Day 4 in our Disney Video Tour — Sailing with Disney Cruise Line

Disney Tips - Sailing on the Disney Cruise Line

Welcome to Day 4 in our 10 Days of Disney Video Tour.

We’ve set sail with Disney Cruise Line!

Neither Janice nor I had ever been on a cruise before, and we never planned on taking a cruise… certainly not with our kids.

Wow, we were missing out!!!

The Disney Cruise turned out to be a fabulous way to get the best of all worlds for everyone in the family.

Check it out…

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Or click on each below to enjoy the magic of Disney…

And in the nature of full disclosure… Disney paid for our trip and produced these videos. But as you can imagine, they certainly didn’t need to pay us to love and gush about Disney… that just comes naturally. :)


  1. says

    My husband and I have always wanted to go on a cruise. Recently, I have been researching the Disney cruises. They look so fun and family friendly! I like that once I step on the ship we are taken care of-a load off for mom!

  2. says

    I soooooooo want to take my son on a Disney Cruise. I don’t think I could pick just one thing that I would like most. Between the shows, the dining, the stars, the fun and interaction both for and with the kids and adults, and even the time away from the kids, I just don’t know. The main thing would be that I want my son to have a wonderful time and experience. And I would him to walk away from the vacation feeling blessed.

  3. says

    i’ve never been on a disney cruise, or any cruise, but I think I’d love it. The fun places to visit, the great activities for the kids.. what more could you want!

  4. heather says

    I’ve never been on a cruise but what I think would be best about it would be all the things for my kids to do. They have never cruised before and I can’t think of a better first cruise for them than one with Disney!

  5. Raelena says

    I have never been on ANY kind of cruise. I think what I would like most about it is being able to hang out on deck and look at the beautiful ocean.

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  6. Michelle says

    I’ve never been on a Disney Cruise, but, knowing how Disney does things at Disney World and Disneyland, I can’t imagine not loving every minute of one.

  7. chyk says

    i have never been on a disney cruise, but i hear the disney islands are nice. i think i would also love not having to cook.

  8. Dezi Allen says

    Never been on a cruise at all. I’d probably love the fact that my kids would have just as much to love as I would. Sigh… hopefully one day.

  9. says

    I’ve never been on a cruise, let alone a Disney one. If we ever do decide to go on a cruise, it will most definitely be a Disney one. Disney just does everyone so well, that I know we’d love it!

  10. Karen says

    I have never been on a Disney cruise but it is high on my list of potential vacation ideas. I think it sounds like a perfect vacation when you have small children. I think everyone should experience it at least once. Everyone I know that has gone has great things to report.

  11. Chrissy says

    I have yet to be on a Disney Cruise or any cruise for that matter, but I think it would be a fun experience! There seems to be a ton of entertainment and an great way of seeing different countries or parts of a country without flying from one place to another. I can’t wait to go on one someday!

  12. Ivy says

    I’ve been on a cruise before, but it wasn’t Disney. I think I’d like the dining environment that changes as the meal progresses, but I love the fact that they have things planned for kids of all ages.

  13. says

    I’ve never been on a cruise before and have been trying to convince my MIL that a Disney Cruise would be a better family trip for us than other cruises since there are many young children in the family. Maybe if I show her there is fun for adults too!


  14. says

    I have been begging to go on a Disney cruise for years but have yet to go on one but if I were to go one one I am certain that I would love both the spa and the whole experience of being at sea since I’ve never been on a cruise before!

  15. says

    I would LOVE to go on a Disney cruise! I have always enjoyed boat rides and think it would be so much fun! I think we would enjoy the food and “cookie time”.

  16. Elli says

    i’ve never been on a cruise. the “all inclusive” feature sounds wonderful, along with spectacular entertainment for the whole family.

  17. says

    I so want to take my kids on a Disney cruise I think they would love it. My son would like the teen activities and the audience participant shows and my daughter and I would like the stage shows. Hubby… the FOOD! LOL!

  18. says

    We’ve never had the chance to go on a Disney Cruise, though I would love to. I think the entertainment and activities (like meeting the characters) would be fun for my little one!

  19. Ellen C. says

    I’ve never been on any cruise but I’d love a Disney cruise because I’m sure it would be high quality and a lot of fun because they always put 150% into everything they do.

  20. says

    We have never been on a Disney cruise, but have wanted to do one for a while now! I have several friends who have done it and they have all had nothing but fantastic reviews! I think we’d like all of the childrens activities that they offer and Castaway Cay the best!

  21. Vickie Couturier says

    I havent been on a Disney Cruise but ive been wanting to take my grandsons next summer,we cant do the park an the cruise,so im thinking the cruise would be better,I think having the characters on board would be great for the kids

  22. says

    I’ve never been on a Disney cruise before, but I think it would be fabulous because they have so much for the kids to do, as well as for the adults! So, everyone is happy.

  23. says

    We love cruising but that is something we do without kids. If we ever lose our minds and take them with us, it would be Disney all the way.

  24. says

    Never been on a cruise, but I’m sure we would love the food, the entertainment for the kids. . . not cooking!! like one of the other moms said. LOL!

  25. says

    We have not gone on a cruise yet with Disney, but I do so want to. I love the pictures of the kids playing on the island with Captain Hook that Disney shows and can easily imagine my girls playing there! I also think the idea of the kids activities being monitored while parents have some down time. It all sounds good to me!

  26. says

    We took the boys on the DCL when they were 10 & 13. The best part was the TONS of things for each of them to do. The oldest spent so much time in the teen club that we hardly ever saw him. :-) My youngest LOVED the science club. The one time I made sure we were all together was dinner which was absolutely FABULOUS!! Plus they got to experience the different cultures of the islands we visited. It is an experience they still talk about and they are now 18 & 21.

  27. CherylS22 says

    I’ve never been on a Disney Cruise. I get sea-sick so I have no desire to get on any cruise ship – but, it sure looked like fun!

  28. says

    we have never been on a disney cruise, or even a cruise for that matter! We would love to experience that – I think the entertainment and food would be something!! lol

  29. Jinii says

    I have never been on Disney Cruise bu I think it would be so great to have the kids entertained the whole time. I went on cruises with my family when I was younger and remembering being so bored because we were not allowed in a lot of the places!

  30. says

    I desperately want to go on one of these cruises. About every five years, my family tries to do a big event for Christmas. My father’s birthday is in December, so we make it a big blowout. We’ve all gone to NYC, Key West, Callaway Gardens, etc… I’ve been pushing for our next one to be a Disney Cruise. I think all the grandkids from the one to be born this December to the 16 year old would find something to entertain them. Our toddler group of three cousins from 3-5 would be in princess heaven.

  31. Elizabeth says

    I haven’t been on one yet but I’ve heard that the fun towel creatures they leave on the beds at night are delightful!

  32. says

    I have never been on a Disney cruise and after seeing all the fun things to do and see, I need to put it on my list of family vacations. I think my fave would be all the shows.


  33. Val Pearson says

    I have never ever been on a Disney Cruise or any cruise for that matter. I don’t care how old I am, I would love to see the characters all dressed up! It looks like a super fun time. Since I went to Disneyland on my honeymoon, we might catch a Disney Cruise for our 50th anniversary! Or just for fun, whichever we can afford first!

  34. Jen W says

    I have never been on a cruise either, but I am a HUGE Disney nut and have been wanting to do this cruise! My youngest just turned 3 so I’m not sure if she’ll be old enough to truly enjoy/remember a cruise, but it looks as if there were a lot of younger children on this cruise- we just might have to start saving for this one!

  35. says

    I went on a Disney cruise when I was 9 (years ago) and loved every minute of it. My favorite part was the special party we had with Mickey and Minnie on the boat. I bet it has gotten so much better since I went!

  36. says

    have not been on a Disney Cruise however, I will be going on one. We have been wanting to take our children and grandchildren on a cruise. We want to have a family atmosphere for the little ones and we know that Disney will provide that.
    I would love to sit in the theater and watch the live performances with my grandchildren. We went on a cruise with another cruise line in 2000 and again this year with the same cruise line. Can you believe that the live show was exactly the same 9 years later????

  37. says

    I went on a Disney Cruise a long ago. Beides all of the good food I enjoyed meeting Chip and Dale and getting my picture taken with them. Of course going to Disney’s private Island in the Bahamas.

  38. Yoli Cintra says

    I love Disney cruise! I love that is all inclusive and you go to their private island. I also love all the character on board.

  39. says

    I’ve never been on a Disney cruise, but I bet I’d love the shows. I have to admit: I’m a fan of musicals. There’s just something so magical about them. In fact, sometimes I wish life was more like a musical. Wouldn’t it be fun if we all just broke out in choreographed song and dance from time-to-time? :)

  40. says

    I have not been on a Disney Cruise, it all looks like fun!! I think I’ll really like the food and the ability to sneak off to do adult things while the kids are entertained 😉

  41. says

    I took my 12yo daughter on a Disney Cruise for her 6th birthday. It was amazing. I have never been on another cruise before. I loved all the entertainment. I really enjoyed the show we got to see, it was like being on Broadway Disney style. We are hoping to go again this coming January since Disney is doing the kids sail free program which is amazing!

  42. says

    I have personally never been on a Disney Cruise, but have been dreaming about going on one for years. I think the best part would be any and all things Disney. Disney in itself is so magical and so exciting. I also think that having Characters on the boat would be pretty amazing!

  43. Shawn C. says

    I’ve never been on a Disney Cruise but would LOVE to go on one!!! It would be great, there are so many activities for each member of our family, we could all have an amazing time! Also I heard the food is amazing, too!

    mainlandmama at gmail dot com

  44. says

    I was on a Disney Cruise when I was in High School with my family. It was a really fun experience (even as a teenager with her family!) and my favorite part was the private island the ship stopped at.

  45. Andrea H says

    I have never been on a cruise but we have always wanted to. I think a Disney cruise would be a ton of fun and we would enjoy everything!

  46. Lisa says

    I’ve been on a cruise before but never a Disney Cruise. I love that they allow small children (as young as 12 wks old!) onboard & offer babysitting services!

  47. lea says

    I’ve never been on a cruise before but the Disney cruise looks fantastic! I love that there’s so many kid-friendly activities to do!


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