5 Days of Huggies® — A Week of Fantastic Giveaways!

5 Days of Huggies Giveaway

Ahhh, the diaper years…

Our sweet, innocent babies reward us with unconditional love, unlimited cuddles and never ending cuteness.

And while diapering isn’t usually our favorite part of those years, it comes with the territory. Have baby must change.

Olivia hugging a packing of Huggies Little Movers diapersOne thing I have noticed about diapering is that we moms are very brand loyal. We find something that works for us and we stick with it. A sale doesn’t tempt us the way it would for a loaf of bread.

After a few months of diapering my first son Jackson, I found I preferred Huggies diapers. And with Huggies, Susan and I have remained – for all four babies!

So, when asked if we wanted to do a Huggies® promotion, we said for sure!

We love our Huggies – especially the Huggies® Little Movers Diapers!

Seriously – check out Olivia in all her diaper cuteness. That little monkey is one fast Little Mover! (I especially love the scene of her dancing in the rain in her diaper. SO Olivia – SO cute!)

5 Days of Giveaways with Huggies!

We know moms have paid their diapering dues, so Huggies® wants to reward you with some FUN giveaways this week!

Yes, from Monday to Friday we will have fantastic prize packs that you will really want to win. So check back every day for more Huggies fun!

Our First Huggies Prize Pack

We parents spend a significant portion of our time and our money diapering our children. There isn’t any way around it. Babies require diapers — lots of them!

Toddlers feet resting on Huggies diapers Today’s giveaway is going to make one of you VERY excited about diapering! Oh yeah baby — win this one and every time you change that little bottom you will want to cheer!

Today’s prize pack includes 6 months of Huggies® Diapers!!!

So, we want to know, what would you do with six months worth of diapers? How would it help your family, (or a family you know?)

Day 1 Huggies Prize Pack

  • Six month’s worth of Huggies® Diapers in coupons
  • Huggies-branded Flip Cam — so you can capture all those fun moments with your family!
  • Dwell Studios Changing Pad — Great for Moms on the go – will need a portable changing pad with all those free diapers!
  • Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag — perfect to carry all those coupons, Flip Cam and of course the adorable changing pad!

To Enter:

To enter please leave a comment below by Friday, June 4th, and tell us what would you do with six months worth of diapers? How would it help your family, (or a family you know?) To make entering simpler for you, only one entry per person please.

This giveaway is open from May 24, 2010, to June 4, 2010. We will announce our winner on Saturday, June 4th. This giveaway is open U.S. residents 18 years of age or older at the time of entry and is void where prohibited by law.

The approximate retail value of this prize pack: Six month’s worth of Huggies Diapers in coupons ($288). Little Movers Flip Cam ($100), Dwell Studios Changing Pad ($18), Skip Hop Deluxe Diaper Bag ($58).

For additional rules, please click here for rules specifically pertaining to our 5 Days of Huggies® giveaways.

For more information about our giveaways, please see our site’s terms and conditions of use.

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*This giveaway is part of a sponsored campaign with Huggies®. Our opinions and posts about the products are completely our own — I mean, good grief, we have been putting our babies and toddlers in Huggies diapers for eight years! So no worries, as always, we post only what is truthful.

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.
You get our feed, right?


  1. says

    If I were to win 6 months worth of diapers I would first do a serious touch-down-dance!!!

    Because I have a baby still in diapers I would divide the coupons in half.

    Half for our family and half for other families.

    Then I would make several diaper cakes to donate to my local WIC office for brand new babies born in my community! :)

    (Here is my “how to make a diaper cake” post if you’ve never heard of one! :) http://www.household6diva.com/2010/05/baby-diaper-cake-how-to-what-is-make-it.html )

  2. heather says

    Oh my … 6 months of diapers?!? It would be SOOOO nice to not have to buy diapers for 6 months. It would free up our family financially and we could do more with our children. My daughter is almost 2 and she goes through diapers so fast. She also has VERY sensitive skin so we have to change her quickly so she doesn’t get a diaper rash. Cloth doesn’t work for us either …. oh to win 6 months would be awesome just a huge blessing!

  3. says

    Huggies has been my favorite brand through all those first years with my (now) four year old son. Others seemed to cause rashes, or just plain didn’t fit right. Six months of diapers would be quite a blessing as we look forward to the arrival of boy #2 around July 24th!

  4. JRG says

    Our kid’s grown, so I would donate them to the local food bank. People need more than just the food at those places; diapers would help many people.

  5. says

    With one little girl in diapers, it would sure help us out! We are a single income family and we stretch our dollars already. Saving on diapers for six months would certainly help us out! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. says

    We just recently found out I am pregnant with our second child. We are thrilled, as we have struggled with infertility since our 4 1/2 year old son. However, as with everyone nowadays, our financial means are limited. We do not have anything left from our son as we had succummed to the belief that we could not have more children and passed those items along to others. That being the case, we are having to start over by completely refurnishing our home for a baby. This is putting a strain on our pocketbook and winning 6 months worth of diapers would greatly help. With my son, I preferred Huggies diapers over other brands as well. There are less leaks and appear to be much more comfortable than other brands.

  7. Kathleen says

    I have one child in diapers and another on the way so this would be a wonderful giveaway to win! We love Huggies and would use them all.

  8. Julie L says

    My husband works with a young woman who has a toddler-she is a hardworking person whose husband has been out of a job for months. I would give the prize to her

  9. Helena C says

    What a great giveaway. I love Huggies for the way they fit and absorb. Have you seen the new denim Huggies?

  10. says

    Six months of diapers? Paid for? WOW. I’d be thrilled, since I have not-quite one year old twins! I’d totally diaper my kids with them :)

  11. Jenn says

    Winning 6 months of diapers would help tremendously! When we are home we do cloth diaper, but when we are out and about we generally use disposables. At the moment I have 2 in diapers and one on the way, so this would be a HUGE blessing to our one income family! Thank you for the chance to win!

  12. says

    What a great prize pack! My little one is still in diapers and to be able to save the money from buying 6 months worth of diapers would be great! However, I would most likely save a coupon or two for myself and then give the rest to my sister-in-law who has a harder time financially paying for diapers for her little guy each month.

  13. says

    Oh my goodness, the things around the house we could fix if we didn’t have to buy diapers for 6 months!! I think the new denim huggies are adorable!

  14. says

    my wife and I are having twin boys in august. we’ve slowly been building up a supply of diapers, and winning this promotion would let us stop our surplus stocking and move on to more important things, like their cribs!

  15. Julie Beasley says

    I would be so honored to receive the diapers for six months! I would use them on our little boy until he’s potty trained and then give the rest to a crisis pregnancy center in our area that has helped us.

  16. says

    We too are Huggies people. Kid A and B are finally potty trained (although they still have too many accidents) but Kid C is 6 months so I would totally use it for my own family. We Love Huggies! Really Hope I Win!

  17. Michelle C says

    My oh my. Our oldest daughter has a 2 yr old and….twin boys 7 mons. old. One of her best friends also has twin boys 3 wks. younger, as well as another friend due in a few mons. with twins!!! Lots of options and NEED for diapers. thanks

  18. says

    I have two little ones in diapers… so 6 months would only be 3 for us! =) (My boys are 11 months apart!) This would be great for us as my husband is transitioning out of the Army so we’re trying to save every penny we can pinch!

  19. says

    I wish I could say I would donate them to our local non-profit but since we have 2 boys still in diapers, we could really use these. My partner’s business had a slow, slow winter and I took on extra daycare kids but the expense of raising 5 boys is a lot. Winning a 6 month supply of Huggies would be a nice financial break for us and allow us to catch up a little. Thanks for having this!

  20. Heather H. says

    Well, considering we’re about to start trying for #3, I think 6 months of diapers would come in quite handy! And since #2 is not even 2 yet, she still needs them too…especially Overnights! Lifesavers, those diapers are!

  21. Jinii Boren says

    Six months of free diapers would be amazing. I would definately be using them all on my sweet 21 month old! The financial break would be amazing. My husband suffers from chronic paint hat we cannt seem to identify the souce to. He has been seeing quite a few research doctors to try and figure it out. As of May 1st the company he works for changed insurance companies that no longer cover any of these doctors! We are currently stuck trying to decide if financially we can cover these doctors out of our own pocket. This would help dramatically to make this happen. Hopefully with the extra money these doctors could diagnose his problem and could then live a pain free life. My ultimate wish!

  22. chyk says

    i have three kids in diapers and having 6 months worth of coupons would take a real load of worry off my mind (and help me put more food in my pantry with the savings)

  23. says

    SIx months of diapers?! We’d be ecstatic. Our little Sam could stick with one brand for longer than a few weeks! We were a Pampers fam, but with the latest concerns, we’re thinkin’ Huggies.

    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize pack!

  24. says

    What a great giveaway! I must admit – I was a Pampers mom through size 2-3, and then switched to Huggies and have never looked back.

    As a single-mom, 6 months worth of diapers would be an incredible gift.

  25. says

    I would love to win 6 months worth of Huggies diapers! Not having any children still in diapers myself, I would give them away to my youth pastor’s wife! She would be totally blessed!

  26. says

    6 Months of Huggies would be wonderful! I have a 1.5 yr old and just found out I’m pregnant again, paying for 2 in diapers will get expensive! Over 6 months that’s hundreds of dollars, so some free diapers would be so nice.

  27. says

    6 months worth of diapers would get me through the next couple months as I look for a job, since money is very tight at our house. It would also get me to the point where I can begin potty training!

  28. says

    With 6 months of free diapers I would give them to my 16-year-old niece who is expecting not her first, but her second baby in October. Her little girl will not even be a year old when the second baby is born so my brother and his family are going to be needing a lot of diapers!

  29. Misty says

    We would love to let our daughter experience a true beach vacation complete with sandcastles and walks in the sand. Oops…did I say walk, I meant run. What 2 year old walks!

  30. Kathleen D says

    what would you do with six months worth of diapers? How would it help your family, (or a family you know?)

    Six months worth of Huggies diapers is like winning the diaper lottery in my household. We have a 6 month old and a 2 year old who is currently potty training so we would use all of the diapers. I am a full-time student and stay at home Mom and my fiance works full time and we are in the process of starting a lawn business on the weekends so anything helps right now, especially diapers. Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  31. momtoem says

    I would LOVE to win 6 months worth of diapers because I have a 2-year old still in diapers and am expecting a baby in July!!! Thanks for the chance

  32. says

    I have a friend that I work with (a teacher) who is expecting her 2nd child in a couple of months. Her husband is in the Air Force and is set to deploy just six weeks after her due date. Colleen had to take a pay cut along with the rest of the teachers in the district and times are tough right now. This prize pack would help her immensely… she has asked all of her fellow teachers to collect Huggies coupons for her out of the newspaper when we see them, and I can imagine that every little bit helps!

    • tara wilburn says

      @becca hey- i dont know if you will see this but i have TONS of coupons sitting in front of me right now. i have ones for diapers, wipes, swimmers, overnights.. i live in southeast WI but i would be more then willing to mail you all of these. a friend of mine from ohio mailed them up to me and i’d be happy to send them to yall if you’d like. you can email me at princessnfrogss@yahoo.com

  33. toni jensen says

    well what would i do with them well my daughter could really use them and the money saved from not buying diapers for 6 month I could take my kids someplace special and fun over the summer.

  34. Celeste says

    Well, I have both a newborn and a one year old in diapers (in addition to my two three year olds, who are thankfully potty-trained!), so free diapers are always welcome here!

  35. says

    I would LOVE to win! We stopped buying huggies because of our budget, but I miss having diapers that don’t leak and actually FIT my daughter. I don’t think we’d need to use all of the free diapers our selves, as we’re starting to potty train, but I would give the surplus to our local crisis center that has helped us out from time to time with diapers, formula, anything baby, you name it, they’ve got it…even maternity clothes! They’re always needing the bigger sized diapers. Plus, I could really use a new diaper bag! lol…my last one bit the dust, and I’m using the free one from the hospital that is 3 years old b/c I can’t seem to make myself buy a new one when I have something that is usable already…lol..

  36. Alison S. says

    Six months of diapers for my sound would be a lovely help to our budget. I’ve been a loyal pampers fan, but their latest dry max diapers leak. Getting to try huggies for free might change my loyalty.

  37. says

    Huggies Diapers for 6 months, are you kidding me?? I would freak out! I have a 10 month old so YES we could use them! Diapers eat up my misc. budget for the month this would be AMAZING!

  38. Holly says

    I would use them on my 4 month old daughter for sure! We have tried other brands and Huggies works best! 6 months of diapers would help us tremendously since we are missionaries on a limited budget!

  39. says

    wow! 6 months worth of diapers PLUS all the extra goodies? sign me up! I would love to win this to continue my stockpile of huggies for our little girl that is coming within weeks. We had a great experience with huggies with our son, so I’m trying to stockpile our favorite brand again for the next kiddo. Great giveaway!

  40. Wendy Richards says

    With a 19 month-old still in diapers and another baby due in August, 6 months of diapers would sure help!! Then I can spend all that money on co-pays for all those doctor appointments they need!

  41. says

    6 months of free diapers would help tremendously. I don’t know what I would do with myself. I have a grocery and household budget of $200 a month and this would allow me to stretch it a little further. I also recently welcomed 1 nephew, 1 cousin, and 2 LO from my friends. There are more babies on the way, so I would definitely share my coupons.

  42. Ivy says

    My stepdaughter is expecting her first child this fall. This would go so far in helping her get started and using the money she would have spent on diapers on other baby needs.

  43. Jayde says

    With 6 months worth of diapers I would be so happy, we have a 2 year that we hope to potty train and a premie that is 2 months early so we don’t have a proper supply of diapers yet. It would help all around with finance and stress.

  44. Tomi says

    6 mos. of diapers would help out so much and enable us to use money on other life necessities. It would alleviate a lot of financial stress. Good luck to everyone!

  45. says

    My daughter is still in diapers. We will be moving next month to Pennsylvania so my husband can attend grad school. He is unable to have a job while there, so we will be on a super tight budget. Winning this giveaway will allow us to spend that money on other things such as food and clothing for our growing baby.

  46. Samantha R says

    We have a 21 month old and another on the way so 6 months of diapers would be a total blessing to us! We love Huggies! I have a little stockpile right now for my 21 month old but nothing for our new little one – luckily I have a few months :)

  47. says

    OMGosh! I would so wrap it up really cute and bless a sweet friend of mine who recently found out she is pregnant with TWINS (that’s gonna be a LOT of diapers!) after battling infertility for three years! Oh I hope I win!!! :)

  48. says

    What would I do with 6 months of Huggies?? Considering I’ve been playing the diaper game for almost 8 years with no end in sight. . . they would help our budget quite a bit actually!! What a GREAT giveaway!

  49. says

    WOW! I have a 9 mo. old and I would be using those FREE diapers for a while! Plus I have lots of friends with little ones on the way so I’d share with them too : )

  50. says

    Wow! Six months of diapers would really help us out with things. Our son is a late in life baby as his daddy is celebrating his 45th birthday today. He is retired Army, so the income isn’t that great, and he is recovering from two brain surgeries in less than one month due to his service in Iraq. On top of that, we go see the neurosurgeon next week to schedule his third brain surgery. His company won’t let him go back to work until the doctor releases him, and we’ve had to go 3 months without his income, so we’re way behind on bills right now. Six months of diapers would greatly relieve this burden from us for a while!

  51. says

    OH MY OH MY OH MY!!! My husband (who happens to be a very hot youth pastor) and I have TWO baby girls. Quincy Joy is 10 months and Clara Joy is 6 months…yes you read that right! We adopted our sweet baby Q when I was 5 months pregnant with Clara…isn’t God wonderfully creative!
    6 months of diapers would be an AMAZING blessing to this very busy/strapped family!
    And even if we don’t win…THANK YOU for your encouraging blog…such a blessing to moms like me who need a little TLC!

  52. says

    With a new baby due next month and a toddler in diapers, we could really use some free diapers. It would also be a big help since my maternity leave is unpaid which makes money very tight for awhile.

  53. says

    Six months worth of diapers would take a load off of our budget for a little while. With the newest addition due any day now, we’ll be powering through diapers like crazy!

  54. Lesli Chandler says

    Oh wow! With two in diapers and two in college (yikes!) I would use that extra money saved to paint the girls bathroom! right now its still little boy blue ;-(! We LOVE Huggies! This would be a huge treat to win!

  55. says

    I have a 22mo old son and 6 months worth of diapers would be a miracle. We’re a navy family and money is very tight! Even at the commissary diapers puts a strain on our budget! This would be wonderful!

  56. says

    This is an AMAZING gift! My daughter is one and we are fairly stocked up on diapers, at least for the next month! But more then my daughter i work at a pregnancy crisis center here in town. Currently we do parenting classes, counseling, abortion counseling, and living on your own classes which teaches smart money handling, finding your own place, smart food shopping and other related classes. Currently we have 4 single moms attending our parenting classes and one attending living on your classes. 3 of our 4 single moms have multiple kids and our last one is new to the area, staying at a shelter; she has 2 children under the age of 3 and is pregnant with twins right now. anytime diapers go on sale all of the counselers-we are all volunteer-buy diapers and wipes. we stock up on coupons and pass them out to our girls. everytime they attend a class they get to take a shopping bag full of items home. we collect diapers, wipes, shampoo, soap, clothes, toys, food, and formula. I would love to win this supply of diapers to donate to life choices-our crisis center. this would be an amazing thing to be able to pass out to our girls, and actually give them the coupons and let them feel good about being able to go to the store and letting them boost their self-esteem by being able to get their own diapers. this would be an awesome confidence booster and an amazing help to our pregnancy crisis center.

  57. says

    We are trying to potty train…so as great as this prize package is, I don’t need it. However, I love Huggies Supreme. They are the only diapers I’ve ever used for my kids. I think they are the best on the diaper market!

    I have a friend who will be welcoming her little girl in about a month. I know she’d LOVE this prize pack. What is so special about her situation is that her husband had the big V done 4 years ago, after their youngest turned 2. They have 4 boys…so this little girl is going to be a HUGE change for them, but they will love every minute of it! Definitely a unexpected but much desired blessing. I’m so excited for them!

  58. Chrisann says

    I would give them to my niece who had her first baby 8 months ago! This would help them out a great deal since she also recently moved out on her own.It would help them put the money they would use on diapers on other things they need.Thank you for a great giveaway!

  59. says

    I have a six month old and being on a tight budget I would LOVE a six month supply of diapers. I only use Huggies. This prize would be a huge blessing to our family since currently my almost 3 year old is still wearing pullups too!

  60. Tanya says

    I have a nine month old who has a serious case of eczema. She was born with it, and her skin is sensitive. She cant use actual ‘sensitive’ brand, as they cause her eczema to flare up. I used to use Pampers, but they would cause flare ups. Since she was about 4 months old, I’ve been using Huggies and I LOVE THEM!

    I could really use 6 months worth of diapers because I just moved, and my husband and I barely make enough to pay all our bills. This is a big step for us (we had a year of nothing but disappointment up until now; excluding our daughter’s birth)

    I can say that to win this prize pack s would give us a little extra money to put towards paying off our debit and to give our daughter the life she deserves. I would love to take her to so many places but cant afford it.

    I plan to continue using Huggies until my daughter is potty trained and I love all the products and the give-a-ways. PLus, they have wayyyy more coupons and savings than any brand I know.

  61. says

    My sister-in-law is expecting her second child at the end of this year. This little bundle of joy was a complete shock for them. 6 months of diapers would be a fabulous surprise for them. Not to mention having a Flip Cam to capture and share videos of the little one with her family on the other coast.

  62. Kirsten T. says

    Six months of diapers would definitely help us. We have a 2 month old that goes through a lot of diapers (our three year old just uses Huggies nightime pullups). I would put the cost savings towards the kids education funds. With the horrible shape the State of NY budget is in, my hubby’s work hours are being cut, so we stopped putting into the college funds (as well as other more urgent cost cutting measures)…would really like to add some back in. Thanks for opportunity Huggies!

  63. says

    I would love to win this! We are pretty poor and have a hard time affording diapers. We love huggies though! It would help us so much to win!

  64. helenlam says

    I have a 12 week-old so although would come in handy personally, I would donate the diapers to the local women’s shelter. While things are tight, there are definitely those who are less fortunate than I am.

  65. Sarah Pacilio says

    I would love to win this for a friend of mine. She just had a baby in Feb and her husband lost his job a week ago so this would be a wonderful suprise for them :) Thanks for the opportunity

  66. Jessica says

    This would realy help me out i have Twin 3 year old girls, 2 year old girl and 1 year old boy and another on the way. The diapers would really help me out since i am having a heck of a time potty training.

  67. tupperseller says

    I would so love to win this for my son and his family, they have a 5 year old, 20 month old and a new baby on the way September 2010, He has been sick in and out of the hospital for the past 2 years and still gives it everything to see that his family is taken care of, this would sure help them with there little one and new baby on the way.

  68. Lori says

    My sister & I are both pregnant with our first child. I’m due in a week & she is due at the end of next month. I know how important diapers are & am just learning how expensive they can be. A 6 month supply would surely help us both out in a huge way.

  69. Danielle Guerrero says

    Wow… 6 months of diapers would totally help out. We have a 16 year, a 6 year and a 4 month old. We didnt realize how much diapers were until my 4month old was born. It had been a while since my 6 year old was in diapers. Now that my son is 16 he has come with alot of extra expenses a teenager comes with. it would help our finacially strict budget tremendously.

  70. says

    What a fabulous giveaway and opportunity! I was hoping that by the age of three our son would be well beyond diapers, but I see them being a part of our life for hopefully just few more years. Our son is autistic and Huggies {supreme now Little Movers} have been a little life saver for us. The fit perfectly and my son can not easily tear them off like others we have tried. He has some sensory issues so any material against his skin is bother some. Huggies supreme brand do the job…so soft and comfy. With a lot of heath issues going on and therapies, 6 months of diapers would be a blessing for us right now. Thanks for offering a chance to win this fantastic prize package!

  71. gaitha says

    I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old, huggies are definitely my favorite diapers, their leak protection is unbeatable! The 2 1/2 year old is almost done with diapers, but the financial help with 6 months worth of diapers for my 2 month old would be awesome!

  72. says

    I have an 18 month old at home and we LOVE Huggies! My daughter is allergic to Pampers so Huggies has been our saving grace! My husband has been out of work (laid off) since before my daugher was born so we are really tight on money. Winning diapers would certainly help our budget!

  73. says

    Hmm… what would I do with 6-months worth of free diapers? Well, I would definitely put them to good use. I’ve got a 23-month old son who is still in diapers and now I’ve got a 2 1/2 week old newborn son who goes through diapers like crazy. Right after a diaper change, he ends up “going” again. We’ve gone through 6 packs of newborn diapers in just two short weeks of his arrival. Then, my husband commutes to work of an hour drive. We spend so much money in gas & diapers!! So it would just be AWESOME, I mean, AWWWWWWSOME to have 6-months worth of free diapers. Thank you.

  74. Miranda says

    A six month supply of diapers would give me a larger piece of budgetary pie to buy more organic fruits and veggies for her to fill up diapers! It’s a beautiful, never-ending, smelly and wet cycle of life, but my itty bitty is worth it two worlds over.

  75. Kathleen says

    Six months of diapers would give my daughter who is expecting their second a little breathing room in the budget. Her hubby is out of the Navy now and going to school full time while also working full time. This would give them just that little bit of breathing room with two in diapers at the same time.

  76. Ellen C. says

    We are expecting our second child so winning these diapers would really help us out. It would help us save money and save trips to the store. Thanks for the chance.

  77. Kelly Ann T says

    This would help my sister who is on a limited budget. I would give them to her for her 6 month old

  78. says

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would love to win. My husband has been out of work for over a year and until a month or so ago I had 2 kids in diapers. We’ve taken to cloth diapering part time to save money on diapers but as a full time wahm mom who homeschools . . . I don’t have the extra time to spend washing diapers.

  79. Trina C says

    What an amazing prize this would be. We have a twelve month old and like other parents it seems like all we are doing is buying diapers. We love Huggies Brand and thankfully they often have great sales and with the $3.00 off coupons it has made buying them a little more palatable.

  80. Michelle says

    Wow, this is great. Huggies are my favorite. I would use them for my son who will hopefully be potty trained soon and give the rest to someone in need. Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. says

    Oh my word, what a fantastic giveaway! I am due in October, and with an extremely tight budget this year, this would make my life so much easier! Thank you!

  82. Crystal says

    What a great giveaway! The cost of diapers really adds up, so this prize would save me a huge amount of money with my 18 month old. Since I’m a SAHM, every little bit of money we can save is huge! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. says

    When it comes to diapers, I’m extremely loyal to Huggies. We’ve used them through 3 kids now, experimenting with other brands, but always ending back with Huggies. 6 months of diapers would be a tremendous help for us right now as we still have 2 kids in diapers, one of which is working on potty training. We could put the money saved towards some fun summer toys for the kids.

  84. says

    wow! I have a friend who’s young daughter is having her 1st baby tomorrow and they are very much in need. If I won 6 months of diapers, I’d definitely love to help her out!

  85. Eva Holeman says

    We have a 6 month old and are starting again after 18 yrs. Talk about SURPRISE! Everything is all new again but one thing we definitely knew we had to do is use Huggies Diapers. They were our favorite in the past and are our favorites again.

    Six months worth of diapers would be such a blessing as it would help us immensely.

  86. says

    I have a friend who just had twin girls in February. Add that to her 4-year-old and her not-yet-2-year-old and you have one busy mama! This would be a *fantastic* prize for them as 4 kids is not quite what they planned on, especially on his income.
    Huggies are great! Used them with both my kids when they’re not in cloth :)

  87. says

    Well, our youngest is only at diapers at night now and it would help us out tremendously. But, there is also a little girl in my classroom who has a baby sister. I know that they could really use the diapers…mom is single and raising 2 kids on a working 3 days a week at a fast food place.

  88. amanda moline says

    well since my son is due anywhere between now and june 19th, i would use the diapers for him!! :) They would help so much with financial strain as i have TWO kids n diapers ( a 10 month old girl and almost born son)

  89. Mary-Frances C. says

    Six months of diapers would really help out! We just moved and have a lot of new expenses. We need a new kitchen table(ours broke), dresser(broken too), and the list goes on and on. It would be so nice that these would be Huggies too..my daughter is one of the babies that had an awful diaper rash for months from another ( I won’t say here) company. We switched her to Huggies, and has been rash free ever since. Yipee!

  90. says

    We have a new son on the way and 6 months of diapers would help us out greatly as we are on a very tight budget and trying to become debt free. This prize would just ease one question in a serious of question as I try to the best to dress, diaper, and raise my family.

  91. Summer says

    I would do several things with 6 months worth of diapers. First, I would donate some to a family in need. I would use some for future baby showers and then, I would also save some for our family, because we are ttc. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  92. says

    My granddaughter could really use this prize pack. She just gave birth on May 1, she is a full time student going for her LPN licence and then wants to continue on to the RN schooling. So 6 months worth of diapers would be a Godsend. As you might imagine money is tight with full time schooling and school grants to get you by. I know my granddaughter well and she would cry, with joy,. if you chose her.

  93. Tracy P says

    I could use these for my son. We’re on one income right now. Not having to buy diapers for six months would save us a lot of money. We could put that money into my sons education fund.

  94. Maggie M. says

    Wow, this would be awesome! This would take us to the end of our diaper time with kids and free up money to continue working towards debt free in 2010! Great giveaway!
    Maggie M.

  95. says

    My daughter lives with me. She is a single mom who is not able to work right now due to a back injury that she can’t have repaired until after she delivers her baby boy in August. Her oldest son is 14 months old and still in diapers. I also have legal custody of my other daughter’s son and he is in Pull-Ups. We’re a one income family so that leaves me paying all of the household expenses as well as baby necessities which includes one in diapers, one in pull-ups, and another on the way which will leave me providing diaper/bottom cover necessities for three precious baby boys. My heart would almost explode with six months worth of free diapers. I’m not sure if I could handle that excitement!

  96. says

    Wow….what a wonderful gift that would be for my new great granddaughter that is due to arrive in Oct. I do want to take this time however…. to thank my cousin Marj McClendon ^^^^^ who so generously sent me the link to your giveaway…even though it gives her one less chance to win these for her granddaughter. Marj…you are the most shinny jewel, in a crown.

  97. says

    If I don’t have to buy Huggies for six months, I’ll be able to use the money to stacked up for foods in our freezer or I can save the money for the holidays.

  98. mary simonton says

    wow 6 months of diapers we have our 1st greatgrandbaby coming in aug. and with neither parent working this would be a godsend for them thanks for the chance to win this

  99. says

    The church I am a memeber of has a “closet of hope” where we stock items for anyone that becomes in need. I would get different size diapers and put in our closet for anyone that is in need and with a baby

  100. Angie says

    My 42 year old sister just found out she was pregnant again…huge surprise as she already has 5 kids spanning from 13 years to 19 months. She got rid of all her baby stuff after the last one and is a bit unprepared for this next little one due in September. I would love to help her out!

  101. says

    I think this is a great actually fantastic. This would be great for me because of my economic struggle and because I love huggies I will be honest I use to use pampers and once I tried huggies I love them they are not to thick and not too thin. When my duaghter gets a wet diaper it doesn’t feel like its going to go through it. I would enjoy this prize very much.

  102. KC says

    we’re currently using cloth to save money, so this would be wonderful to have disposables when needed, but I would be able to give many of the diapers away to families that I know that need them even more than we do!

  103. Linda Kish says

    My 21 y/o great niece just had a baby. I would give this to her. She will be staying home with the baby so not having to pay for diapers for 6 months would be greatly appreciated.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  104. Jaimie K says

    Wow, what a great giveaway! Now if only I could win… :)
    I would definitely use these diapers for my little growing family. I have a one year old in diapers and a new little one coming this August. Buying two sizes of diapers at once can be pricey, I’m sure you can imagine. Having all these free diapers would be WONDERFUL in helping work toward our goal of becoming debt free–any little bit helps! My husband is a school teacher and we make that salary work so I can stay home with our 3 little girls. It’s our choice and we are fine with it, but free diapers would be great!

  105. Marlena U. says

    We had our second child (a boy!) 18 days ago. We quickly learned that the brand of diapers we used with our daughter does not work with little boys! After talking with our friends, everyone said HUGGIES was the way to go for boys. And sure enough…it was! No more leaks and far fewer clothing changes throughout the day. Six months of diapers would help off set the expense of having a new baby and allow us to focus our time and attention to family focused activities that would keep our busy toddler happy! :)

  106. says

    Six months worth of free diapers would be a godsend. Money is tight right now and that would sure relieve some pressure. Huggies are my favorites too, but right now I’m having to use something cheaper.

  107. Jennifer C says

    I would donate half to my friend Tatia, and half to a local women’s shelter. Although we are struggling right now (hubby’s been unemployed for about 7 months now), there are lots of people that need this more than we do. People who have nothing, as well as my friend who is finishing up her teaching degree – handling 2 young kids, school

  108. says

    This will totally help out my family as I am expecting our 2nd child and hope to be able to stay at home with this one. With one less income, money is incredibly tight. These diapers will totally help us!

  109. says

    What would I do with 6 months worth of diapers?? I would use them!! lol My daughter is 7 months old and we go through some diapers!

  110. Felicia says

    I could use 6 months worth of diapers for my daughter. It could really help us because the money that we would use for diapers could go towards paying off some debt. Buying dipaers can get costly and any amount of money that can be saved helps out alot.

  111. Kathy Stevenson says

    I would love the free diapers for my daughter! My husband has been out of work for over 4 months and it would really help us to save money!

  112. says

    I have an 18 month old so I could definitely use a 6 month supply to get us up to potty training time. Diapers are expensive. As moms, we all know this.

  113. says

    Oooohhhhhh. I’ve got a 3 month old and she goes through diapers like nobody’s business. I desperately need this! Pick me, pick me!!!!

  114. Van says

    this would be a blessing to our family and with the money saved we could put our money to better use.

  115. says

    Six months of free diapers sounds like one of the best giveaways ever! It would help us tremendously since we have two kids in daycare right now! Anything to help offset that cost would be great!

  116. Martha Sue says

    if I won I would give this to my daughter. she has given me 8 wonderful grandchildren and this would really help their family.

  117. says

    Save some money!! I have been diapering for 8 years straight now and so far no break. I’d love to win six months worth of diapers!

  118. says

    That would take a significant strain off our budget when the new little guy arrives in late August! I would love to not have to budget for diapers for 6 months!

  119. says

    Six months of diapers would save us a ton of money (which we really need at the moment) AND get us through what will probably be her last six months in diapers!

  120. says

    I lost my job 3 months ago. Next week my severance runs out and since I don’t have any job prospects Squirt will be leaving day care and I will become a stay at home mom. Six months of free diapers will help ease the pain during our transition to a one income family.

  121. Rachael says

    Thanks for this giveaway! My husband is starting grad school this fall and so we have to watch our money wisely. We have an 18 month old and another on the way…6 months of diapers would help a ton! 😉

  122. Sheena says

    If I won 6 months worth or huggies, first I would go crazy and thank GOD for winning. That would be super awesome.

  123. Steve says

    Being a dad for the second makes me realize how important having my kids in good diapers are. Huggies has proven itself time, after time again. Besides, my wife would think I was the best if I won something like this.


  124. Isabelle says

    I would love to win this for my mother. She is having yet another child and this would help her out so much.

  125. Carly says

    WOW! That would be awesome! I could really use the free diapers as I am staying home this first year of my little boys life and not working!!

  126. says

    If I had six months of diapers I’d save a lot of money! I have one little one in diapers and will have another one in diapers in the next year 😉

  127. says

    I do mostly cloth diapers, but not at my in-laws (HE machines don’t work) or on vacation so this would probably see us through to potty training. That would be so awesome, not having to spend any more money on diapers at all!!! (and my son is currently 2 months old)

  128. says

    This prize package would help my best friend out tremendously! She has a 5 month old and shes works really hard to buy everything her baby boy needs! 6 months worth of diapers would make her life a lot easier! Thanks so much for the chance to win it for her!

  129. Amy says

    These would come very helpful for me there is only one income in the household

  130. Brenda Pennington says

    I would give them to my sweet daughter-in-law who just had our 5th grandchild (our second grandson).

  131. Brittney Canady says

    With 6 month of diapers I would be one proud Mommy! I am due in August and 6 months of diapers would really help us out!

  132. says

    Winning 6 months of diapers would be like a dream come true. We have two boys in diapers at the moment and my youngest was a preemie and the ONLY formula his tummy will tolerate is the ready-to-feed similac alimentum, which is almost $10 a can… and we go through one of those a day! You can imagine how much money we are spending each month just on formula, which is much more than we ever imagined and has put quite a strain on our budget. Having 6 months of diapers would absolutely help greatly stretch our paycheck a bit further! :)

  133. says

    I would use some to make diaper cakes for my preggo friends and the rest for my son who should be potty training. It would be nice to lighten the financial load.

    Thanks for the chance!

  134. Whitney says

    I would use them for my 13 month old son, he has Cerebral palsy and Cortical blindness among other problems due to a un-named degenerative brain disease. Medical costs have been getting higher and higher and something as generous as six months worth of diapers to help with our day-to-day exspenses would be a tremendous help.

  135. Vickie Couturier says

    this would help my family so much,my 18 yr old daughter moved out when she got of age,an now 5 months later shes pregnant an coming back home,we have nothing,an cant afford it,but what do you do,we have to help her,an ill probably end up raising the baby,so yes this would be such a help to us

  136. says

    My daughter is 9 months old and these diapers would be a great help to us. I am a stay at home mom and I’m always trying to help my husband by winning giveaways or coupons.

  137. Judith says

    I am pregnant for the 4th time….and this time I’m 40…and my youngest is 10…so I would put 6 months of free diapers to some good use..I have realized so much has changed in 10 years but I was a loyall Huggies diaper Mom then and plan to be again….

  138. says

    I would give the diapers to my sister who has a 5-month old little girl. Her family has been hit by the economy and we all know how expensive diapers are. It would give her a break from buying :-)

  139. Tracey says

    I have a two girls – a two month old and a two year old who is still in diapers. Six months of diapers are worth their weight in gold in our house!!

  140. rolonda says

    I work extra hours to buy diapers for my 23 month old son, whose in the size 4, as well as my 1 yr old god son, size 3. Its hard managing 2 different sizes,an alot more exspensive i buy mainly from sams when i can to save money. the six months in coupons would save hundreds in dollars and we could use the extra money for waterparks this summer!

  141. Tamara B. says

    If I had six months of Huggies I would be able to help my son and his wife which would give them some extra money to do something special for themselves. Like go out to dinner or see a movie, pay some bills down or start a college fund for their child with the extra money they would have by not buying diapers for six months.

  142. Becky M says

    6 months worth of diapers would give us some extra money to use towards other activities for the kids… like swimming classes!

  143. says

    I’d give them to a friend of mine who’s daughter has a baby. Her other daughter is pregnant now and they’re all living in one house, so I’m sure that these diapers would come in handy!

  144. says

    I have two kids in diapers, my one-year-old (obviously) plus my almost-5-year-old still sleeps in diapers, so 6 months of diapers would be a tremendous help. Thanks!

  145. says

    6 months of diapers would definitely be a blessing for us. Our 19 month old son wears Huggies Little Movers and is showing no signs of potty training yet. We would be able to save a ton of money if we won this prize! *crosses fingers*

  146. Crystal B says

    i would use part of them cause we always need diapers and i would give part of them to a local church

  147. says

    With 6 month worth of diapers, I wouldn’t have to worry about how ill afford them! That extra $ could be spent on groceries. I had lost my job while I was pregnant and now with a 1 month old and 4yr old its VERY hard. Just the diapers would be an amazing Blessing to our family

  148. says

    Honestly, if even just a 1 month supply or even 1 pack would be a blessing! Its hard as a parent not knowing where the esscentials my babies need are going to come from. Thanks for the chance! Bless you!

  149. says

    I think I would probably give them to a very young couple at church who are expecting their fourth child. Although I could use them at my house, the financial impact of buying diapers is much greater on this family than on ours.

  150. says

    If I won 6 months of diapers for my son it would be great! It would really help us financially since my hub is out of work with his heart condition.

    Thanks for the entry! :)


  151. Laura G says

    I have a 9 month old daughter…but I think if I won the diapers, I’d give them to Whitney (152). Her comment made me cry.

  152. Paula says

    Wow – I would use them for my daughter, I would share some w/ my friends that have small kids…and of course I’d let my daughter have a couple since all of her dolls are now wearing diapers – lolol

  153. Tanya George says

    I have had my share of changing diapers so this wouldn’t be for me. I would give these to my cousin in Wisconsin. She just had a baby about 2 weeks ago and really needs the help. She has been out of work due to her conditions while being pregnant and money is very tight. This would be an absolute blessing for her and her fiance.

  154. Joanne says

    I would use 6 months worth of Huggies on my twin daughters. They are currently 7 months old and we go through a TON of diapers:) I stay at home with them and their 3 year old big sissy, so money is tight. Winning this contest would add some much needed room in our budget!

  155. Katherine Barnett says

    6 months worth diapers.. WOW!! that would be a life saver for us. we are currently in the process of saving money for a down payment on a house that we want to buy. If we didnt have to buy diapers every other week that money could go to the house fund!

  156. Wehaf says

    I would actually donate the coupons to a women’s shelter. It’s not that I couldn’t use them – I could, and I happily would, but with all the other stuff I’d win too, it would feel greedy. But women’s shelters are always in need of diapers – it’s one of their biggest expenses, and this would be such an easy and wonderful way to help a lot of people out.

  157. says

    I’d love to win 6 months of diapers! My guy is just about 9 months, and recently moved into his huggies size 3s. I could take a break from coupon clipping!

  158. says

    THIS IS AMAZING! I am due to have my little girl July 13th (hopefully sooner I keep saying!!!) and this would be wonderful to have to help out all the diaper expenses!!! :) Thanks Huggies and 5minutesformom.com (I’m crossing my fingers and toes to win LOL)

  159. says

    Oh what I would do! I have twin bottoms to cover and diapering them is expensive. I would be able to cover them for another 3 months this this prize pack. I am loyal to Huggies and sometimes when money is tight, I have to get store brand but luckily, Huggies has so many great coupons that I can continue to get them.


  160. leandra says

    I had 7 kids and I know how expensive diapers can be. Six months of free diapers would have saved so much. I would give the free diapers to my younger sister. She has 3 kiddos in diapers and I bet this would help so much. The good thing about her tho, is if she didn’t need them all, she would give them to our church. She is a great person!

  161. carol y l says

    These would be for my daughter’s two babies. It would really help her out because she has two in diapers and this would save her some big bucks! That would make me happy!

  162. Katrina says

    Having 2 little ones in diapers, 6 months worth of diapers would be such a great savings for us!

  163. Catherine says

    I would use these diapers for my 16 month old daughter. I am a stay at home mom and 6 months of free diapers would really help our grocery/household budget!

  164. Jana Pierce says

    I would use the diapers to help with our family budget (we have two, almost 3 who will be needing diapers!) and also as a way to give and bless my friends and family!

  165. Kara Griffeth says

    I could really use 6 months worth of diapers! I would use them for my beautiful 5 month old baby girl!! This would really help out my family! We are currently waiting to see if my husbands job is going to go on strike or if they are going to get laid off! This would help out a lot!! Thanks!

  166. Brandi says

    I would use them for my daughter now who is still in diapers and we have a baby on the way as well. It would help with buying diapers for two kids. I love huggies and found that they are the only diaper that doesn’t leak or break my daughter out. Thanks

  167. alarson says

    What would I do with six months of diapers?? Not worry about buying diapers for a month. I could then put that money towards debt, we’re trying to get out of it, so someday our children will have a good example of what not to do with money.

  168. Ashley Morrison says

    I would use the diapers for my two little guys Braydon And Tyler. Tyler is 3 months and braydon is 15mths. We use lots of Huggies diapers in our house…And we never can have enough diapers. Thanks a lot for the entry oppurtunity. <3 Mom to two little bugs !

  169. Christi says

    My daughter is in daycare, so I have to buy diapers for home and daycare. With the cost of daycare skyhigh getting six months of diapers would really help my pocketbook. Thanks!!

  170. Amber says

    Winning a 6 month supply of Huggies would mean the world to me. With a recent layoff of our primary income maker, we have been faced with a lot of financial difficulties. One thing I would never skimp on is the best diapers for my son. He deserves what is best and huggies are THE BEST! Winning Huggies diapers would release some of our financial stress and let us focus our money in other areas of our household that could really use it. I have bills that need to be caught up on. And Im not talking credit card bills or anything extravagent, Im talking water, power and gas bills. My son is the world and I only want the very best for him. I will sacrifice the world and everything it has to offer to make sure my son has what he needs. I know I could go and buy generic or cheap diapers, but with his sensitive skin, I have to provide what my son can use. Thank you for this chance!

  171. says

    I would love the opportunity to have six months of free diapers. The money we would save would go towards groceries for the family. I’m a stay at home Mom since both kids have medical issues there is no way I can work. It would be nice to have some money saved from not having to buy diapers. My daughter is 5 1/2 months 4 months corrected age and my son is 4 1/2 and still wears diapers sometimes he has bowel problems and autism so some times we have no choice but to put him in a diaper just to get therapy done and dr appointments done when his bowels are messing up. :(

  172. Holli Litrenta says

    6 months of diapers….what an awesome win that would be! I am a stay at home mom and I spend all my so called “free time” printing and cutting coupons, entering giveaways, and trying to play shopping trips that won’t cost me a fortunte. Some free diapers would be so helpful to the budget!!

  173. Julie Thorderson says

    I would use them for my 3 month old and 2 year old. It would be a great help for my family. It would help us have a little extra cash to buy school clothes for the other two kids. Thanks Huggies! We love you!

  174. Veronica says

    My daughter is 7 weeks old and 6 months of diapers for us would mean that I do not have to go back to my third job to buy them. I had three jobs before I had her and am really wanting to go back to just two of them so that I have more time with her. My husband is a great provider but I want to pitch in any way that I can and this would make it a lot easier.

  175. milea says

    I have a 2 month old little boy that can only use Huggies diapers without leaks, rashes, and issues. A six month supply would mean to us that we could spoil our first baby with other things and not have to worry with diapers. I have quickly become a Huggies mom and will only use them for all my future children.. Thanks for the opportunity

  176. Traci Bryant says

    Oh man, a 6 month supply of diapers would be AMAZING! We found out we were expecting again when my son was only nine months old, so by the time this baby comes (October 2010), we will have 2 in diapers! This would be a huge help to us, and I do mean HUGE. :)

    Thank you!

  177. Shay Musgrove says

    I am a mother of four between the ages of 7 months and 9 years. Although we manage to make it,it would be nice to have some of the load lightened. I would never put anything but the best on my babies and that includes diapering.

  178. Jerrilyn Garrison says

    I am the very proud mother of a 1 & 2 year old (13 months apart)! We are a fun loving family that go through LOTS o’ diapers!
    With the birth of my first child, my husband and I decided that it would be best if I did not return to work but stay at home and raise our baby. Which was the best decision we have ever made!
    With only 1 paycheck coming in, 6 months of free diapers would be SOOOO helpful for our family/income!
    And hopefully when that 6 months is up, one or both will be potty trained!
    It’s okay to dream, right?!??!

  179. melissa says

    im a single mom for the first time with my gorgeous daughter who just turned a month. this would help so much with costs of taking care of amy. i tend to go on sites like this looking for free samples just to see what works best for us which is actually how i found this site, by signing up with huggies

  180. Missy says

    free diapers for my 10 month old would be extremely helpful. My family has recently gone through some major, unexpected changes and we now only have my income for me and the 2 kids. I’ve tried switching to other diapers, getting what was “on sale” at the time but have come to realize Huggies are the brand that works best for my son. Anything that would help with the expense of diapers would be welcome!

  181. Julie says

    I had 3 kids in 31 months (no twins). A 6-month supply of Huggies would be a wonderful help, and well used!

  182. leah says

    6 months of diapers would be great, 6 months of Huggies diapers would be AMAZING! I have a 23 month old in diapers and another due in September so the extra diapers would be a blessing to my family. I love Huggies!

  183. Katie says

    I would use the diapers for my 2 year old. It would help us save so much money. I am always trying to clip coupons so I can buy Huggies and sometimes I have to buy the cheaper diapers which do not work as well. Thank you for the chance!

  184. Lindsay says

    6mo worth of diapers would help out tremendously!! I have a 19mo old who’s not interested in PTing yet. I recently quit my job to stay at home again

  185. Mandy says

    We’re preparing for potty training, so the some of the diapers would probably go to our local women’s shelter. We’d like to have another, but it’s not in the budget right now (DH is unemployed.) So, we’ll help bless someone else!

  186. carol y l says

    These diapers would be for my daughter who has two babies in diapers. It would save her a bundle and ease up some money for the family-which is pretty tight.

  187. says

    If my husband and I won 6 months of diapers it would help us tremendously! We’ll be having out first child, a son, at the end of July and it would help us financially, and also help to relieve stress as far as money and that way we could focus on some other things that will be needed for a new baby in a family!

  188. Kelly J says

    6 months of diapers would be perfect for us. I have been trying to get my son potty-trained, but we aren’t making any progress. As you know, you get fewer diapers per pack the bigger the size, so we are going through pack after pack…and money is getting really tight. We would SO love to win this to get us through these final diapering days. Thank you!

  189. Tonya says

    With a 23 month old in diapers, another one on the way and all of us trying to live on one income, every bit helps (and 6 months of diapers is no little thing!).

  190. says

    WOW! If I didn’t have to buy diapers for 6 months…. we would save sooooo much money! I think I’d stash that money so that we could take a nice family vacation this Thanksgiving. Go visit the girls Great-Grandma in San Diego. She’s only met our oldest once and hasn’t met the baby at all!

  191. says

    The diapers and the coupons would come in handy for me whom has a 9 month old and for my little sister whom just had a baby on May 23rd. I could assist her with some help that way my mom wouldn’t feel so burden trying to take care of my sister and my little nephew . At the same time we could use the camera to capture those moments that will hold memories dear to our heart. My little sister doesn’t have a diaper bag as of yet so I would give it to her. It would help my family so much.

  192. HEATHER says


  193. Rachel says

    Oh boy, how would 6 months of diapers help me? First off it’d be a god send. My little 8 1/2 month old girl has just about outgrown her stage two little snugglers but we’re trying to squeeze her in them as long as we can. My husband has been out of work for a month and a half now and it’s been a little rough. Thankfully we’ve been able to find sales on diapers and combine them with coupons and we stocked up; only we stocked up a few too many of one size! If I were to win 6 months of diapers I’d give all the stage 2s I have left to the mommy (my sister) of my beautiful 6 mo old niece Helen and get my girl into stage 3 little movers! Either way we’ll be going that route but with free diapers I’d be able to pass down some diapers without breaking our budget!

  194. Avary says

    Huggies is all that my son can wear at night. With the wonderful coupons that Huggies has been giving out recently, he has been wearing them everyday! We would prepare for the arrival of the next babe’ and share them with friends, as welcome baby gifts (or in our church baby baskets).

  195. shakeithy thompson says

    If I could have 6 mths of free diapers it would really help my family I have two boys and we only have one income so 6mths of free diapers would help us save money

  196. Casey says

    I am a very pregnant lady with my first child and I am due next week. I would be so happy to have a 6 month supply of diapers because I have no idea what I am getting into. My husband and I live 8 hours away from our family right now and that makes it even harder on us because we are completely on our own. Any help from huggies would be greatly appreciated.

  197. Shandiin says

    6 monthes of diapers for us would be incredible! We currently have 2 in diapers and are expecting our 6th child in Dec. who will also be in diapers. Hopefully our 2 yr. old will be potty trained by then, but we would still have 2 in diapers. Diapers have been a major expense since we started having children and this would be a great blessing!

  198. Rose Habart says

    This would help my family TREMENDOUSLY!!! We currently have two in diapers and it’s getting expensive!!! lol. If I didn’t have to buy diapers, I could save close to $30 a week! That would add up fast! Me and the girls could go shopping :)

  199. Tina Conley says

    Six months of free diapers would help my family so much. Our little Kyleigh is 3 months old and this would help us by allowing my husband and I to catch up on our bills. Maybe take a trip to see her mamaw and papaw too.

  200. Lari Ortiz says

    I have 2 gorgeous children both are in diapers i am a parttime working mother and my husband works full time however he is geting his paychecks garnished which is kind of embarrassing my son who is 2 months old will not drink formula so he is breastfeed which means we are buying more diapers due to frequent changes my daughter who is two is terrified of the toilet not sure why but we are working on it so that means also frequent changes in diapers my daughter is allergic to the cheaper brands of diapers and huggies is the only one that gives her no irritation i have been scared to put my son in anything but huggies so with our frequent diaper buying and very little money coming in we have been going without food sometime just so our kids get diapers sooo 6 months of diapers would be extremely helpful!!!!!!!!! Thanks Huggies for at least giving me this opportunity to try and win!!!

  201. Shaleah says

    I have a 3 year old that used Huggies until he was potty trained and I have a barely 1 year old who wears Huggies and I am having a baby at the end of Dec. Which means I will have 2 babies in diapers. The 6 month worth of diapers would be great to help out. From your #1 fans!!

  202. Heather says

    6 months of diapers would HELP us so much finacally. We had some unexpected medical bills come up and have been making payments on them. If we didnt have to pay for diapers we would be able to pay for those medical bills and our sons Neocate formula that he has to have because of his severe dairy allergy. We wouldnt have to go without something to pay them!

  203. Tiffany Lee says

    I would use 6 months of diapers on my 7 month old son! As a family of 5 on one income this would help us out ALOT!

  204. Corine says

    6 mos of diapers will certainly help us financially. My business folded and my husband was out of a job for a year, now he has a new job but much lower pay and we’re slowly struggling to pay back our debts. Any savings will be great, we want our kiddo to have a comfortable living.

  205. Lisa says

    Wow sure would help alot we are expecting our little “suprise” in Sept. We had stoped having kids 10 years ago and thought we were done so we gave everything away!

  206. says

    My youngest just turned 1. Huggies are the only brand I’ll use (I’ve tried them all, I swear). This would be a great prize!!!

  207. Ann Wilson says

    Wow. 6 monts of diapers would be AWESOME. With all of the $$ saved my family may actually be able to afford a vacation!!

  208. Carrie says

    Oh my goodness – what WOULDN’T 6 months of diapers do?! Being a stay at home mom and trying to stretch our buck the farthest in a single income househould, free diapers is something I only dream of. I, too, have tried the “other” brands, or those that are on sale, but to no avail, I keep coming back to Huggies. They simply are the best there is. When I can get Huggies on sale and use a coupon it’s like my own little Christmas! It would mean the world! Thanks! :)

  209. Ashley says

    WOW! Six months worth of diapers would be amazing! We are currently on one income and have 2 in diapers…well 1 in diapers and 1 in pull ups. My 3 year old is so not cooperating with the whole potty training thing!

  210. Ruth B says

    Oh my goodness–as anyone who’s ever had a baby can attest to, it seems like I’m ALWAYS at the store buying diapers, and have to have a separate budget JUST for them. We have two kids in diapers currently, and having a few months of free diapers would be such a blessing!!! I can’t even decide what I would do with the money we’d save–maybe buy the kids some new clothes instead of getting their wardrobes exclusively from thrift stores. I would love to be able to do that for my kids!!!

  211. Melissa Ward says

    I would use the diapers for my 5 month old son. It would be a huge blessing as I am a teacher and we have had reduction in pay.

  212. Brittney Platt says

    6 months of diapers would be such a big help for my family! I have a 18 month old and a 6 month old in diapers. My boyfriend works a minum wage job( due to crazy hours hes not able to look for another job) to support our family of 5 because we also have a 3 year old. We live with family but would love to be able to save the money to get caught up on our bills and be able to move out on our own. and with 6 months of diapers we would be able to catch up our bills!!

  213. Miriam says

    We have 13 month old twins and go through a lot of diapers each day, and anticipate needing to do so for some years. Our expenses are greater than ever before (childcare, diapers, etc.). Our salaries are less than ever because of furlough days. We are quite loyal to Huggies already, and would appreciate the opportunity to continue to use your product. Thank you for considering us.

  214. Anna says

    With a family of five living on less than one person’s full time employment, I am always trying to clip coupons and find ways to save. I have really appreicated the $3 coupons that Huggies has recently been releasing and I’ve used them ion combination with sales to try and stock up! Thanks! Of course, “free” is better than cheap, so I would LOVE to win 6 months of diapers from a trusted brand! I’ve tried other name brands and off brands–Huggies has them beat–no leaks or busted diapers for my cuties! Thanks for a trusted brand and thanks for all the recent coupons!

  215. Allison O says

    As a one income family, having 6 months worth of diapers handed to me would take away a large expense every month. That would make the wallet a little less tight and take a little bit of weight off my shoulders every month.

  216. karel says

    I would split them between myself for my baby and my friend for her baby. Right now no one in our homes have jobs and things are extremely tight financially. We have each other for support and thats a lifesaver. The money that we would save from getting the diapers would go towards new clothes for the kids.

  217. Julie Holmes says

    6 months of free Huggies diapers for my 5 month old would be a blessing! I recently left my career to stay home with him full-time and money is tight, so we would be thrilled.

  218. Laura Alberts says

    6 months of diapers would be a blessing for our family. I’m a stay at home mom and we live on my husband’s sole income. We work very hard to pinch ever penny and free diapers would be a huge relief!

  219. Erin says

    6 months worth of diapers would be fantastic for me and my daughter who will be 2 in August but is determined to trick me every once in a while she wants to potty! And if she would decide to stick with it then I would share with a fellow Huggies user my best friend who is expecting!

  220. Cassie says

    I am a stay at home mom with a newborn, almost 3 yr old & 5 yr old. My 3 yr old is still potty training and def will be in diapers at night for a while. 5yr old is also still in a diaper at night. A year’s worth of coupons would be a true blessing.

  221. Melody N. says

    6 months of diapers would be a huge deal for us, especially right now! The job I did before pregnancy is not worth going back to full time because the cost of day care and my paycheck would be nearly the same. My husband is working so hard to support us AND starting classes at night so that he can get a better job. Toward the end of the summer, his job and the classes will be at the same time for a few weeks, so we’re not even sure what we’re going to do about that yet! We love Huggies… they’re our favorite brand! They’re a little more expensive, but well worth it. I am doing my best to be a smart shopper — stocking up during sales and taking advantage of coupons!

  222. Courtney Roseberry says

    6 months of free diapers would be amaaaazing!! I juuust had a daughter shes 3 months old and if i got the free diapers it would be so helpful because that way we could catch up our bills and buy a few more toys for our daughter!! I love the thought of this even!!!!

  223. Megan says

    Well 6 months of diapers would help A LOT! My daughter’s father is working hard to take care of her financially. So he works most of the day and he cant be around her for longer than 2 hours because he needs to be in bed for work again the next day.So I stay at home and take care of her! I dont work because starting this July I’ll be starting college! With 6 months worth of diapers we would definatley saving money that we can use towards other things like our daughter’s savings account, a little to put in ours, and do things together as a family. ANd we buy a lot of diapers 1 pack a week sometimes 2!

  224. Stacey says

    I would donate some to a local crisis pregnancy center and keep some here. Times are tough and $$ is tight.

  225. Shasta says

    6 months worth of free diapers would quite possibly be the helping hand we need right now. My husband is currently working 3 jobs to have the same income he had in September before being laid off, and it still isn’t always enough. I am a SAHM with a 16 months old and am having another baby in November. Diapers are expensive. Heck, babies are expensive. LOL. We don’t qualify for any government assistance and we are living paycheck to paycheck right now, with NO wiggly room. Buying neccessities is a hardship.

  226. Linda Knochelman says

    Would be such a Blessing to win 6 months worth of diapers!!! I have a little guy that I try and diaper in these each and every diaper change, since all the other ones tend to leak!!
    Scratching diapers off the grocery list for 6 months would be a tremendous help right now and really relieve some stress and strain on the pocket…My husband was laid off due to lack of business at his job last year and now a year later we r going through the same thing again..just when u think u could get ahead :( My little Ryan would still love to be able to show off his proud huggies diapers!!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  227. Joy says

    I have 2 boys-2 years old and 6 months. 9 months ago my husband, who is the sole income in our family, lost his job and three months later we had our second child. Thankfully, my husband was able to get a job 3 months ago, but it isn’t enough to cover our monthly expenses. I used to be a “Pampers only” gal, but have pretty much switched to Huggies because they do a great job and Huggies puts out so many high value coupons that allow me to get diapers a lot cheaper (thanks for the coupons by the way)! 6 months worth of diapers would be a huge help to our family and a huge weight off my shoulders. If I won and we were able to get back on our feet, I’d also love to share some of the diapers with my friends with little ones whose husbands have to lost their jobs.

  228. Stephanie says

    I am a single mother of a beautiful 5 1/2 month old baby boy who is wearing size 4 diapers. I am a ways off from even attempting to potty train and as he gets bigger the amount of diapers in the box gets smaller yet I’m paying the same price. A six month supply would help us out so much. I just recently got lucky to find a part time job, however it’s seasonal and come Oct. I’ll be a stay at home mom with no income searching for another job. Not having to pay for 6 months of diapers means I could save up more money for the winter and help put more money towards bills.

  229. Amber Friar says

    six months of diapers would be fabulous! each month, i would set aside the money i would normally spend on huggies for my little guy and stash it away. at the end of the six months, i would have a special play day and/or weekend for us! so, in essence, this would be an adventure giveaway with a special flip cam to record it all! now, that’s a true prize!!!

  230. Nicole S. says

    Six months of diapers would help us out so much! I work full time for extra money to afford everyting our son needs, and since I work from home it would be nice to be able to work a little less so I can spend more time with him. I feel like I spend too much time away from him just so I can provide for his needs.

    We love Huggies. Pampers actually left horrible burns on our son from some type of chemical they use. (We tried a free sample, what a mistake!) We only use Huggies now!

    I would also give some of the diapers to my sister because she has four kids and not much support. I would love to be able to help her.

  231. Sharesa says

    6 months worth of diapers would be amazing for us! We have a one year old and another due any day now and having 6 months worth of diapers would be a miracle!

    • Sarah Martin says

      I am a Huggies fan and a coupon/deals chaser. With two i diapers right now, I’d be able to relax, not chase sales, and spend more time with my kids. 6 months of diapers would be HUGE!

  232. Candace says

    Six months of diapers would be a blessing for me and my family. I prefer buying Huggies over all the other diapers because they are truly better on wetness protection and gentler on my 2 month olds sensitive skin, but I can’t always buy these on our limited income now since I quit my job to stay home with our three children. This would help us out so much!

  233. samantha says

    Well considering my family is living on only my income these days…and I have one in diapers and one in pullups…this would greatly help us!

  234. Julia Sayrie says

    OMG what would I do with 6 months of free diapers??? I would be able to breathe a sigh of relief! I have a 11 month old daughter and a son due anytime now, so I will have 2 in diapers….very expensive!!

  235. Sarah Dymond says

    6 months of Huggies diapers would be extremely awesome for our family! We are expecting our 3rd child in 3 years in July! We are struggling to keep me home with our babies, and have had to give up many things. Diapers are so expensive and 6 months of free diapers would be AWESOME! It would save us at least another $30 a month!

  236. Stephanie Ellis says

    Six months of diapers would be a tremendous financial help. We are a young, one income family so every penny counts!

  237. Mindi says

    6 months of diapers would be great! Maybe by the time the 6 months was up I could have my little girl potty trained!!

  238. Jenn H says

    6 months worth of diapers would help us out a ton! My husband works nights, often working doubles to help ends meet. His shifts are from 2:30pm to 6:30 or 7:00 am. I stay home with our 2 kids. 8mos and 2 years. Which is wonderful but exhausting and I have just taken on a part time job watching a little boy in our home for extra income. Diapers are so expensive these days and definitley a must…no getting around that :) so we would LOVE to win 6mos worth, it would be such an amzing blessing.

  239. Vanessa says

    With a 17 month old son still in diapers and another one on the way, we could definitely use 6 months worth of diapers! We don’t plan on potty training our son till sometime after the baby is born so we will have two in diapers at the same time!

  240. jasmen says

    6 months of free diapers,wow it would be very helpfull to us,especially how expensive diapers are these days and sometimes we cant afford to buy it i have to make the 27 pack last for two weeks sometimes,and i love huggies lil movers coz it dont sag….i hope i win this prize..good luck to eveybody..:)

  241. Maggie says

    I have a 14 month old and my third child due in November. Six months of diapers would be very helpful since we will have two in diapers for a while. I have used Huggies almost exclusively since my first was born 5 years ago. I hate having to use any other brand.

  242. Sarah Davis says

    6 months of diapers would be a LIFE SAVER for us! With one child in pull ups and the other only in size 1 diapers and an airman’s salary ( not that much yearly total is like less than $25,000) some times things get really tight what with food formula diapers and all just for the kids alone. Then add in the stuff we have to buy for us and whew! Adds up quick after throwing the bills in there too! 6 months of diapers would be great to help us save some money for after his 20 yrs in the air force are up!

  243. Kebbie says

    6 months of diapers would allow us to get caught up on bills (rent) and afford another IVF. Knowing in your heart you were meant to be a mother and your body fighting you on it stinks.

  244. jennifer says

    Well beings that i have one in diapers and one in pull-ups right now this would help tremendously. We have one income right now and three kids. With the way the economy is today we all have to cut corners somewhere, but unfortunately this is one place you really cant. I tried many brands when I had my first child, but quickly found out the only ones that worked for me was Huggies. even though there was seven years between my first and second child, that was one thing i did not forget. No matter who wins this is a great thing you are doing!

  245. Sarah says

    My husband and I are both full-time students, so we are living off of a VERY meager amount. We make do, but six months worth of diapers would certainly be a godsend! I could spend less time clipping coupons and running all over (wasting gas) to get the best “deal” and spend more time with our precious little boy.

  246. Vanessa L says

    6 months of Huggies would be awesome!!! We really want another baby and are trying to save every penny so we can afford one more.

  247. Jackiw says

    6 months of diapers would be like an answer to a prayer. With our second one due in July we will have 2 in diapers. I won’t be able to work part time for a while which means my husband who is already working days and nights will have to put in even more hours. 6 months of diapers would alleviate some of the financial pressure we are starting to feel.

  248. Beth Jones says

    Wow, 6 months of diapers would be very helpful!! I am a single mom with a 4 year old and a 15 month old and money gets tight around my house. The 15 month old is still in diapers but plan on potty training by her 2nd birthday. So, anything to make my money go farther is always a plus!! Good luck everyone!! :)

  249. Jamie Clark says

    We have a 6 week old in diapers and as a teacher that gets expensive quick! But add to it my 2 nephews who neither parent is working and we are helping keep in diapers. So we have 3 boys in diapers and no a lot of cash. We’d be very grateful.

  250. Kim says

    Six months of diapers would be amazing. We are hoping to have another child very soon and this would make it that much easier financially. Thanks for the opportunity!

  251. Shannon M says

    6 months diapers would be a godsend! I am 36 weeks and we have a pack or 2 of each size but that would help the burden so much. Babies go through a lot as people know and I know that would help us since my husband works a lot like a great guy so that I can stay home with my 3 year old and future baby

  252. says

    Oh WOW, I would love to be enter to win!
    Six months of diapes for our family would be awesome! It would be a HUGE blessing money wise! I only use little movers for my little man! They are the BEST diaper out there! I love them!
    Thanks so much!

  253. erica skalsky says

    6 months worth of diapers would be such……..a big help to us….I have a 6 year old daughter and a son thats 5, and a son thats 1 that I could definately use some help with diapers for….Mostly all my money goes to the care for my 5 year old son who is autistic…..He is still in diapers also and I pay alot for his therapies….So my younger son and my daughter have to sacrific a little so I am able to help him……One thing I have to say is a have been a dedicated HUGGIES customer from the day my daughter was born…..6 years of diaper and Pull-UPS…and counting…….Thanks for great products!!!

  254. Adrianna says

    well six months of diapers would be so great because my son just goes through them like mad and it would help so much because with times so hard and things not being easy having one less thing to worry about would be so wonderful and so helpful. with trying to head back to school so that my boyfriend and i can get better jobs to give our son a better life it would be so great to not worry what we have to do to make sure our son always gets the diapers he needs.

  255. Brenda D says

    Our daughter is currently pregnant with her first child (a boy) and our first grandchild. Winning a 6 month supply of diapers would help her out tremendously since she is currently a unemployed, full time student studying to be a neonatal nurse. With the economy the way it currently is she is quite undesirable in her current condition of being pregnant and going to school full time. She is trying to expidite her classes so she can graduate quickly and be employable. The diapers would help her out so much with her goals that she has set for herself. Thank you for the chance to be able to help her to reach her goal and somday soon be able to pay it forward!! :-)

  256. Mariel says

    Six months worth of diapers would be so amazing, it would help us out so much. We are living off only one income, and things get really tough especially with me starting school and having a hard time finding scholarships that would fit my area. I have found none to help young parents who want to go to school, which shocked me. But diapers and formula have been the hardest part of having a child, but we make it work because we love her and she loves us. She is worth every struggle, if it will give her a good life.

  257. Nicole says

    We, like many other families now days, are living on less and trying to make the money we do have stretch even farther than ever before. 6 months of diapers would help tremendously, in every way – financially, physically and mentally! Thanks for the opportunity.

  258. Ronda Szlavich says

    Our daughter is a single MOM with a very active and adorable 13month old little boy named Carter.
    Kayte, just found out she is 9 weeks pregnant. I stay at home and watch Carter so she can work.
    Kayte make .75 cents an hour to much to qualify for any child care assistance in our state.

    6 months of diapers would be a HUGE blessing to her and us the grandparents. We are supporting little man Carter.

    I have been using Huggies for 28 years now. They are the only diapers we will use.

    Thank you so much.

  259. LingaB says

    It would be awesome to not have to worry about diapers for 6 months. Hopefully by then I can have my little man using the potty by then too. I’d love to be able to put my diaper fund into something fun for the kids. A zoo membership or a camping trip!

  260. Care says

    With school coming to an end, I have look for care for my two school-age children while I work. The place that I have found will be triple of what I’m paying now for extended day. Any savings is going to assist with incurring this new financial committment. Plus my toddler loves Huggies characters. Thanks

  261. Marla says

    Six months of diapers would be awesome!!!! What would I do with them? USE THEM!!! AND ALL OF THEM!! My son is 15 months so I am guessing 6 months plus of using diapers. It would be a tremendous help winning 6 months worth of diapers. Things cost so much now a days that saving the close to $300 would be a blessing. We might even be able to use that money toward our first family vacation :-)

  262. Angelique Brown says

    6 Months worth of free diapers would help my family out a lot. Thanks to this wonderful economy my husband was forced to take a minumu wage job and it’s hard to support 3 kids on minumum wage. I have a 6 month old, a 6 year old and a 7 year old. It would help us pay some of our other bills.

  263. Brittney Marcum says

    My husband and I are expectin Twin boys in July 2010. We couldn’t be more excited about our little bundles of joy! We feel very blessed to have 2 on the way. That also means twice the diapers :) This would help of a great deal as I will be off work for 3 months without pay with the boys. Twice the diapers equals twice the price!!

  264. Talitha Rieken says

    Six months of diapers would be a God send!!! I just picked up extra hours to help make ends meet as we’ve got phone calls coming in on a daily basis from debt collectors. Three years after making poor credit choices my husband and I are STILL paying for those decisions we made and are having everything we can do to keep our heads above water. Every little bit helps ease the stress and diapers would be an extraordinary help!

  265. says

    6 months worth of diapers would be a blessing! We are buying our first home and have a baby on the way. Thats a lot of firsts in one year. And I know we will be pinching pennies as so many are. This would be a big blessing. Thank you.

  266. says

    I have a 2 year old daughter and we are nowhere near potty training! Huggies is my favorite diaper brand, and I would LOVE to win a 6 month supply, which would be a great ending to our ‘diaper stage’! Thanks for the opportunity!

  267. says

    I love Huggies! Six months of diapers would mean not having to use other brands that were cheaper. My husband is a full time student, getting ready to enter graduate school. We don’t have a lot, and every little bit helps. Whatever we don’t use I will be able to pass along to other family members who need the help too.

  268. Ashley Honeycutt says

    I am expecting my first little girl in 7 weeks! I am so excited and cannot wait for her grand arrival.

  269. Shari Gerhard says

    I can’t even imagine how much 6 months worth of free diapers would help our family. My husband works full-time while I stay home with our 2 year old daughter who is not yet potty trained. I just graduated from college this month and have been on the search for a job. We are considering trying for another child but are worried about finances. All those free diapers would really help!!

  270. Kimberlee says

    6 Months worth of diapers would be a blessing! We have a 21 month old in diapers and a baby due in 3 months! I absolutely LOVE Huggies and will not use any other brand. We are also in the process of buying our first home so money is tight!

    Pick me! Pick me!

    :) Thanks!

  271. stephanie says

    Wat i would do with 6 mth of diapers… is simple…. my 3 mth old daughter would enjoy the comfort of huggies a little bit longer :) as i use huggies little movers as my number 1 choice!!! been using them since we got outta the hopital GO HUGGIES!!!

  272. Elise H says

    I have a toddler & a 16 week old (both girls). The economy has driven us deep into debt. We have been doing our best to work things out but are still just scraping by. Six months worth of diapers would be a godsend! We were on track for once in our lives & in a blink, it went way downhill.

  273. Samantha Reth says

    Ooh 6 months worth? Well my youngest, my Son, Eilijah, just turned 2 months old and he is growing like a weed, we would definately invest those coupons in diapers for him. We have a 4 year old daughter also, so thankfully, no diapers there.

    6 months of diapers would help out tremendously, as he is going through them so fast at the moment, it feels like no sooner have I opened a pack, it’s time to open another. It’s amazing after each of my children have been born, any of life’s luxuries I look at, all i see is “How many packs of diapers could we get for that price?”!! Thankfully the diapering times don’t last for ever and a 6 month supply would help any family out, and should by some miracle we not use all that we won, I would donate whtever was left to my Local Parents As Teachers (we just donated 100 diapers to them as my son grew out of the ones we had too fast!)

    Thats all there is to our family, I try to use coupons on everything I buy, save the family money so we can continue ‘spoiling’ the children as much as we financially can, so by getting a 6 months supply, we could definately spoil them!

    The added bonus of a flip cam, changing mat & diaper bag would be fantastic too, we already have to take 2 diaper bags everywhere with us, one for diapering, and one for BFeeding.

    Thank you for the AMAZING Giveaway, that not everyone in the world would get excited about, but as the mother of a 2 month old, that really excites me, the thought of free diapers!! Ahh, how your perspective on material things changes, when you have to buy Diapers!!

  274. Jo Ann says

    What a blessing this would be for us!! We have boy/girl twins that will be 10 months on June 1st…..and they can go through some diapers. I LOVE Huggies and am very brand loyal. I have used them on all my kids, I also have a 15yr old daughter and 10yr old son. 6 months of diapers would be a prayer answered…. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is self employed, business has been touch and go lately. It would lighten the load tremendously and give us one less thing to worrry about. Thanks for having this wonderful sweepstakes 😀 …..Huggies Rock!!!

  275. ashley says

    6 months of Huggies would be wonderful. We have a four year old and a 5 month old. We can only afford Huggies when I have a coupon, we have to buy the generic grocery brands to stay within our budget without a coupon. Between My husband and myself we work 3 full time jobs. Not having to buy diapers for even one month would help, 6 months would be amazing!

  276. Danielle says

    6 months of diapers would be wonderful since I have 2 in diapers and I help my brother with diapers for his 2 month old daughter. With all the diaper savings we wouldn’t have to worry so much about the bills.

  277. Carrie says

    I have 3 little boys in some form of diapers. My youngest is in little movers, my middle is in Pull-ups, and my oldest wears Goodnites. So we need all the help we can get. 6 months of diapers would be awesome! Even if it was just for the youngest!

  278. Faith says

    Six months of diapers would help me out so much. I just had some dental work done with no insurance and will be making payments forever! ^ months of diapers would help me pay my bill off quicker!

  279. Jennifer Burks says

    Wow! 6 months of diapers would be awesome. We struggle to make ends meet as do many families right now. Even though we live paycheck to paycheck, I know we are already extremely blessed. I mean, having a child is such a huge blessing! My husband and I both serve in the ministry and we love every minute of it. I have the privilege to work with children and I know it would be fantastic to give back to other mommies at church with diapers. Of course, since I love Huggies so much, I would use some my self too :)

  280. Bridget says

    6 months worth of diapers would really help put food on the table. This year we are dealing with a lower income and so many extras on our plate. I am a stay at home mom so that we can save money on daycare cost. Not to mention my son is very needy and I am afraid that he may get hurt at a daycare. Last year we moved to AZ from IA to be closer to my mom and help care for her after my father died. When we first got here it was great and then my mother in law was diagonsed with terminal cancer and had to quit working and my husband lost his job. He found another lower paying job now but, we are living pay check to pay check like many others out there. Now we’re unable to help ourselves let alone my mom and his. The money that we save on diapers would help so much. We could help his mom with her medication co pay, put food on the table and pay my moms light bill. Funny how much money we send a month on diapers even with coupons. I am hoping to win however, will be happy to see someone else be blessed as well :) Thanks Huggies!

  281. Emily says

    My husband and I are both teachers and we all know teachers don’t make a ton of money. We would love 6 months worth of dipers. We have an almost 2 year old and planning for another one! Diapers are so expensive but we LOVE Huggies and don’t want to change to a generic brand! Thank you Huggies for offering this AWESOME offer!!! We LOVE Huggies!!!

  282. Emily says

    Six months of diapers would be a great help for us financially. I have a 2 month old and a toddler in Pull Ups.

  283. Janine says

    It would help with our on going financial needs. I am a stay at home mom to 5 children my husband works hard to support our growing needs but every month we seem to just get by. I would love to be able to tell him that one burrden can be liffted.

  284. maggie Thurston says

    6 Months worth of diapers would be a blessing! The added bonus of a flip cam, changing mat & diaper bag would be fantastic also. these are things my son could not get extra,
    I would give these to my Son and his lady, their baby is due on June 17th, his first her third, we are all so excited and for the last three months I have purchased a package of Huggies diapers and wipes for them.
    She lost her job in fall of 2009, Aaron had been out of work for almost a year by then, then they find out a baby is coming.
    They have major student loans to pay off, Aaron just got a job in another state and it would be wonderful to have this wonderful Huggies prize package to help them out during this time.
    Huggies are the greatest diapers out there.

  285. Abby K says

    With 6 months worth of diapers I would use them for both my kids (one will still be in diapers for quite some time and the other is just about ready for pull ups!) as well as for our play group. I would have plenty of diapers around for the whole group to use when they are at our house for play dates so no one would have to worry about lugging them over! It would be great! It would help my family (as well as the mommies in the play group) just like it would help any family in this terrible economy… we would save money! I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use some help in that department these days… everyone is trying to save where they can, every little bit counts. Families spend so much money on diapers that this would be a huge help for whoever wins!

  286. Jessica E says

    A 6 month supply of diapers would help us out financially. We struggle to make ends meet but in the long run its all worth it. I will do whatever it takes for my kids and I will go without something just so they have what they need.

  287. Maribel says

    Oh my gosh, 6 months of diapers would be one of the greatest things for my family and I. Since my husband is not working at the moment, we are in a very tight financial situation. This would provide such a relief and take some stress of of us.

  288. Leslie Lloyd says

    Six months of diapers would help us tremendously! We have a 3 year old that still wears them at night and we are expecting a little girl in less than 4 weeks!

  289. Julie says

    6 months of diapers would be amazing!!!!!!! It would help out financially so much for us with the cost of everything from diapers, formula, baby food, clothes having a child is expensive but well worth the cost I wouldn’t trade my babies for the world, but the 6 months of diapers would be a great stress reliever!

  290. Crystal says

    6 months of diapers would be g-r-r-r-reat for my family! My husband and I are both teachers so we don’t work over summer! Although we look forward to the time off, knowing my baby is due in August is a little scarey!

  291. says

    I would probably buy a couple of packs for us, and then buy the rest with the coupons and give them to the flood victims here in TN. We only live 20 minutes from downtown Nashville, it’s so sad to see and hear what happened to them. Everyone who lost their homes can use everything they can get, especially if it’s diapers.

  292. Becca says

    As a family of 5 on one income 6 months worth of diapers would be a lifesaver, especially given that I’ve got 2 1/2 y/o twins who are incredibly reluctant to potty train.

    • Michelle says

      Patience :-) I recently got my 3 year son trained. I honestly though it was never going to happen, then 1 week about a month ago my son got it. :-) It will happen. The trick that worked for us was setting a timer for 15 -20 min to take him to go potty from the time he woke till he went to bed . After a few days he heard the timer and he would stop what he was doing and potty willingly. Then a few later he started telling us he had to go. I kept telling him to listen to his body , “Your body will tell when you have to use the potty”.

      • Becca says

        Thanks Michelle! I don’t really want to do it till they are ready (the little miss will ask to go on occasion, most often when we aren’t home) but they have to be trained for preschool.

  293. Kayla says

    6 months worth of diapers would help my family out tremendously!! We are a 1 income family with 3 kids, so anything helps!!!

  294. Tenessa says

    I would love the six months of diapers, that is such a huge expense for us. We could save a little money for a new van!

  295. Adrienne says

    If I won 6 months worth of diapers I think I’d split them with my sister in law. She’s my son’s ‘day care’ and I appreciate everything she does for him. She is a great mom to her 2 (soon to be 3) children!

  296. Rebecca says

    As a family of 4 with one income and 2 in diapers, 6 months of diapers would help TREMENDOUSLY!!! We adopted our little boy at the same time as we got pregnant with our little girl, so our “twins” (6 months apart in age) are still in diapers and on formula. What with adoption debt and daily costs of 2 toddlers, life is expensive!

  297. Rebekah Frusti says

    I have a couple of friends who sometimes have a difficult time providing necessities for their babies. I think I would keep some of the diapers for myself, and then give the rest to my two friends – they really need them and I know they would appreciate the help!

  298. Monica says

    6 months of diapers would be a blessing! This is our first baby…due July 29th and I have been trying desperately to stock up on diapers and other essentials when they are on sale or when I have a fantastic coupon from Huggies!! This hopefully will help us out financially as I’m sure our lives in that aspect (and many others) will change when our little one arrives!! Regardless, financial sacrifice will be worth it in the end compared to the joy our little girl will bring into our lives!

  299. Kim West says

    What a huge lift off our shoulders 6 months of diapers would be! My husband and I had planned on having only 2 children, what we determined we could afford. God had other plans for us and we are currently expecting our third child, despite birth control! We will embrace this child, and do whatever it takes to provide for him, but being a teacher, this task can be a little daunting at times!!

  300. Leah Craig says

    6 months worth of diapers would be SO WONDERFUL! We have been struggling for the past few months as my husband has been off work for the past few months due to a surgery and it has been hard to make it, but certainly worth it to get him back to his best! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  301. Amber Murray says

    Six months of diapers would be such an amazing thing. It would help out so much with my little one. My husband is being deployed overseas and it will make things a little harder to get out and go shopping with him not being around. To have those diapers on hand would be wonderful. Anything to make life easier while my husband is gone would be great.

  302. says

    Oh goodness, I dream of things like this! My oldest just finished potty training but that leaves the other two still needing them. I might be crazy but I really do dream of the luxury of having a six month supply of diapers. As a stay at home mom trying to help my family live on one income a six month supply of diapers and possibly a years supply of fruit snacks are what I’m down to dreaming about;) I am sure there are so many out there who could use them more than I possibly could but I can still dream right?

  303. Sherry says

    While pregnant with my first, I had no idea what diaper I’d choose to adorn my baby girl. As an infant daycare provider, I had a lot of practice diapering before she was born but has no idea how many diapers she would go through once my daughter arrived! Huggies brand worked for our family, my daughter is 3 months old and I have never had one blow out in her diaper. Now, I am not saying that she never will have one but I am pretty impressed by our clean clothes streak thus far. I love, love, love Huggies. The coupons and discounts provided are absolutely awesome. I unfortunately cannot afford to “stock up on diapers” as the family budget doesn’t leave a lot of extra money, so I find myself giving away the coupons that I have printed before the expiration date passes. A prize of Huggies diapers in any form would be unbelievably awesome. With a 6 month supply, my little girl and I would appreciate not having to worry about running out of diapers at the last minute!

  304. Nicole says

    6 months worth of diapers would be great. I have 2 boys in diapers and prefer huggies. Their father decided that he didn’t want to be married anymore and went and got a girlfriend when i was pregnant with our youngest. So all I get is child support and he doesn’t see his boys, hes in a different state.

  305. Angela says

    Oh my 6 months worth of free Huggies! Well we have a 7 week old who bless his heart already has an ear infection. He is on an antibiotic for it, and we all know what that can do to their little bodies! So needless to say we are going through A LOT of Huggies right now!! As well as I know so many people who are having babies right now I would shared the wealth with!! What a geat give away!!!

  306. Deanna Sena says

    What a blessing 6 months of daipers would be….my youngest (boy girl twins 13 months old) go through soooooo many diapers. As a stay at home mommy of 4 beautiful children, the money we would save those 6 months would be a Godsend!!!

  307. Heather says

    Wow I would be in heaven! With five children and two of those still in diapers, I would be able to save a little extra money every month. We are really trying to create a year supply of food so this extra money would let me buy for four growing boys and our princess girl.

  308. Sarah says

    6 months of diapers would free up some money for swimming lessons for the kids–they LOVE the water but I’m scared to bring them to the pool because neither can swim yet! So I’m hoping to get some professional help for them!

  309. Lynnette says

    With 6 months worth of diapers I would use them for both my daughters (one will be in diapers for quite some time and the other is just about ready for pull ups!) 6 months of diapers would be a blessing! I am struggle to make ends meet just like a lot of people now a days. So now have to worry about diapers for 6 months would be greatly appreciated. We all have ways to save especially with 2 in diapers to use coupons and look for sales. To have 6 months and not to worry about diapers I could use that money and put it some bills…

  310. Rebecca says

    man…6 moths of diapers would be a blessing!! with this being our third child and me having to quit work we are stretched for money. 6 months of diapers i cant even imagine!! that would give us more money to spend on our 3 growing boys!!

  311. Ellie W says

    6 months of diapers would be huge help at our house. The transmission is going out on car and we are babying it along until we can afford a new one. This would go a long way in helping us save.

  312. Katrina Shoultz says

    6 months of diapers would be a lifesaver! I have a 19 months old and right now we are basically scraping change together for diapers cuz my hubby just started working after almost a year of being unemployed. With 2 children one of who is starting preschool in a few months this will really help save us money to help pay for my oldest to go to preschool.

  313. says

    I think if our small family was blessed w/ 6 months of diapers my first instinct would be to cry! These past 5 months since the birth of our boy has been amazing and hard at the same time. Breastfeeding issues, his weight gain issues, poor baby being hospitalized w/ the stomach flu…for many reasons I have been unable to return to work. Beyond the financial burden I have loved being home w/ my boy. Help w/ diapers and wipes makes it easier for money to go towards a much needed night out or the hair cut Ive been needing the past 2 years. Better yet, put the same amount we would spend on diapers and put it in college savings.

  314. Holli Atwater says

    Six months of daipers would mean so much to our family! I recently gave birth to an amazing little boy after spending 22 weeks on bed rest. My son was born early at 36 weeks and spent some time in the NICU. Shortly after I gave birth I suffered congestive heart failure and spent more time in the hospital. We are both finally home and feeling much better. I have been out of worrk since the end of October, so things have been very tight for our family. My husband is wonderful and truly stepped up to take over all the “mommy duties” (we also have a 6 year old daughter) throughout this pregnancy and after as I continue to recover. Six months of daipers would certainly take one worry off our plate right now.

  315. Becky K says

    Oh my….6 months worth of diapers?!?!? I would be ecstatic!! I already love getting the coupons for huggies and being able to find them for so cheap and stockpiling, but if I had 6 months worth, I would definately share those with my sister who also has a baby in diapers!! She has helped me out so much I’d love to help her too :)

  316. says

    Um, make a really cool Halloween costume out of them?


    No, I would diaper the sweetest little tushy for six months! I have a 3 month old and have many many many more diaper changes in my future. Unless I can potty train her and since her sister wasn’t potty trained until she was 3 years old, I doubt that will happen. :)

  317. Jillian says

    It would help my family a lot! My husband is disabled and has brain cancer, so we don’t have a lot of money coming in every month and if we could have the little bit of extra money freed up every month we could probably put that money towards doing some family activities like camping or other day trips we would not otherwise be able to do:)

  318. Amy McGrady says

    If we received 6 months of diapers I would share half of them with a family in our church that would need them more than we do. My husband is a police officer and we are on a limited single income so it would be a blessing but I would definitely share with a needy family in my church if we won!

  319. Amy says

    This is just so awesome what you are doing!!! Well I have a little boy who is almost potty trained (very exciting!!!) But my sister is just starting her diaper journey….her little guy was just born, his name is Christian. She is an amazing mom of a 5 year old and now a new baby. She gives all she has every day to her family and is a teacher as well. She has a VERY tight budget every month. But never complains. She feels so blessed and free diapers would be incredible!!!! Thank you Huggies!!!!

  320. Michelle says

    6 months of diapers? Wow, I would probably cry! Then use them on my 9 month old and be happy that I don’t have to put them on the credit card!

  321. erin mock says

    I have 2 year old twins- we take any free diapers we can get. :) I would buy myself a treat with the extra money not spent on diapers. I will still have to change a lot of diapers but maybe I can be drinking a double tall mocha while I am doing it. :)

  322. lynn says

    6 months of Huggies would be awesome! My husband has been out of work a long time, and we have 4 kids!

  323. Amanda Bierle says

    6 months worth of diapers would help us out so much. Both my husband and I are unemployed and right now we have to depend on support from family. They help buy diapers and other items we need for our 3 boys. Only one is in diapers though. Not only would it help us, but it would help out our family who has been so generous.

  324. Jolynn says

    What would i do with 6 months of diapers? well of course i would diaper the tush of my adorable 4 month old Loralie! God knows that girl can deffinatly wet a diaper and even the floor(or the couch or the changing table) before i can get a new diaper under her. 6 months of diapers couldnt be be a bigger lifesaver for my husband and i, with only one of us working right now those diapers can sure cut into the budget.

  325. andi k. says

    You can never have enough diapers! My son just turned 3 and i’m wondering if he will ever be potty trained. He still wears diapers at night. Even just wearing them at night is another expense that gets harder and harder to afford. I know a lot of other people that could use the diapers too. I wish there were enough to go around to everyone. It must be hard to choose a winner.

  326. Christina says

    6 months worth of diapers?! I would be so thrilled, thats what I would do with them! Ha!

    It’s hard to put into words how awesome a feeling it would be to know that I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for diapers. To know that I can put the money I would spend on diapers into a savings account for my little one. It would be a relief! And AWESOME!

  327. Andrea says

    6 months of diapers would be such a blessing to our family!! Despite all my attempts, my 2 year old is still in diapers, and I have a nearly 4 month old son in diapers! It really takes a chunk out of our budget, and especially when things are already tight, everything helps!!

  328. says

    With 6 months worth of diapers, we’d sure save a lot of money! My son is 2 1/2, he was preemie, and nowhere near potty training stage yet. He packs a diaper heavily, so we’ve switched exclusively to Huggies Overnights, for days & nights for him. It’s the only diaper that works for him anymore. He still goes through them quite fast and they are by no means cheap. They’re more expensive than the other diapers and you get a lot less for your buck. With all the money we could save not buying diapers for 6 months, we could probably go skating one night/week as a family (6 of us) as we have been wanting to do for a while but never seem to have that extra $50/week! Yup, we spend at least that on diapers, easy!

  329. says

    My husband and I tried unsuccessfully for several years to have children. We then opted for IVF, implanted 2 fertilized eggs and we were successful — super duper successful! We are now 17 weeks pregnant with quadruplets — two sets of identical twins. We are delighted and a bit terrified. We know that we have a bumpy road ahead and are just praying for healthy babies. We, of course, are overwhelmed on the costs of getting ready for our babies. We need 4 cribs, 4 car seats, bottles for 4, etc etc. Our friends and family have been great gathering up hand me downs — but 6 months (well for us 1.5 months) of diapers would be so extremely helpful, I can’t even tell you.

  330. Kat Poth says

    I have three children already and one more on the way. God has blessed us not only with these children, but also my husband has been able to return to school but will no longer be able to work due to being a disables vet. 6 months of free diapers couldn’t come at a better time for us. God Bless.

  331. Christy says

    Being that I am only working PT since my sons birth in January, and my husband has been on unemployment since Christmas and works PT at night while attending school during the day the diapers would def. be a big help! We also jsut got out first home and every little but helps these days…. plus Huggies are the only diapers that my son does not pee through at night I love them!

  332. Kaela says

    With 6 months worth of diapers would be a blessing for me. My son seems to go through diapers like hot cakes. And then to have a new changing pad to use would be great. The one I have is not worth anything. Then the bag to go along with it would be great!!! Not to mention the flip cam would be wonderful since little man does some hilarious things!

  333. AJ's Mommy says

    Six months of diapers would give our new family a few extra minutes to play with our little man rather than ponder where the best price for Huggies is. Do we go to WM or T. The changing pad would be awesome. My husband learned the hard way that you don’t leave it behind in the men’s room, even at a hardware store!

  334. says

    6 months of diapers would be BEYOND amazing! My son gets diaper rash very frequently. We have to change him every 1-2 hours most times religiously. I go through diapers so quickly and it really takes a toll on the finances! That extra money could be used for some extra family fun time this summer, or put away to be saved with a larger chunk for a vacation. Either way, those diapers would be beyond helpful!

  335. Alicia Morgan says

    We are currently expecting twins in July!!! With twins on the way I have already had to stop working and am not sure when I will be able to go back as that depends on the health of the twins once they arrive. So we are going from two incomes to one income and unfortunately our health insurance is changing so we are going to have a lot of hospital/doctor bills come July. Receiving 6months worth of diapers would greatly reduce my stress level and help our family finances.

  336. Leslie says

    I have three kids, ages 3, 2, and 1. Two of them are in diapers so I definately understand the expense of having to buy diapers all the time. I am constantly looking for ways to reduce my spending on diapers as well as other baby items. Being able to not buy diapers for 6 months would definately help with the other expenses that come along with having three kids so close in age.

  337. jo says

    We have 4 babies in the family and that is a lot of diapers. I would also share with a friend who also has 3 grandchildren in diapers.

  338. Candice says

    Six months of diapers would be amazing to win! We are a one income family so the money saved would be wonderful.

  339. says

    6 months worth of diapers, wow. I’d use them on my youngest who is nearly 2, and shows no signs of being interested in the potty.

  340. Carla says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Huggies diapers! Can’t wait to get to the store and get the new blue jeans for my little girl! 6 months worth of diapers would be GREAT for our family. In just a few more months I will have 2 in diapers and I can’t wait. I wanted them a year apart, but 16 months apart is close enough I guess!!!!!

  341. Elisa says

    Last year we moved to Michigan so my husband could go to medical school at Michigan State University. I have a 2 year old and another one on the way. We are living on student loans, and six month’s of diapers would be a huge help! Especially sense we will have 2 in diapers soon. The bag and changing pad would be a nice replacement to the well used one’s we currently have, and the flip cam would be such a great bonus!

  342. Heather says

    I recently gave birth to my 2nd son in February. After going back to work for only a few weeks, I realized that I was being called to be a stay-at-home mom. I know it will be financially rough situation, however I was basically working to pay daycare. I decided that I would much rather be a mother to my children, and who else could do it better than I? With my first son, who is 6, I was not able to stay home w/ him when he was a baby, and since this is my 2nd and last child, I wanted to be able to capture and share all the special, magical moments with him. Six Months of Diapers would be God Sent. We will be living on 1/2 of the income that we normally had. This is going to be a wonderful summer for my boys and I and Huggies are my diaper of choice. I like that they don’t leak and are comfortable and cute on my baby. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

  343. Andrea J says

    Wow! Six months of diapers would be such an awesome prize for any family! As a SAHM of 3 (2 in diapers and the third in Pull-ups overnight) I’ve learned to stretch a budget (with a HUGE thanks to Huggies for all the great coupons!). I would love to plan some fun summer outings with the money I could save!

  344. rachelhorlacher2 says

    6-months of diapers would be a Godsend since we’re trying to move out of my parents home into a place of our own.

  345. tanya says

    6 months worth of huggies diapers would be such a blessing to my daughter. she is a single mother to my grand-daughter, rebecca grace. with working crazy hours just to make ends meet , these would come in handy. thank you n have a blessed day!

  346. Rebecca P. says

    What a relief it would be to have free diapers. With two children still in diapers, it would be a tremendous blessing. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  347. Melissa says

    This would help our family out sooo much…we are expecting our second child in August and still have a child in diapers…My Unemployment just ran out and we are living on just my Husbands income cause were we will there are not any jobs open..I even tried appling at Pizza Hut as a driver and no luck.
    This would take a huge load off and is one less thing we would have to worry about.

  348. Terri Bullock says

    What would I do with 6 months of “free” diapers?My son got married on Valentines Day to a wonderful women by the name of Jackie. Instantly they became a blended family with 3 children. They decided to have a child,(with both being in their 30’s), they did not want to wait very long. Well they are pregnant and low and behold,WITH TWINS!!!!!!!
    I being the Gramma , am sooooo excited, of course!!! !I would give the diapers to them. They will definitely need them. I have been purchasing a bag of diapers a week, to help them with the cost, since Jackie had to give up her job, the Doctors did not want her to work and was put on bed rest, they have had to cut their income in half. I know they will be okay and everything will be fine , but those diapers sure would help. Thank you and God Bless

  349. Aura says

    Hmm… free diapers= more money to use for help for my 3 little movers=free time for me= REALLY AWESOME! I have 3 little people in diapers- $40 a week worth! Keeping up with them and their diapering habits is TOUGH! Not only will 6 months of free diapers for one of them (or by my calculations around 2 months of free diapers for all three) but I can use that money for a babysitter and get free time to myself. Unless my husband thinks I’ll probably use that time for shopping = even less money for him. Maybe it would get me a nice dinner out, either way sounds really good to me.

  350. Lindsay Letzelter says

    I have a newborn baby boy. He is our third child and I am a very loyal Huggies user in the last five years we have not gone a month with out having Huggies in our home. It would help us in such a huge way because we are at risk of losing our home and are struggling financially despite working very hard. Thank You Huggies for all of the great coupons lately!!

  351. Jessica Stapleton says

    What I would do with 6 months worth of diapers? WOW… What couldnt I do with six months of diapers?
    Month 1~ I would enjoy not having to buy diapers and finaly start to relax and watch my lil man run around in the most comfortable diaper since he has to wear huggies because it is the only diaper that he can wear with out getting rashes…

    Month 2 ~ With what we saved on month on I could save and add to his savings account since we had to borrow from it due to how our bills have added up and Me starting back school had added to our stresses.

    Month 3~ Still enjoying and saving has left us with this total blissful oppinion about how amaizing Huggies is….

    Month 4 Thanking God that we have 2 more months of saving our money!!!

    Month 5 watching my son parade around in his diaper with out any clothing on!!!

    Month 6 looking back on the last 5 months and thinking how blessed we were because I had left a comment of what we could do with 6 months of diapers….

    To tell you the truth I really would love a break from having to stress about all of our bills and gas and food and diapers and diaper wipes and etc. We could really use them and coming from a mom that is risking sounding desperate I really hope that we may get the 6 months worth of diapers. So on that note I will continue praying and hoping that we will win the chance to get 6 months of diapers!!! Thank You Huggies for being an amazing brand that covers my babys bottom!!! I know if he could say it he would say I love Huggies Diapers!!!

  352. Alexia Christensen says

    I’m a first time mom who is due in 3 weeks. I have been unemployed since Feb., so money has been extremely tight. My husband and I are very blessed with loving friends and family who have helped us with baby gear so we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for it. Six months worth of free diapers would be an absolute life saver!

  353. Lachelle says

    Wow – 6 months of diapers would be amazing! We are paying off lots of medical bills from my husband being sick last year and money is tight every month. It would be great to have one less thing to worry about in the budget!

  354. Rebecca Hammer says

    I am a recently single mother of two little boys still in diapers. I am a full time student studying to become an elementary school teacher, I work part time at a local hospital, and we never miss a day of church. Needless to say this is a house on the go. I cannot even begin to explain what 6 months worth of diapers would mean to me and my boys – I would actually be able to work less, meaning extra moments with my precious angels: extra hugs and kisses, tickles and giggles, smiles and smirks, and all of life’s firsts.

  355. Alham D. says

    Receiving six months worth of diapers will help my family out a great deal; financially and mentally. Financially: well we all know how much diapers cost and how much it could add up for three children that currently wear diapers. Mentally: well it is quite hectic and time consuming to find deals or clip coupons for diapers in my household not to mention the worry-free relief of not having to go out or forget to purchase diapers.

  356. Tausha says

    Six months of free diapers would be a Godsend. We just had our second son who decided he was going to come into this world three and a half weeks early. After six days in the NICU he is doing great and we are extremely blessed! I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful boys and making ends meet on one income can be tough. I thank God for each day that I get to stay home with them and watch them grow. This would definantly help with the financial stress. Especially since the medical bills are starting to roll in.

  357. Stephanie says

    I am blessed to be a SAHM but that means budget governs us all the time. So 6 MO’s of diapers would provide us with extra cash I could put to good use. 1st up ice cream night at our house, a rare but highly anticipated treat for my little ones. Then money into each of my 3 angels account. Month 3 would be Mom and Dad’s night out, a babysitter and dinner paid for. Next, something we have never experienced as family, a night at the movies, did I mention my kids LOVE Shrek? Month 5 would be about paying it forward, entire month’s diapers to another family that needs it. Finally we would take month 6 money and find a great price on huggies to stock up cause no other brand will do!

  358. Michelle says

    Fortunately, my husband and I are able to provide for our 6 month old twins without too much financial stress. While free things are always nice, in our current situation I would probably donate 6 months of diapers to a local womens shelter or charity that needs them much more than we do.

  359. Heather Young says

    I am a single mother struggling to pay the bills as my daughter’s father refuses to pay child support on time. Six month worth of diapers would mean that I would not have to worry about having enough money to buy diapers for my daughter (or have to buy the cheap store brands that are not as good as Huggies) and be able to put the money I’d normally spend on diapers toward food and other bills, such as utilities and rent, and lessen my stress having to worry about being able to afford the necessities.

  360. Sarah Keller says

    How could six months of diapers help me?? Oh my goodness it would be the biggest blessing ever…im 18 and living with my grandmother because i cant afford to pay a babysitter and am currently out of a job it would be so GREAT if i got these

  361. xinzhang says

    I am a new mama, my daughter is 6.5 months, and my husband and I are still the college students, so, if I could get the 6 months of diapers , that’s would be just amazing and help us a lot ! I am the the truely custom for the Huggies Diaper and Wipe! I ONLY use the Huggies Diaper and wipe, I just love it! God bless I could get this deal, and it can help me to save money to pay the other bills for my family. Thanks!

  362. Heather Denson says

    I am a stay at home mom of a 13 month old little boy and were not sure if were going to have anymore children yet. We are only a one income family. My son is a HUGGIES only baby and I refuse to use any other brand of diapers or wipes, so a 6 month supply or anything else would really help us out. I absolutly love the jean diapers, little movers, and especially the over nights.The thick and clean wipes are life savers also. We try to pinch pennies every chance we get but my HUGGIES are one thing I will not compromise on. Thank you HUGGIES for your consideration, and oh yeah I love the enjoy the ride program also.

  363. Steph says

    6 months worth of diapers would help me out so very much right now because i’m a single mom that’s only working part time because they keep cutting my hours at work & i just had to spend $2500, which was my entire lifes savings that i saved up for my little man & me to survive on, for a lawyer because my sons dad that didn’t want anything to do with him since he’s been born filed for custody to take him away from me & i’m trying to fight it tooth & nail to protect my son & keep him safe but now he has to go without & i’m struggling to keep him stocked up on diapers & wipes & things he needs so it would be an amazing miracle to get that kind of help for 6 months. thank you so much for having a contest like this for people that really need help!

  364. Sarah G says

    It would really help our budget to win diapers! They would be for our toddler, who has, thus far, refused to be toilet trained. 😛

  365. says

    If I won 6 months of diapers, I would give them to my son for my grandson. My son is currently a full time college student therefore, he is only working part time. My sons wife lost her job back in November has has not yet found another one. They live in a very rural area and there is not much work to be found.
    Grandma is the one who helps to put Huggies on her grandson Kayden until his daddy graduates school and goes to work full time or until his mommy finds another job.
    I used Huggies for all 3 of my children and my son has chosen to use them for his children as well.

  366. Tara Hill says

    This would be huge! I have a one year old and a two year old both in diapers…we would use every last one of them!

  367. sandy says

    actually the lady next door has taken in her granddaughter and her daughter while a divorce goes thru and is financially helping them out and this would help a bunch with the baby expenses

  368. Trisha Lynn says

    I would give them to my brother who recently became a single dad! I know they would make his life and wallet a little happier!

  369. says

    With 5 kids in the house and 2 of them in diapers you can imagine the diapering we go through. This would help us financially so much saving on buying diapers maybe the teens wouldn’t get left behind so much and we could afford to get them shoes and clothes they so desperately need. Especially Zach who will be a Senior this year. He’s going to need so much. Thanks to you and Huggies for a chance at this wonderful giveaway!

  370. Nicole Roberts says

    I was hit by a drunk driver in February, I fractured two cervical discs and have been back and forth to doctors and physical therapy numerous times a week since then. I have been out of work since then ,and naturally this would be a GIGANTIC help, an enormous help, an unbelievable help!! Money is so tight lately that it’s actually become a joke around our house! Huggies would be a luxury.

  371. says

    I would be thrilled to get 6 months worth of Huggies! I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old both in diapers, and on a limited budget as a SAHM, that would such a HUGE relief! I can’t wait (kinda) until my 2 year old decides he’s ready to be a “big boy”!

  372. says

    As a mother of five children (four of which are girls) I found the same thing you discovered – that when I find something that works, I stick with it. When I had our first child over ten years ago, everyone I knew recommended Pampers… so naturally that was the first brand I ever tried. And I wouldn’t keep the bed dry to save my LIFE! I don’t know what my sweet baby was doing to those diapers but they couldn’t take whatever it was. I tried Huggies and was impressed but wasn’t completely SOLD on them until I tried Huggies Supreme which is what I used for her and all of our children since (of course now, with baby number five, it’s “Little Movers” but… still, the same.)

    I have been a loyal customer for YEARS and as you can imagine, six months without having to BUY them would be a wonderful reward, especially in a household this size where there are already SO many expenses :) Over the years, a LOT of my brands have switched to non-brand versions in order to conserve finances, but Huggies is one thing I refuse to let go. Not only do we use the diapers, but also the Thick N Clean wipes!

    So, how would *I* use six months worth of free Huggies diapers? I would probably re-allot that money to my auto insurance premium which actually would cover half of it! (And I could stop searching under couch cushions and Suburban seats for “lost” diapers when we’re running low between paydays!!!)

  373. Cheryl Shipman says

    This is a tough contest to enter, due to the economy everyone is in need. I rarely ask for anything, I’m a new mom, I’ll be honest, I need help. Not to give you the pity story but I had everything planned out when I had the baby…my mom then wrecks my car 2 days after bring alexis home from the hospital (my mom is an idiot, don’t get me wrong I respect my elders but she’s an exeption and i’m to embarressed to talk about her). Anyways I waited 7 weeks to go back to work, my grandmother who lived right up the street for me and also raised me said that she would watch lexi until I could get approved for daycare assistance because its really expensive, that same week that I went back to work, she didn’t feel well thursday night, and I got a phone call at 3 am, saying my grandma is unconsious., She had an anerism, and I never got to say goodbye, she was the only one who really loved me for who I am. None the less I ended up taking lexi to daycare, and It’s more then my rent. I havent slept in two days nor have I eaten just so I can keep the bills on and not get evicted, on top of that, my grandfather is now going back to kimo, because his cancer came back and its worse then before. And al I try to do is help everyone in everyway I can and I never ask for anything in return because I do it because it makes me feel good when I do good things for others. If you pass this up because someone else out there needs it more then I do, that’s ok. I figured I’d give it a shot. Can’t hurt to try. Thanks for the opportunity for all the moms in need, It really shows alot about your company. I apprieciate that alot. Sincerly, Cheryl Shipman

  374. says

    Wow! With 2 in diapers I could definitely use a 6 month supply! I’m trying, trying, trying to get my oldest potty trained, but it’s just not happening yet. I’m trying to let him go at his own pace and not force him. Would love to win diapers for my baby, though!

  375. Annette D says

    My kids are long past the diaper changing days, in fact they are 21 and 17! If I won, I would donate the diapers to our church for the nursery! Thanks so much for the chance!

  376. Barb says

    I would help my daughter! I am soon to be a first time grandmother and it would be a blessing to give her such a wonderful gift! I’m sure it would be a huge help. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  377. says

    Well, we’ve been out of the diaper stage for awhile now, but I was definitely a Huggies fan, too. They gave us Pampers at the hospital and used those for a little while, but when they kept leaking all over the place, not staying on right, finally tried Huggies and they worked so much better…. and were cheaper, too! Anyway, even though we personally don’t need diapers anymore, my sister has a little girl who just turned 1. So, I’m sure she could probably use at least 6 more months worth!! :-)

  378. says

    Winning 6 months worth of diapers would really help us financially. Money is extremely tight due to lots of medical bills recently and with 2 in diapers it would be fantastic to not have that expense for 6 months.

  379. Beckie Perreault says

    I’d share my 6-mo. supply of diapers. My daughter has 2 younger cousins, each is from a single parent home and neither is working.
    One of the most important things I can teach my daughter is sharing our blessings. I want to start early and teach by example.

  380. says

    I’m on my 4th and last child in diapers. I would use the 6 months worth of free diapers to finish off my little one’s diaper use as I work on her potty training this summer. And whatever’s leftover I will donate to our local Women’s & Children’s Alliance that I’ve been donating all our no longer needed baby stuff.

  381. says

    Oh, man! 6 months worth of diapers would come in really handy around here. Right now, I’ve only got one in diapers, but he seems to go through them faster than any of my other kids did. And since he’s allergic to every diaper except Huggies Supremes, this would really, really help out with the cost!

  382. Jen Cooper says

    The thought of receiving 6 months worth of Huggies diapers is amazing! I used to choose my diapers based on what was on sale and what coupons I was carrying. Several months ago I got on a “Huggies kick”. Now there’s no turning back. My 19 month old’s diapers would sometimes leak, but ever since I permanently switched to Huggies they don’t! As a stay at home mom that’s always trying to save, but not willing to compromise on quality, this giveaway would help my family tremendously.

  383. Annie says

    Wow, 6 months of diapers! I have a little one who is not quite potty trained yet and another one due in just a few weeks. I’m a stay at home mom, and my husband is in the job hunting process, and will lose his paycheck at the end of August. It would be a big help to not have to buy diapers for a few months.

  384. Laura says

    We just found out we are pregnant with our first baby- so I would use those diapers for out new baby!!

  385. Jaime S. says

    6 months of Huggies diapers would help us so much. I have two children – one in diapers. Winning 6 months of diapers would be so wonderful financially for our family!!!

  386. says

    6 months of diapers would be amazing! My son has a sensory disorder and one of the manifestations is that he poops 4-5 times a day so we go through ALOT of diapers!! We would be able to take a small vacation with the money we would have no buying diapers. I’d love to spend a week on the beach this summer with my family. :)

  387. Carrie says

    I could really use 6 months of diapers for sure! My husband and I have been blessed with 4 children the youngest is 5 months old. He has been out of work for almost a year now and only working odd jobs hear and there a couple of times a month. Times are realy tight right now and formula and diapers are so expensive.

  388. Jamie Rayner says

    My youngest addition to the family is Alexandra Nicole (Alex)…she is our last of 5 kids. I made a decision to be a stay at home mom and be a mommy first so we live on one income. My husband is a great provider and we love him.
    6 months of diapers would be a blessing for anyone! Huggies is the only way to go especially with the problems pampers cruisers are having with chemical burns. Huggies is the softest and most absorbent. Thank you for your coupons, updates and specials events like this one!

  389. says

    I am a stay at home mom and my hubby just changed jobs, so money is really tight right now. If i won 6 months worth of diapers it would really help out alot right now. It would take some stress off of us and allow us to get caught up on a few other bills that are late because of the job change and payday changes.

  390. Margaret says

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I have a toddler grandson who is in diapers and a granddaughter on the way. It would be such a blessing to win this and help their hardworking parents!

  391. Chana says

    Diapers are expensive! I would give them to my brother in NY as we are almost at the end of diapering…definitely will be within 6 months! My brother is in school so it would really help them!

  392. Kristen says

    Winning six months of diapers would be awesome. It would help out during tough times right now. Diapers are expensive and any help(like coupons) is always appreciated. If I won this, I would probably end up using them for my daughter. She’s 9 months old, so we’ve still got quite a bit of diapering left. I stay home with her and her sisters, because working part time would not be conducive to adding any additional money to us, after paying daycare costs.

  393. says

    Winning this would be awesome for our family. We have one is diapers all day and then one in diapers at night. This would help us greatly.

  394. says

    If I won 6 months worth of diapers I would give them to my sister. She is ALWAYS struggling to buy diapers for my 1 year old nephew. This prize would be such a blessing to her.

  395. says

    I have a son in diapers and another one on the way in September so this would help greatly.
    I found out around 6 months that Huggies was the only way to go and haven’t stopped using them. Little movers is what we currently use and so far they’re my favorite. There is just no comparison to other diapers!

    Also, money is always tight. We’re trying to save everything we have to move or update our current house. It’s only 500sq ft. No room for a proper washer/dryer, no backyard for our son to play in, no basement, garage or any sort of storage. It’s my grandparents house and it hasn’t been updated in 20 yrs. My grandma sold all the land that went w/ the house years ago. We moved here to save money but its sort of become more of a trap that we can’t seem to escape. We don’t even have a bathtub here! My son has never been in a real bathtub, only his baby tub.

    We’re saving on one income that after taxes amounts to minimum wage. It took us 3 yrs but we paid off everything we owe and now we’re in the beginning stages of saving. I know we’re lucky my husband has a job in this economy (almost 25% unemployment in Detroit area) and he keeps his job because we get health insurance (instead of trying to find something better).. which I feel is more important than higher pay. He’s away from us 5 days a week.. and the biggest thing of all.. he’s not even from our country. He gave us his own dreams a few years ago and took a job hauling steel as a truck driver.

    So along with helping us save it would also help me help out our family, which I normally can’t do much of without a job. Thanks for the giveaway!

  396. says

    I would really love to get free diapers! My husband lost his job two weeks after our third child (all boys) was born in March and has yet been able to find work. I have been a stay at home mom since we had our first child. We have two in diapers right now, although I will be potty training our second child soon. The amount of money spent on diapers is quite a bit so six months worth of free diapers would be such a life savor to us.

  397. Lori A. says

    This would be a big help for my brother and sister-in-law! They have a 2 year old still in diapers and one on-the-way. I would love to win this for them!

  398. says

    I only use Huggies!!!!! WOW, this would help. My hubby is going back to college and we believe in living debt free. I have been working from home as of recent to start saving now for January’s expense (expensive expense). This would be WONDERFUL and a great blessing. Any corner we cut is just a little less I have to work and a lot more I can play with my babies! Thank you!

  399. susan says

    I would do a happy dance – I have 2 in diapers right now. It takes a pretty penny to cover these cute heinies. That money could go to a million different things. 😀 Here’s hopin’ my post gets picked.

  400. Jackie says

    My two oldest boys are 9 abd 11. I raised them from a really young age on my own as a single mom and always used huggies. Both my boys were “chunky butts” and i found that huggies fit them the best. Also, i could always rely on huggies to send me coupons and although a two dollar coupon doesnt seem like much, its a lifesaver to a single mom. i have now movedo n a remarried and the boys are are happy to have added a little girl to our new family. She is 2 months old and is a Huggies baby also. Just like her big brothers, she is also a chunky butt and Huggies still fit her the best!!

  401. JANET CORTEZ says


  402. kori says

    This would be an awsome gift for my family! My husband is out of work & I’m working part time & getting ready to start school. So needless to say we are struggling a little with two kids in diapers!

  403. Angel S. says

    Great giveaway! My sons are both too old for diapers, but I swore by huggies when they were little. They never let me down. If I won, I would donate the diapers to a young girl in our church who just had a baby and also to our local Pregnancy Resource center, which helps young girls choose life.

  404. Nicci Turner says

    I would love to give this 6 month supply of huggie diapers to my mother… Who had finished raising her kids. On 10-09-09 she became a mother again not by choice but by loosing my baby sister in chldbirth. She was only 23. Now my mother is raising her two children a little girl who is 4 and my nephew who is 7 months old. So this prize would be a true blessing for her.

  405. says

    I would love 6 months worth of diapers! I only have one in diapers right now, but the way he eats (& poops) he goes through enough for 2!! 😀

  406. Michelle says

    Six Months of Huggies Diapers would be an amazing gift for us. We are a single income family that also homeschools. I have three boys and will be having a girl in a few weeks. My youngest boy is still in diapers, but we are hoping to begin potty training soon. Huggies are the best brand out there, but we are not always able to get them because of a tight budget. Not having to buy diapers for 6 months or at least less of them would be a wonderful thing.

  407. Becky Roberts says

    To win 6 months of Huggies would be a dream come true! We have been so financially strapped since October 2009 when my husband had to have knee surgery and he has not been able to return to work. We are having to rely on my income and are having trouble trying to make ends meet. Six months of Huggies would really make a huge difference in our life!

  408. Melissa says

    I would give the prize to my sister-in-law who is expecting her first child. She and her hubby are strapped for cash so I know that she’d appreciate the help. And she’d be floored by getting a diaper bag and flip cam! Thanks for the giveaway!

  409. Megan Fisher says

    I am 18 weeks pregnant and will be a single mom when my baby is born in October. To win 6 months of Huggies would be the very best present for my baby! I am 19 years old and have been trying to solely fund my continued education but don’t see how that will be possible after the birth of my baby. If I had a six month’s supply of Huggies, I may be able to continue with my education for at least nother semester and still be able to take care of myself and my new baby.

  410. Lee Ann says

    I just found out my niece will be having a baby soon. She is very young and trying to make it on her own and continue her education. If I could win 6 months of Huggies, it would truly make a huge difference in her life!

  411. Clara C. says

    My granddaughter is expecting soon and it would be such a blessing to be able to help her by providing her newborn with the best diapers ever – Huggies!!!

  412. Keith R. says

    I would give them to my daughter who is expecting her first baby in the fall. She is financially strapped and I cannot help her much but 6 months of Huggies would mean the world to us!

  413. says

    Huggies is our favorite brand for diapers too. We bought them for our older two children but for our new baby we had to go with a more inexpensive brand. My husband and I are both college students so cheaper was easier on the budget. We’re not huge fans of the off brand so I’d be stoked to win 6 months worth of Huggies! They really do fit our babies the best!

  414. Rebecca says

    It would truly be a blessing to share six months of Huggies with my very first grandchild that will be arriving soon.

  415. delana says

    I have an 8 week old and also a 4 yr old and we are struggling financially and having trouble even making bills let alone buy diapers. I save every huggies brand coupon i can and my mom has had to help buy diapers for me alot and she is struggling as well so it would help so much not only for me but also so she didnt have to worry about it for 6 months brcause although she would never say no she would go without to make sure my children and i are not. 6 months of huggies would really help my family out so much.

  416. Shea says

    Six months of Huggies would make such a huge difference in my life!! Please Huggies, make me a winner!!!

  417. Stacey says

    I have a newborn and a 4 year old so had been out of the diaper business for awhile. Huggies was and is always my choice of diapers but without a coupon I have to buy the store brand. To be able to use Huggies for 6 months would be a blessing!

  418. sheri says

    WOW! 6 months of free diapers would be a God-send. I have twin boys that are about to turn 2 in June and I don’t want to even think about all the money we have spent on diapers in those 2 years. We had a diaper pounding when they were born and I had stockpiled some cheap diapers before they arrived and that actually did last us for a few months. Diapers aren’t cheap unfortunately and so 6 months of diapers would be a huge blessing from God.

  419. says

    My brother and his wife have 2 daughters under the age of 1 (10 months apart). He’s working two jobs to help cover the medical expenses and costs of raising a new family. I’d definitely give the coupons to my brother and sister-in-law to help them out! With the cost of formula and every thing else, free diapers would be a HUGE help for them!

  420. Kirsten S. says

    Oh man, 6 months of free diapers? My husband would be cheering from here to high heaven! I would use them, with gratitude each time, on my daughter, knowing that this helped save precious finances that could be used on other things, like paying down debt. A little here and there can add up to big; every little bit counts, and 6 months of diapers would count for a lot.

  421. says

    We love Huggies! They have good quality products, and they provide so many more coupons than the other leading diaper manufacturer. We have a two year old who is working on potty training, and a 6 month old who has many months of diapers still to look forward to. I am a stay at home mom, and I love it. It means we really have to budget to get by though. The kids wear hand-me-down clothing which is a huge blessing, and we try to stock up on diapers when we can save with coupons. 6 months of diapers would be a great help!

  422. Mary Alice says

    We could certainly use six months of diapers. Like many families, my husband and I are follow a very strict budget because I currently stay home with our seven month old son and we rely soley on my husband’s salary. This means we coupon, cook meals at home and rarely ever go out. Having six months of diapers would allow us to possibly spend a night out on the town every once in a while, rather than using those funds to purchase diapers.

  423. Marie Bauer says

    Just like so many other mothers, I am a stay at home mom. We are on a very tight budget and with twin two year old boys and a 9 month old all in diapers, its tough.Although they all are in the same size, so that does help. Until the twins get potty trained, which has been a very difficult process, any and all diapers I receive help a great deal.

  424. Laurie says

    We have baby number 6 coming in August. She will be our 6th child in 10 1/2 years. We have used Huggies with all of the kids because it is the only brand that they don’t break out from. Since I am a independent contractor I have to stop working for 2 months and we won’t have my income coming in and we have no savings. It is going to be really rough so 6 months of diapers would be a huge burden off of our shoulders and give us a huge sigh of relief.

  425. Heather M says

    I am a stay at home mom to a 10 1/2 month old beautiful little girl. I try my hardest to save our family money whenever and wherever possible. 6 months of free diapers would help us out a lot!

  426. carolyn trueland says

    Wow! What could I do with all of those diapers? lol I have five children. They are 15, 8, 7, 3, and 4 1/2 months. My youngest is in diapers of course and my son wears night time pull ups. We could save so much money if we were to win this contest. Maybe be able to take the kids for a fun day out this summer! The water park sounds good~That would be great! I hope I win!

  427. Rebecca says

    6 months of Huggies coupons would help so much. My husband is in school and works, and I work 2 jobs from home just so that we can afford rent and other necessities. It would be nice to get coupons for diapers for my two little girls and use that saved money on things we have had to go without.

  428. destiny deadwylier says

    I follow you on twitter @dad1111

    If I won the diapers I would donate them to a local organization in my town for teen mothers. My kids are out of diapers but I was a teen mom and know how something so simple as diapers can be such a financial hardship.

  429. says

    6 months of diapers would be such a blessing! I would hope that our little one might be trained by the end of that time, so this would really help us out financially!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  430. says

    Having a 6 month supply, what’s not to love about that! Although I have a baby girl who could very well use these, I would like to donate a portion of my supply to those less fortunate.

  431. Brittany Fell says

    It is great being out of the diaper era (my youngest is potty trained!); however, I know a few families with lots of little ones. I would love to help out with some packages of diapers from the “diaper fairy” on their doorsteps. Or keep some back for the hopeful last baby to join our family…

  432. says

    I would donate the diapers to a family in my Twins Club who has been through tragedy this year. They could really use the help.

  433. says

    I’m due with a little boy in just 7 weeks! 6 months of free diapers would be absolutely amazing and I love Huggies, I still use them with my 2 year old who we’re hoping will be potty trained soon! :)

  434. says

    My husband and I are TTC baby #3 and having 6 months of diapers ready would surely help us out tremendously.Since I am recently becoming a SAHM to my two children. Getting FREE diapers would be such a blessing. Good luck to everyone!

  435. says

    6 months of diapers – would be a gift to my daughter, who is 22 and is/will be a single parent. She works as a waitress (jobs are hard to come by in this area) and is doing all she can to help provide for her baby (who is due in November) and herself.

    She has moved back home and knows she is not going to have to do any of this alone – this momma will be there whenever and wherever she needs me. But… she insists on trying to do as much as she can on her own. I admire her for that.

    But I also remember what it costs to provide all the necessities for a newborn baby, a small child….. this would be such a gift for her.

  436. Jennifer I. says

    My grandaughter is in diapers. I know my daughter would really appreciate 6 months worth of diapers! Huggies is also her favorite brand!

  437. Rachelle says

    Free Huggies 😀 😀 😀 That would be the best prize EVER!!!! All other diaper are a waste of money. Hands down they are the best! I just had a little girl six weeks ago and her little bum hasn’t touched any other diaper. If I won the diapers I would start a college fund for my little one and put all the money I saved on diaper right into it! That would be such a help and get me saving earlier!

  438. Amanda A says

    This would help a family down the street from me – she is expecting her third child and it really is expensive to buy diapers! They save where they can, but every little bit helps!! (Of course, I would be tempted to keep the FlipCam for myself :)

  439. RobynL says

    Lately dh and I have been downsizing and giving clothing, dishes, bath and beauty products, anything we haven’t used since purchasing and also some little used items to the Salvation Army store, MCC thrift store, neighbours, new people moving into town.

    I woud love to give the diapers to women at the Shelter who have had to move away from home with little ones because of domestic abuse to them. They sure could use the diapers.

  440. Chris says

    Boy #3 has been in diapers for years – he’s profoundly delayed and we are lucky that he still can wear “regular” sized diapers. I’d love to be able to send any diapers to the K-5 class he attends, so it benefits everyone in his class.

  441. Val G. says

    We are TTC, but are really nervous about the cost of diapering a baby. 6 moths of diapers would get us off to a great start! Thanks so much!

  442. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says

    Diapers for six months would be wonderful! My daughter lost her job last year and a few months later she got pregnant. Now that the baby is here, she doesn’t want to work (outside the home). Babies use a lot of diapers and, even with all the incentives Huggies provides, the cost adds up. I would be thrilled to win this for my daughter and grandson. Thank you.

  443. says

    i would love 6 months of diapers! i have 4 children (3 of them are under 4) so we have been spending big on diapers for a few year now. a break would be appreciated!

  444. says

    6 months of diapers would take us through 3 months for my 2 little ladies! We’d use the money instead for some great summer adventures. I think we’d become members of our nearby children’s museum, to start!

  445. Alyssa says

    My husband and I had our daughter in November. Financially, we can’t even afford a car or our own place to live. We struggle sometimes to make sure that we have enough food in the cabinet for us and my grandmother (who raised me and graciously allows us to live with her). My husband works, and what little money he makes goes to our daughter, because we don’t qualify for most government aid. I grab all the Huggies coupons I can because she has such a sensitive little bottom that if I use anything other than the Pure and Naturals, she breaks out in sores. Six months of diapers for my six month old daughter would be like a miracle came to my house. I could buy her a new toy (she only has a small diaper box of yard sale toys) or maybe save up and put money in her piggy bank so that she has some money when she’s older. Six months of diapers, may not seem like a lot, but I buy two large packs of the Pure and Naturals every two weeks. That’s $120 a month. If I had those diapers… I’d honestly cry.

  446. Kendra says

    Hi! If I won 6 months of Huggies diapers I’d keep them for myself. I’m trying to conceive and having these diapers would relieve some stress. It would help to know I already have something I really need and in a brand I love!

  447. says

    Well I would use them on my little munchkin of course! I would probably stash some away for the next baby, and donate some to a family in need as well.

    • Kelly says

      I would love to have a 6 month supply of Huggies diapers! I am very loyal to the brand since having my first child 2 1/2 years ago! It would be very helpful with a toddler who is still in pull-ups and would be a great money-saver as I am a stay-at-home mom! :)

    • Nicole says

      I could greatly use 6 months of diapers. I have a 10-month-old little princess that could use them as we are far away from the potty training stage. I also have a lot of friends that are pregnant that I would love to share them with so they can come to love the Huggies brand as much as my family has.

  448. melissa n says

    what a great giveaway! i’m 12 weeks pregnant, and having six months worth of diapers would be such a lifesaver for us financially!

  449. Kelly says

    We would love to have a six month supply of Huggies diapers. I have a five month old and a husband on his fourth combat deployment. If I won – I would keep a 3 month suppy and donate the other 3 month supply anonoymously via post childcare to a family in need 😉

  450. says

    I’d give the diapers to my sister in law – it would be a blessing to her since she and her husband are starting their own business and could use the help.

  451. jay says

    6 months of diapers would be awesome- our goal is to be out of diapers in just ~6 months, so this would be perfect. Thanks so much for the chance!

  452. Susan says

    I’d give the diapers to a friend who has a toddler and is expecting a new baby. I know she could use Huggies. Since her husband just got transferred she can use the Flip-Cam to keep us all up to date on the kids.

  453. stacy king says

    6 months of diapers would be AWESOME. Who wouldn’t love this? My two kids in diapers I’m sure would get a kick out of this– I forsee diaper forts, more time with family since I don’t have to go diaper deal shopping, and the opportunity to stock up!

  454. says

    Wow! I have three sisters with four babies in diapers. Six months worth of diapers for one of them would be a budget saver! Huggies makes great diapers, too. One sister only buys Huggies for her baby girl.

  455. Amy H says

    Wow, I would love 6 months of diapers from the best brand ever.!!! They would help us financially as we are moving to a new house soon. I would also not have to spend the extra time stocking up for my daughter but instead take her to the park, which she love to be outside. It would be a huge Blessing!!!!!

  456. Kimberly Anderson says

    Six months of diapers would be amazing for any family to win! We would use the diapers for my very active toddler. Six months with no diaper expense would give us the ability to invest more into both of our daughter’s future and to offset the costs associated with having a premature baby. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the opportunity for such a wonderful prize!

  457. Joshua says

    I would save a pretty penny and take my wife out to dinner and let her sleep in the next morning while I take the baby out to breakfast.

    What do I get? Dinner and breakfast my friends, dinner and breakfast. Plus a lot of diapers.

  458. says

    If I were to win 6 months worth of diapers, I’d definitely share them with all the folks at our daycare!! That way, all parents could benefit!

  459. says

    I would use the 6 months worth of diapers for my two little ones (19 month son and brand new 2 week old son) and would take the diapers I have stockpiled and donate them to a local shelter for moms who need a hand up.

  460. says

    I’d give the diapers to my nephew and his wife to use with my great niece who is due July 4th. They’ll have 2 kids under 2 in diapers and can use all the help they can get! Thanks

  461. Reva Levenstein says

    When my daughter Shayna was a baby I only used Huggies diapers on her. I loved that they were good for sensitive skin as well as comfortable and absorbent. Now…Shayna has her first baby, Rosalie Sophia. Let me tell you that seeing the joy that radiates between your daughter and her baby is indescribable. Any way…Shayna is an amazing mom carrying on the tradition of using Huggies…only the best for our babies. She always carefully researches what is best for Rosalie and chose Huggies for that beautiful tushie.
    I think Rosalie gets it too because she squeals with delight when her diaper is being changed. Money is also tight for them. Shayna actually only clears approximately $6.00 an hour, after child care expenses…another area she would never skimp on. I would give six months of Huggies to Shayna for sweet Rosalie and to lighten their financial burden. Would she continue to use Huggies, if she didn’t have six months free…of course…only the best for Rosalie.

  462. Steph says

    I would use the 6-months of Huggies for my kids who both wear them at night and during the day on occasion.

  463. says

    As a mother of 3, including diaper-wearing identical toddler twins, diapers is an often bought item in our household. We have to always go to speciality stores that sell jumbo packs of 90 or more of Huggies diapers so we don’t end up going to the store every other day. Our twins use anywhere between 10-25 diapers a day so if we won this giveaway, it would be a HUGE budget and time saver. We use Huggies exclusively, because we found for our twins, it provided the best leak protection. Thank you offering this wonderful giveaway and congratulations to whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

  464. Donna Holmberg says

    If I won this prize, I would gift the diapers to a very close friend who is struggling to pay her bills since her husband got laid off from his job 6 months ago. I help out as much as I can, not just because they’re my friends, but also because their child is my Godson!

  465. Shelley says

    I would use the savings to put some more money towards our credit card debt. Couponing the past 4 months has seriously put a dent in the debt, but this would help a long way. We already save lots of money with the wonderful Huggies coupons, but we would love more!

  466. Samantha says

    We have two little boys in diapers right now and are expecting our third in july! Receiving free diapers would give us more time and money to spend on enjoying the joys of parenting little boys!

  467. Julia says

    I would use every last diaper! Probably in less than 6 months! We are struggling a lot currently. We are homeless but out family was nice enough to let us move in with them for the time being. My fiance works but I stay at home and take care of our 7 month old daughter. We do not qualify for any help from the government which makes our situation even more difficult. I cannot work because I would spend more on child care than I would earn working. I am trying to get an associates degree currently so I go to school full time. Six months worth of diapers to me would be a huge load off of our backs and a chance to use that money we normally spend on diapers in an attempt to get a place of our own!

  468. says

    Since I have two boys in Huggies (a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old in Pull-Ups since he refuses to use the potty), a 6-month supply would be pretty handy. The cost adds up when you’ve got more than one!

  469. sara says

    I would love a 6 month supply of huggies! I would use them for my daughter, share some with my brothers 3 kids in diapers and donate some!! Thank yoU!

  470. says

    Six months supply of huggies?! Ah, that would make baby #4’s September arrival smooth sailing! No last-minute diaper trips. :) I’d stock up now!

  471. says

    6 months of free diapers would be so awesome! Who couldn’t use free diapers? It would help our family by taking a little bit of the financial strain off of us!

  472. says

    Wow wish this had been around when my little ones were babies! I’d use them now to absolutely fill my surprise/gifts closet & everytime there was a baby shower I’d be prepared & ready! I’ve never had my gifts closet filled so this would be a real treat! I’d be able to share the diapers with many many happy new mom’s! Thanks Huggies!

  473. Ethan says

    Wow, 6 months of diapers! That would be awesome, especially since they are so expensive nowadays.


  474. says

    Hi ladies, what a great giveaway. 6 months of diapers would mean heaven for a dear friend of mine who is expecting her 5th child this August.


  475. Becky K says

    We would absolutely LOVE 6 months of diapers! We have a 2 year old and a newborn, and we are quickly finding that 2 in diapers is much more expensive than 1 — especially on 1 income. Thanks for this opportunity!

  476. Wendy says

    My youngest is just about potty trained. But I’m still going to enter this contest because I help kids in need and there’s so many familys out there who just can’t afford diapers.

  477. Becky says

    I could really use 6 months of diapers… I only work part time and my hubby was just laid off from his job… we are both college students and trying to take care of a 15 month old! It would mean the world!

  478. Erin says

    With three boys in the immediate family in diapers, a prize like this would go a LONG way!
    I have a 2yr old son, and My sister has a 22mth old and a 3mth old…. We got through A LOT of diapers! Would cut down on a lot of expenses for us, and help my sister out too!

  479. Chrissy higginbotham says

    I would use them on my little man. I love huggies little movers. My birthday is June 6th so this would be an awesome gift so I could spend the diaper money on other things that we need…

  480. Rhonda says

    I would use them for my son who is just starting to potty train. The $$ saved on diapers would be redirected to his college fund!!

  481. ashkey says

    I would use a 6 mo supply of diapers for my 15mo. old, & this would take us right up to potty training….I could use the money for more one on one time with my son. we can take swim classes & Mommy & me classes

  482. Karen K says

    I have a 16-month-old currently in diapers, but in the last couple of weeks, I found out that my two best friends AND my sister are pregnant! A six-month supply would help all four of us out a little bit!

  483. says

    6 months of diapers would be a lifesaver for our family! When our son was born I decided to become a stay at home mom. We are now on a tight budget and every little bit of help is appreciated. I love every minute of being a stay at home parent and enjoy watching (and videotaping) all of my son’s milestones for our family.

    We are a huggies family and love the diapers – especially the new jean ones – so cute!

  484. Amber Williams says

    WOW 6 months of diapers!! I have a 9 month old, and diapers are NOT CHEAP! 6 months of diapers for my family would pull a lot of financial strain off of our shoulders, and I’d even share some with my friend who has a baby of the same age as mine :)

  485. Liz I says

    oh wow, 6 months of diapers? My husband would be so proud of me lol! that is an amazing amount of money to save for something else. Awesome giveaway!

  486. Bronwyn Messer says

    If I won, I wouldn’t use them for my son Brody, and then when he got into big poy pants, I would donate the remainder to my friend who is expecting her first baby in December. Wouldn’t that be the ulitmate baby shower gift for someone? :) I would love, love. love it if I won, that would be awesome!

  487. Lisa says

    Huggies are the only diapers my grandson doesn’t get rashes with. Thanks for such a great product. It was just like yesterday I was changing his mom’s cloth diapers. Huggies were here then, you have come along way since then.

  488. Erin Haley says

    I would use some of the diapers for my 15 month old daughter, and then share the love with my fellow military wives and their kiddos…..we are our own family an ocean away from our homeland (we are stationed in Germany) and I would want them to enjoy them too. As I would share with my own sister, I share with my military sisters .

  489. Rachel says

    Wow a 6 month supply that would be awesome. I have a 2 year old and then 3 1/2 year old that refuses to potty train so it is so expensive with 2 in diapers. They both wear the same size so it would be so awesome to get 6 month supply of diapers.

    • Mercedes Pearson says

      As a young mom whose husband works for minimum wage, 6 months of diapers would be wonderful! Our area was hit pretty bad by the recession so it is hard to find work around here!

  490. Heather Stockton says

    6 months of diaper would help our family greatly! My husband is laid off and we have a 2 year old and a 6 month old in diapers. Thanks for the chance!

  491. Addie says

    wow, six months of diapers would really be helpful! My husband and I are currently working on baby #2 with a 21 month old who is almost potty trained. Even the coupons would be helpful!!

  492. keri says

    I would love diapers, I have 15 month old b/g twins so diapers are always needed at our house and every little bit helps!

  493. heather says

    With 6 months of huggies diapers- well, I could save alot seeing as how I have a 3 1/2 month old!! Money is tight having a new baby, and with my husband deployed with the military barely have anytime to spend with my older two.. I would definitely use a bit of the money to take my oldest two out for some mommy daughter time…get my son some clothes for later on, and well.. Since its for mommies time…. I would go get a pedicure and manicure, theres something about getting my toes and fingers done, that is so relaxing and just leaves me feeling so refreshed

  494. Sarah G says

    Jump for Joy!! At the moment I’ve got two littles in diapers and that can add up quickly. We LOVE huggies diapers and training pants and it would be such a blessing to have a 6 month supply. I’d probably share some with some of my friends too. Thanks!

  495. andrea f. says

    6 months free of diapers would mean that I wouldnt have to pay for diapers until my daughter was 14 months!!! That is a lot of money we could put into her college fund!

  496. mindy thompson says

    6 months worth of diapers would help us a lot! I just lost my job so any help would be great!!

  497. Mary Hansen says

    I would use them with my foster children. I keep different sizes stashed because you never know what size the baby that comes in the middle of the night is going to be! I love Huggies!

  498. Britni Slusser says

    I would use 6 months of diapers for my baby that is due on Labor day of this year!!! It would be a huge help!

  499. Elizabeth says

    My little guy goes thru diapers like water! We would love a 6 month supply! Thanks for the opportunity!

  500. chalyncoleman says

    Oh man could I use free diapers. My one year ges through them like crazy and I’m out of work so you can imagine the absolute necessity.

  501. Cheryl Schwartz says

    I would definitely use them for my 20-month old! I would also give some of the coupons to a friend who is due any day now! Both of us are stay at home moms and this would help us tremendously in the financial area!!!

  502. Tori says

    I would love to have a 6mos supply of diapers, my hubby’s work is soo slow and they are doing layoffs, the less we have to worry about the better. It is hard making it on one income in this economy.

  503. kelly says

    I love huggies and getting this would be wonderful. This would help my family out alot I have 3 kids and you know how expensive thing are now a days!! Pick me please!!!!!

  504. Tayla Troutner says

    We go through alot of diapers with our 2 year old, 1 year old, and we do daycare in our home for a 3 yr old girl, 2 15 month old boys, and a little three month old boy. These would be a finacial life saver! I think I spend 80% of ym day cahgning diapers and we have been with huggie from the first month of our oldest daughters life. They work the best and have never leaked (even through the drea