Winter Weight Off — Losing the pounds I have collected…

Updated below…

Cheesecake, chocolate, pecan squares, pumpkin pie, eggnog, and oh so much more. The trouble started in October and it must end NOW.

The Cheesecake Slide…

I am a disciplined eater.

I eat healthy, fiber-rich foods and drink tons of water. Due to health problems, I can’t do strenuous exercise and so, to maintain a healthy, comfortable-for-me, weight, I must be vigilant with what I consume.

My rule of thumb for healthy weight management is to rarely have sweets or junk food in our home and so when I am out, I can indulge a bit.

chocolate-cheesecake(Until a year or so ago, I didn’t even drink coffee! I never had to worry about the temptation of a sugary-milky-caffeine source. It was always just water or herbal tea.)

But this fall, the slope got a little slippery — in fact it was a cheesecake slide!

Not only have I developed a Frapp and Latte habit, but I was traveling way too much. When I have to leave for the airport at 4am, I end up eating and drinking more calories by 12pm then I usually eat all day!

And when I was on those trips, oh the temptations! Desserts, drinks, all kinds of deliciousness — it all added up.

Then all of a sudden it was eating season — Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s — and at the end of it all, I am ten pounds heavier than I was this summer.

NOW, “Ten pounds,” you holler at me, “Is nothing to fuss about.” BUT, if I let these ten pounds go, and let ten more join them, and then ten more — well I will have far too big of a “weight-off” on my hands.

Time for a Winter Weight Off!

SO, I am stopping this before it gets out of control.

I am going to lose my winter-weight. I am going to get back to my healthy weight management. And I am going to stay accountable here!

weight loss tips Now, this won’t be easy. I will still be traveling often — fighting exhausting by eating and downing coffee that is the farthest thing from black!

But to keep myself motivated, I am going to have a series on weight loss tips and healthy weight management going on here at 5 Minutes for Mom called “Winter Weight Off.”

Winter Weight Off isn’t about an unhealthy obsession with being “thin.”

This is about returning to my healthy eating routines and getting rid of the extra weight that is making my clothes too tight and making me feel uncomfortable. It is about catching my weight gain and my bad habits before they get out of control.

I will be posting recipes, photos, and healthy eating tips, as I get back to my regular healthy eating habits.

One of the tools I will also use will be Healthy Choice. Last summer I had signed up to be in their “Better for BlogHer” campaign, but being in Canada, I wasn’t able to get the food in time to get going before BlogHer. So, instead of waiting till next spring to scramble and get the weight off before BlogHer11, I am starting early. Thanks so much to Healthy Choice for including 5m4m in your promotions.


Did you gain extra weight this fall and winter? When are the most troublesome times of year for weight loss or weight maintenance for you?

Do you have weight you want to lose? Do you have healthy eating recipes or weight loss tips your want to share?

Do you want to do it with me?!?

weight loss tipsIf you want to join me for healthy eating tips and healthy weight loss this spring in our “Winter Weight Off,” I will post a linky here and you can link up. (I will be posting my Winter Weight Off posts here at 5 Minutes for Mom once or twice a week for the next few months.)

This is about leaving holiday feasts and treats behind and focusing on healthier eating habits and choices.

Add the URL to your Winter Weight Off posts below. You can grab a button below too if you want.


EVERY MONDAY AFTERNOON, starting February 14th, 2011, I will post a fresh linky along with my Weight Loss Tip for the week. You can link up your latest Winter Weight Off posts every week in those fresh linkies. (And of course visit previous linkies to find our readers’ own inspiring posts!)

Then, during the week, I will publish a couple more Winter Weight Off posts here at 5 Minutes for Mom that relate to my Weight Loss Tip of the Week. Some of those will be written by me, and some weeks, I may feature some of you and link back to YOUR post of the week!

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weight loss tips

weight loss tips

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a health professional, nor do I make any health or medical claims or advice here at 5 Minutes for Mom. I am simply sharing my opinions and personal experiences. Please consult your doctor about all medical issues and make sure you follow your doctor and health professional’s instructions regarding your health and diet.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Janice.
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  1. says

    As much as I would love to say count me in I know I would be setting myself up for failure. I can’t even find the energy to do Biggest Loser on the Kinect. Something really needs to kick my butt as I weigh about 40 pounds more than when I had my son yet that doesn’t even motivate me. Good luck and I will be watching from the sidelines.

    • says

      Awww HUGS to you girl!

      Don’t think about it as a big decision. Just take a few baby steps here and there and that will help you feel like it is less intimidating.

      Lots of my posts will be about simple changes and easy ideas! SO no worries girl!!!

  2. says

    Count me in! I’m very much overweight, in fact, I’m at the obese or worst stage. About a week ago, I made a solid commitment to start losing weight, one babystep at a time. I’m going to add your button over on my weight loss blog and I hope you’ll stop in and we can help to motivate each other. It’s at – Good for you, hon for doing this! I’m proud of you!

  3. says

    Oh girl! I am SO there! You can count me in! I need to lose about 10…and then the other 10….and then wait for it….another 10. Yes that’s right, 30 pounds. Then I’ll be a happy girl. I’ll write my post tonight…and link it up! Thanks for the motivation..and we can encourage each other at the conferences.

  4. says

    I know the feeling of gaining so much weight and you just can gather the strength to take it off. The first step is to know why you want it and make the WHY important enough to take baby steps every day. We are so bombarded with lose weight quick adds everywhere that we forget to approach it sometimes like the tortoise. It is a compound effect and small commitments like cardio 30 minutes 6 times a week is a start. I have a few pounds to lose after the holiday. Although I am preparing for a fitness show but motivating each other always works no matter what fitness level you are. I’m In…

  5. says

    I’m in too! I have about 6 pounds left to lose (since Thanksgiving and Christmas) and those last few are the hardest…..and my gym just shut down. My blog is Healthier and Wealthier so I may repost sometimes…not without asking. We’ll talk later.

  6. says

    Susan here… I too will be posting along with Janice as I am desperate to trim off my winter weight. I have let my healthy eating habits slide and I need to exercise more to firm and tone.

  7. says

    Oh and I suppose I’ll have to stop procrastinating and change the batteries in my scale so that I actually know how many pounds I need to lose. LOL

  8. says

    Hey Susan and Janice! Just wanted to throw two cents in to say, hey! Some of us are actually trying to get back in shape and eat healthier – with a goal to *not* lose weight! I mean, over the past eight months, I’ve lost about 10 pounds and I need to get those back (so that I can look like the athletic mom at the school drop off).

    Best of luck, everyone!

    • says

      Yes Zoeyjane! Thanks so much for that feedback!!! I was concerned about that when I called this series weight off – and when I use weight loss tips etc for keywords. I totally want to encompass all areas of healthy lifestyle and weight management!

      I actually don’t “diet” and just eat healthily etc, but I had gotten off track and so this is about returning to healthy choices.

      But I think I will still run this series with that name and hope that people don’t feel too limited by it. I just thought it was kind of a fun take on the winter eating we tend to do over the holidays etc.

      But we will continue to post even after this series is over about healthy eating and lifestyle choices, etc.

      THANKS so much for your feedback and I hope that my series is able to be useful for people at all different stages of weight management.

  9. says

    Congratulations on your decision. I made this decision Jan 1st this year and as of today I have lost 15.5lbs so I’d love to join you. If you don’t mind that I already started. Let me know. I can’t wait to read your tips.

    • says

      WOOHOO!!! Way to go girl! For sure join in – doesn’t matter where anyone is on their journeys. This is just about healthy lifestyle habits and choices. :)

  10. says

    I’m so torn on this because I will always struggle against past eating disorder issues, so even though I do have just a few pounds to legitimately lose, I feel really funny linking up to this. I’d like to but my situation is different, and people tend to look at me with a very critical eye when I lose weight.

    • says

      Oh Elizabeth – I am SO glad you said something!!!!!

      I REALLY struggled about this concern – I don’t want to write about “dieting” etc, because I have had a lot of experience with eating disorders and have struggled against giving into them myself over the years.

      But I wanted to make a series about healthy weight management tips that have allowed me to keep my weight stable and keep my from “dieting.”

      I hope to cover these concerns as well over the next weeks, about how those of us who are sensitive to eating disorders need to be extremely careful about “dieting” and falling into dangerous “control” patterns with our food and exercise.

  11. says

    This is a great idea! I’m actually not trying to lose weight but I *am* working on a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been doing yoga for a little over a year (almost daily) but would like to amp it up with some cardio. I’m also trying to stop turning to processed foods when it’s one of those busy nights. Hopefully we can all do this together!

  12. says

    I’ve been meaning to tackle thus issue for a while now. As my son gets older the ‘baby weight” excuse had worn thin. This holiday and winter hasn’t helped. I look forward to joining in.

  13. says

    I started a running regimen in January… I have the perfect get away set up in the morning … drop off my Kindergartner at school and head to the gym with my other two munchkins. There is a Kid Care center there and they LOVE IT! AND, they are normally the only two in there in the morning. =)

    I run as much as I can and lift (sit up’s too). I feel great BUT I’m not losing any weight! Now I need to kick in some good nutrition and calorie counting.

    This will help tons! THANKS!

  14. says

    Y’all must be reading my mind! I just told a good friend the time has come! I had started working on getting that 10 pounds off last fall and succeeded to about 8 pounds. Then family illness stopped the process cold, followed by holidays, travel, and more. So the 10 pounds is back! Isn’t it amazing what a difference it makes in how you feel!!!

    I’m trying to decide between the South Beach Diet Phase 1 – Supercharged which I do like, or if I want to try the newer Prevention Fat Belly Diet as they have some foods on their menu that sound really yummy. Both are based on healthy eating which is the only kind of diet I like. And yes. I, too, use Healthy Choice as one of my tools when I’m babysitting grandchildren or too busy caring for elderly parents to prepare something from scratch. :)

    So I’m appreciating your starting this and looking forward to fun times joining in to work together for a healthier body. Thank you for this fun idea. 😉

  15. cctine says

    I have had my muffin top on my to do list for about two weeks now. we are going to visit fam. in LA early april so i am going to lose at least 12lb’s. I plan on starting by watching my portions no soda! and walk walk walk around the yard with the dogs and kids as much as poss. not only do the kids like the exrta play time with mom, i get to meet my goals week to add stationary bike and cut back portions again and add shakes as suppliment…..and justmove around as much as you can…walk…walk…walk…this hs worked for me cause i admt it….i’m a yoyo 😉

    • says

      Yes girl – you said some KEY things there! First NO soda!!! I try to be incredibly careful about what calories I drink. They are killers!
      Second – just MOVE! Walk, dance, run, chase your kids! Try to “keep up with them.” It will amaze you how active it will make you!

  16. says

    I make a list of foods that make me feel bad and trigger cravings for unhealthy food. It usually goes like this: no refined white sugar, flour, fried food, processed, etc. Then I focus on eating delicious whole foods, veggies, fruits, whole grains like quinoa, etc. BUT I inevitably slip up and get sucked back into the vicious cycle! Boo hoo!

    • says

      Oh yes – I hear you girl. But don’t get discouraged. I try to do the 80/20 or 90/10- so I have a bit of room to indulge. It is dangerous for me too tho. Cause once I get on the slippery slope, I can end up sliding!

  17. says

    I want to continue on my weightloss (down 20 lbs from last year) and though I did gain a few pounds over Christmas, they’re OFF now and I actually broke a plateau after six months!!! So Yes, I’d love to continue in this Winter Weight off and share the things than are working for me and learn new things from others!

  18. Debby says

    I am with you ladies. I have put off losing weight for quite some time now and I am ready. I need to lose at least 30 pounds, truth be told probably around 40 lbs to lose. Count me in your program. I am excited now!

  19. Monica says

    Thanks for all the info on here. This is awesome. So glad I found you…thru Gina’s Kokopelli’s web site…I believe.

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  1. […] I’m writing this post in shame hope. Hope that in a year I’ll have lost this “winter weight” and am on my way to living a healthier lifestyle.  If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you know that I have struggled with my weight all along, I lose some and then I gain it back, it’s a never ending cycle.  In the past two years I ahve put on an extra 3 pounds…or maybe the problem is that I never really lost all the baby weight from KJ {or maybe even KG}.  The point is that I have an extra 30 pounds just hanging on my body waiting for me to get off my lazy arse and find a way to make exercise and healthy eating a priority.  SO I’ve decided to join Janice & Susanne from 5 Minutes for Mom and many other women to work together to support one another in our healthy living lifestyle changes in 5 Minutes for Mom’s “Winter Weight Off“. […]

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