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When we moved into our current townhouse, one of the things I was most excited about was the dishwasher.  Our previous homes didn’t have dishwashers.  A dishwasher is a necessity for every family.  As a […]


Lesley, 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, shares her insights on We were compensated, but all opinions remain her own. Keeping your home clean can be a struggle, especially for busy moms. But it’s a […]


Is your home safe, or are cabinets filled with dangerous substances?  Top makers of household products are working to reduce unsafe chemicals in popular home and body products. One of the most important things you can […]

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I must admit that when the hit TV show Desperate Housewives was on, that was my guilty pleasure on Sunday nights. I looked forward to learning what mayhem Bree was getting into and Susan and Mike […]


The other night I fixed a delicious dinner of lasagna, garlic bread, and a healthy salad. It’s an old family recipe full of hearty flavor, tons of cheese, and yummy tomato sauce! It is a […]