Saving Money

As a busy mom, few things make me happier than finding a bit of alone time in my schedule. Like many moms, one of my favorite places to go sneak in some “me” time is […]


If you’re anything like me, coffee is the only thing that separates you from a sack laying on the floor. My body is artificially awake 24/7.  America just doesn’t run on Dunkin, my whole body […]


I have friends that call on occasion to ask me if I want to go shopping. I have to say… I don’t love running around town doing the shopping thing. I LOVE hanging out with my friends […]

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I love the thought of websites that help me save money on everyday products that I buy. Some of my favorites are the ones that tailor purchases to my likes and dislikes. The way that […]


I used to travel every week for work. Part of my decision about where to stay or what cars to rent and even what airline to fly was based on the points I would earn towards […]


I am a deal seeker junkie. I will be the first to admit it. In fact, I probably aggravate my friends to death, because they are always telling me about a “great deal” they got […]


The Holidays have arrived!  For many of us this season is filled with holiday parties, family gatherings, and delicious food. But for many of us, this is also a time filled with temptations to break […]


My hubby is a steak lover. If you give him a choice of chicken, pork, or steak — he will totally choose steak everytime. In fact, one of his favorite places to eat steak is […]


I am a very frugal shopper when it comes to Halloween costumes and decorations. I try to make home homemade items when I can, but when you are a busy mom blogger like myself, sometimes […]


Pineapple is not just a summer fruit anymore!  I tend to use pineapple year-round on top of pizza, with roasted ham and also with pork tenderloin in the oven (love the combination of salt and […]