5 Ideas for a Great Family Fun Night

by Anna

Anna Hettick, Managing Editor, shares 5 ideas for a Great Family Fun Night. This is the second post in a series inspired and sponsored by the new memoir from New York Times bestselling, author Melanie Shankle, “The Antelope in the Living Room“.

Making dates for Family Fun Nights can be just as important as Making Time for Mom & Dad. This can let the whole family escape from the everyday chores, homework, dinner routine. In our house, we love to keep Friday night open for fun family activities. Some nights it can be as simple as watching a movie on Netflix and eating popcorn, and some nights can be as elaborate as dinner out and a fun local event.

5 Ideas for a Great Family Fun Night

Here are 5 different ideas for great family fun nights.

Popcorn & Movie1. Popcorn & Movie Night. This is the one we pick the most, especially during the colder months. Typically I fix an extra kid friendly meal such as chicken nuggets and French fries, pizza, homemade tacos, or sometimes it’s as simple as sandwiches and chips. Then we will either pick a movie from Netflix, rent one from Redbox, or if I remember to request one in enough time we’ll pick one up at the local library. Occasionally we will take the kids to the movies if there’s a special one playing like Frozen or The Lego Movie. We always have a “movie snack” after dinner or just before the movie starts and then we have popcorn during the movie.

Board Game2. Game Night. Our kids LOVE board & card games. Go Fish and Hedbanz is our favorites. Others that we like are Sorry!, Connect Four, Candy Land, Hullabaloo, and Guess Who. Our kids also love to play Hid-And-Seek. Their dad is pretty darn sneaky and is very good at “hiding” in plain sight! During the warmer months we will play Tag & Glo-Stick Tag outside. Game night always ensues lots of smiles and laughs.


Bowling3. Bowling Day/Night. My kids love to go to the bowling alley, they are always so excited and bowl so fast that they are finished bowling way before they are ready to leave. During the Summer lots of bowling alleys have FREE bowling for kids up to a certain age, 6th grade is our local cut off.



Nature Walk4. Nature Walk/Picnic. We live about 2 minutes from one lake and about 15 minutes from another. The kids love to explore, feed the ducks, watch for fish and turtles out in the water. They love to pack their own picnics, which usually consist of every snack food we might have at the time!



baseball5. Local Sports Event. We have a Minor League Baseball team 30 minutes from us. This classic American passtime is one of our favorite things to do during baseball season. Baseball, sunshine, hot dogs. I could use some of that right now!




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Disclosure: This is the second post in a series inspired and sponsored by the new memoir from New York Times bestselling, author Melanie Shankle, “The Antelope in the Living Room“.

Written by Anna Hettick, 5 Minutes for Mom Managing Editor.



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