Wordless Wednesday – Castaway Cay


If you happen to read my post the other day, you know I lost my camera bag with my beloved Canon 40D in the airport on my way to Orlando.

BUT, Kodak is the sponsor of the Disney Channel Summer at Sea, and they were so kind as to lend me a M863 digital camera!!! THANKS KODAK!

Here is a shot I took today of Castaway Cay, featuring the REAL ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean, alongside the fabulous Disney Wonder.

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Written by Janice.

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    I’m SOOO glad they’re taking care of your camera needs!! That’s a relief! I hope y’all have an AMAZING trip, and I can’t wait to hear about it!!

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    Lummy that linky thing is new and strange and scary……anyway……sorry about the camera. I lost mine at the beach once when I was accidentally swallowed by a wave, or rather the camera was, complete with all my holiday piccies. So my advice to one and all would be, ‘please lose your camera in the airport before the holiday.’ There again I don’t have friends in high and lofty place, such as Kodak :)

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    Awesome photo! Was that the Flying Dutchmen in the movie? The name of the other boats evade me aside from that and the Black Pearl of course.

    Happy W/W :)

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    I love the photo with the “old” and the new. I’m always a big fan of contrast in a shot and this is a great example!

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    Not loving the new linky thing – wasn’t clear whether they wanted my blog name or my post title. Oh well, that’s me, under the skinned knee heading! Li’l Empress’s perfect little knees now have a scab :(

    Love the pic – feels like a Calgon take me away moment. Or maybe I just really really need a Calgon moment :) Glad you got a camera to use in the meantime. Been praying for someone to turn in your lost one. Holy Spirit conviction and all!

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    So glad that Kodak saved the cruise (picture wise at least). Can not wait to hear more about the trip. As huge Disney fans we have always dreamed about going on their cruise.

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    My stomach gets in knots every time I read about you losing your camera. :(

    I am glad you have a loaner camera for the trip though. Great pic.


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