Back to School Shopping Guide 2014

We’ve got you covered for Back to School in this Shopping Guide. We’ve picked a wide range of our favorite products to get your kids off to a winning start this year. Please note that some of the selections are from our sponsors and some contain affiliate links.

Back To School Shopping Guide 2014

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School and Homework Supplies

Back to School Shopping usually starts with getting kids stocked up on essentials they need at school and for homework. Here are our top picks to get your children organized and ready for an A+ school year…

Back to School Shopping Guide - School Supplies

Here’s where to find it all…

  1. Trapper Keeper
    Give you kids tools like a Trapper Keeper to stay organized at school.
  2. Cute lunch box
    We love these personalized lunch boxes from I See Me!
  3. Character backpacks are fun for young kids
    Target has great prices on backpacks and lots of character options.
  4. Stock up on printer paper
    While you’re at Target, pick up this multipurpose paper.
  5. Calculator
    Did you know you can get a calculator at Dollar Tree for just a dollar?
  6. Desk Organizer
    Your kids can keep their homework supplies organized with this coated wire organizer.
  7. Post-it Notes
    We love Post-it Notes! Stock up at Target.
  8. Clean Ones
    Did you realize that gloves are on many teachers’ wish-list of school supplies. Make your child’s teacher happy with a pair of Clean Ones.
  9. Notebooks
    Of course you need to buy notebooks, so pick up these for a dollar each at Dollar Tree.
  10. Pens, Pencils etc.
    You can’t have enough pens, pencils, tape, glue etc. Pick them up at Dollar Tree.
  11. Student Planner
    Keep your student on task with a Mead academic planner.

Books and Activities

There’s more to learning than textbooks. Here are some of our favorite book and activity selections for preschool and primary grades…

Back to School Shopping Guide - Books and Activities

Here’s where to find it all…

  1. Personalized books to introduce school.
    Personalized books are favorites at any time of year, but this I See Me! book would be such a fabulous way to start your child off at preschool.
  2. Get your early readers excited to read with creative stories.
    My girls love the imaginative story lines in the Captain No Beard.
  3. Arts & Crafts kit delivered to your home.
    When life gets busy during the back to school season, you’ll love having the Ivy Kids Crafts Kits arrive with everything your kids need for fun, educational crafts on the weekend.
  4. Extra learning tools that emphasize fun.
    It’s important to keep math fun and Bedtime Math is a wonderful way to get kids into the habit of thinking about math a little each day.
  5. Stickers for lunch box notes.
    Remember to stock up on cute stickers to put on notes for your children’s lunches. We love these from Faith that Sticks.
  6. Mealtime Devotions.
    It’s a wonderful idea to use dinner time for family devotions..
  7. Trivia and Facts books.
    Kids are naturally curious so let them find hundreds of answers in TIME for Kids Big Book of When.

Don’t Forget These Important Extras…

Once you’ve got pens, pencils, notebooks and the other basic school supplies, you might think you’re done. But here are some other essentials you might want to consider…

Back to School Shopping Guide - Don't Forget

Here’s where to find it all…

  1. Laptop or tablet
    Laptops and tablets have really come down in price. If your child is constantly asking to borrow your computer, perhaps it’s time she has her own. This ASUS Transformer Book Detachable 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop is a great choice.
  2. Skin care products
    The start of a new school year is a great time to talk to your preteen or teenager about properly caring for their skin and wearing deodorant. The conversation is important for both boys and girls. For girls, we recommend the natural products at Good For You Girls.
  3. Sunscreen
    Summer may be over, but the sun still shines and damages skin. Make sure your kids apply sunscreen in the morning and take it to school to reapply at recess and lunch. Girls will love Sparkle Screen by GlitterTots.
  4. Parenting books
    Understanding our kids is always tough. But as they grow older and hit new milestones – like entering middle school – you need to pay extra attention. If your child is nearing or currently in middle school, you’ll want to read Middle School: The Inside Story. It offers practical, hands-on advice for helping your child through this difficult life stage.
  5. Scooter to get to and from school
    When we chose scooters for our kids, we went with kick scooters so they had exercise while having fun. We also appreciate the affordable price of Razor kick scooters.
  6. A small toy for recess that fits easily in a backpack
    Consider getting a new toy that’s not electronic and can provide an alternative to “screen time” and can easily fit in your child’s backpack for recess or an after-school care program. We think these Star Wars Yomega Yo-Men Yo-Yos and Kendama Pro will be huge hits for kids.

If you’ve stocked up with all these Back to School essentials, your kids will be all set for the new school year.

Click Here to Download the Shopping Guide as a PDF

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Click Here to Download the Shopping Guide as a PDF

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links and items from our sponsors.
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    Get back to school kids!!! These wonderful articles are here to manage your school life in a most easy way. Really these items can make the life managed for kids and even for parents too. I suggest to get them now if it’s not with you. Thanks for sharing.

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    i never really thought about sending things like sunscreen with my daughter to school, but that’s actually not a bad idea. thanks for the tips :)

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    This is probably the best list I have seen put together for school and where to purchase is a huge bonus.

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    back to school, now raising my grandchildren after my own children out of school several years thanks so much for helping me keep up with what is new and hot out there

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    I would add a specific pencil to the list – Black Warrior Fort Ticonderosa Pencils have a distinctive black color and almost write by themselves. They are so sturdy and have smooth #2 lead. I also like Uniball Vision Roller Ball Pens because they are also my go-to pen and make for smooth writing.

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    School starts Monday for my youngest. Heading to middle school. Depending on how it goes, we may opt for homeschooling. lol Never an option in my mind with my other kids. Realized tonight that I forgot 3 things he’s going to need this week. hahahahaha Thanks for this list!

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    What an informative and thorough back to school guide. We so look forward to the start of fall, and new beginnings.

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