5 Minutes for Books: I Met a Moose in Maine One Day

It’s no secret…Moose are my absolute favorite animals. There is just something about their big bodies and heads balancing on those long skinny legs. How can you not just love them!

Needless to say, I was very happy when given the chance to review Shankman and O’Neill’s I Met a Moose in Maine One Day!!!


I Met a Moose in Maine One Day tells the tale of a boy as he travels through Maine with his newly acquired house guest, a Moose! From shopping and dancing to planes and log-rolling, they take in all the sites of Maine. Of course having fun at every stop!

My daughter loves the artwork and how the moose tries to hide behind a lamp while playing hide-and-seek. She cracks up at that part every time! I love the story itself and how fun it is to read, a lot like Dr. Seuss. We’ve actually read the story so many times now that my daughter knows what is coming up before I even turn the page!!!


All of Shankman and O’Neill’s books are amazing. Clever stories that my girls want to hear over and over again and illustrations that draw you in to each page of the book. You can read our reviews of Boston Balloonies and The Cods of Cape Cod here and here.

All of these books would make great gifts this holiday season. You can purchase any of these books online. And, once your child has fallen in love with these books (which won’t take long), have them get creative and submit their book fan art to Shankman and O’Neill (details on their website)!!!

You can learn more about these wonderful books and what you can expect next from Shankman and O’Neill by visiting these sites:

We are excited to be giving away a SIGNED copy of I Met a Moose in Maine One Day to one lucky reader! This is a great opportunity to not only receive an amazing book but a signed copy!!! To enter simply leave a comment on this post. This giveaway is open until Friday, November 6 and is open to US shipping addresses.

And don’t forget to check-out our reviews of The Boston Balloonies and The Cods of Cape Cod on 5 Minutes for Giveaways and 5 Minutes for Books where you can enter to win signed copies of each of those books as well!!!

The winner of Touched by a Vampire is #7 Benita G.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing Editor: Stacey Lynn


  1. says

    That book looks so funny. My girls would love it, I’m sure… (but don’t enter me in the contest, since this is Susan talking.)

    Moose are funny looking animals that is for sure.

  2. says

    I love the illustration of the moose attempting to hide behind the light! I had never heard of the books or the author before so I will definitely have to add that to our library list for the coming week! Looks like a really fun read!

  3. says

    My twin boys love visiting their grandparents during the summer at the appropriately named Moosehead Lake in Maine. This would be the perfect book for them to cherish along with their annual summer memories!


  4. says

    I love moose too. Ever seen the video of the moose in Alaska that got drunk off of fermented apples from some guy’s orchard? It’s downright hilarious. They have such long legs that anything they do is funny, especially drunk :-)

    The book looks great! you’re right that the artwork would be a selling point for the kids. My boys might be slightly too old for it. But, It’s a great suggestion for my sisters kids who are 2,3, and 4. thanks!

  5. Karen says

    I grew up in Alaska and Moose were wandering around all the time. I think this book is too cute and I would love to share it with my children.

  6. Marj McClendon says

    We have never been fortunate enough to see a moose. How funny this book sounds. I can’t wait to read it to the kids.

  7. says

    Oh, I would love to read this one to my four year old daughter. We used to live in Maine. We actually watch while one Moose stopped traffic before venturing across the highway. It was exciting to see.


  8. says

    Our family went on a vacation to New Hampshire during first week of September and had a pleasure of spotting a moose. Kids just loved seeing the MOOSE. Reading this book will surely sparkle their own imagination and creativity…. :-)

  9. says

    My daughter loves books, and moose too. She actually calls horses, cows, and everything in between “Moose”. She would love this book, for sure!!

  10. Erin Pyle ( says

    This book looks so cute! My son has a stuffed moose he absolutely adores! I am sure he would love this book as well!


  11. Marci says

    Ever since I was little and my brothers started calling me MooseMouth I have loved anything to do with the Moose! Over the years it was shortened to Moose and my nieces call me Auntie Moose…LOL!
    My daughters would enjoy this book, as would I!

  12. Susan says

    My 5 year old grand-daughter is still talking about our trip to New England this past summer. She tried her first lobster when we were in Maine!! Yes she loved it.

    I can’t say we met any moose, but we might on our next visit!!

  13. Linda M. says

    I sure would love to add this very creative book to my collection of bedtime story’s for my Grandchildren. A signed copy is a treasure!

  14. says

    Definitely add me to this contest please! If the title was enough, the pictures look wonderful! (the combination of those with a good story can only lead to great things…)

  15. Linda says

    Awesome idea for a children’s book and would love to win the book for my 2 yr old grand daughter Shiloh. She has a fit if we don’t read 2 or more books to her b4 bedtime.

  16. Ruth DeNicolo-Mader says

    My 3 year old just watched the youtube clip & loved it! What a great book for anyone to have at home in their library! We would just LOVE this one in ours!

  17. says

    Looks like a Super Cute funny book!!!

    We have a thing for “moose” in this house its our favorite thing to look for when we visit Aunty “rainy” in Maine. My kids have always gotten such a kick out of it.


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