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Lolli here….

This weekend was sweltering. We’ve had the type of weather that makes ANY clothing uncomfortable. I admit that I was eyeing the babies running around in nothing but diapers at the Memorial Day picnic with slight envy. What I would have done to take off a few layers and run around free like the little ones…

Although my kids are finally out of day-time diapers (don’t get me started on night-time accidents!), my kids were in diapers for 12 full years. I can’t imagine the number of diapers that my 5 kids have gone through, but I couldn’t have lived without them. Diapers are a baby and toddler necessity.

My only regret now is that my kids graduated from diapers before Huggies® came out with their limited addition diapers, like this Summer’s Huggies Jeans diapers. Whether your little one is a Toddler Diva or just likes to run around without clothes, Huggies® Jeans diapers keep baby covered AND fashionable.

Get into the groove with Huggies® Jeans

Huggies® currently has a fun interactive Dancing Baby activity on their website. Users can upload a picture of their baby’s face (who says we can’t upload pictures of the big kids?) and watch them show off their summer style. Babies and older kids love watching themselves and family members do a silly dance.

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Give back with Every Little Bottom

In addition to the fun dancing baby, Huggies® is giving back to those moms and babies who can’t afford diapers.

Did you know that 1 in 3 American families struggles to provide diapers for their children? For every package of Huggies® Jeans Diapers purchased, Walmart will donate one diaper to Huggies® Every Little Bottom.

So far, 22.5 million diapers have been donated, but that is just the beginning. You can find out more about the Every Little Bottom campaign on Huggies’ website.

Win a $100 Walmart gift card and a box of Huggies® Jeans diapers

Huggies® is giving one 5 Minutes for Mom reader a box of Huggies® Jeans Diapers and a $100 Walmart giftcard! To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment below answering this question:

Where will your child be wearing Huggies® Jeans this summer?

This contest will run through Friday, June 24 and a winner will be picked using and announced on Saturday, June 25. Please see our site’s terms and conditions for more information.

Remember to Follow @Huggies on Twitter and become a fan at

Disclosure: We are working on a paid campaign with Huggies® Jeans Diapers.

Written by Contributing Editor Lolli for the Mom Blog 5 Minutes for Mom.


  1. says

    Chances are that you’ll catch my daughter running around in her Huggie’s Jeans and tank top around the yard. The less she wears, the happier she is! :)

  2. says

    I have 3 in diapers (THREE!!!) so you will find a lot of diapered kids running (or rolling lol) around my house this summer, as well as our vacation to the lake.

  3. Calesta says

    My son will be wearing the Huggies Jean diapers this summer paired with a cute shirt and a hat!

  4. Jen miller says

    My son will be wearing them around the house/yard for sure – he loves to be as naked as possible – Huggies Jean Diapers make him seem a little less naked!

  5. Leah Walker says

    We will be going to float a river in ours this summer. That and chasing the dogs around the yard. That’s about it. Lol.


  6. says

    The cool thing about Huggies jean diapers is that all you need is a t-shirt and baby is ready to go! Baby Boy will be wearing them later this summer when he starts daycare. What an easy way to get baby ready to go in the morning and with minimal laundry. Not to mention how absolutely adorable they are!

  7. heather says

    Could totally use this!!! We are due with a SURPRISE #4 and we gave away everything to other families as we were not expecting anymore. So this giftcard and diapers would be a huge blessing to us as we expect #4 later this year!

  8. Alison says

    I am expecting my third baby in December and this would be awesome to win. I gave away ALL of my baby items so the gift card and diapers would be great!

  9. says

    My daughter will be wearing diapers outside and around the house. You are right, it is already REALLY hot outside and it’s not even officially summer yet!

  10. Tasia says

    I’m so glad huggies came out with these. IDK if it’s because it’s soo hot here or if it’s just a stage but my daughter will not keep her clothes on! Jean diapers it is!!

  11. Marlena U. says

    I haven’t purchased these but I see them everywhere! My son would wear them around this summer to beat the heat – they would be super cute for the 4th of July!

  12. Elena says

    My boy will be wearing this running around backyard. It gets really hot during summer here.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  13. says

    I couldn’t tell if the Jeans would be offered in all sizes, but if they make them small enough, our new little one will be wearing them!

  14. katklaw777 says

    With gas prices what they are, we are sticking close to home.
    So off to the park, closet forest preserve and fishing pond we will go, thanks.

  15. Eileen says

    My 9 month old will be poolside in his Huggies Jeans at Grandma and Pop’s house this summer watching his 2 1/2 yr old sister swim with Daddy!

  16. Deb says

    I help my daughter and daughter in law with diapers, so this would be wonderful to win for them. I do love the jean diapers!

  17. Debra says

    All of my grandkids would look so cute in these diapers. Somebody was very smart when they developed these jeans style diapers.

  18. Stacey says

    Wow, my sister in law would think I was the best if I won this and gave her the diapers. You are correct, it is very hard for families to purchase diapers these days.

  19. says

    These crack me up! My little baby could wear them out in about while running errands and I guess we wouldn’t worry about wearing bloomers while wearing these!

  20. caryl l says

    Money is really tight, so no vacations, but to bed, shopping, playtime, Everywhere!
    Great giveaway-diaper cash!
    spencer1953 at gmail dot com.

  21. Lisa says

    The Huggies Jeans Diapers will be worn while out shopping, to the park, anywhere we go. They are so cute. altern147 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  22. Georgia says

    I no longer have babies but my niece is about to have her first and I think he will be wearing Huggies Jeans in the UP. He will need extra protection up there for sure. I would be so honnored to win this and I would send it to her for sure.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  23. says

    My son wore these last year with a white polo a lot, this year I plan on putting them on our new baby with a cute little dress to our family picnic!

  24. Kristin says

    We live in the very hot state of FL. These diapers are perfect to wear anywear we go. They are fashionable and keep my daughter cool :) Thanks for the chance.

  25. says

    My stylin Princess Rock Star would wear them (with a little stylin tank top) outside in the yard and at the local park. I would love if they would make ‘Little Swimmers’ with the same design.

  26. Barb W. says

    My granddaughter will be sporting them in Louisville, KY at the beach, the mall, summer celebrations, and our favorite place, the zoo :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  27. sheila k. says

    Thanks for the great work you do on your blogsite and respresenting families. Please include me in the giveaway.

  28. chana says

    the gift card would really help with diapers for my triplets. They would wear the jean ones at home mainly

  29. Natalie J. Vandenberghe says

    My daughter just went back to work yesterday. It is my privilege and pleasure to watch my 15-month-old grandson Orion. He will be wearing these fabulous Huggies denim diapers when we go to the park to play. Thanks for the giveaway.
    I follow Huggies on Twitter and I like Huggies on Facebook.

  30. G.Ma says

    I have two grandkids that could use these. Thanks for the chance to win. I love your site and check it out everyday!

  31. Raven In A Blue Room says

    my daughter would sport those diapers in the park
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

  32. Jen Carl says

    I can’t wait to see my little man in these huggies jeans! Last year we rocked them like the baby in the commercial…. He poo in blue:)

    Jen C jenc2522 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  33. Jennifer C. says

    These are so cute! They would be great for the littles to wear to a family reunion picnic later in the summer.

  34. Candace says

    My son will be wearing his Huggies Jeans diapers to the park this summer! These are so adorable! readysetwin at gmail dot com


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