Post-Toddler Gear Pack Giveaway and Twitter Party

Do you have a little one approaching their “post-toddler” years? You know… that wonderful age when your little baby has passed the stage of toddling around and is hitting milestones faster than you can count.

Oh… it’s such a glorious time… I love it!

My first girl, Julia, is now six and my second, Sophia, is three and a half. Actually, Sophia is getting darn close to four. Why does it have to go so fast?

But I just LOVE watching them grow up. They are so proud of themselves with each new skill they conquer.

And one of their biggest steps is potty training. When children move out of diapers, they really feel like they’re growing up. But what happens when they can’t conquer their nighttime accidents?

As you may know, I’ve teamed up with GoodNites® Underwear to help spread awareness and information about bedwetting. This is an issue close to my family as my 6 year old struggles with nighttime accidents while her little sister has almost never wet her bed. It can be difficult for children and parents to handle bedwetting, so I’m happy to help us support each other.

But as well as talking about such important issues, we also want to celebrate the exciting stage of the “Post-Toddler” years with a Giveaway and Twitter Party.


We’re giving away a “Post-Toddler Gear Pack” that includes a set of “go-to” products for 4-6 year olds.

The gear pack includes:
GoodNites® Product Vouchers, Skip Hop Bag, Foogo Water Bottle, Bob Book, Toothbrush and Hand Washing Timer, Night Time Chore Cards, KC Wipes, Bubbles, Crayons, Stickers, Movie Passes and a $100 Gift Card (AMEX)

To win the “Post-Toddler Gear Pack” here at 5 Minutes For Mom, leave us a comment and share with us a nighttime accident story from your kids or your own childhood.

The giveaway will end on Friday, August 5th, and a random winner will be announced on Saturday, August 6th. Open to residents of the US only. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for more information.

Twitter Party

GoodNites® is sponsoring a Twitter Party with Mom It Forward on August 2.

  • What: Girls’ Night Out (#gno) Twitter party (Click here to learn about #gno!)
  • When: August 2 from 9-11 p.m. EST (8 CT, 7 MT, & 6 PT)
  • Where: Party with us on our very own Custom Tweetgrid! (Use hashtags #gno and #GoodNites)


Written by Susan Carraretto, Mom Blogger and 5 Minutes For Mom Co-Founder
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Disclaimer – We are working on a paid campaign with GoodNites® Underwear to spread awareness and information about enuresis, also known as bedwetting. I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments about the product.


  1. Jenn says

    My daughter is 4 1/2 and still having nighttime issues…frustrating because she insists on wearing underwear to bed some nights. I just keep telling myself she’ll get it eventually!

  2. Charity says

    I have 3.5 yr old quadruplets. 2 of them are night trained & 2 of them still have accidents. I’m told this is normal though so I’m just hanging in there! =)

  3. says

    I’m so sad my son is almost post-toddler! He will be 3.5 next month! :-( We are in the middle of potty training….he has the tendency to stay in bed but take all his clothes off!

  4. Elizabeth says

    My 4yo DD is doing pretty well, but there are still occasionally nighttime accidents. Thankfully they are getting fairly rare. My 7yo DS had regular nightime accidents until just recently. They are all different and we just try our best to not make it an embarassing issue.

  5. says

    When my daughter was about 18 months she pooped in her diaper and decided to paint the walls with it. That was not fun to walk in on in the morning!!!!! Ugh!!!!!

  6. says

    Luckily my 2 potty-trained kids rarely have any night accidents, but I have a 2.5yr old I want to potty train soon and I know there will be a few. I myself had problems with bedwetting until I was around 10, and I was so embarrassed I’d try to hide it from my parents and not tell them because I got in trouble. Goodnights would have been really nice for me.

  7. says

    My oldest daughter potty trained like a charm. When she started going potty the first time she never stopped. She stayed clean and dry, both day and night. UNTIL … we were planning an overnight trip to attend my cousin’s wedding. She had a pretty new frilly yellow dress complete with frilly socks and a precious white hat. She was so excited for the wedding day so she could wear her new dress. The night before we left going on our overnight trip she did her usual potty routine before going to bed. She was so excited she had trouble falling asleep. I guess the excitement was overwhelming and for the first time ever she peed in her bed. She was heartbroken. I quickly assured her it would all be okay and that she could still wear her frilly yellow dress. That was the one and only time she ever had an accident.

  8. Liz says

    My daughter (now 6) gets night terrors. Combine a night terror with an accident and you have one of the most frustratingly exhausting nights I’ve ever had as a parent!

  9. Jessica T. says

    My son has the opposite problem – he will hold his pee forever! I have to constantly remind him to use the bathroom, especially when he gets up in the morning!

  10. says

    My son is 2.5 so still wearing night time diapers. Occasionally he wets so much that it leaks out of the diaper. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  11. kathleen says

    my 3 year old only has accidents when he’s sick with a stomach bug and it always happens in the middle of the night!

  12. Mami2jcn says

    My 2nd son had accidents until he was 6, but now at 6 1/2 he’s fine. I think it helped a lot to stop giving him drinks after 7 pm.

  13. says

    one night after a loooong day I was ready to drop into bed… only to discover my middle daughter (4 yr) had snuck into my bed without a pullup and was lying in a huge puddle :( poor thing! She’s starting to get frustrated having to wear pullups at night when her 2 y o brother stays dry

  14. Brenda Smith says

    I have three children. My oldest which is 11 is still wetting the bed at least twice a week. My 8 year old potty trained herself at 3. My almost four year is in mix of potty training now.

  15. Pipi says

    I have shared previous posts with a friend. Her daughter turned 4 in May. She has been concerned about the night time training. She was relieved to know that it’s ok that it may take her daughter more time. She had been waking her several times throughout the night which wasn’t working for anyone.
    I am sharing this because while when I was little it was embarrassing, I want to help to let children know that I shouldn’t have been embarrassed. I was a bed wetter until I was almost 9 years old. I have memories of having to get up in the middle of the night to take a bath to clean up. I also remember being woken up to use the bathroom to attempt to avoid the accidents.
    I’m happy that there are Goodnites available now to help in the night time training process.

  16. says

    Potty training went relatively smoothly for us. There were only a few nighttime accidents and that was mostly because he was sleeping so hard, he didn’t wake up to go to the bathroom. After 2-3 years of nightwakings, I was hardly going to complain that he was sleeping too well!

  17. Kellie K says

    My son tends to have accidents when we’ve had an especially busy and tiring day. One particular night he woke up I found him standing over a puddle in my room between the bed and tv stand. It was bad, he had left a trail halfway from his room. He was so dazed I felt so bad.

  18. says

    I wake my 3.5 yr old every night at 11pm before I hit the hay to go potty because she won’t wake herself. She doesn’t remember the next day that we woke her- she doesn’t believe us that she went potty in the night. Sometimes she even tells me a story through the door while we wait to go back to bed. :)

  19. says

    My boys are 2 1/2 and still not potty trained- we will be approaching that stage pretty soon.
    The only incidents we have usually have to do in the daytime with faulty diapers- nuf said! LOL!

  20. says

    My almost 6-year-old has wet his bed a few times, most recently because he has been dreaming about going potty, and then actually doing it. I did that as a kid, too! It’s funny, though, because now he says he does random things because he was dreaming. In the middle of the day. While he’s walking around. Ha!

  21. Lachelle B says

    I was a bed wetter growing up but so far my children seemed to have skipped that gene. Unfortunately the other day I had the unfortunate experience to be laying asleep in my bed and my 4 year old had crawled into bed with me at some point in night (another rare occasion). All of a sudden I was awoken by a warm feeling and realized that my daughter had wet the bed and me! I’ve never jumped out of bed so fast in my life.

  22. says

    My children never had accidents.I kept them in pull-ups until fully potty trained and we never looked back.My niece however does have them and I think it is due to drinking juice at bedtime or taking a sippy cup to bed with her.

  23. Melissa P. says

    My son had a hard time getting through the night. I don’t know if it was because he was a deep sleeper or because he was afraid to get up out of his bed at night. But whatever the reason was, I was thankful for Goodnights. He wore them faithfully and they really helped. Now he is older and we have no problems with bedwetting.

  24. vickie couturier says

    When my son was about 4,he started night walking,,dont know why,lasted not too long,but he was totally potty trained an doing great,an I heard him up during the night,he had a toy box shaped like a giant football,an there he stood,peeing in the toybox! omg,,,he was asleep an thought it was the toliet,,,,,,yuckkkkkk,,,needless to say we spend the next day cleaning the box an all the toys inside

  25. Kathy Stevenson says

    My almost 3 year is doing great during the day but still needs to wear something at night or will have an accident.

  26. says

    Mine potty trained so late (at 3) that they never had many accidents during the night. Thank goodness. But we used pull ups a lot! But I do remember a few times I changed the sheets in the middle of the night. I think I’ve just kind of blocked that from my memory banks. LOL.

  27. says

    My 3 year old rarely has accidents now but the last time she did she did not even remember doing it. She was barely awake when I changed her and pulled off the sheets. She is a hard sleeper sometimes!

  28. Tiffany M in MS says

    One of my older daughters had a hard time staying dry until she was about 5 and some others never had a problem….right now we are battling a stubborn 5 year old boy who doesn’t care if he is potty trained or not!

  29. says

    My almost 4-year old was a late potty trainer – now she does really well when she’s awake. Most of the time she even makes it through the night without an accident – but naptime? yeah, that’s when we usually have a problem! I’m starting potty training with my 2-year old, at a loss as to how to “do it right” but figure we’ll get it done too!

  30. says

    We have been so so lucky with my 4 year old. She has had maybe 2 accidents ever, and has been potty trained for over a year. I am very grateful for her! The couple of times she has had an accident, I have never scolded her or anything – I just tell her it happens sometimes and it’s ok!

  31. Aura says

    My son had been toilet trained through the night for over 3 years but in pre 1a he started wetting his bed again. We spoke to a doctor and it ended up being that he was overtired but we still line all beds with waterproof mattress pads

  32. Melani says

    When I was about 7, I had an accident at my best friend’s house and was mortified. She handed me a role of toilet paper and went back to sleep. I ended up sleeping with a blanket in the bath tub. We laugh about it now.

  33. Erica Best says

    My almost 4 year nephew just started bed wetting and i do know what is going on and i would love to win this pack to help him.

  34. says

    My daughter had an easy time day time potty training. It was almost instant, but it took her a very long time to make it through the night. She actually didn’t go on the first few sleepovers she was invited to because she was not yet able to make it through the night without an accident.

    Our worst experience was when we thought she was completely trained and she had an accident in a hotel room. I was very embarrassed to call in the maid the next morning to tell her and my daughter was even more embarrassed. I had my oldest daughter take her to the pool so she wouldn’t have to face the maid.

  35. Mia Dentice Carey says

    My son’s nighttime accidents happen cuz he just sleeps so hard….we live in the South and I refuse to restrict his fluids & after a hard day of play my lil guy is just too tired to wake himself up to go potty.

  36. says

    One of my daughter’s funniest (funny to me, not to her) nighttime accidents was right after we moved. It was our first night in our new house. Boxes were everywhere. She woke up very disoriented and couldn’t find her way to the bathroom or to my room. She walked towards the light, which was coming from a kitchen window and had an accident by the fan. She was sad! I was just glad I didn’t have to change any sheets! :)

  37. says

    Luckily, we’ve had very few nighttime issues. The worst that’s happened was when my son came into my room one night so I could take him to the bathroom, and I was so startled that I tumbled right out of bed!

  38. says

    My son is 2 1/2, and we’re currently working on getting daytime training down – but will soon be going to night time training as well. I don’t remember any personal stories of accidents, but I do remember once I went to a girlie sleepover right after school for a friends birthday party in first grade, and didn’t bring clothes – and wasn’t wearing underwear… Silly mE! The Girls ‘told’ on me and made her mom get me some undies…!
    I’m sure I was just in a hurry that morning 😉

  39. Michelle says

    My son had overnight accidents every night for a long time, but recently he started waking up dry. I am so excited now and hope we stay on track. Thanks for the giveaway.

  40. HappyMomC says

    My little one occasionally has accidents so I stil put diapers on her…but none for her afternoon nap.

  41. Christine Jensen says

    My 5 year old has nigh time accidentally because he sometimes has mild seizure activity in his sleep (he has had 2 full on seizures). He is such a sweet little guy and just get’s up, changes himself and goes back to bed!

  42. says

    When my daugher was asleep she decided to take her diaper off while she was sleep and we didn’t realize it until the bed was wet
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  43. Lauren says

    I don’t really have a story about nighttime. The accident story I can remember from my own childhood wasn’t at night, but rather trying to get inside while playing in the snow and not quite making it. It’s not fun!!

  44. says

    I am so sad to almost past the toddler years. We are working on potty training. Several times my guy has peed right out the top of his pull up and drowned us during the middle of the night. Nothing like waking to pee being shot all over ya i’m telling ya YUCK. ha.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  45. Jill says

    We are still in pullups for nightime, but as our 3.5 yo has been dry for 5 nights in a row, I think we are ready for the next step. We are thinking of putting him in underwear with a pullup on top. That way he would recognize when he is wet and hopefully that will help him start realizing when he needs to go.

  46. Carolyn M says

    My 4 year old daughter still has nightime accidents. She is so proud of herself when she wakes up dry… :)

  47. says

    My 3 year old is just potty trained and so whenever anything out of our normal routine goes on(like daddy coming home late from work or mommy meeting friends out for dinner), then it’s almost a given that he’ll wet the bed that night.

    cindyloumagee at yahoo dot com

  48. Sonia says

    Our 3.5 son is remorseful when he wets the bed but still can’t seem to control himself, so we’re just patiently encouraging him to stay dry.

  49. Debby says

    Oh, bedwetting, does that bring back memories. I can remember spending the night with my best friend and her mother putting a diaper on me because I still wet the bed. My friend did not and she pitched a fit until her mother put one on her too! Now my granddaughter is faceing the same problem. She wets the bed, her younger sister never has. She is getting self conscience of it and she started crying at her last spend the night party. She was too embarassed to put on her pull up. She is 5 now. I keep telling her that I did the same thing, and even her Uncle wet the bed for years! This is a common thing but people don’t talk about it. Too embarassing.

  50. Al says

    My daugher is 5 and still wets the bed most of the time. She will wear her pull up but sometimes it leaks because she goes so much. Her younger sister does not wet the bed, and that does not help matters. I feel sorry for her, but we just tell her that some children do have problems holding their urine during the night. Not to feel like she is the only one this happens to.

  51. katklaw777 says

    One night after an accident, my daughter told me she dreamed of getting u out of bed, walking to the bathroom and sitting down…I sure hope she doesn’t have this dream again!

  52. Brittney says

    My son Luke is 3 years old. One day we went and bought new undies that were Toy Story themed, he just had to wear them that night. He had an accident and when he came into my room to wake me up I said, “Oh no, you peed on Buzz Lightyear,” proudly in response he states, “Ya, but I got Zurg too!”

  53. nan says

    just had an accident and as i was bringing him back from the bathroom afterwards..still pretty much asleep..he gave me a smile that tugged at my heart and caused me to give him kisses as he was tucked back in
    nannypanpan at

  54. says

    My 5 year old hasn’t had a nighttime accident in a very long time, but when he did it freaked him out every time. He would wake up crying so hard I thought he was hurt. Poor guy, I thought it was going to scar him for life.

  55. says

    I hate that nighttime diapers still leak if you have a little one who moves around a lot when they are sleeping. I often have to wash sheets.

  56. says

    My son who shared a room with his younger brother fell from the top bunk bed and clipped the bone above his eye. I rushed them to the hospital in the middle of the night. I threw a sweatshirt over my pj top and sweats over my pj bottoms. I can’t even tell you what shoes I wore. I lifted my 10 year old out of the car (thought to give him a bag of peas in a dish towel to hold to his head thanks to his younger brother) and carried him into the ER.
    My heart was racing. The first thing I did the next day was dismantle the bunk beds.


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