Now You Have No Excuses

New Habits in the New YearThe New Year is already in its second week. How are you doing with all of those good intentions?  Hopefully these prizes will help some of you jump to it.  If you are a winner, you should receive an email from me with “New Habits Contest” in the subject line by tomorrow.  Be sure to check the address that you used to enter the contest, and also check your spam filter if you haven’t heard from me.

The winner of the Busy Body Book Family Planner is #495, Tracy Holcomb.  For those of you who didn’t win,  you can still receive a 10% discount on your order through tomorrow.  Just go to and enter the code BBBSP at checkout.

829 of you wanted to go green with the three Minusbags totes, but there could only be one winner: #656, Daniela Plume.

The third giveaway offers two winners a Family Dinner Box of Questions.  The winners are #88, Andrea and #56, Laurie.

The five winners of the Growing Friendships book are #250 Betty Barrett, #81 Liza’s Eyeview, #181 Angela, #145 Diana, #129 Erin in MO.

The winner of  The Ultimate Tea Diet is #39, Michelle S.

Our next giveaway is the book How Strong Women Pray.  The two winners are # 158 Pamela White, and # 207 Bella.

Next, author and speaker Brenda Nixon offered up some parenting encouragement and a chance to win a copy of Parenting Power in the Early Years.  The winner is #37 Betty Gill.

Congratulations to everyone!


  1. says

    😀 Not winning means we don’t have to follow through on our resolutions, right! So technically, the losers are the winners 😀

    Just kidding.

    I’m declaring my resolutions to everyone I can. I want to follow through this year and I know accountability will help get me there.

  2. GWYN says

    Hi! Just ran across your site after googling the “Tea Diet”. Thanks for the comments you provided. I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes browsing your site and it’s wonderful! So glad I found y’all and I’m looking forward to checking in daily!

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