Summer Bingo Game with #Free Printables

Danielle Reeves, 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, made a fun, free printable to help keep your kids busy this summer…

Ladies, can I just tell you how annoying summer vacation has already been so far? Seriously, on Monday my daughter had her last day of school, a half day, and she wasn’t home for even three hours before ‘Mom, I’m bored’. AGH!

I decided to get a bunch of different, simple activities together for those moments when she has ‘nothing to do’ (wouldn’t that be nice to have nothing to do?). You can add to your boredom-busting stash with this free printable Summer Bingo Game!

Summer Bingo Game with Free Printable / by 5MinutesForMom #freeprintable #summergame #bingo

Seriously, it’s nice having a stash of things you can just pull out and say ‘here, go play this’, right? There’s no prep work, it’s easily stored, and you can even count it as a ‘snack’ if you use treats for the pieces (those skittles shown in the photos…ya, I ate those and didn’t share with the kids. Oops!) Heck, you could take them along on vacation for a quick time-filler at a hotel stop!

This Summer Bingo Game CAN be printed in black and white, but they do look really fun with that ‘pop’ of summer color! Use pieces such as Skittles, M&Ms, cereal, or even little game pieces like little Legos, or scraps of paper. This is suppose to be EASY to help the kids have some fun, and YOU have less stress!

Summer Bingo Game with Free Printable / by 5MinutesForMom #freeprintable #summergame #bingo

I’ve provided 6 DIFFERENT bingo cards full of fun summer-themed pictures. Download them here:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Summer Bingo Game with Free Printable / by 5MinutesForMom #freeprintable #summergame #bingo

In case you have more than 6 kids that are playing, and want them to have different cards than the rest, here’s a print of BLANK cards, so you can create you own. Download the blank card Here.

And don’t forget the images to draw from the hat (or bowl, or whatever)…here’s a sheet so you can cut them out for the drawing, or for creating new cards with that blank template. Download the sheet of all images Here.

Summer Bingo Game with Free Printable / by 5MinutesForMom #freeprintable #summergame #bingo

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    Thanks! I have encountered the boredom set in already at my house too. I have one child but watch 3 children during the week and they go crazy without some kind of activity to do.


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