The Power of Moms – Share Your Inspirational Story and Win

No influence is so powerful as that of the mother.
– Sarah Josepha Hale

As I write this post, I am sitting at the kitchen table at my parents’ house, where I came to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday. The trip took some unexpected turns, as we had to have my mom rushed to the hospital on my first morning in town.

She was having an awful seizure. It was horrible to witness. A vision that I am fairly certain will always stay with me.

Hospital stays seem to be a pretty common occurrence for my mom, who has battled Multiple Sclerosis for the past twenty-one years. Last year she suffered a mild stroke that almost claimed her life. Since then she has been in and out of the hospital, about every three months or so, due to violent seizures.

What amazes me is her strength and humor. As she struggled to recover this week from the seizure, she was having a difficult time trying to speak. She kept laughing it off, with a smile on her face, as she babbled what sounded like nonsense.

It’s the same upbeat spirit that she has had since receiving the Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

The diagnosis was handed down at the young age of 38. Soon she was horribly fatigued, in constant pain, and caught off guard often, as some mornings she would wake up unable to see or walk.

Today, her bladder no longer functions normally. She needs a walker or scooter to get around, and usually needs my dad or caregiver to feed her. Her short term memory is also pretty much shot. I compare it at times to the same deterioration that can be seen in Alzheimer’s patients. She will forget who she is, where she lives, who my dad is, who I am.

Thankfully, my mom has spunk. She laughs at herself and smiles even while struggling. She amazes me. She is a true inspiration. I am proud to call her, my mom!

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This post was written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributing editor, Erica.


  1. says

    My entry is posted on my blog. Loved your story Erica… your Mom really does sound amazing. We must not ever forget how much our optimism as mothers affects those around us.

  2. Laura D says

    Your story is inspiring. My most influential “mom” was my grandma. Her strength and beauty were unmatched in my eyes and there’s not a day I don’t miss her.

  3. says

    My MIL is a tough woman. She has Fibromyalgia and is in constant pain. Yet she always has a smile on her face and one of thing she loves to do is bake with her grandchildren! I don’t know how she does it. I get tired out baking and I don’t have any excuses! But she never bats an eye, and the kids always come home with a big plate of delicious goodies!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  4. Jeannine m says

    Mine is my mother. She helped take care of her parents for yrs while wroking full time when they couldn’t take care of themsleves. She has helped me out by watching my two youngest while I worked and now watches my nephew Mon-Fri. She is a great person

  5. says

    I blogged about my mother a couple of weeks ago on my doula/birth blog, and her powerful role in helping me transition to motherhood. She was my inspiration for becoming a doula myself, and has been my primary source of wisdom, advice, and humor as a mother myself.

    The Most Important Piece.

  6. Shauna Walls says

    My mother has been through some very hard times in her life,the latest was the death of her own mother. She has been in military service for 17 years,mostly as a reservists, which in this day has sent her overseas and back again and caused her to lose a very promising job in 2003. Last year, her mother, after several major surgeries and numerous times my Mom had dropped everything to go take care of her, finally passed away from complications of pneumonia. Again, my mother was there in her last weeks to care for her, leaving yet another job knowing no one else would care for her mother. I wasn’t able to be there and had no money to travel to see my grandmother before she died, but my Mom would call to try to make me feel better and to talk to Grandma for a few moments on the phone. I could tell the strain my Mom was going through, but until the last moment she was the rock everyone would cling to. Even my step-grandfather’s family leaned on her to help them all get through the last weeks, by cooking the meals all the while nursing my Grandma 24 hours a day. My aunt and uncle would come by for a day or to bring in groceries since my Mom never left my grandmother’s side. I don’t think she slept for the weeks she cared for my Grandma or could sleep for awhile after she passed. She was very close to Grandma and although Mom had traveled all over the world, she called Grandma almost every day to check on her and to talk like best friends would. After the funeral she found out she had been let go from her position, she had been in a new job and had not been there the mandatory year so they let her go while she was gone caring for my Grandma and afterwards making arrangements for and attending her funeral. She has managed to stay afloat taking manual labor jobs, at 47 that is difficult to do. Her latest job is working on a horse ranch to pay the rent and utilities and taking odd job on the side to pay for other necessities. I moved home when Mom took the ranch job and I am working part time to help out, but her it is hard to get full time employment, but I help on the ranch as much as I can. My younger brother is doing the same and getting through his senior year of high school. My mother has to home school my young sister, but we all try to share the chores, even helping Alexandra’s home schooling when Mom has another job to do away from the ranch. As a single parent with all these responsibilities, Mom is stretched at times and youc an see the wear on her face when she gets stretched a little thin and sometimes the tears will come, but she gets up every morning and does her chores and she always has a smile for us no matter how hard she has worked that day. She is constantly on the move and trying to make our little dollars stretch to include a few little comforts that we normally can’t afford. She clips coupons and enters contests for the things we just can’t buy. It is amazing that we live so well knowing there is no money, yet she makes those little miracles happen every month just by sheer will and lots of hard work. I pray each day that things will get better for all of us, especially for my Mom. She is so strong but it takes it’s toll to be so strong for so long and I hope one day she can rest and let us be strong for her.

  7. says

    My mother and I have always been on the worst of terms… even going so far as not to talk to each other for two whole years after high school. I had no idea what a real mother should be like until my dad remarried my stepmom. She completely filled in all of the blanks for me. She already had two kids of her own but she immediately stepped in and became more than a friend. When I was stationed in Korea with the Air Force, she planned my entire wedding for me – even helping me find a wedding dress at the last minute. She was understanding when I made mistakes – just smiled and said, I figured something like that had happened. And she cried when my husband and I were stationed in Japan. For our first baby, she invited my entire family over for a baby shower, took pictures of every moment, had my grandmother design a baby bootie cake, had everyone help make a scrapbook and then boxed everything up and sent it to Japan for us. Through each of our children, I called her from overseas (sometimes in the middle of her night) to ask for advice and she was always happy to help. I cannot recall how many times I’ve called her to just chat and how great it feels to have a Mom that I can trust with everything. Now that we’re civilians again and in the US, she takes every opportunity she can to come visit us. She calls my kids her grandchildren and I call her Mom.

  8. Luci says

    My mom is the greatest she took care of her 3 kids as well as my dad’s two kids in addition to a whole neighbor hood of low income at risk kids some of the children parents were addicts or worse. She did her best at making sure they had food and clothes and a person who cared in their life she gave them hope and a future. Almost every one of those kids made it to college do to my mom’s love and connection with them. She keep them focused and out of trouble. She is amazing. As a single mom working and a grandma of twelve she is a inspiration to all that knows her. She change the life of hundreds of people and she is a remarkable person.

  9. seena says

    my mom has gone thru unbelieveably hard times in her life.she was the youngest of 4, she lost her mom at ten, and was overwhelmingly loved by her dad and siblings, so much so she says she never realized the pain of not knowing her mom, until later. she had to leave home at 16, and i think since then her heart always longed for the love and acceptance she once had, though only for 16 short years, at home. she married a man who treated her less than best, she lost her 2nd childhad , and almost immediately was ‘sent’ alone to an unknown world, trying to ‘settle down’ so as to make a life for her and her husband and first child who would follow her there over a year later..she walked miles and miles to find a job in the winter months that followed, coatless, until a ‘nice older woman’ gave her a blue sweater, whcih she still has today, 36years later. she had selfish kids who mirrored the disrespect that she received from her husband, she worked double shifts, but was home to receive us after school..they were short on cash so she never turned the heat on in the car so as not to use up the gas,she would hand wash clothes and bedsheets and blankets, in an effort to save those precious coins that the common apartment washing machine would use up, she powdered her own spices, bcoz buying it that way was more expensive.she saved cookies and cakes from work parties to bring home to us kids., she prayed and fasted-she sang and taught us songs.she cooked, she cleaned,she, ,.it used to bug me when she used to say, when u become a mother, you’ll understand-but, you know what, i do understand now. .i have learned so much about what it takes to be a mom after i became a mom myself..about that crazy type of love for your child..the great lengths you will go for her..
    all her hard work and sacrafice,love and prayers, gentleness, kindness and patience..when i look back today, i so thank GOD for giving to me this woman who i took for granted for years until i realized her value and worth..her life is much less than perfect, and the family she worked so hard to raise and prayed would always be together is today, not..but i believe the LORD will honor her prayers some day and the broken pieces of her life and heart, will be bound once again together- as Pslams147:3, says.
    thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell about this great woman.

  10. says

    My mother is a very strong lady who overcame abuse in her past and a really hard family life to emigrate to this country, teach herself English with a Spanish to English dictionary, put herself through college at night, and raise 2 children by herself. She’s always been an inspiration to me.

  11. says

    My mom lost her battle with cancer in August 2005. I miss her dearly and wish she had been here when I got married and had my two sons.

    My aunt, however has totally stepped in as ‘grandma’. She loves those boys as much and any grandma would. They love her and enjoy going to her house. She also comes to visit us. She buys diapers and helps us out when we need it. I’m so thankful. She is amazing! She has two children, but now says she has three.

  12. Jaimie K says

    We have a great old time family friend that is a great example to me. She’s always done what she thinks is right, regardless of what anyone else thinks, even her family. She now has 12 kids, each one is so kind, well kept, and they are so peaceful. She runs her household gracefully. She supports all of her children in their activities. She hometeaches her little ones in the most amazing Preschool I’ve heard of. Amid all her busyness and financial responsibilities, she still finds time to serve others. She is so self sacrificing and would do anything to help anyone. She is definitely a woman that I would love to emulate and would so deserve this prize.

  13. Jessica Schartz says

    Thank you for sharing your story about your mom. I would also like to share about my mother who is the strongest and most amazing woman I know. It is so hard for me to try and put how amazing she is into a short amount of words. I feel like I could go on and on about how wonderful she is. As long as I can remember my mother has always been involved in our lives. She was the homeroom mom, the soccer mom, the team mom, and the carpool mom. She never missed a game, practice, play, choir concert, or anything that involved us. Did I mention she did all this on top of working a full time job and a part time job? Being a single parent after my dad left, finances were extremely tough for her, but she never let us see it. She is everything in her power to make sure that our lives did not change and that we were provided for. She never complained and always had a smile on her face every day. She was a HUGE role model for me and I always aspired to be just like her. I have always thought to myself growing up, I want to raise my kids just like my mom did.
    Well these past couple of years have been extremely difficult and trying for us as a family. Besides the normal every day life that just has its ups and downs and besides normal financial problems that we have always been able to work through we were also suffering from losing people in our lives. My boyfriend was killed a couple years ago and I did not know how I would survive. Without my mom, I am not sure I would have made it through such a trying time. She was always there for me, whether it was to talk, to listen or just to cry with. Then a few months later, my grandma (my mother’s mom) passed away. She showed so much strength and power as she helped guide our family and take care of my grandpa. She never gave up, was negative or blamed others for what was going on in our lives. She just became that much stronger and truly showed her strenght and love for her family. Now we just found out my grandpa has cancer and it has already spread. Again, my mother is showing tremendous strength during this time. Not only is she still working a full time job, taking care of a house and family but she has also stepped up to take care of my grandpa. How she does all this and still keeps a smile on her face I will never know, but I hope one day to have at least half of the will, strength, and compassion that she does. She is seriously “supermom” and I am so thankful that I was put on this earth as her daughter, because I have never met anyone like her and I would not be the person I am today without her.

    I love you mom.

  14. says

    My mom raised me by herself from the time I was 18 months old. She was married to my father who abused her for over 7 years. Finally one day she got enough courage to put him out and that was one of the best decisions she made. She has been working two and sometimes three jobs all of my life (I’m 29) to support herself and also to help take care of other family members. In the past several years she has taken family members into her home only to have them steal from her and mistreat her. Even after going through all that she has been through including cancer when I was a baby, she always has a smile on her face. She has the biggest heart and is the most compassionate person I know. I love her so much and I feel that she deserves anything she wants in this world!

  15. Crystal W says

    My mom is the most inspiration woman in my life. She has been in the eduction field since putting herself through college (with night school and correspondence courses) while raising 2 children. She was a elementary school teacher for 13 years in the poorest part of our state and worked tirelessly to improve not only her students but the school system that was severely lacking in that part of the state. Her efforts were rewarded by being named the State Director of the Title I Math Department where she continued her efforts to bring improved methods of teaching to those students who often get left behind because they do not learn the way the rest of us do. When she was offered a job in the Board of Education office in her old school district (an offer with less pay) she took it as a challenge to finish the task of bettering her hometown schools that she began more than 27 years ago. Even though she faces an enormous task (as the school system is still behind due to funding and lack of hope in that part of the state) my mom continues to put all of her energies and faith into this dream she has of better the lives of all the children in that part of the state. I am constantly amazed at how dedicated she is and the fact that she never gives up hope that one day those schools will excel!!

  16. says

    When I first read the phrase “the power of moms,” I immediately thought of my husband’s cousin’s wife. Germaine is one of the strongest women I know.

    She had a rough childhood and found herself pregnant and alone as a teen. Motherhood changed her, however. She wanted to give her son the very best and she sacrificed to do exactly that. Several years later, she met my husband’s cousin. They fell into a deep and wonderful love, got married, and she’s now pregnant with their 5th child.

    She is one of the best mothers I know. I feel like I learn something every time I see her. She loves wildly, speaks truthfully, and gives so much. She took adversity in her life and turned it into beauty…and that is a truly admirable thing.

  17. says

    My mom is an incredible woman. She raised my sister and I to adulthood and then her and my dad made the decision to adopt. They adopted a sibling set of 3 the first time, but they didn’t stop then. Two years later, they decided to adopt a sibling set of 6. Three years later, they adopted a sibling set of 2. It isn’t easy adopting children who are “from the system”. They have minor issues and major issues and my mom has so graciously “put her life” on hold in order to minister to these kids lives and change even just one life for the better!

  18. says

    The Power of Moms: The Mom that is of great inspiration to me, is a dear friend, a Mom and wife; no matter what life has thrown her way, she handles it all with such heart, grace and love. She see’s the best in every situation — the power of who she is lies in the woman that she is, in the strength of her heart and her character. So many moments in my life, there she stood backing me up, standing along side of me holding my hand, the strong shoulder I can cry on, the laughter when I need it the most. The gentle reminders of all that I am and can be, when I lose sight in the storm.
    Her name is Barbara L from Newark DE — she moves me, inspires me, makes me want to be a better woman, mother and wife. My life is better because of the Power of the woman she is.

  19. says

    My mom is my inspiration- she has and always will be- even now that she is on oxygen she does for others and always has a kind word, a helping hand or whatever is most needed. She has always taught me that what matters most in life is to do what you can to show your love to others, whether they be longtime friends or people we have yet to meet.

  20. says

    I would like to tell you about the most influential woman in my life. She is my mother-in-law. Liz is amazing, she is a strong person mentally. I have been part of their family for 19 years. She has showed me what a family should be like and has also been supportative of me and loving to me. She has had a rough 5 years, she has diabetes and her health just isn’t that good right now. She is always in pain from her arthritis and also struggles with being able to walk. She gets these ulcers, and then prevents her from walking around and also is very dangerous for her. She almost lost a foot, but thank goodness it was just a couple of toes. I love her and call her my “momma cakes” . I am glad that she is in my life to help me be a mother to my children since I did not have a very good relationship with my own mother. She really deserves to win this because of the strength that she has to keep going in her own life. Dad has recently retired so now she is actually able to get out of the house now and then. Before it seemed like she was a prisoner in her own home because she wasn’t able to drive herself. It was like that for 3 years. So now that she is able to get out, she deserves a great pampering day for herself. Thanks

  21. says

    Growing up my mom taught me the value of working hard and an education, proper etiquette and manners, to love the arts, to try new foods and experiences. Every Thursday was our Mother/Daughter outing which typically was shopping and dinner. She indulged my creative hair and beauty choices. And, she was there to hug me when life got rough.

    It is hard to fully express how much my mom means to me with out telling all of my painful past 9 years.

    I married (and recently divorced) an alcoholic. The 8 years I was with him my mom stood by watching and hoping for things to get better. She allowed me and my daughter to use her home as a safe haven on Sundays … cooking for us, taking me grocery or clothes shopping, listening to my excuses, giving us loans to pay off bills. She tried not to enable, but made sure she was there for me when things hit rock bottom and I came running home.

    Now, even though the stressful 8 years took a toll on her health, she stands strong by me. She holds my hand when my ex-husband and I are battling. She listens and supports my (much improved) decisions. She let’s me parent my daughter while giving some wise advice. And, now we have Mother/Daughter/Granddaughter outings.

    I love my mom with all my heart.

  22. Joanne Smith says

    My mom is so inspirational. She has a sun allergy and used to still take us to places as kids knowing she would still be in pain. Her hands and arms would swell up twice as big and she would feel as if her skin was on fire. She suffered every year to go out and take us places even amusement parks where she was stuck in the sun. She amazing. Now she has severe spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia, and almost every thing I could think of but she still is there for her children. I love her.

  23. Amanda O says

    Ten years agao my Grandma came down with diebetes the doctor said it was normal and to not worry about it. Then Her kidneys started to fail and she had to go to dialsct four days a week. She was not able to go anywhere unless it was close as 30 mins. Then I got engaged and knew I wanted to be married in teh same church as my mom in Dallas Tx which is nine hours away. I had no clue how she could come so I said its ok and will get marrie din town. She told me no and that she would find a way. She talked to her doctors and found a clinc in Dallas she could go to so she made the long drive and went starigt there. She never complained at all. With her age she was told getting a Kidney would eb harder as she was so much older then most on the list. She said when God wanted her to ahev one she would. I will never forget the day I got teh phone call at 3:00 am saying she was heading to teh hospital to get a new one. That was three years ago and she has had no problems at all. I am so lucky to ahve her in mty ife and she is my strengh everyday!

  24. says

    My mom is my inspiration. She is amazing. She has done so much to help me in my own mothering journey. It was a little over 10 years ago that I had my 1st set of twins. She was by my side through the whole thing. She stayed with us those first several weeks, and then in the months beyond, she continued to come to our house to help — faithfully.

    Two years after the 1st set of twins were born, I had my 2nd set of twins. Again, she stepped up to help. She sacrificed her own freedom to help us. I know we would not have made it through without her.

    I’ve picked up tips and tricks from other MoMs along the way — but most of the day-in and day-out care of my children, I learned from my own mom. She daily shows kindness, patience and caring. She is truly my inspiration.

  25. says

    My mom is my nominiation. As a mom myself now, I wonder how she did it all because I sure struggle to do the little bit I do! She worked part-time as a nurse but was never really part-time because she would always pick up extra hours. My dad traveled four days a week as a saleman so she was a single parent those days. She had three kids to schedule, keep scheduled, and eventually get to bed. Looking back, I have no idea how she did her 9 hour shift that started at 5:30am and then would get home and take us kids to the pool or some where in the afternoon so we could do something after sitting at home all day. I don’t know how she managed to pull out the fridge by herself while so sick with the flu to find out why it was making such a horrible noise.
    Even after three recent back surgeries she keeps going. She longs to hold and pick up her grandkids and often pays for it in the pain department the next day. She drives all the way out to my house when I have to travel for work to help watch my littlest one. I don’t know what I would do without her right now just because of that.
    One day … I hope to be the mom she is. I know I am still working on it but I also know with her in my life that I can master this job of being mom because she showed me how!

  26. says

    The most powerful woman in my life is my daughter Traci. She went back and finished high school after giving birth to her two children and my perfect grandchildren. In 1992 when I had surgery for a brain tumor she decided she wanted to become a nurse. When I had my second brain surgery in 1993, she was in nursing school. In 1994, when I had my third and fourth brain surgeries she was working for my first neurosurgeon. Since that time she has worked as a in home nurse for people who want to live the rest of their lives at home rather than in a hospital or a nursing home. She did this for seven years, much longer than the average nurse lasts at this line of duty.

    I had a greenfield filter to prevent blood clots from going to my heart and lungs in 2009. The filter puncture punctured my vena cava and femoral artery and I received 30 units of blood and flat lined three times before the surgery could be completed to repair the punctures.
    Traci has always been right there for me. I also had a brain bleed and stroke during this process.
    In 2008 Traci and her husband adopted their grandson. My grandaughter is bipolar and knew she would not be able to take care of him. Traci works full time, takes care of her grandson and goes to school full time. In two years she will have a Doctorate of Nursing.

    Before, all of this started Traci had never met her father because my parents had forced us apart and when she was born 8 1/2 months later they told me Tom, Traci’s father was dead.
    In 2007, Traci was on line looking for members of her fathers family because she has a genetic disease called pots. She found out her father was still alive. I wrote him a letter and he called immediately. He had called numerous times in 1969 and my mother finally had told him I had married someone else.
    Tom and I were married on Traci’s 38th birthday in 2007. They met each other for the first time that day and now I know how much Traci is like her father. A fighter to the end and willing to help anyone who needs it.
    We are still coping with my illness, I have had 3 more brain surgeries and Traci has been thru it all with us.

    To have a daughter like Traci is a very rare blessing that I wish every mother had.

    Thank you for reading our story.

  27. carmen says

    my mom is inspirational because she is so sacrificial and forgiving. when i was young, my parents did not have much money and so she scrimped and saved to give us kids a good and stable upbringing, even when it was financed with coupons and thrift store finds. when i was a teenager and rebelled against her love, she still embraced me and loved me and stuck with me without ever raising her voice. today, as an adult, i am so inspired by the selfless love she showed me through thick and thin, and I’m so appreciative that she was willing to give this to me, because not many children get to experience that. i am inspired to remember this when i look at my own children and the world around me.

  28. Jennifer V says

    My mother is amazing; her selflessness, giving spirit, thoughtfulness. These wonderful charactaristics were (and are!) displayed in the little things of every day. A kind word, a smile to a stranger, baking for the Sunday School children, a meal invitation to someone who could use it…

    There are so many things that my mother does that inspire me to be a better person; kinder, gentler, more selfless.

    But above all, her constantness inspires me. She’s always the same, forgiving, ready to help…it’s not an act – it’s her!

    jennifer @

  29. says

    My mom is my strength and a major pillar of my life. I moved away from home 19 years ago when my mom drove me several states away to Pennsylvania to check out a masters degree program. I met my husband here and stayed but I talk to my mom every day. We laugh, we joke, we analyze life. I couldn’t imagine my world without her. In her honor, I keep a story on my blog where I documented her life-long struggle with ITP, a rare blood disease that led her doctor to deny she could be pregnant with twins when the birth was already risky. But, she knew there must be two and out I came – a pink surprise!

    Here’s the link to her life:

  30. says

    Moms are incredible. Reading the above posts made me tear up. My own mom hasn’t faced major illness and won, nor has she raised multiple generations singlehandedly nor travelled the world as a peacekeeper. While she didn’t face adversity in any enormous way, my mom managed to take what little we had (and compared to some, it was a lot, but at times it didn’t feel like that) and make it my whole world. She was my light, my sparkle, my magic. Everything I remember about christmas and its wonder came from the magic my mom created for us. More than anything, she was there for us – really there. Every bump, bruise or insult, she felt it, maybe even deeper than we did. Now that I’m a Mom myself of three under three (including a wonderful set of twins), I hope that I too can be that kind of “present” mom for my children. When I find myself ‘checking out’ during a craft, activity or conversation, i remind myself that this, this is the most important thing I can give my kids. What my mom was so great at giving me: HER.

  31. says

    My best friend, Peggy, is the most inspirational mom I know! She and her husband have 3 grown sons and felt God leading them to adopt from China. My husband and I adopted our son and we met through an adoptive family group. They adopted one daughter, Faith, at 2 years old from China. They later felt God was leading them to adopt a second daughter, Klaire, who was 4yrs old from China. Peggy’s husband, Bob, left for Iraq shortly before they were to travel to China the second time, so Peggy took one of her grown sons with her to bring Klaire home. Bob is still in Iraq and Peggy is taking care of one 4yr old and one 5 yr old at home alone. I really can’t imagine how she’s able to cope with her husband being so far away at the holidays! Luckily he comes home every 3-4 months for a few weeks and has met his new daughter on one of his trips home. The girls are only 3 months apart and fortunately are adjusting very well, as if they’ve been sisters forever!
    She is just an inspiration to me because she and her husband have chosen to be parents again and have created a beautiful home/family for these girls, who otherwise would have none. She is such a strong woman, who is always optimistic, loving and kind. I also admire her because she also plans on homeschooling her daughters in the spring.
    She’s been such an inspiration to me and I’m so happy that God brought her into my life!

  32. april yedinak says

    My Mother is my hero and inspiration. I could write a book full of all the wonderful things she has done or how she has always been there for me when I needed her, but I will share instead one of her very first acts as a ‘mom’. My mother became pregnant with me at 15. She had been pretty, popular and outgoing. When she was only a couple of months pregnant for me she needed a minor outpatient surgery. As she lay on the table the doctor tried to convince her to let him also ‘take care of her other problem’ while she was under anesthesia. A scared lonely teenager stood up for me then and has never stopped.

  33. says

    I know it seems crazy, but, we have had our struggles, and our triumphs…our ups and downs…our cries and squeals. But, really, it’s just the fact that she has always been there. No matter what…for me to fall back on. Lean on. Talk to. Vent to.

    I am thankful that she made me into the mom I am!

  34. PennyZeni says

    My mother inspires with her generosity, wit, strength and her unwavering compassion and kindness. I was in a car accident several years ago, and she has given up everything to be my caregiver. My father is having his second hip replacement operation next week, so she will have two adults to take look after.

    She has an amazing ability to take any painful situation and make us all laugh, and is able to persevere through incredible storms. She draws upon her intelligence to come up with creative solutions that always astound me! I am very lucky to be her daughter.

  35. says

    My mom also has M.S.

    Luckily, it is mostly in remission right now. Yes, somedays she wakes up in pain, but she can still get around & is VERY active-I can’t even keep up with all that she does and accomplishes. She works full time, bakes, quilts, is involved in clubs and activities. Really, she is amazing and very inspirational. She is 62 and was diagnosed about 10 years ago. She does take some medications, but really, she is lucky to have it in check right now. We try not to think about a day that it may get worse…she lives each day to the fullest and spends lots of time with her only granddaughter.

  36. says

    My mom is the youngest of 12 ( yes you read that right). so she always had it hard growing up. Now my mom may not sound like an all star to anyone else, but she is a allstar to me. She has always been there for me more than anyonelse in my life. She was there and support and stayed with me when I was in a coma and hospitalized after a car accident. Through bullying in school, moving out, having my first child and so much more. she even helped raise my brothers children, beacuse they were so young. My mom has been like my best friend through everything, and I am so thankful to have her.

    I have not seen my mom in years, we live on different coasts now, but she is still being a powerful mom. she is working everyday, while helping my brother and his daughter. She is suffering from arthritis, a ruptered dis and 2 discs on top of each other in her back, but she still manages to get up and get everything done everyday. shes awesome and needs this

  37. Sandra Brower says

    I emailed you my mother’s story.

    I loved reading all the inspiring Mom stories. Thank you for letting us all share the most important person in our lives with you.

  38. says

    My dad married an incredible woman was I was 18. She is truly the nicest & most giving person I know. The most amazing thing about her is her ability to laugh. No matter how hard life gets, and it has been hard for her at times, she can always find a reason to smile. She is filled with joy, and brings that with her wherever she goes. And that is a truly beautiful thing :)

  39. Eileen says

    I just sent my Power of Moms story to your email. wow…I am emotionally spent! Good luck to all of you and your wonderful and POWERFUL moms!

  40. Sheila Hickmon says

    My mother is my inspiration. She is the strongest woman I have ever met. She’s been through so many life changing things and still wears a smile every single day. Recently she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and she has became even closer to myself and my family. You wouldn’t think that she has cancer at all, she is so strong!

  41. says

    My Mom is my hero for her altruism, her kindness, perseverance, strength and above all, self-sacrifice. She has always been active within her community, whether it be through church activities, various different charities she supports, outreach to troubled youth or financial assistance to families in need.

    My family lost my father when I was fifteen, and when my mother was five months pregnant with my 6th sibling. My mother found that if she did not want to leave her grief-stricken children alone to support us, she would have to be creative, inventive and resourceful. So she turned to what she loved most: parenting, children and helping others. She built her own website from the ground up, a parenting/childbirth resource center for those who needed information to turn to in their time of need. She struggled all the way up through ten years of development of the site, as she lost her house in the housing bust of the 2006, was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease in 2004 as well as the startling fact that she had communicated it full-force to both of her youngest babies, declared bankruptcy in 2009, and all the while, remained the most positive person, I have ever known. She never let her optimism slip and she never stopped helping others, financially or spiritually. Even when she herself did not have enough money to pay for her medications or medical care for her and my sisters (no insurance), she still gave money and provided shelter to anyone who needed her help, to my chagrin. No one has a deeper heart than her. Just thought I’d give this the old college try. I’d like to see her rewarded for once.

    ~ Ashley

  42. carmen says

    The inspirational woman that I pick is definitely my mom, because growing up she always sacrificed for us. I don’t think she bought new clothes for almost a decade unless they were off the clearance rack, because she was always putting her children before her self. But it’s not just her children who she gives selflessly to, it’s everyone. When a neighbor’s car broke down, she gave them the one she was going to try to sell. When my sister’s friend became a teen mom and the girl’s own parents had disowned her, my mom went shopping and bought the baby most of its clothes. She never thinks about what she’s giving up, but what she’s giving to other people, and that is such an inspiration to me!

  43. Donna B. says

    My ex’s mom is the most inspirational woman I know. She actually moved back to her home town after her husband died because she wanted to make a difference (it’s rural MS, a very small town with no local businesses, low median income, etc.). She started a summer lunch program to make sure the school-aged children had at least 1 good meal a day when school was out, and also teaches them about good nutrition/healthy eating.

    She’s very active in her church – she teaches Sunday school, holds Bible study, and is on several committees. Two years ago she ran for public office, so she could help her community even more. She is truly the most selfless person I know.

  44. Mari says

    My aunt is the most inspirational person I know. Her exhusband was abusive and an alcoholic. Yet, after her divorce she forgave him, even though he had a child as a result of an affair. Most women would be furious and want nothing to do with the child. Instead, my aunt embraced the child, even though her children were very angry. She told them that the child was innocent, and like it or not, she was their little sister.
    Her ex is now deceased, but she still continues to involve his daughter in family outings and activities. It was an unpopular decision that much of the family did not want to accept. But, I think it showed her capacity for forgiveness and maturity.


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