, enjoying yummy food, taking long naps together. It’s nice to just be US. Once school is out for summer, my husband will be home with us every day and we’ll get to enjoy so much time as a family, not to mention our second baby will be born any minute, so we’ll get to introduce a new little person to our traditions!

  174. says

    We have a busy household, with 5 boys ages 7 and under…but we always try to do fun things with them. We go to the aquarium, the zoo, movies, camping and lots of outings. I have to admit, though, that my very favorite times with them are when we are at home, snuggled up on the couch and everybody is getting along. There’s nothing like it.

  175. rolonda says

    One of my best memories that i could remember is when i was
    finally able to afford to take my kids to universial for the first time. I was working and going to school for time and working over time whenever my job offered it to set aside miney for the exspense of it. I was worried i wouldnt get the time off from work etc. But it all worked out . I had enough money to cover car and hotel and the park tickets. I was so proud when i took the camera out so my son could take a pic with the scooby character , that i had finally did it by myself.Everything fell into place, what a great memory that was.

  176. Lesli C says

    My Best of times moment is cuddling in bed with our girls first thing in the morning-simple pleasures, but the best memory and time ever :-)

  177. says

    My favorite moments are when I get to watch my two boys play together. We waited/hoped/prayed for so long to add to our family and now that it is here, it is the best!

  178. Becky M says

    My “best times” are the simple moments like when my two little boys climb into bed Saturday mornings, super excited that they get to stay home with mom and dad!

  179. says

    My best mommy moments are at night when my little guy wants to cuddle and wind down for the evening. My long hair is his security blanket and there is nothing better than being able to comfort adn soothe him to sleep for the night.

  180. says

    One of my favorite moments is the first time my 4-year-old son came over and tried to calm his little brother by singing “Rock-a-bye Baby” to him. It was so spontaneous and sweet and just melted my heart!

  181. sara says

    My favorite family memories include trips to the beach with extended family, just hanging out, playing games, eating watermelon, telling late night stories, creating memories!

  182. says

    my favorite memories are always made at our week at the beach every summer, our opportunity to get away from all the stress of what’s going on and life and just focus on each other and enjoying the beach and summer activities.

  183. says

    Our best of times is when we’re all outside working together NICELY, or all inside playing cards or a board game NICELY, or all in the van on a road trip singing NICELY, or all snuggled in the bed reading a book together NICELY. It doesn’t really matter WHAT we’re doing… just when we’re all together and everyone is getting along NICELY. 😉

  184. says

    My favorite memories usually consist of the quiet weekends we all have together at our house , enjoying the outside, playing games, watching the sky get dark and having a fre outside

  185. says

    My favorite family memories are all the times we’ve piled into the car and let the kids take turns choosing directions. Right, left, straight? We’ve been on some crazy adventures that way! And made some truly awesome memories. :)

  186. says

    Our favorite family moments are when we are all together. Bowling with 2 kids under 9 when the ball weighs more than they do is just priceless but they try! Makes for a lot of giggles, high-fives and hugs. :)

  187. says

    The best times are at the end of the day when I snuggle with my youngest son and talk about the day’s events. I wish I had done this with all of my kids, the housework can wait, but these special times are priceless.

  188. says

    Our fave is holidays. Any time that we’re together, like dinner time, is great, but holidays we get to reflect on us and work on our relationships.

  189. Sheena says

    My favorite family moment is waking up Christmas morning and watching the look on my daughter’s face as she opens her gifts. She is so happy and excitied that she cant contain herself. It is certainly a GREAT feeling and a memorable one.

  190. Ethan says

    Let me see, my favorite moment with my kid is when we go to the movies. I dont know what it is about that place that makes my kid happy but she is. There are arcade game, the food stand, going into the theater and picking our seats, and finally the movie. Its also a great way to spend family time.

  191. Steve says

    My favorite moment is watching the faces of my child while they are sleeping. They are so peaceful and still while resting and it gives me such a fuzzy feeling on the inside. Now, when they wake up is another matter..LOL

  192. says

    Sitting on the couch with a pile of books, it just doesn’t get much better!! OK well there are a lot of good times like that. But that’s one of my favorites!!

  193. says

    My most favorite family memories are the times we are all together as a family. My boys are 16 1/2 years apart, so one is away at college & doesn’t make it home often. I love love love having my boys under the same roof! =)

  194. Becky says

    Our best family times are when we laugh together! As we watch our babies grow and deal with the stresses of life, we always try to take time to laugh!

  195. helenlam says

    I’m definitely treasuring the first social smile moment from my son. It was truly heartwarming and made me feel so special!

  196. Amy H says

    My favorite memory of my family is vacationing at the Beach. We’d camp and their would be marshmallows to roast , walking on the pier and then the beach collecting shell and making sand castles. I want to past that on to my daughter, who we are taking to the beach for the first time this summer and I can’t wait to see her expression of the waves.

  197. Leslie Lloyd says

    My favorite memories with my boys are when the whole family is together snuggling to watch tv or eating dinner. I just love it when it is just us hanging out with no interruptions.

  198. Liz I says

    One of my favorite family moments was when my husband and I took our two little guys (then 1 yr and 3 yrs old) to the beach to play in the sand. It’s rare that the 4 of us get to take a trip together….and the day was perfect from beginning to the messy ice cream cones at the end! :) I will treasure that day forever!

  199. Elise H. says

    We go camping, fishing, swimming, anything outdoors. I can’t say which is best because they are all the best, as long as our little family is together & we are having fun. That is all that matters :) We have a new addition now, she is 17weeks old. We are hoping this weekend is nice so she can go on her first family camping trip!

  200. ashley says

    My favorite memories are spending family days together. My husband and I work opposite shifts so our youngest (5 months) gets to stay home with family her first year. Hanging out, grocery shopping, anything with the four of us together. Their faces when sleeping, the amazing things that come out of my 4 year olds mouth (“Mommy, you’re awesome”) and the little goofy laughs from the baby. The way the two girls ADORE each other. Come to think of it, it seems most every moment with my angels is my favorite.

  201. Miriam says

    Our 13 month old twins don’t really talk yet, but they totally understand lots of words. We hold them and say “Do you want to dance?” and they smile and start bouncing in our arms. We then put on waltz music and dance around the room with them to the music that was played at our wedding. It makes us feel like the luckiest people in the world.

  202. Laura Higgins says

    My favorite family moments are those where I see my daughter truly enjoying life–that innocent belly laugh that makes me smile every time.

  203. amy says

    my best moments are waking up to my son beautiful smile nothing in the world could take that joy i get when i see him smiling

  204. Julia Sayrie says

    My favorite times/memories are seeing my kids at different stages of life, birth, toddler, kindergarten, and all the milestones that come with it. My daughter is 16 years old, and has reached alot of milestones. Me and my husband have an 11 month old together and have a son due any day now, so I can’t wait to see all the milestones again!!

  205. Carly says

    Our best time hands down was when my husband came home. Our son was 14 months old and our daughter was 2 weeks old when he deployed to Afghanistan, and it was a very hard year, especially for my son who adores his daddy and didn’t know where he was. The homecoming ceremony started at 6am, and the babies were tired and confused, but when their daddy showed up, everything was perfect again…it literally took our daughter, who had lived 95% of her life daddy-less, not even 2 hours to warm up to him, and our son didn’t even take that long.

  206. Michelle T. says

    My best mommy moment was when I seen all 3 of my boys in a little huddle all playing together! It was the sweetest thing, even the littlest one was there in his walker right along with his brothers trying to be a big boy =).

  207. Ruth B says

    One of my favorite moments so far was last Christmas: we got a toy drum for our almost-2-year-old son, and the look on his face when he opened the box and saw what it was–I’ve got a mental picture of the moment that I hope I never forget. It’s like he was so excited he almost couldn’t believe it was real. It was such pure, sweet, excitement, and I was so happy to be a part of that.

  208. Julie Thorderson says

    I think our “best of times” is when we are all sitting around the dinner table. Eating and enjoying one another! And usually laughing about something our now 3 year old says and does.

    The other day in the car the two older kids were fighting. My 2 year old (then) yelled, “Quiet.” We all stopped and then busted out laughing. It was so funny to hear it from him.

    Oh, the joys having more than one child. It is definitely the best of times.

  209. Carolyn says

    We definitely enjoy lots of Best of Times in our family! Some great memories include our girls giving each other hugs and kisses without our prior encouragement, wonderful family trips to DisneyWorld and other places, and giggly dance parties in our living room. :)

  210. Dana says

    My favorite family memory is when we took our first family vacation. It was just when there was 3 of us. My daughter was only 7 months old and we took a nice relaxing vacation to Florida. That is when my daughter learned how to crawl. So her first time crawling was on the beach.

  211. Shannon Schulte says

    Every time my husband comes home from a deployment! Especially when he came home to meet his new son. All of the excitement joy and tears make lifelong memories for not on me, but my whole family! @sethandshannon1

  212. says

    Our Best family moments are actually the worst ones. When times get tough. When we feel like we have had enough. When we dont know what to do next. Then before we know it, we are working together as a family, as a team. We know that family is all that matters and in those tough times, I thank God that we always make it through. Those are definitely the best times. :)

  213. racergirl1313 says

    Family dinners are my favorite. Setting aside that small time of day to reconnect means so much to me!

  214. jodikozloff says

    My favorite family moments are those that cost no money at all..jigsaw puzzles and family bike rides. After bankruptcy , you realize that family time is precious. Having more fun now than ever.

  215. Beckie says

    Everyday brings new special moments. We went camping this weekend. At the end of the day we all were in sleeping bags in the tent. As we lay there getting ready to sleep the youngest asked me to sing to him. I started singing and all three boys sang with me. It was so sweet to see them cuddled up singing. Even with a big difference in age the oldest, 11, adores his little brother. We had a great weekend to remember always!

  216. says

    We always sit down to dinner together. ( or we try really hard to). We talk about the highs and lows of the day and take time out of the busy day to connect and check in with everyone.

  217. Toni Ridley says

    I love watching my son play with our daughter – he shows such love for her. I would love to give them more than I can right now.

  218. Tracey Pike says

    Most memorable moment…so many so soon. One of the tops would have to be 12-30-09 at 1:26 am when they laid my baby girl in my arms. It was my first child and I tore really bad…I knew things were bad by the look on the doctor’s face and with the epidural wearing off I started feeling pain, until I looked into my baby girl’s eyes and it seemed as though all the pain went away. She was my strength in that moment and honestly just holding her and sitting there with tear filled eyes and in awe of the angel God had just blessed me with, I’ll never forget that moment. Other moments would have to include her saying “I love you” (yes, at her young age she does say it) and being a breastfeeding mom…there’s a lot of moments in those times. When I lay her in our bed at night for snuggle time it’s all a matter of seconds before she’s rolling over to feel my face and wrap her arms around me to make sure I don’t leave her. I am so blessed by my little Savannah Grace, it’s the Grace of God that I have her and I am forever thankful for my baby girl. <3

  219. Dawn Larson says

    My favorite moments would have to be when I take my three children to Chuck E Cheese. We set a date to go with the question daily, “Mom do we get to go to Chuck E Cheese yet”? It’s so fun to see how excited they get just to go play at an arcade yet even I am addicted to a game there that keeps me wanting to go back just to try to win the game. It’s so funny because there was one night I was so hooked to the game that my two daughters went around telling people in the arcade that their mom was addicted to the game including telling the workers there. It just reminds me that I’m still a child at heart. I love making these moments with my children especially to hear them remind me of the times we went to Chuck E Cheese just in knowing that I created the happy memories they have.

  220. Rachel says

    Emalyn is only 9 months old but she’s at that stage where things are really starting to be fun. Of course there are down moments, but she is amazing. I LOVE cuddling up with her just before bed, to read her books. We sit in her rocking chair cheek to cheek and I’ll read, then she’ll turn and look at me, wait for me to give her a kiss, then turn back to the book and jump up and down, I pause waiting for her to stop, then I’ll snuggle back up and read some more. It’s hard to explain… I guess you’d have to see it.
    Another favorite is checking on her before I go to bed. To watch her sleeping so soundly in her crib… I want to reach out and hold her but I know I’d just wake her up. She’s growing up so fast!

  221. says

    My favorite family moments are in the morning. When my baby crawls into my bed and cuddles my husband and I. She hugs and kisses us and says I love you. Those are the best moments!

  222. Lisa says

    Our favorite family moments are any time that all of us are together, my husband is in the military and works a second job, so we don’t have alot of time together and all of our extended family are in other states which makes it hard, we would love to get this gift card and hopefully be able to fly home to see our family we haven’t seen in a year and a half!!!

  223. Elizabeth DeHart says

    When I wake up in the morning and DD7 and DS4 have sneaked in and joined my husband and I in our bed and we are snuggled like sardines.

  224. says

    My best moments are when my son starts talking, no matter what the topic is. He stopped talking when he was 2 1/2 and was diagnosed with autism shortly thereafter. He is regaining his language and is just talking nonstop. Sometimes I have to tell him to shush when I’m concentrating on something but then I am reminded of when he couldn’t even say anything and I just cherish his chatter. Oh, and I love hearing him pray. Truly, the faith of a child in action.

  225. Kasey Shea says

    The time I enjoy the most is watching my little one grow up by looking at him in his crib…He gets bigger everynight it seems.

  226. ashley says

    The memories that I cherish the most are the times we spend together as a family. Swimming in the pool, playing outside, at the park, ect. I love sitting back watching my children play together (they are 3 and 1). Watching them interact is incredible. I remember one time when we were all sleeping together in our bed. It was me, my 3 year old son, my 1 year old daughter and my husband. My daughter woke up and crawled over my son to get to me. She stopped in the middle to hug her brother then came over to me. My son rolled over with a smile on his face and said “I love my baby sister”. He was sleeping. That’s one of those moments that tugs at the heart strings :)

  227. Carrie says

    My favorite times are when we’re cuddling; while reading, watching tv, or just because. Cuddles are the best!

  228. Lisa says

    Some of my favorite moments are watching my kids sleep. I go in to cover them and check in before I go to bed, and I just love to watch their angelic little faces as they slumber.

  229. Kim Ehlers says

    My favorite times are when he his playing with his dad and trying to play hide and seek and he doesn’t quite have it down yet. He is only 2 1/2 and it is so cute. Poor daddy doesn’t have much time to hide though since he counts so fast or only goes to 2.

  230. says

    so far all the first times we’ve celebrated together and the silly things like playing with the baby while changing his diapers or bathing, naping with the baby, figuring out how to do things when I’m by myself, and just being a little family of 3

  231. keidlog says

    Best times are when we’re all laughing and playing together over the weekends – for instance, with my husband playing “I’m gonnna get you!” with my 9 month old.

  232. Mindy says

    My best memory is the day our son was born. We tried for over 2 years with most of that enduring fertility treatments. The day he was born was the best day or my life. All of our prayers were answered and when I looked at him I saw God’s love! Beyond that I enjoy every single day with my chunkamonka! When he looks up at me and smiles just because he’s happy to see me, my world is complete!

  233. Ellen Hanson says

    We are still small and fairly new, my son is 16 months, but we have lots of great family moments. We love spending time playing together, and teaching him new things. We also love bringing him to new places and showing him new things, especially things we did as children. His new love is playing in the sand so I see a lot of family time at the beach this summer.

  234. Nancy S. says

    One of my favorite familiy memories is having my older sons present at their sisters’ deliveries. Another was watching my oldest get married. And I bet my next one will be watching my next son take his oath to join the Army and ship out.

  235. Danielle says

    Growing up my best family memories were always playing with my sister, being 17 months apart we were so close. How lucky we were to have our best friend always there. With our first bun still in the oven, my husband and I cannot wait to create wonderful family memories with our little one(s).

  236. says

    There are so many best times, it’s hard to select just one, but I think I’ll go with all of our trips (both moving and vacationing). I can hardly remember a trip without a day spent at a mechanic’s shop, or Daddy spending hours under the car. The bananas that melted in Tombstone, the impromptu train ride because one of my sisters got sick on a long trip, the motel keys that landed in the trash can, the freezing cold at the top of Pike’s Peak . . . the list could go on. Many of those events that should have been the worst of times somehow turned into some of our most cherished memories.

  237. Kristina says

    it’s so much fun to do everything for the first time as a family! the little every day moments are the best

  238. says

    We still have many, many years to make memories.

    Our son is only 5 months old and every day is a day worth remembering to us.

    So far our favorite family moments/memories are when we try to get Xavier to give us kisses. He is still too young to understand, but it is so funny to watch him try…

    He opens his mouth really wide and sometimes sticks his tongue out when you say “give mommy/daddy kisses!” So we either mimic him or just suck on his cheek then and he gets the biggest grin on his face and giggles sometimes. It’s adorable. =)

  239. says

    My favorite family times are during the summer when we pack up a lunch and head to our local swimming spot. To see the kids having fun splashing in the water and then having a relaxing lunch together is awesome! My kids have so many years between them, swimming is something they all enjoy :)

  240. Alissa says

    I love the quiet times. One (3 mos) napping, the other (almost 3) playing hide and seek with me.

  241. Ashley says

    So far our favorite memory is when we brought my two month old daughter from the hospital to meet her big brother. He was so excited to meet his new baby sister and said she was “perfect!” Having our daughter has completed our family, atleast for now – it is just perfect :) Everyday is memory in the making!

  242. Jodi says

    My husband and I have 8 grandchildren. Our favorite times are when the entire family gets together, spending time and playing with the grandkids and answering all their questions as they learn about new things. Knowing how fast they grow up, we treasure every moment!

  243. Sabrina says

    My favorite memory right now would have to be the'”first’s” that my daughter is doing. She took her first steps about 2 weeks ago (to me), and I heard her first words “Hi Mum” when she was about 9 months old. I have worried about missing so many of her “first’s”, being a working mom, but so far, she has saved them all for me! Either that, or everyone is really great at hiding them until I am around, but I don’t feel like I am missing out 😉

  244. Emily says

    Our best of times are bedtime. I love watching my husband and daughter snuggle and giggle together each night before I rock her to sleep. I just melts my heart everyday!

  245. Michelle Henry says

    I can’t believe how much I enjoy watching my daughter learn. It’s amazing to see the way things click in her head. I can hardly believe she’s the same child from day to day. Every moment is a learning experience, from counting to drawing to learning how to play the guitar with her daddy. The world is opening up for her and I’m so proud that I’m here to guide her on that journey.

  246. says

    My family is so new – my son is just shy of 3 months old. At this point every time Max does something new my husband and I have a new favorite memory! My current one now is when we picked him up from his first day in childcare and he gave us the biggest smile when he saw us. He may not be able to talk yet but we knew he had a great day and was so happy to see us! (This just happened today. 😀 )

  247. Sandy says

    To a mom with children with developmental disabilities the truly best moments are when they surpass what the doctors expect of them. My oldest is my only child that is typically developing so when we see her doing things helping the others it is the most wonderful times. The times i get to spend with each one of them by them selves are priceless. When you have childrens diagnosed with Autism and another with Global Developmental Delay you are told that your child will not do certain things and not to expect things you would from a typically developing child. I have never expected less then the best from any of my children and they sure have passed every expectation and those are the things i remember the most. When your child uses their first words at 3 to say “lub you” is the most heart melting moment or to have your child who was never expected to make eye contact do just that… those are the moments you cherish forever.

  248. Laura D says

    My favorite family time is running around playing hide and seek with my daughter (just turned two). She LOVES when she finds me and giggle when I find her–it’s so sweet.

  249. says

    My favorite memories
    when each of my eight children was born.
    nursing them.
    playing games with them.
    watching them learn to read and do math
    reading stories together.
    reading the Bible to them.

  250. Jennifer says

    Budgeting for family vacations is always tough. We were fortunate enough to get theme park tickets from a radio station. Those theme park tickets allowed us to enjoy an amazing day at the park and an aquarium where our youngest saw fish for the first time. She’s been enamored with fish ever since. Some of our favorite family photos were from that adventure

  251. says

    Our “best of times” are at the end of the day, each day. My hubby and I climb on my daughter’s bed, we read stories together, my daughter tells jokes, we all laugh at the jokes, then off to slumber land. It’s a great way to end the day together.

  252. Lauren Reed says

    Every minute I get to spend with my boys are cherished. Two years ago I went through a divorce and they live with my ex. I am currently fighting for custody of them, but it’s a long battle. I just sit here and watch them play and tears come to my eyes because I just miss them so much. I just had a little girl 4 weeks ago and, again, every minute is cherished because I know they grow so fast. The best was right after she was born I looked at my husband and he had tears in his eyes. One of the best days of my life :)

  253. Melinda J says

    My favorite times are when my DS (age 13 months) falls asleep in my arms and I get to hold him while he sleeps. He’s so sweet and snuggly when he’s sleeping!

  254. Amy says

    My favorite family memory so far is cuddle time on Saturday and Sunday mornings, after our little one’s first feeding. =)

  255. Courtney says

    My favorite moment was when I was bouncing my then 6 month old on my lap. He made eye contact with me and just beamed at me and I knew that he knew I was his mom.

  256. cynthia says

    My favorite times are when we (my husband, 4 children and myself) are laughing together about something. Lately, it is usually when my 6 month old is doing something adorably cute. I love it when the tv is off and we are all just talking about our favorite memories, when we go to the park, take walks together and just enjoy the beauty of nature. I also love it when my children try to make my day special with little notes saying they love me or drawing pictures for me. They grow up way too fast and I am trying to cherish every moment we have while they are still young!

  257. says

    My favorite times are when my little boy has no idea what we are chatting about, but he’s so desperate to join in that he just starts making up his end of the conversation pulling words from what we’ve been saying. So very cute!!

  258. Cindy says

    Some of the “best of times” with my family occur during the little conversations I have with my children. For example the exchange with my son.

    Mommy: Jacob, do you need to go potty before bed?

    Jacob: Yes. ::sits on the potty::

    (2 minutes pass)

    Mommy: Jacob, if you don’t have to go just wait and go when you are ready. Are you sure you have to go?

    Jacob: No, poopies don’t need to come. They went to sleep. They don’t want to go swimming.

    It is at times like this I find the humor and delight in being a mother!

  259. Wendy says

    Every day watching my toddler grow and love and want to help his new baby sissy. He loves her more and more each day. He wants to make sure she is included in the things we do. He wants to hold her hand and asks to hold her. Seeing him love her so much and watching her look at him with her big eyes has to be one of the greatest joys in my life. Its these early memories of them learning to love each other that I will treasure my whole life.

  260. says

    Best memories are definatly of my husband and son playing, wrestling, and laughing. I cannot describe to you the joy I hear in my boys laughs as they spin around the room, be airplanes, or dance and sing together. I wish cherish those memories always.

  261. Ashley Wishard says

    My favorite time with my kids is right before they are going to bed, we read a story and snuggle all four of us in bed together. I love it I feel so secure and proud as a mom knowing we are all together to matter what happened that day I can put it all aside and cherish this one moment everyday.

  262. Tracie says

    I never thought I wanted children, since my Mother passed away when I was just 4. At 35, I was pregnant with my ‘surprise’ (now 2) daughter. My favorite family moments are realizing how someone so tiny and young has so much power over Daddy and me! She teaching us something about ourselves every single day. She has the power to make me smile, make my heart whole, and make me realize that life has so much more meaning than I ever realized before she came along. Every second with her is a cherished “favorite family moment”!

  263. Rebecca says

    For me, it doesn’t get any better than watching my 2 little girls play together. My 2 year old can get my 5 month old to laugh harder than anyone else can. It is so great to see how much they love each other, and I’m hoping that it continues on into the teen years!

  264. Ashlee Foltz says

    My favorite family memory is from the day we brought our daughter home from the hospital. My older son is 8 and he had waited a very long time to have a sister or brother. Seeing him be so gentle with her was beautiful. I looked at them and cried. He is a great brother, I only hope they can stay close even though they are not close in age.

  265. Keri Salazar says

    I love sitting outside on the porch watching my children play together in the cool evenings.

  266. says

    I love all the little moments with my girls. Watching them learn new things and how they grow and change each day. I love watching how my 4 year old loves on my 1 year old! Kisses and cuddles are never in short supply. Right not I’m watching my 1 year old brush her nearly bald little head with a hair brush and smiling :) It’s those little moments I love!

  267. Danielle Ambriz says

    My best memory is the day I my son came in the world to give sissy a little brother. I couldn’t imagine life without either. At times they are trying me but they unconditional love I receive from them in immeasurable.

  268. Leny Vasallo says

    Favorite family moment are during the simpler times. My 5 siblings (from 2 to 15 yr old then) and I would listen to the radio each night, no electricity, just the light from a candle. We’d listen to scary stories on radio while it rains outside. Our minds filled with fright, we’d run to my mom, when we can’t stand to be scared any longer.

  269. Jessicah says

    My daughter is not quite six weeks old, so I don’t have a ton of times to share yet. Right now the best of times are when she wakes up early in the morning and wants to just look around wide-eyed for a while before nursing. I love how cuddly she is with us when she first wakes up!

    Growing up, my best of times with my four siblings was waking up and playing board games together all morning in the summers.

  270. says

    We love dinner time! We eat together every night and a lot of times come up with fun scenarios with the kids. For example, “What would you do if you were an elephant?” or “If you went on a trip where would you go and what would you pack?” It is so much fun to see our kids playing along and coming up with sometimes funny, sometimes serious answers.

  271. Rebecca says

    I have a 4 1/2 month old son and I am a single mom. I think every moment I spend with him is special. I’m afraid if I am away from him that I will miss something. I love doing everything with him. I call him my miracle baby because I had two previous miscarriages. My favorite moments are just making him smile. It makes me feel that everything I went through and am going through is just for him. I would do anything for him. I am a stay at home mom and trying to get a college education to make his life and mine better in the long run.

  272. Chrissy says

    I love the spontaneous kisses, hugs and “I love you’s” from our kids. When my 3 year old says, “mommy! I want to hold you!” instead of asking me to hold her and when our son crawls into my bed in the morning in his still sleepy state while my husband gets ready for work. Sometimes just those snuggles are all I need to know that the day is going to be great!

  273. Teresa says

    My oldest just started playing the WII and my husbands name on the week is SugaDaddy! Well, I told Isaac what the name was and lately he has been caling his dad SugaDaddy Reed! It is so cute. And my youngest is call mook mook because he is monkey see monkey do and he just does and says whatever Isaac does. It is very cute. I love it. But when they get into action I call them Thing 1 and Thing 2 because they are just too funny together. I guess that is the benefit of having kids 14 months apart. Every moment I have with my children is a blessing. They are truly wonderful and great. They always keep a smile on my face.

  274. says

    My favorite family memories are nearly all from road trips taken with my family when I was younger. One time my mother nearly ran out of gas in the middle of the Rockies, far away from civilization. When my father woke up, he nearly killed her (in quite, modulated well chosen words, of course). Another time, my father almost got his hand taken off by a wolf in a drive through safari park thing. And let’s not get started on the time we nearly hit a black bear in Yellowstone. Oh, road trips. Brilliant.

  275. says

    The best of times for me is when my family is outdoors together. There is nothing as relaxing, fulfilling, and beautiful as watching my children explore, stretch and learn on a trip down to the creek, lake or local trails. The way their minds glide them up rocks, across water, and through the foliage truly inspires me. Thanks!

  276. Tausha says

    I am thankful for each and every day that I get to spend with my with my two boys ages 2 1/2 and 6 weeks. I am a stay at home mom so I am blessed to be able to watch them grow each day. But some of my most favorite times are when I am holding them in my arms and when my 2 1/2 year old throws his arms around me and says “I love you mommy.”

  277. says

    By far my best memories are from the summer when my oldest daughter was one. Everything was perfect. We spent our days going on walks, swimming, and relaxing together. I seriously cannot remember a bad day that summer and everytime I think of how much our relationship (my daughter and I’s) grew, I get a smile on my face! :)

  278. says

    One day my daughter (age 2) came to my boutique with me. There was a brief thunderstorm. She was frightened by the thunder and I told her what the noise was and she seemed ok. She resumed playing with her toys. Then there was a lightning flash a few minutes later and she turned to me and said, “Mommy you take my picture?” So, I tried to explain that the thunder she heard is the sound of the light that flashed and mid-sentence I was struck with the thought that I am not completely sure how it all works. So, I lied. I paused as if I pushed the reset button and said, “That was God taking your picture.” And she replied, “Oh” and giggled delightfully. And I have never felt better about telling a lie. It was the perfect answer. I am confident she won’t have a fear of thunderstorms considering her love of being photographed.

  279. says

    The best of times is when my kids are laughing together… their giggles are soo contagious! It’s especially fun when Daddy is the one making them giggle!! I am smiling right now thinking about it!

  280. Erin Trogden says

    The plain ordinary days are my favorite family times. No running around town, to appointments, no ballgames, no gracery stores and no fussy kids being drug in and out of the car seats. Any time that we can just hang out at home with no worries is a favorite. The plain simple ordinary days will always be my favorite!!!

  281. Leah says

    The best times for my family is whenever we get to spend time together. My husband and I love to watch our son play and conversate. Everything with him is better. We can’t wait until our next one arrives!

  282. Crystal says

    I love the summer days where we have absolutely nothing on the agenda and can just laze around the backyard … playing in the playhouse, taking a dip in the way too tiny for the whole family baby pool, and watching the kids pretend to mow the lawn. Popsicles. Cookouts. Sidewalk chalk. Love it all!

  283. says

    My happiest and best moments are when Tim, the girls, and I are together at home or in the outdoors. It’s the simple things – neighborhood walks, exploration hikes, picnics in the spring, dancing in the kitchen, picking flowers in the mountains, etc. :)

  284. Jennifer Gerritsen says

    I think the best times for me are when I can actually relax from doing all the mom stuff and really listen and watch my kids play. I tend to worry so much about finances and what needs to be done next and I need to just slow down more. I guess it comes from working so long and then finally being able to stay home after my 3rd.

  285. says

    Some of my most favorite times are playing board games with my kids or watching them play nintendo together – they are happy and playing together instead of arguing! I also love watching them take care of each other.

  286. Michelle says

    We love when our twin boys interact with each other. At 6 months, they don’t really play together, but when they can they play with each others hands and feet and pass toys back and forth. It is still fun and adorable now, because neither one cares too much, but some day soon the toy stealing is going to be a problem and we will miss these days!

  287. says

    The best of times for us is when we’re all outside in the backyard, laughing. Or piling up on the couch. Or singing too loud on road trips. So many to choose from…

  288. says

    Our families best of times are everytime we smile or laugh. Even if they miss a naptime or are not feeling good, you give a big hug and get a smile. I have a wonderful day everyday because my children make me smile at some point every single day since being born. It is always best of times when they teach each other about books, games, puzzles. I love watching them learn from one another.

  289. Crystal Eggers says

    My favorite and sweetest family moment was the birth of my baby(now 4 months) when my older daughter 8 and 10 yrs old came in to meet their new little sister. All they could do was smile the biggest smiles I had ever seen on them. As parents you know it will be love at first sight but that day I learned sisters are the same.

  290. Susan P says

    When we first get up I go out to the garden with my kids(2 yrs and 5 months) and water the garden and see how the plants have grown since the previous day. This year we planted big sunflowers and they are going crazy! My daughter loves to help move the hose to the different plant bed and get some fresh veggies to eat straight from the ground.

  291. Shelley says

    Our best family times are when there are no obligations, no activities to attend, no busy schedules. We all hang out at home, make popcorn, play games, go for walks, the girls play with and sing to the baby, everyone is just content and at peace. I love those rare days. :)

  292. michelle says

    I love every moment with my Son. Ne has a life threatening Heart Condition so everyday is a blessing! I love it when he 1st sees me in the morning and gets the biggest smile on his face. There is nothing better than the unconditional love of a 1 year old.

  293. petteytiffany says

    i love when my stepson is spontaneous with his legos he likes to build random ships and then come running in and saying i built this for you and gives you a hug and i love the spontaneity with my 11 day old and the way she suddenly becomes active after laying like a lump on a log…then it becomes photography time until she falls back asleep

  294. says

    My best family times are when my husband, son and I go hiking on the weekend. There’s something so wonderful about being together outdoors with my two favorite people, enjoying nature and quiet time together.

  295. zmama says

    My fav family moments are when we are all together and having a good time especially in the sun, at the park in the summer!

  296. Sara says

    I love those mornings when I am woken up by all four kids piling on our bed. We talk and tickle and wrestle and laugh.

  297. Alicia A says

    My favorite family time is when Daddy comes home from work and all three kidshug on him and our 12 month old crawls toward his daddy saying, “Dadda Dadda!” and does not want his daddy to put him down. Also I love to hear my children pray to God before meals and to thank God after one of their prayers has been answered.

  298. says

    My favourite family memories growing up are of playing outside with my brother. Now that I’ve started a family of our own I don’t know how to pick a favourite memory – it keeps getting better and better. Waking up in my own bed with husband and baby after coming home from the hospital the night before. Going to the cottage and playing with the chickens. And I expect seeing Elizabeth take her first steps will always rank pretty high up there.

  299. Ashley says

    My best family was right after my c-section birth of my daughter, Claire. I was in recovery and they had troubles getting my bleeding to stop and my husband, who has no experience with babies, had to step in and take care of our daughter while I was still in recover for over five hours. He finally got to bring her in and he was so proud. He told me all the things they had already checked out on her and when she had to go back to the nursery next. He was absolutely already a pro at being a dad, he was a natural. That to me was my most amazing moments in my marriage and the beginning of my new family.

  300. lilshuga2001 says

    My best moments were shared with my grandparents before they passed at such a young age- We had the best of times together – eating ice cream at the park…..walking around the stores….traveling…..making lots of food at holidays— IF YOU STILL HAVE YOUR GRANDPARENTS IN YOUR LIVES- MAKE THE BEST OF IT- TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM!!! YOU WILL MISS THEM WHEN THEY ARE GONE! :(

  301. says

    Our apartment has hard floors everywhere except the bedrooms. Every night after we clean up my kids’ room and the carpet is bare and toy-free, they start to be crazy and wild, wrestling and tickling and such. It’s supposed to be the quiet-down-for-bed time, but ends up being the silliest half hour of the day.

  302. Sarah Pacilio says

    My favorite family memory is when my Uncle flew the entire family to Hawaii for his wedding. We all had so much fun reconnecting and just enjoying eachothers company. When we got home and back to reality it was again just me and my daughter and every moment with her is the best :)

  303. Jo Ann says

    My favorite time is when the older kids (15,10) are playing with the twins who are 10mo. I love seeing their big smiles!! We all laugh and have fun together….I am a big kid too!! I am so blessed and love every moment with my kids and family. With our lives being so busy I cherish every moment!!!

  304. jayne says

    bath time–they smell so clean, they are so happy splashing around in the water…and bedtime, quiet, peaceful bedtime follows. :)

  305. a says

    One of our favorite family memories is getting to go for drives. My husband takes a day or two off of work and drive around the countryside–with plenty of snacks in the car

  306. nj says

    Favorite Memories:
    Getting to go to my husband’s job site and “work” with him. The children love it!

  307. Megan W. says

    One of my favorite moments of our son is cuddling him to sleep in his swaddle with his pacifier. That has been several months ago, but he was the coziest, sweetest little thing. Nowadays, I love to watch him explore and discover new things. There’s a lot to learn about good ol’ life.

  308. Sara ( says

    Let’s see if this works today! :) My most recent “YIPEEE Moment” is that my baby is adding more and more words to his vocabulary! I am starting to understand the things he is saying!!

  309. MJ says

    My favorite family moments are cuddling after bath time, reading books before bed, and spontaneous family drives. Simple is best!

  310. LG says

    I love when my 6 wk old daughter smiles, laughs, and makes all her cute noises. I also love when she falls asleep on my chest, precious.

  311. Inna S says

    My favorite memory is when my daughter was learning to speak and she would mispronounce words ‘egetables’ instead of vegetables. And she would say it with such a serious face. These memories are so precious because soon enough she spoke better and better and when everything is correct you know she is not a little girl anymore. Sigh.

  312. says

    I love the seeing the thrill my kids get from doing things for the first time. The sense of wonder and excitement of first going to the movies, the public swimming pool, an amusement park, the zoo, and taking our oldest (4yo) son to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live! I am so thankful that I am able to record all these moments in photos and blog posts for posterity.

  313. Angela says

    At our house my favorite times are when we get to spend good quality time together. With 2 kids 9 years apart that can sometimes be challenging. Our son tries to remind us that it can be extremely easy with family hugs. I just love the way he thinks.Also when he’s around his sister he just loves to give her kisses & hugs. Very happy times for me & his dad when we see how much they love each other. These two will be close for life.

  314. caroline says

    My son’s only 10 months old so no “i love you mommy” so far.. but I love when he crawls or cruises to me, gets in my lap, and climbs on me and hugs on me! Close enough! And it’s extra special when he leaves someone else who’s playing with him to come snuggle with mommy! Makes you feel like you’ve done something right that day!

  315. Melissa says

    My favorite family times are the ones spent vacationing – no distraction to preoccupy. I’ll never forget our first trip to Disney. After 5 minutes in the park, my 5 year old said, “Mom, all my dreams have come true”. How precious and sweet.

  316. Jennifer says

    Seeing as how I only have a 4-month old, I don’t have as many memories to choose from as others. My favorites are when he wakes up in the morning and I go into his room to get him, he’s just talking and then he looks up, sees me, and just smiles the biggest smile ever! Right now, just seeing him smile and hearing him “talk”, those are the best moments anyone could ask for, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

  317. Sarah says

    My favorite family times are just the low-key easy weekend days @ home with my husband & kids. They’re so rare anymore, and with baby #3 due in just a few days, I’m sure they’ll happen even less. But I love cuddling on the couch, reading with the kids or playing games together.

  318. alarson says

    I loved growing up with seven brothers and one sister! As a family we would pack up our suburban and drive an hour and a half out of town and arrive at our cabin for the weekend. It was a majority of my childhood memories!!

  319. Meghan says

    My favorite family time is when my nine month old and I are playing and he crawls over to me and pulls himself up and gives me a big kiss! Just have to love every minute of him!

  320. Camie says

    The best times are when I catch my kids laughing and playing with each other..or helping one another without them knowing I am watching. It makes me feel like I am doing someting great in this world by raising these beautiful gifts that have been given to me!

  321. Natalee Torres says

    Our best times were when our daughter first smiled at us. It was like she was saying hello for the first time!! I love it!!!

  322. says

    My favorite memories (so far!) are coming home with our newborn son – walking in the house and feeling “at home”

    As my son gets older, I am loving the kisses and hugs and the requests for cuddle time on the couch!

    I’m looking forward to years and years of more great memories!

  323. says

    My favorite family moments our when we have are busy day and look forward to spending the rest of it together, sitting for for diner, watching a movie together playing a game or two and best of all enjoy the conversations of each of our day went right before bed. A loving family bond is the best feeling in this whole world.

  324. Sara Cossiboon says

    I love seeing them explore the world, it is like I am seeing things all over for the first time and makes life so exciting. I can’t wait to experience it again!

  325. Jennifer says

    My favorite times are when my family is together, my husband works second shift so together time is few and far between. Although second shift is tough I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love knowing who is raising my babies… US. There is noone on this Earth I trust more with my kids, when they aren’t with me, is my amazing husband!

  326. Michelle says

    Favorite family memory would be anytime we can all spend time together. My husband works full time and side jobs so anytime we get together is making favorite memories:) ♥

  327. says

    My favorite times are when my son just sits in my laps and cuddles with me to watch a movie it makes me realize that God has blessed my live in so many ways, I love just sitting there and cuddling him and spending time with him as much as I can I cherish it every single day.

  328. Harmony says

    I love taking our 2 year old new places and the look of enjoyment when he sees things for the first time. His smile can make anyone melt. It also makes us remeber being kids.

  329. Leslie says

    What’s not to love?
    I love my babies, especially when my oldest tells me have a great day, and I hope the babies are good today without crying! LOL I love you, see you after school.
    My middle will run up to me and give hugs and say” I love you Mommy”
    and my baby is just starting to blow kisses, but she cruises around to ‘catch’ me and climb on me…..I love them so much!

  330. Kathryn Harvey says

    The best times in my family are story times. We love books so much and our 21 month old son Chase helps read to his baby brother who is due to join our family in July. it’s the one time when everyone stops chatting and running around to sit still in one place, cuddle and enjoy each other’s company while sharing books.

  331. TARA says

    HMMM…my favorite moments are early mornings when all five of my boys, yes i said five all under age 6 =) are snuggled up with me and my husband in bed, i think to myself how BLESSED i am to have these boys….there are days that are crazy but i have to remind myself how lucky i am to be able to have kids….i love watching my husband play sports or wrestle with the boys, it puts a smile on my heart!!

  332. Sara says

    My best of times were holding my sleeping boys when they were newborns. Smelling their little head and sweet breath, it was so calming and soothing. Even though they are 4 and 2 now, I still sneak in their room after they go to sleep to give them a quick kiss and smell their sweaty little heads. It might sound weird, but that’s it.

  333. Krista says

    One of my favorite family times is when my husband comes home from work. There is screaming and yelling and a mad dash to be the first to open the gate at the steps. It’s also great when they get to go to the park!

  334. Dana says

    My favorite family moment was when we took our first trip as a family to San Antonio Texas, it was a blast exploring the city together, learning new things about history and the peace and serenity of the Riverwalk! The girls got so excited watching the ducks float down the river, and feed them chips from the riverwalk restaurant.

  335. says

    Our best family moments are definitely when it’s just the three of us at home. Our baby is so chill and she smiles and coos and is alert. I love watching her play with her daddy and then look over to make sure i’m still there. the family bonding moments we have out weigh any other times we have together.

  336. Tarilyn Smith says

    My favorite family moments are watching my little ones experiencing their firsts. The first giggle, the first crawl, the first walk, the first time they got to go swimming, and the first time they both said “I love you mommy.” I look forward to all the firsts they will get to experience for the rest of their lives

  337. says

    We love playing “Don’t Eat Pete!” together as a family. My two year old gets into it just as much as my six year old does. We also have Monday night set aside as Family Home Evening where we sing songs, have a short spiritual lesson, play games, color a picture of something we liked from the week and have a snack. Anytime that we can spend all together is memory time.

  338. Rachel says

    oh its too hard to pick a favorite moment. I have 3 boys so there are lots of moments good and bad.

  339. Alicia Spalding says

    Our little girl is just beginning to smile and laugh. I love watching her learn about her world and seeing her so happy. Being a mom is the most amazing thing ever. I love my family.

  340. Amy says

    I love just going places with my husband and two little ones-just spending time together. Also when my three year old says he loves me-just out of the blue!

  341. says

    My favorite times have to be when it’s late at night, and the house is all closed-up and quiet; and my husband, 18-mo old daughter, and I are all snuggled up in bed together. She tells us stories, and sings her beautiful songs to us (all made-up, of course!), then falls asleep after giving us hugs and kisses. Nothing better than moments spent together as a family.

  342. Shannon says

    I love seeing my baby first thing in the morning. He smiles as soon as I walk into the room and says “mama”.

  343. Tabitha K says

    My absolute favorite time is when my husband gets home from work. Jaxon runs up to him and throws his arms around his legs. He started this from the time he could walk so for 4 months I’ve been watching my son toddle, walk, and now run to his daddy. His dad will pick him up and carry him to me where he hugs and kisses me. I love those moments when it’s just the three of us and no worries in the world.

  344. Rebecca says

    my favorite moments without a doubt would be each time one of my children were born! I stil love to just look at them the way i did that day. It brings me to tears…i also love EVERY moment we get to spend togeather…movies, games, cuddling on the couch, there all my babies and always will be! 😉

  345. Michele says

    My best times is seeing my daughter smile. Her whole face lights up! If you smile at her she can’t help but smile back… even when she is sick. I just love her!

  346. jessica says

    Our best of times is at the end of the day when my 20 month old is worn out and just wants to snuggle on the couch.

  347. Nicole Roach says

    My best of times is when I got to share with my husband we were pregnant while he was in Iraq! It was a sweet moment I’ll never forget! I made a onesie that said “Daddy’s future Sapper”. (He’s a Sapper in the Army.)

  348. Tina says

    My favorite family moment is when we put my 21 month old daughter to bed and she says, luv you mommy, luv you daddy, luv you sissy. It just melts your heart.
    reading books before bedtime..
    When I come home from work she just hugs my leg…

    UGH! I could go on forever!

  349. Charro says

    The best family moments are the ones sitting around the campfire roasting marshmellos and laughing with one another.

  350. Destinee says

    so many to choose from… probably when my daughter was first born the first time we saw her was an amazing moment we will never forget and they day we we started our wonderful family!

  351. simone says

    our best times are, when daddy is at home (he’s a Marine) and we get to go on hikes and do other fun stuff as a family

  352. Sarah Martin says

    VACATION! Or any time we get to spend together as a family is precious. Yesterday we did a picnic at the park, and everyone had a wonderful time. Even Dad!

  353. Lauren says

    The best times are when I go into the nursery in the morning, no matter how early it is and am greeted by my twin’s smiling faces and giggles. Even if they’ve had me up 4 times that night, it’s still such a reward to know that seeing each other is enough to warrant big grins and excited squeals!

  354. brittany w. says

    Our “best of times” is by far the day we “became” a family and our sweet baby boy entered the world! It was a grueling labor process of 21 hours, but when I pushed him out and they placed our Son my chest and my husband and I cried together at the preciousness of our new baby, our lives as a family began. I can’t believe he is 2 1/2 yrs old and we will now be welcoming the next member of our family this fall. Every second we have together is a precious one.

  355. Tracy Hamill says

    My favorite moments are when my 18 month old still wants to snuggle with me. Nothing makes my heart swell with love. As he gets older, he gets so busy with exploring things so snuggling with his momma is not as frequent as it used to be. I so love those “I want my mommy moments”. :-)

  356. april says

    Simply put, my best moments with my family is any day they wake up happy and healthy. So many things can happen in this world and every day is a blessing!

  357. Melissa McMullen says

    The best times for me is watching my 4 month old light up like a bulb when my 5 year old walks in the room. The smile on their faces when their eyes meet and the laughter they share is enough to melt my heart.

  358. Aileen Nevis says

    the best time is watching my wonderful daughter, Heather, as she kisses, hugs and makes my Grandson, 9 month old Gabriel, laugh and giggle. It lights up my life.

  359. Jennifer says

    The best of times are whenever we are all in the car. It is the only time we are that close together with total calm. It is usually just a trip the the supermarket but its my favorite!

  360. Jessica H. says

    We are a military family and our best family moment was when my husband came home from a deployment in January. We have a 3 Y/O with special needs and a at that time 14 month old and they both were so excited….the way our three year old embraced her father was priceless. I will always remember that moment!

  361. Amanda Peschel says

    I love it when my 1 year old son comes over and just wraps his little arms around my neck and hugs me as hard as he can that is an awesome feeling, also when he goes over and just gives his 3 year old sis a kiss and she wants rid of him!!

  362. Donna says

    Through my whole 3rd pregnancy my son was bugging me for a baby brother. I told him, “I don’t know if I can do that.” And when we found out it was a baby sister, he was so devastated that he cried! Finally a week or 2 before my due date, he came to realize he was having a baby sister. Once he saw her at the hospital, his words just melted my heart away. He said, “Mom, I’m really glad that God gave me a baby sister because I love her.” The best moment ever!!

  363. Jamie B says

    The best times for my family has been when my husband and I talk to our child and he “talks” back. We have spent hours laughing and talking together.

  364. Angela Isaac says

    My favorite moments are when our 3 year old daughter talks to my pregnant belly. She is going to be having a little sister in August. She will say “Hello, baby Chloe, I’m your big sister Abby and I cannot wait to meet you!” and it just melts my heart!!

  365. Erin says

    My favorite family moment is when daddy walks in the door at the end of the day and the kids are smiling and hugging all him!

  366. Allison says

    best time is in the morning before getting up, DD2 wakes up and puts her face in front of mine, and say, “Wake up mommie” and then giggles, as I open one eye she cackles with delight, “mommie is awake!” (barely). she is so angelic and smiley. it is as if her slate has cleared, and all of yesterdays problems and tantrums have been forgotten, and today is a fresh new day.

    And then we get out of bed and our day has begun!

  367. Jessica says

    The best times we have as a family are the ones that are so unexpected. They aren’t planned vacations or really expensive outtings. They are the ones that we get in the car not knowing where we are going and when we are coming back. We end up in all walks of life including the zoo, the safari park, small town fairs, the beach, or at a playground. These are the memories of my family that I hold dear. It means so much to me as a mom to get to share every breathe with my children and husband.

    • Mindy says

      The best of times with our family are those when we can all spend time together without any emergencies. When the day is marked by little milestones that seem so small to some people, but so huge to our family. Our only daughter had an accident playing outside around 1 1/2 years ago that left her unconscious and led to 3 brain surgeries within 1 week. We were not sure if she would live or die. She was in the hospital unconscious for around 4 weeks and slowly began coming around. We had just found out I was pregnant with my fourth child the week before the acccident. Our daughter has come so far, but has so far to go.

      I am now pregnant with the 5th child and just love spending time with my children.

  368. shar says

    best of times is when we are all together…it could be just playing a game together or spending time outside, being at the beach or catching a soccer game…just spending time together as a family is the best…

  369. Ryane says

    My favorite family memory is when my son (4 months at the time) and I welcomed home my husband from his 3rd Iraq deployement. After he got off the plane and stood in formation, my son and I wiggled our way to the front of the crowd and when our eyes met he tried so hard not to smile. And as he stood there, he couldn’t keep back the tears of joy…he was finally home. I will never forget that moment when our family was complete again.

  370. Kristen says

    As you said, it is hard to pick only one “best” time to write about but with my 2 year old some of our best times are spent each year on our family trip to Outer Banks, NC. Our whole extended family come together to rent a house and we get to spend a whole week with our family that we see often and the ones who live further away and we don’t get to see but on this vacation each year. My son saw the ocean, swam in a pool, flew a kite, went to an aquarium, played putt putt golf, and walked on the sandy beach for the first time on these trips! We look forward to this time every year for him to bond with family and we hope to keep the tradition going as he gets older and he can look forward to it just as we do as each year passes!

  371. Kim Linson says

    My best family memory isn’t over yet. I cherish each and every day with my kids. How blessed and I to be chosen to mother such wonderful kids. Seeing how all of them have such different personalities and their unique sense of being. I am a mom of soon to be 8 kids. I currently have the pleasure of having an 18 year old daugher, 15 year old son, 9 year old daughter, 5 year old son, 3 year old son, 3 year old daughter, 1 year old daughter and an edd of 9/3/10 of another baby girl. I can honestly say that I can’t pick one certain event. Well, maybe just say “their birth” they are the gift that keeps giving-Okay, maybe that’s my favorite memory. :)

  372. Kara Householder says

    My “best of times” favorite family memories are those sleepy mornings when I’m nursing my baby boy and my four year old son comes and climbs in bed with us. I have all my favorite people right there snuggled up all together. I hear my husband and oldest son snoring lightly and my baby cooing and sighing contently as he falls back to sleep. I close my eyes and drift off with them while the fan sweeps cool air across our faces and the birds begin to sing outside our window. That’s my favorite “best of times” memory.

  373. Crystal says

    The best times for us are the everyday moments. I love to see the dynamic between my children, especially since I never really grew up with siblings. I also love when all of us are just playing and enjoying each other.

  374. says

    My favorite family moments happen oftentimes when I least expect them! When we have elaborate plans we tend to be disappointed with the outcome. But sometimes we sit outside at night, and look at the stars, and those are the best family moments of all. Pure, unadulterated time together.

  375. Julie says

    My husband leaves very early for work during the week, so I go in to get the little guy when he wakes up in the morning. On the weekends though, my husband and I go in together to get him. It’s the best thing when we peek around the doorway and he is standing up at the foot of the crib…to see the HUGE smile on his face when he sees his Papa is home and standing there too!! Then we snuggle together while he has his morning bottle. It’s pretty awesome!!

  376. Bambi Bittner says

    I think the best times we’ve had as a family are the times when we just plan just about nothing. We’ll go for a walk in the woods and the kids really set the pace and make us slow down and really enjoy the things around us. They really do see things we may never notice because they’re shorter (and they wander)

  377. Melissa S says

    Some of our best family memories are when we go on week long camping trips:) We spend wonderful quality time together & the memories bring a smiel to my heart:)

  378. Janine Teague says

    My “best times” are listening to my beautiful boys laugh and giggle. My eldest, Jadon, will start walking in front of me and then turn around with a twinkle in his eyes just begging to be chased. I’ll get in my ‘gorilla stance’ and slowly stalk him through the house. He always runs to his bedroom, jumps on his bed, and gets on his back so I’ll get his belly. There is nothing better than listening to his beautiful laughter. In the morning he’ll walk quietly into our room, climb on the chest, peek his head up and say, “Hiiii”. What a wake up call! My beautiful son, Joshua, who is 3 months old, has the most beautiful grin. His love just beams from his face when he smiles!

  379. Alea says

    One of my favorite times as a family, was our trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park last summer – it was the first time my older son was tall enough to ride the kid rides on his own and really enjoy all the park had to offer. Cedar Point was one of my favorite places as a kid and teenager, so to see my kid now enjoying it as much as I did it warms my heart. After a fun day at the park, we relaxed for a little while on the beach there and it was just so relaxing. As we were walking to the car, my son proclaimed that it was the bestest most awesomest day of his life. After we got to the car, he fell fast asleep – absolutely worn out from that awesome day. We have since added another child to our family, and I look forward to having more family adventures as a family of four now. However, like many others have pointed out – it’s the little everday moments that are the best sometimes. It doesn’t need to be a big trip or a lot of money spent – sometimes just a picnic in the park or reading together at home can be some of the most fulfilling moments of life.

  380. Kelisa Eades says

    My favorite family moments are the quiet times where all three of us could be just laying on the carpet, having a grand ole time giggling, or when we go out on a random family stroll around the neighborhood. I love the peaceful times because I know the chaotic ones are just around the corner!

  381. Jennifer says

    My favorite times are when my son snuggles with me. He’s not squirming to grab a toy or get away, he’s just content to sit with his mommy. He holds my face in his hands and gives “kisses”. Love it, love it, love it.

  382. Emily says

    My favorite times are usually the moments that I don’t expect. The times when my boys play perfectly together, and I am feeling energetic and encouraging, and we are having a great time just being together.

  383. Menda Kincaid says

    The best of times are the quiet ones. Snuggling with a sleepy baby, watching a movie together or reading a book, or even just sitting.

  384. Pamela Narvaez says

    The best time for my family is when we are ALL together. I have 2 step children that do not live close, so every moment to have our family complete is HEAVEN!

  385. says

    i feel like everyday is better than the last with a constantly developing one year old! BUT – some of the best times are just sitting in hte play room, goofing around listening to the little laugh and blow kisses at her mommy and daddy. Mommyhood is amazing! (and so is huggies for sponsoring such an awesome giveaway!)

  386. Jen says

    My most favorite family moments are the ones where my two year old is so excited that he cannot stand it. He gets so excited that he squeals and jumps with pure happiness over the smallest things and I live for those moments too see him so happy.

  387. Katie Riley says

    The best times we have are the ones that are not planned on because my kids enjoy suprises. Why always plan for the best times? I think its much more funnier when you dont plan for the best times.

  388. joyce Proctor says

    Our best times are when we are all together. Due to the age difference between our two children my husband and I often have to divide and conquer to get everyone where they need go when they need to be there. We make it a point to have family time together as much as possible. The past few weeks we have met out at the beach after school and work and have a picnic. It is amazing to watch my son who as grown so fast swim, play, and engage with his baby sis and Emily can’t seem to eat enough beach sand!! They enjoy each other so much I can’t believe we waited so long in between the two of them! It may only be for a couple of hours but it is a great way to end a busy day. I sometimes wish I could freeze time and stay out at that beach with my family for the rest of my days!

  389. Sharon P. says

    My best of times is just when we spend quality time together doing anything. It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be as simple as taking a family walk together or playing a board game. With life as busy as it is those precious times all 4 of us get to spend some quality time together are worth their weight in gold!!!!

  390. Megan says

    Our best times are usually playing outside, like at the park or in the pool:) Anytime we play together as a family, it is a good time!

  391. says

    My favorite family moments are really any moment when we’re all together as a family, and the kids are all getting along! Our 3 kids are still so young (4 years down to 4 months), that there really is nothing better than watching them interacting together and just loving each other! It melts my heart!!

  392. Andrea says

    My best times with my kids are snuggling at the end of the day when they’re fresh out of the bath tub.

  393. Summer Lozada says

    Having a second son on the way, I know that there will be many family memories to come that will be absolutely amazing, but as of now, my favorite memory would have to be when my first son learned to say “I love you”. There is just nothing quite as rewarding as when your child can finally reciprocate the love you have given them. It just melts my heart when he jumps in my lap and says “I lub you too!” (Even if I haven’t said “I love you”, he always says “I love you too!”) :) Precious memories that will not be forgotten! Reading the introductory article to this giveaway reminded me so much of my own son. Two years old is definitely a rough age, but is also so amazingly rewarding. Sometimes you wanna pull your hair out, but when they crawl up in your lap just to give you a hug or say I love you…somehow…it’s all worth it!

  394. says

    The first time we bring our daughter in the Philippines. It was the best because my parents were crying for joy seeing their first grandchild.And the best times, everytime we are able to get together as a whole family. it doesn’t happen all the time because of our busy schedule.

  395. Lydia says

    Our memories and best times are different projects and things we do together as a family. The other Sunday we all went biking together, we put 17month old in a pull-behind cart and we all had a grand time!
    The other weekend we went on a trip up through Niagara Falls.. Lovely..

  396. Brooke says

    The best times I have is when my whole family is together. No one is working and were all playing together. No cell phones, no computers, no TV just the four of us laughing and playing. Last night we were all playing together and teaching my 7 month old how to crawl. Just the joy on their faces when were all together is priceless!

  397. says

    my favorite family memory was when my, at the time 11 1/2 month old met his new baby brother. he looked at him, then looked at me, then grabbed his eye! it was priceless. since then, my two boys (now 18 months and 2 1/2 years) are inseparable and are best friends. i really hope that continues for the rest of their lives!

  398. says

    My favorite memories are playing with my kids. My husband loves to jump on the bed with them. They throw pilllows, tickle, and have fun. Little Dude has just joined in on the fun and they have a blast. It is a good thing it is free because if it cost money, it would be way out of our budget to have that much fun all at once!

  399. ajerome1 says

    There are so many great moments with kids – I have to say that I loved nursing my babies (some into toddlerhood) and knowing it wasn’t just nourishment that they wanted, but that special mommy time.

  400. Lori says

    The best times are the times that baby learns something new. At nine months, it’s how to blow raspberries. The other day she fell asleep wtih us and woke up and decided that the best way to wake Dad up would be to blow raspberries on his side. Her giggling was uncontrollable! It was definitely a great way to wake up, to the happiest baby!

  401. pixie13 says

    The best times are the every day moments. Playing a board game together, having a family cook out, laughing together.

  402. ramil penserga says

    our favorite moments was watching movies with our little one in the theater. even he is only 4 months he loves to watched movies with us and he never cried during the movie. we always bring him with us because we don’t have a babysitter. we also love to go places. our son loves it when we are away of the house and thats every weekend. we usually go to new jersey or new york. we also loves when we teach our son how to roll and crawl. its priceless. we love our son so much.

  403. amanda moline says

    My best of time is when my daughter got to meet her great-great grandmother for the first time..Her great-great grandmother lived for a total of 10 months after baby was born

  404. angel garvin says

    Every summer, we pack up the kids and head down to the local river. We spend almost every day swimming, camping or just spending time with friends there.

  405. kelly says

    Each and every min I get to spend with my three kids are the best of times!!! I love those kids more than anything!

  406. Sarah Leavitt says

    The best times that we have is any time my kids laugh because I know that they are having a good time and if my kids are happy, I’m happy. My favorite though, is watching my little 20 month old play “Gof, Gof” (Golf, Golf) with her daddy down in the basement. She waits for him to come home from work and as soon as he walks through the door she gives him a huge hug and says “Gof, Gof”

  407. Tabatha says

    The best of times in our family is when we are all together and all 3 of my boys are getting along. It doesn’t matter what we are doing just being together is the best! Just being with them makes me happy.

  408. Jessica says

    The best times with my family is watching my 9 year old sons face light up the minute he hears my 15 month old daughter, and then watching her whole face light up when she sees him there waiting for her.

  409. Kelly says

    Our best times, are just the times that we are together as a family. The best memories are ones that don’t cost anything… bringing Ryan home, watching him sleep, his first laugh, his first temper tantrum (as he is having one RIGHT NOW as I type this!!), his first everything. :) I love that we are creating memories that are going to last a lifetiem and that we can remind him of when he is a big boy.

  410. heather reed says

    I just found out im pregnant!!!! I would love to have diapers for my new baby… im glad that when everyone was told that they were behind me 1000%

  411. Dana says

    The best time is when i pick my daughter up from daycare and her face just lights up when she sees me :)

  412. Shannon Gray says

    The best time we have as a family is hard to nail down to one moment but I will try. I have a 4 yr old and a 4 mo old and I would say that days like to day have to be the best. My husband comes home for lunch and we all eat together and it seems that after lunch my 4 yr old gets a burst of energy, as he does at the moment. He starts doing goofy things such as climbing on the couch and making funny faces at his brother. My 4 mo old gets such a kick out of this and laughs uncontrollably, like he is right now. It makes everything else that goes on in our lives seem not as important when you hear the two of them laughing at each other. Laughter truly is the best medicine!

  413. Angela Henderson says

    Our families best times are going to Spring, Summer, and Fall festivals! We absolutely love getting up early in the morning for a long or short ride to any type of festival we can find. We recently went to the Strawberry Festival in Indiana, and it was one of our favorites by far. My husband and 3yr old daughter made their very own strawberry shortcakes, piled high with fresh strawberries, and whipped cream, while I shopped at a huge yard sale across the street. We really enjoy the time we spend together playing games, eating food, and wasting the day away having fun. I cannot wait for my 3month old to be able to join in the fun as she gets older! I Love my family!

  414. Leticia says

    Our family best moment is when I get home from work that he first sees me. His facial expression completely changes. He acts all different funny ways. He laughs, smiles, frowns, blinks his eyes..and then when I pick him up…he puts his arms around me and hugs tight and bits my shoulder! LOL Mind you hes only 1! :) Love my little Adrian! :)

  415. Teresa F says

    Our best times are movie nights when we all sit together on the couch and watch movies together.

  416. Barbara Burns says

    Our “Best of Times” is when we visit my husband’s parents in a wonderful retirement community in FL. Our daughter, who at the tender age of 14 months, is already such a people person, soaks up all the attention she receives from the “other” grandparents she sees while there. Most importantly, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us all to spend time together, relaxing, as a family.

  417. Alex says

    Today is my son’s 1st birthday and as I reflect back , there are several moments that were the best…but I love when he is getting ready to go to sleep and turns to look at me and giggles, when he wakes up in the morning and smiles or when he started taking his first steps and would wobble along with his arms extended towards me and when he looks at me and says “mama,” I love my life!

  418. Barbara Mays says

    My favorite time is Sunday mornings, where we snuggle together in our bed. Granted, “snuggling” lasts about 3 seconds with our little wiggle worm, but perhaps that’s what makes those short snuggles so special!

  419. says

    My favorite times are the ones when I catch the baby passed out with his daddy and they are IDENTICAL…from arms thrown above the head to one leg sticking out from under the covers. He definitely is his father’s son :)

  420. Kelly says

    A recent great memory was of mother’s day tea at my three year old’s preschool. When it was time for the children to perform their songs that they had learned, my son had to use the potty. He sang to me from the bathroom stall. That’s a great family memory that I’ll never forget.

  421. Kati C. says

    The best times for me with my family is when I walk in the door after a long day at work. My 1 year old son has learned the sound of the garage door opening so he runs to the hallway when he hears it so that when I open the door I only see his smiling face waiting for me. We run to each other and share lots of hugs and kisses and then him and daddy tell me all about the adventures they had that day and everything new my son learned. I know one thing for sure, no bad day can ever stand a chance against that smile waiting for me when I walk through the door!

  422. Christina says

    Best of times? All the time. Thankful for my creative, smart happy little Elizabeth. I didn’t know how much I would love her…and that love grows more and more everyday!

  423. Shannon Emery says

    Some of the best family moments we have are every day moments when I look at my son & think “WOW look at how fast you are growing up & how much you learn everyday”. Especially when he chases our 3 boxers around & grabs hold of their back & lays his head down while “hugging” them & then gives them kisses or when he looks at me with a huge smile on his face because I walked into the room (or dad walked into the room). Just simple every day moments that make me glad that my miracle baby is here!

  424. Angie says

    our best of times is when my son falls asleep in my arms, and when Daddy comes home…he lights up like a Christmas Tree!!

  425. Pamela says

    My favourite are the moments that my almost four year old and 8 month old are playing together!! What a magical moment to see two kids who love each other and take so much joy in each other!!!

  426. heather mientus says

    My daughter has been through alot in her little life. At two months old she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma(childhood cancer) so any time with her is so precious. I must say the best family memory we have is her first christmas and the days that lead up to it. On december 22 2008 she had her final surgery to fully remove her tumor. It was a hard time but to know that she was without the cancer for the first time in her life was the most amazing gift. we couldn’t have asked for a better gift from anyone. she was on life support the day of the surgery and on the 23rd and on the 24th she came of of life support. waking up christmas morning to our little girl alive and cancer free was probably the most amazing christmas we will ever have. to see our little girl smiling even though she probably hurt from having her whole abdomin operated on really touched us. she is an amazing little girl and everyday with her is precious and we wouldnt change anything for the world. her daddy and i love her more than we could ever explain.

  427. Shelly Pierce says

    Since I am starting my family now I havent had a great family moment. Therefore the greatest moment of my life was the day I found out I was Pregnant. For years doctors said I couldn’t have children. November of 2008, the doctor wanted to give me a hysterectomy, but being 22 my medical insurance wouldn’t cover it. So the doc put me on Lupron injections to shut my reproductive organs down and put me through menopause. I had to have the shot once a month for 6 months. It was the worse time of my life, the mood swings, hot flashes, and depression. Then in November of 2009 I found out I was Pregnant. I finally accepedt the fact I couldn’t have children, I was depressed. I always wonder why GOD could give women children who could drown them or harm them in any way, why I couldn’t have children because I knew I would take care of them. Now being pregnant I am the happiest person in the world. The LORD has truely blessed me. I am looking forward to life I’m going to have with my SON. My due date is July 3rd, and I am ready for my little man to make his grand entrance!!!

  428. April says

    The best of times is when it is close to bedtime and we are all relaxing and snuggling in the living room. :)

  429. brittany says

    One of my favorite memories with my daughter is when she got into mommy’s mascara. Daddy was “watching” her and she proceeded to cover herself almost heard to toe in mascara. She didn’t touch the couches or anything besides herself but she was so proud of herself. When Daddy found her, she smiled and said “Pretty!”

    That photo will be in her yearbook in 16 years!

  430. Julie Wilcox says

    Our families best times are when I get to actually see my daughter learning and processing what is going on. She is almost 2 and is gaining knowledge very fast now! I absolutely love when we can sit down together and have a conversation about her babies!! :) I also love when we are riding home after picking her up from daycare, and she jams out in the back seat to her kids music, singing and dancing along! I enjoy seeing her in action!!

  431. Michelle Spiess says

    My favorite memories are watching my kids learn, laugh and explore no matter where we are…the beach, WDW, the park. Sometimes they don’t get to find out where we are going till we are there just so we can see there excited little faces. :)

  432. Lisha says

    My favorite family moments are actually from my childhood and not with my own children. My mom used to take my brother and I up to the mountains to a tree farm every year for christmas. We would meet up with aunts and uncles and our grandparents and everyone would get to pick out their trees for the year. As we all headed down the hill, we would stop at this place that served hot apple cider and everyone would mingle and drink until everyone was ready to go home. One of my favorite times. I have tried doing something similar with my daughter but it just hasn’t been the same. Working on trying to find our own memorable moments and with a new baby on the way, we may just be able to figure it out.

  433. Amy in AL says

    My favorite family moments are when the kids first wake up in the morning and when they get up from their nap. They are so sweet an snuggly – and say the funniest things!

  434. delana collins says

    To me the best times is every day honestly i never have a day go by that is that bad not saying i dont have bad days its just that whenever i do my boys just make me completely for get about it. I have a 4 yr old and 2 month old and when my 4 yr old tells me he loves me or my 2 month old smiles thats all it takes to melt my heart and make me forget about everything and im really looking forward to many more great memories with them both.

  435. Ashley Parker says

    our best family moment with my oldest was when he was 3 weeks old and we got to pick daddy up from the airport. He was home for 2 weeks from Iraq, it was the first time him and our son got to meet. It was SO amazing, right up there with getting married and having my kids. With my daughter we always seem to have the best time sitting outside by the little swimming pool, my kids love to be outside, so we spend so much time out there. Just relaxing and soaking up the sun.

  436. Joy says

    One of my favorite things is exploring new things through the eyes of my sons. A time specifically that I enjoy is when I go for a run on the trail in our town there is a creek that runs along side the trail. We always stop at one particular spot to listen and look for frogs, turtles, and ducks. My sons love it and I love seeing them get so excited over the simple things in life. It helps me to open my eyes to the little things around me.

  437. Carolyn says

    Our best family moments are when my husband and I drop whatever it is we need to do and take the time to sit and play with our 6 1/2 month old daughter. We love to make her giggle and get so much enjoyment out of watching her play and try so hard to crawl! It really is the true meaning of happiness!

  438. Jen Schmidt says

    I love the moments we spend outside as a family. Not doing anything particular…a walk around the lake, or the neighborhood, or chatting with our neighbors outside as the kiddos play. It’s these “non-scheduled” moments that draw us closer as a family and create memories that I hope my son will never forget. :)

  439. Tabitha says

    My favorite family moment is when our two year old son say his twin sisters for the first time. he just kept saying “two babies momma” “two!?!” it was so cute then he said “me hold em?” i will never for get it neither will my husband!

  440. Holly says

    The best of times is when we are all together. My husband is in the military so anytime we are all together is special to me.

  441. Lium's Mommy says

    My best mommy moments are when Lium and I first wake up, hes so smily and happy to see me. Its like he hasen’t seen me in a long time and just wants to be hugged and loved on. I love it!

  442. stacy barnes says

    oh wow a $1,000 american express would would so help my family right now! my son has to have surgery again on his (pee pee) and that money would be awesome to help pay for it! they didnt circumsize him right the first time! but my family would really appericate it and could really use it at a time like this! thanks so much!!

  443. kelly says

    My favorite moments are those times with my husband and son where I can see that my husband’s heart has been touched. Our son Jack will hug my husband and put his head down and pat his back. He also likes to imitate and will “fix” a bunch of stationary objects with his play tools just like his daddy showed him.

  444. Davina Garrett says

    One of our best family moments was the day I found out I was pregnant, I’d taken SIX home tests to be sure. We had tried for five years and were told we probably wouldn’t be able to conceive. we laughed, we cried, we told the world:) Our best moments with Alex, our little guy are simply sitting in the floor with his toys and all three of us playing together. Every few minutes Alex wil lget up and walk to one of us and wrap his little arms around our neck and give a big squeeze, then resume our playing. It’s the simple things in life that make it all so worth it!

  445. brandonandtasha says

    Our “best of time” is when my husband comes home from work. I am currently not working since our 2nd child is only 2 weeks old. Since, I’m not working, my husband has picked up a 2nd job. He works hard to support our family. Our son is 1, and he is a daddy’s boy. He loves to go places with daddy and when I tell him daddy is home, his face lights up and he runs to the door. I’ll let him out and he will run down the drive way to daddy and reach his arms up. It’s all about daddy. Daddy can’t put our son down for a good 15 minutes after he gets home. My husband doesn’t get home at a decent time either, so I let my son take 2 naps during the day just so he can stay awake till 10 pm when daddy gets home. That’s his only chance to see his daddy, and I would never take that away from him. I do have to deal with a cranky baby, but its so worth it for him to see his daddy.

  446. Caitlyn says

    We are a fairly new family, our only daughter being 6 months old. So I have to say that our best of times is everyday, from the first time we saw her little face til now. She’s not truly a “little mover” yet, but we are working on the crawling!! It really brings a smile to my face however, when Daddy is home from work, and the TV is OFF, and we all sit on the floor together and play, snuggle, and get lots of Camryn kisses!!

  447. Heather Clyburn says

    Some of the best times for my family is bed time. There is no greater feeling than snuggling up on the couch or a bed with my three freshly-cleaned daughters who smell of fruity shampoo and bubble bath. The three of them fight and push to get the closest seat next to me and we read a story. We read all sorts of different stories; funny books, educational books and even books that make me cry. Charlotte’s Web was a one tough for me. My girls still tease me for babbling at the end of the book. I love that every night we finish our day together being silly and loving on one another. Even on the days when I am tired, they do not let me forget that we need to read and pray.

  448. Heather Adkins says

    My favorite family memories are just spending time with my husband and our 4 month old daughter, Minna. It is so much fun to play together on the floor and listen to her laugh so much.

  449. Kayla Barna says

    I think the best of times is quality time spend with family. I have a 9yr old sister and 12yr old brother. Even though I am 22, married, and the mother to a precious 4 month old baby girl I still make time to spend with my parents and siblings. We try to have a family game night once a week. We have a wonderful dinner cooked by my mom & dad and then play cards or board games. Laughter fills the house and the bonds of family grow stronger each time. I want my daughter to grow up among people who love her and live by example, so that one day she will have her own family game night and understand the importance of sharing memories with the ones you love.

  450. Melisha Poe says

    Hello, I would like to say good luck to everyone who enters first of all. Our best family memories are remade each year with the same tradition. Every December we go to Walt Disney. We go see the Osboure lights, have dinner at a new place each year till we have at ate all them, ride rides and take alot of pictures, and stay hotel for the weekend. It has been a family tradition for years! My side and my husbands side both do it now. Its just great to get the whole family together and let the stress go out the window and enjoy each others company. thank you for letting me tell my family tradition with all of you!

  451. Ashli says

    my favorite family moments are when my 5 year old and 3 year old wake up in the morning and run around to find me and say “good morning momma i love you”. i get to look forward to my 3 month old doing this soon.

  452. Rebecca Williams says

    My favorite times with my 2 little ones- ages 2 1/2 and 1- are when they are playing sweetly together- which is actually alot of the time these days. I love to see them hug and kiss and share toys! Makes all the craziness of having 2 little ones so close in age worth it!

  453. Holly H. says

    My favorites are Saturday & Sunday mornings when we can take the time to snuggle together.
    I also enjoy the times when our entire family gets together, it is a joy to see cousins getting along and grandparents loving on the baby.

  454. Julie says

    We love watching our son come running to meet Sunday mornings when we pick him up from church nursery.

  455. Krissy Yaedke says

    Our favorite family moments are the times we share together, like running bare foot in the back yard, swimming in a pool together, having a quiet sunday picnic as a family. Taking lots of pictures so that the memories will last a lifetime in our heads and on paper. Having a family is just so special that i can not pick just one family memory to be my favorite. Everyone is my favorite since my daughter came into this world everyday has been special and wonderful in its own way. I can not wait to see the memories that the future hold with my family. What a great journey for anyone to be on.

  456. Laura Smith says

    my favorite family time is reading to the kids before bed. my 2 yr old will climb up in the chair with me and we’ll read whatever book he has picked out. also another thing, my son has been coming up to me and wanting hugs and kisses! i used to have to ask him and now he asks me! i love my boys!

  457. Sarah L says

    Some of my favorite things are just hearing my children laugh. How their smiles can make your bad day into a good day

  458. Melissa says

    We just got back from a vacation to Disney World with our 10 month old baby. I know she will not remember being there but I’ve build some incredible memories. I will never forget the look in her face when she was riding the Magic Carpets, she loved it! It was adorable to see her staring and smiling at the characters when we saw them.

  459. Lorie says

    When my 4.5yo DS is being very sweet & loving to his 4mo baby brother or he tells his 19mo sister “let’s go play.”

  460. Amber Mursch says

    My favorite family time is listening to my 3 year old daughter playing with my 5 month old dauther and watching them laugh out loud and smile at each other. Those are my most favorite times!

  461. Megan says

    My best of times was when we brought our youngest son home. We were all in the truck getting ready to leave the hospital when I realized our perfect family was complete and that we would have millions of more memories to create as we spend the rest of our lives together.

  462. YK says

    My favorite family moment(s) are the times where it’s just me, my husband and our 11-month-old daughter. She’s happiest when we’re all together and will go back and forth between me and her daddy, smiling and laughing and I know that she feels safe and loved. In the mornings, when we bring her to bed, she always moves toward her daddy and gives him a kiss and usually tries to sit on my head. She thinks this is hilarious, and I have to admit, she’s pretty darn cute.

  463. Tonya says

    My favorite time so far was after my son was born. My daughter was 2 1/2 when he was born, and as soon as he came home all she wanted to do was hold him…If he woke up she had to be right there wanting to help with everything, feeding, burping, bathing, and even changing diapers. We had to buy her a shirt that said ” Little Mommy”. I love my kids so much, its hard to choose just one moment, everyday something cute happens!

  464. Krissy says

    Every day my son learns more and more. When I look back I wanted him to hit his milestones so fast. Now he has hit a lot of them, at age 3 1/2. Everyday his imagination is growing and growing it is amazing how fast your moments happen. Its hard to choose one. I choose them all.

  465. Lang Sims says

    My favorite family moment is when my husband, son, and I are in the bed watching tv when he first wakes up. He snuggles so sweetly when he’s still a little sleepy. It make for a good start to the day!

  466. Delani D. Cabossart says

    The best time for me and my fiance is when the kids do something wonderful. I am blessed to have a 2 1/2 year old and a 11 1/2 month old. My daughter is the 2 year old and my son is the 11 month old. They both have grown up so fast and also they have grown up differently. My daughter likes to be mother hen and my son well hes a handful. I love them both.

  467. meagan says

    Love going on “mommy dates” with my little man! he’s always so proud to take me out- even if i do pay:)

  468. jolene says

    although it is a tough time for our family i think the best family memories are the times my husband comes home from a deployment! the kids just attach and there is so much love in such a small amount of time its amazing. even though it causes some obsticles as the children are growing and their father isnt around all the time, we make it and the kids learn to appreciate their family at such a young age! so anytime that my husband comes home is a wonderful family memory for all of us =)

  469. says

    Some of our best family moments are spontaneous – proving that less is more! Sometimes just hanging out on the grass with a couple of balls can be as fun as going to Disney!

  470. Mi says

    My favorite family time is going to the park and playing with our little one. He loves the swings and going down the slides. We all have so much fun together and I’m so happy the weather is nice again. I will always cherish these times!

  471. Laura-Leigh Goff says

    One of our favorite times is the morning when all 3 of our kids, including the baby, are in bed with us and we are all laughing at the silly things the baby does. He loves to make us laugh!

  472. says

    My favorite family moments are when little one wakes up in the morning and I go in to get him out of his crib. He gives me the biggest smile and a laugh and then dive bombs his mattress! I also love watching him imitate and follow his father around and sit right next to him on the sofa to watch sports. A perfect mini-me!

  473. Mandy Zollinger says

    I think my the best of times at my house would consist of lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles. I love watching my 3-year-old daughter play with her baby brother and say silly things like, ‘Feel the nub…’ as she rubs his ear lobes (from Mall Cop). Children are the most precious gift I have. I’m blessed to have 5 of these blessings!

  474. Laina says

    My favorite moments are at night when I am rocking my daughter to sleep. She snuggles right in, laying her head on my shoulder and twining her fingers in my hair or my shirt. The love I have for her is overwhelming, especially when she tilts her head back and looks in my eyes and smiles, just for me. Watching those little eyes close and feeling her drift off to sleep is pure serenity. I never knew being a mom would make me love someone so much!

  475. michelle courtney says

    the best family moment is finding out i was pregnant being pregnant gives you the best memories when you 1st lay your eyes on your baby that is so breathe taken you know there will be very special and remarkable moments to come a baby also having my son brought my family closer together some people i hardly didn’t talk to are in my life because of my son which i am happy for you never realize how much they are meant to you until you spend alot of special time together going place etc just making memories that are special is speech less family period are memories you don’t want to waste also pictures are also very special people get older and babies get bigger and pictures are memories with alot of meaning you can always look back and laugh,cry be blown away how that day was and you will never forget any memories

  476. kirsten says

    My son lets out little giggles as he falls asleep. My favorite moments, the moments I hope time lets me keep, are those when he is drifting off to sleep in my arms. He smiles, rubs my shirt and pats my arms, and lets out those perfect little giggles. So, so wonderful.

  477. Ruth Holmes says

    My favorite family times are right as my husband gets home from work. Usually we are all in the living room, the twins are playing on the floor and my older (6yr old) daughter has just finished reading and doing her homework and she is now playing with the babies. My husband walks through the door and to see all of their faces light up with excitement that Daddy is home. We all usually sit there and play for a few minutes before I have to get up and start on dinner. Daddy becomes a jungle gym when I have to leave the room. It is such a nice time to just be together. Everyone is happy and playing. Just great family fun! :)

  478. says

    Just being with my kids everyday and watching them grow and learn. It is amazing how much they learn in such a small amount of time… and grow!!

  479. says

    My best memories resulted from a trip we just took to Florida. Although dad couldn’t be with us, the girls and I embarked on a fantastic journey of amazing girl time.

  480. Jackson's Mom says

    Having a two year little boy means having lots of special moments. It’s hard being a working mom (who works mainly night shifts) but my favorite moment I thouroughly enjoy is the times that I don’t work and am able to put my son to bed at night. He walks down the hall to his room, holding my hand. When we get in his room, he asks me for a “big huga-hug” as he calls it. He squeezes me tight and says “love you too” and then asks for kisses. I put him in bed and cover him up. He looks so peaceful and comfortable. I just eat those moments up!

  481. Melissa Salyers says

    My favorite family times are when we are sitting with my son and he reaches over and touches my belly and is excited to feel his unborn brother move. Seeing the light in his eyes is all that I need. It’s wonderful.

  482. deb says

    My favorite memories with my boys revolve around laughter. Nothing can bring a smile to my face quicker than a memory of my husband and two boys giggling with laughter as they play together.

  483. nikki says

    my fav time is when my baby (now 11m) gives me a hug i love being with him every min. of the day =)

  484. Amber says

    My favorite family moment is on Saturday mornings. Our two year old wakes up and runs to our bedroom. She jumps in bed with us and all three of us get to cuddle. She has even started to tell us about the dreams she had the night before. It is a great bonding time and it makes Saturday morning so much sweeter. I am now pregnant again so I can’t wait until we have another little one joining us for cuddle time!

  485. Gina Gambino says

    I have 2 boys ages 1 and 2 and each one has a different moment. My youngest gets my heart every morning/naptime when I go get him out of his crib. He gets so excited to see me he does his little happy dance and then rolls around his crib till I pick him up. My oldest has a special moment with his dad everynight. Right after I give the boys a bath, he goes straigh for the kitchen and gets his popcorn bowl and him and dad make popcorn. He is so excited to watch it pop weather it is on the stove or in the microwave. He calls it pop pop. then he barley eats any. Just for the show. So cute.

  486. Katie says

    My favorite times are watching my husband and son spending time together. It melts my heart to see the love between them while they play together.

  487. says

    After spending 1.5 months in a children’s hospital for heart surgeries, our baby got to drive back home with me. Yes, all 8 hours just baby and I on the road with her full-time oxygen and feeding tube. (Dad had to return to work after 4 weeks). Once I got her home… I had no idea what to do with her. Everyone spent so much time teaching me how to medically care for her, I didn’t know how to care for her as a person. After a few days, I broke down and cried because I was confused and felt like I wasn’t doing enough. When I looked down at my baby, she smiled at me for the first time and giggled. Later that night I told my husband, and when we both began cooing at her, she smiled and giggled back. That was when I knew we’d all be fine.

  488. says

    My favorite time with my nineteen month son was when he first started sayin momma. I felt so loved and special cause he always said daddy and neva mommy. I would never forget the moment. He was bout twelve months old and he wanted something from his father and his father said no so he ran to me yellin mom momma momma i almost had tears in my eyes cuz i couldnt believe it. My son took my breath away. That moment i will forever cherish.

  489. Kellie Hornick says

    The “best of times” was when I had my daughter ONLY 4 weeks early. I went into preterm labor at 25 weeks and spent a couple weeks in the hospital. I was able to come home just 2 days before Christmas but spent the rest of my pregnancy on bedrest. When Caylene was born, she was only 5 lbs 5 oz but she was a perfect picture of health and was able to go home with me when I left the hospital (something I wasn’t able to do with her older brother). Watching her grow everyday and all her new experiences have truly made every minute worth it!

  490. Chelle says

    Right now my favorite moment is when my 18 month old little man runs up to me and grabs my face with both hands and plants a big wet sloppy kiss on me. I will never forget these kisses. :) They are just as enjoyable watching them happen to daddy.

  491. Jacqueline says

    My favorite time with my 7 month old is every morning when I wake up and see his beautiful sleeping face. I still can’t get over that I made him and it’s just such a wonderful warm feeling to wake up to every morning!

  492. Leah says

    My 16 mo-old has this habit of calling out “Dada” and my husband will say ” Dada here!” and then “Mama” and I will say ” Mama here!” everytime we get in the car before a car ride. Hearing us answer always make him giggle :0) It seems like he’s checking if everyone in his family is complete :0)

  493. Suzanne says

    My favorite memories of our family is when my two little girls (ages 2.5yrs and 12month at the time) became big sisters to their twin brothers. They couldn’t stop lovin’ on the babies and my arms & lap overflowed with so much love (still do). The girls reactions were priceless and will forever be a wonderful memory for me.

  494. Nicole Scholl says

    The best time I remember since we had our baby girl was when my husband and I were holding each other in front of the crib looking in amazement at our new baby.

  495. Brenna B. says

    So far, one of my fav memories with our oldest son was on his 3rd b-day. We spent the day doing all kinds of fun stuff, and that night when we tucked him in bed he said,” I love you! Thanks for my birthday!” It completely melted my heart & reminded me to ALWAYS be thankful that I am the mother of two precious boys!

  496. Melissa H says

    Our ‘Best of Times’ … The first few weeks home from the hospital … I couldn’t stop staring at my son and declaring over and over and over how cute, perfect, wonderful, and any number of other adjectives you could fathom, he was … Its probably the only time where the majority of the time, I got to just look at him, because he was actually still! … (stare at him is more like it) … So looking forward to the same with his little sister in a few weeks :)

  497. Katrina Hix says

    My favorite family times are when we go hiking together at the beach or park…we love being outdoors! A lot of time we take food and grill out – there’s a lot of beautiful areashere to go walking and just enjoy being in nature! My husband is in the Army and every little bit of time we get to spend together is priceless!!!!

  498. Mary Smith says

    My favorite family moment is cuddling with my kids for the short moments they will let me. They are 5 and 3 & 1/2 and don’t sit still too long:)!

  499. Lyn Gagnon says

    The best of times for me would be playing with my 4 little children. I have a 3 1/2 year old son and triplet girls who are almost 1 year old. It is so much fun for me to sit and play with them on the floor! I just love hearing my son acting silly to make his sisters laugh!!!

  500. Kelly Meiners says

    Our best times are when we are able to go camping and fishing in the nearby canyon. I love getting the boys away from the tv, computer, and video games. They become different people! Being outdoors and away from the ‘electric distractions’ seems to help the boys be their true selves – helping one another, getting along, and exploring their world.

  501. Amy Pommer says

    My “best of times” is playing baseball with my two year old son and my husband. At just 2 he already pitches the ball like he sees daddy do, and can hit really far! It is great bonding time for all of us and I love to see my husband and son bonding over “manly stuff” lol!

  502. Amber H. says

    I have three kids and we all have different best of times. My favorite family times with my oldet son, Christian who is 6 years old, is when we’re watching him play hockey and he scores and then he celebrates. He’s been working on his celebrating for two years and now he can do it like a pro. He gets so excited and lights up so much. And then we look at the pics of him playing hockey and he has stories that he makes up to go with those pics. :) My best times with my daughter is when my husband asks my daughter, Hayleigh who is 3, why he picks on her and she says because you love me. :) My best time with my youngest son is when he giggles just looking at people, it’s the best moment knowing he’s having a blast at 5 months of age. :) I couldn’t ask for three better kids.

  503. tiffany says

    I have so many favorite memories. All of the “firsts” that my kids had. I’m blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids and be able to see first hand the excitement on their faces when they discover something new. My most treasured moments are the times when my kids look and me and tell me they love me or that I’m a good mom. Their hugs and kisses are little treasures that I will have with me forever!

  504. Melissa Tennant says

    My favorite family moments are when we are in the great outdoors on a family hike. The spring has been wonderful this year in the southern Nevada desert and we have been able to go on a hike almost everyweekend since March. There is nothing like spending time with the family exploring!

  505. Pollyanna Reschke says

    One of my favorite family moments was when we found out I was pregnant with our second child. Our 2 year old daughter was so excited to be a big sister! And she now comes to my belly every morning and kisses her baby brother good morning and tell him she loves him.
    Family doesn’t get any better than that!

  506. Amy in SC says

    The best family times are when we just spend time together…with no appointments or commitments. Just time together. :)

  507. Kirsten says

    My favorite family moment is any time one of my little boys sneak into my bed and tell me they missed me and just want to cuddle with me for a little while. We lay there and sing silly songs that we make up as we go. It’s the best time ever!

  508. Melissa Bryant says

    I have a best of time all the time with my 3 children ages 6,3, & 10mths. My day is filled with many enjoyable moments from the morning with getting the kids up and seeing their just awaking faces and bedtime when we sit together and read a book before they close their sleepy eyes.

  509. Mindy Caley says

    We are a military family, my husband as a soldier is away a lot! my 19 month old son really misses his daddy ,..he will run to the front door when he hears a car approach only to get sad when it turns out it isnt daddy….my fave time is when i see my husband come home in the window, start to unlock the door and regardless what our son is doing, as soon as he hears that lock…he runs to the door, dropping everything, calling ” daddy :” ” daddy”…and then when my two men see eachother and jump in each others arms….life is beautiful and just as it should be….as daddy is home….

  510. Dina says

    My best of times were the two times I found out I was pregnant, when we found out the sexes, and the day my daughter and son were born!

  511. Lydia Banther says

    There are so many but one of the most memorable is when I found out I was pregnant after doing fertility for a year. The other memorable moment came Memorial Day weekend 2010 when my grandmother met my daughter (only great grand daughter) and she was completely in awe.

  512. Amanda Smith says

    My Favorite Memories of my children are when each of them was born. I always wanted to be a Mom and I waited until I was 28 and was finished with college. I love watching the kids laugh together. I also love seeing them learn new things and grow. There the light of my life and I can’t imagine a world without them.

  513. Suzanne says

    The day we got to take our second twin home from the hospital. We finally had our whole new family of five together for the first time in our home. It was the most memorable day for the whole family. My parents were here to be apart of it too.

  514. Steph Hohman says

    With six kids ranging in age from 1 to 20, every day is an adventure, but the very best times are when we are all together for a meal. Whether we are hunkered down around the table or having a picnic, the outside world seems to fade away and we reconnect and enjoy each other’s company. I love seeing everyone interact and show how much they care about one another!

  515. rena says

    There are so many wonderful memories and moments…i can never name just one. I love when my little boy (2) wakes up from a nap or in the morning and greets me with a huge hug. The most recent good memory is Mother’s day this year. My husband, my son and I went for a bike ride. Went to a park, had a picnic lunch and watched my little man play on the toys all on a beautiful sunny day!

  516. Jessica Schwendiman says

    I have always been very spoiled to be a stay at home mommy. I love it, I get to hear when my kids scrape their knee and need a band-aid, or laugh and have a good time. With this comes a lot of noise and patience, so you would think that my best of times would be in a bathtub soaking with no noise or interruption. However, the truth is my best of times come with noise of laughter and happiness when my kids get to see their daddy everyday after work. I have seen too many parents split and watch the kids suffer from it, so I am always the happiest person in the world to know that I have a husband who loves his children unconditionally. He gets down on his knees to play with them, toss them in the air, and read them a good night story. At the end of each day I know that I just had another best day.

  517. Jessica says

    My favorite family memory is apple picking. Last fall, we drove north to Ellijay, GA to pick apples with our boys (ages 1 & 4). It was a cold cold day, but we made the best of it. We bundled up, had a great (and super fun) time picking apples. Then we got some hot cocoa, boarded the hayride, cuddled up as close as we could and enjoyed the ride. It was one of those times where I stopped to take a breath and give thanks for the little things…and for my beautiful boys and amazing husband.

  518. emmy says

    one of the most recient family memories we have is when we told our 3 year old that hes ganna be a big brother, at first he didnt get it, kept looking at my belly and going theres a baby in there? now he tells everyone, im ganna be a big brother! he askes everyday how his lil peanut is doing (we told him that the baby was about the size of a peanut) having one child is wonderful, having to will be a blessing, im looking forward to building more memories with our newist addition. 😀