Meet the girl who gave us “Header Envy”…

Last year, when Janice and I were looking for an artist to redesign 5 Minutes for Mom, we came across Hostess with the Mostess.

We fell madly in love with her site and her amazing header.

Hostess with the Mostess


Let’s be honest here… We were completely jealous.

We wanted our site to look as good as hers. But we knew that was impossible, since one of the reasons her site looks so fabulous is the beautiful photos that share “fabulous finds and inspiration for contemporary entertaining.”

We figured we may not have all that eye candy content, but we still wanted a header with wow like hers. So we hunted down the artist who designed it.

But we found out who that artist was…

It was her! Yes, the Hostess With The Mostess is more than a hostess… she’s a designer too! And SHE created that site herself!!!

But the BAD news for us… since her site is such a smashing success, she no longer works as a web designer and cannot be bought at any price.

Not that we could have paid any price… but STILL… the point is, this girl does not design other people’s sites anymore. She saves all her design talent for creating the most inspirational site to help you entertain your guests in ultimate style.

We were devastated and left to wallow in jealousy.


A year later, what a fun surprise to meet in person that girl who we envied for so long.

Yes, Jennifer Sbranti — the Hostess with the Mostess — was the brilliant stylist behind the amazing Social Luxe Lounge at BlogHer 09.

And I got to interview her… check it out…

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Kmart DesignWe were honored to have this video shoot sponsored by Kmart Design.

We love that Kmart Design is making style affordable for everyone.

Thank you Kmart Design!



Written by Susan, Mommy Blogger and Co-Founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. says

    The Social Luxe Lounge decor was beautiful. The ambiance, the flowers the way it was all set up…it was so peaceful, so elegant, so stunning. She is very talented.

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