Arrivederci Italy

Farewell sweet Italy… treat our loved ones well until we return.

Julia in Venice

We’ve spent three wonderful weeks with family here in Italy. Most of Rob’s family lives here — Mom, Dad, sisters, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles… almost everyone!

Julia and Sophia have had the time of their lives. They love their Nonna and Nonno more than I can describe.

I’ll post more photos and videos when we get home. But in the meantime, you can see some photos on Flickr and a few videos on my Facebook account.

Also, in case you missed it… I published a few photos in these posts about Julia and Sophia’s Nonna and Nonno.

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    Now that we have taken the plunge and have taken up residence in Italy (from North America), I realize how many people love Italia. I plan to add loads of Italian / Italy-inspired craft projects on our blog now… and I don’t mean plastering a Tuscan country scene on every thing, but rather show Italian craftmanship.

    Btw welcome home.


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