Wordless Wednesday — Screaming Ballerina

Wordless Wednesday - Screaming Ballerina

Olivia — Screaming Ballerina

After Olivia and Julia’s ballet recital, while I was being mamarazzi, Olivia had a vicious tantrum when I took a photo of Julia instead of her. She ran away and I chased her down to this wall. Of course, I took some shots, which made her scream even more But seriously — I had no choice — this is a hysterical shot!

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    That is so funny, and cute! This reminded me of when I first brough my daughter to ballet… she was about three and I just assumed that since I grew up dancing that of course she would too (ha!). Imagine my surprise when she sat on the floor refusing to dance, ran out of the room crying, and proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs for a half hour because she, “didn’t want to dance!” Oh my… :)

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    This really made me smile!

    #1 – You took the time to take the picture before intervening.
    #2 – Glad my son is not the only one who acts like this. šŸ˜‰

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    even if she is having a tantrum, she is still cute. i actually like photos like this. i prefer to capture all of the moments, not just the good ones.

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    LOL – Laughing with you of course. So nice to know that I am not the only one to chase down one of the kids during a tantrum. So many funny items to capture during these moments.

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    Hilarious picture!! She is adorable… and I love that you captured the moment (tantruM). ALthough, if I didn’t know it was a tantrum, I would have through it was just a cute posed pic! :)

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    I sometimes feel like I’m a bad mom cause Madaline will be screaming or upset and sometimes all I can think is, I wish I had my camera so I could capture this cause it would make one heck of a blog post! LOL


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