Is the Second Season of Glee Disappointing You?

Now, before I type one more word, let me reassure you: I still LOVE Glee. I will never miss a show — my TiVo catching each new episode for me.


glee-season-2I know I am not the only fan who is hurting a bit during the second season of glee. It is like our best friend came back after the summer and she is just missing that special spark that endeared us to her. A little full of herself, she is more about primping and posing, reminding us of her talent, than just being the person we love so much.

The magic recipe of Glee was talent plus heart, brilliantly written heart. The singing blew us away, yes. But the characters and the storyline were inspired, crafted with wit, emotion and originality. The writers tackled hot topics with insight and sensitivity, without falling into sentimental or preachy traps. Almost all of the episodes made us breathless for more.

This year, the writing seems to be in the shadows while the “themes” take the spotlight.

I want to care about the characters again. I want to be emotionally invested in their lives. Yes, I want them to sing — and I don’t mind the themes either. The Lady Gaga episode last year was one of my favorites.

But they can’t forget about character and story development.

Come on Glee — we know you can do it!!! Give us what we need — give us back the stories!

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder Janice.
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        Well, I think this next episode is suppose to be where they introduce what is going to be Kurt’s new love interest. So I’m really hoping they do it tastefully. It’s going to be a topic that hits a nerve for some.

        I miss the connection with the characters…like when it goes off you just wish you could watch it again or fast forward a week. :)

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    I completely agree. While I’ve been liking the music, the story lines just haven’t grabbed me the same way. If this season had been the first time I watched Glee, I don’t think I would have become as passionately addicted to it.

  2. says

    Couldn’t agree more. Love the show, but haven’t felt as excited about it recently. Each episode seems to be a stretch to incorporate a story line into the music instead of vice versa. And I have to say, I was extremely disappointed in the Brittany Spears episode…. that the only way they could think to incorporate her music was to talk up the perks of drugging yourself, and unnecessarily so?!

    Hoping it gets better, or they *may* lose me next season.

  3. says

    Yup, it’s breaking my heart, and honestly I’m not sure how much longer I’ll really care about making sure I watch it. It’s so sad!!

  4. says

    I’m with everyone else. It was a guilty pleasure for me last year, this year I find myself skipping from scene to scene just to get through it. The Britney Spears one was the worst for me. I just thought it was lame. I wish they would stop with the themes and start worrying more about character development.

  5. says

    You definitely have a point. While I’m all about the singing, I find myself just not that engaged with the characters. Watching last night’s rerun from last season (which wasn’t even in my top 10), I did notice that there was so much more heart and soul. I love the productions, but I know we can have both – we did last year.

    I’m still supporting the show, but I hope they can get the heart back.

  6. says

    Agreed, but my major problem with the show is the EXTREME trashiness that it has taken on. I feel like my best friend from last year came back from the summer and is now a hooker. We’re pretty forgiving to shows, but there have already been three episodes this season that have made us feel horribly uncomfortable and angry at how they’ve trashed up the show – it’s just not necessary, and very, very sad.

  7. says

    Absolutely agree. It’s like there is no plot anymore. The music is still pretty rockin’ though. But I don’t care if I miss an episode because I’m not invested in the story.

  8. says

    I was thinking the exact same thing while watching last night’s re-run – the storylines and plot just aren’t there at all this year. They haven’t even mentioned getting ready for Sectionals at all this year and last year that was a huge plot point. I’m getting tired of the themed episodes too – they’re fun, but I really miss the Glee from last year.

  9. says

    I think part of the reason “Glee” has lost that something special is that too many people like it and now people expect way too much from it. The show hooked us with the stories and the characters and then it became a sensation, drawing celebrity fans who really wanted to be on the show. Then the show became less about the characters and more about creating a storyline that allowed guest celeb appearances.

    • Oanh says

      I agree. The show already have a lot of cast members which needs more storyline and character development. The writers need to stop with the adding in random celebs, it’s not like they need these celebrities for ratings.

  10. Laurie says

    In some ways it is disappointing, but as someone already mentioned, I think we are expecting too much. You are pining for last season, but forgetting that some of the writing last season, particularly in the second half, was certainly less than brilliant (e.g., the completely erratic Jesse storyline). So far this year. Audition was a great intro, setting the table for many promising storylines with great songs to boot. The Britney episode was a bit of a misstep, but Grilled Cheesus was wonderful storytelling and Duets was possibly the best combination of storytelling, singing, and comedy we have seen yet from Glee. Rocky Horror wasn’t as good, but the idea of putting the kids in a musical is fantastic and I hope they do it again. Some of the performances were amazing, even though the character’s motivations were a little out of sync. In my mind, the only true problem this season has been Will. His character has handled the Emma situation pathetically, compromising his principles in the process. The Glee club needs a strong center and he hasn’t provided it. As for celebrity guest stars, I suspect Gwyneth Paltrow is going to be amazing AND she will help Will come out of his stupor (hopefully giving him a reason to sing because he is one of the most talented members of the Glee cast and has had only a minor singing part in Toxic this season). So lighten up and pay closer attention to character development. I think the first 5 episodes have set up interesting arcs for Kurt, Finn/Rachel, Quinn, and Will/Emma and the writers have only just begun.

    • Lori says

      I mostly agree with what you’re saying, except for Will. Yes, he is pretty much has been the caring teacher with integrity and a moral compass for the students, but he is also human and makes mistakes. Him being madly in love with Emma & and not being able to have her has caused him to slack off in the judgement department and he has done some really stupid and inappropriate things. He has been so blinded by (and frankly, obesessed) by his love for Emma that he is a big hot mess. Face it, he has flaws, as every man does. He hasn’t had the chance to really let go and be truly on his own. I agree that “The Substitute” episode, and in turn, Gwyneth’s character may just be the cure for his lovesick blues.

  11. Oanh says

    I stopped watching the show half way in the 1st season. It was fun in the first few episodes but the baby drama dragged on and there is no real story line which connects together.

  12. says

    Couldn’t agree more! Loved the 1st Season, but not thrilled with this one. So far, the only episode I really enjoyed was the one when Kurt’s Dad was sick. The rest were just OK. Hope it gets better!

  13. says

    I agree with the fact that I’m not sure the writing is up to it’s usual muster. And am I the only one who spent the entire “Rocky Horror” episode trying to explain to my teenagers the significance of it all?

  14. says

    I still love the music and tap my feet along, but I do feel something is missing. However, as Laurie pointed out above, both Grilled Cheesus and Duets were fantastic. unfortunately, they were sandwiched between Brittney and Rocky Horry, which were over-hyped disappointments. Perhaps Glee is attempting to run too far on the heels of success and really just needs to take a step back and remember what its like to be a newbie, striving to be loved.

    But, really, I’m just happy Puck comes back next week. That’s all I really need.

  15. says

    Oh good. I’m glad you wrote that. I have gotten to the point where I am ready to stop DVRing the shows and just stick with the Glee Pandora channel to hear all the great music. Well written.

  16. says

    I’m actually very disappointed in Glee this year. As in, to the point that I’m not all that interested in watching any more. I didn’t even try to catch the Rocky Horror episode. I don’t know that I’ll give it up completely, but I’m at the point where I’ll catch it if I can but I’m not all that upset if I don’t.

    To be really honest, and I hope I don’t get crucified for this, I have a real problem with the storylines this year. I feel like this show appealed to teens more than anyone else and I sure as heck wouldn’t want my kids to watch this show (Thank God they’re not old enough so I don’t have to fight the battle). Yes, the singing is stunning and the dialogue quippy. Sue Sylvester makes me laugh out loud from my belly and Puck and Finn make me wish I was 25 and single…in Hollywood.

    But I’m so tired of being preached at by my TV. I feel like I can’t turn it on without fictional characters telling me how I should think, act and feel about hot button issues. I just want to escape from reality for a bit. (This is why I miss the show LOST which never once tried to sell an agenda but stuck to a story).

    I dunno…the episode a few weeks back with the cheerleader girls making out in bed turned me off big time. It made me angry that our society has become so desensitized that a scene like that on what has been dubbed a family friendly show is acceptable in Prime Time.

    Now I’M getting preachy.

    Sorry. Had to vent. I’ll probably watch Glee here and there – mostly for the singing at this point.

    • says

      I was SO bothered for many reasons by the cheerleading girls making out scene! I have been meaning to write a post about it to get people’s feedback.

    • JackieK says

      I couldn’t have put it better myself Kelli. There is nothing I dislike more than a Tv writer with a social agenda. Glee is a COMEDY, and just as you said, it is no setting that anybody wants to be preached at. They are lacking in heart, substance, and even their funny one-liners that Sue was so good at delivering. This show has unfortunately fallen into the pit with all of the other television shows that are only after using the characters as sex icons. To be honest with you the singing has been on the mediocre side for me –not the talent– but the constant TOP 40 song selection (and take into consideration that I am a 17 year old girl who is saying this). I liked it when Glee took older songs and introduced them to people my age and modified them to fit a style all ages could enjoy.

  17. says

    I am hugely disappointed. So disappointed that I have stopped watching. My TiVo is taping, and I may go back and give it another shot, but after this post, probably not.

    The Lady Gaga episode was so amazing b/c it had great themeing AND b/c of the Rachel and her mom story line. Tore my heart out and stomped on it and still had amazing themeing. THAT is what made the show great last year.

    I hope they can get their act together again. I miss it.

    • says

      I sure hope they can get it together. Last year they were outside of the Hollywood/TV trappings, the gimmicks, the sex, the predictability, and this year they seem to have fallen right into it all.

  18. says

    I totally agree! We didn’t get into it last year, until we found it on Hulu this summer. We watched every episode that was there, and looked forward to this year’s season. I feel it’s more about making the characters into sex symbols this year, too, and I don’t want to see that.

    We’ve stopped taping on our DVR, but let us know if it gets any better, I’ll give it another try

  19. says

    I totally and completely agree!! The only episode that has had any storyline so far as been the one where Kurt’s dad was sick. That was the old Glee I love. I think it will be back. The Rocky Horror one wasn’t bad either, but the first few really were missing the plot.

    • says

      Yes – I think hopefully they will realize they have gone astray and get back to what works! Yes – I liked the Kurt’s dad epsiode for sure!

  20. says

    My husband asked me if he could stop recording it on the PVR because we’ve lost the love a little. I told him we’ll keep on watching for now, but I agree that the show seems to be all singing and no story. What’s the point if there’s no story? I think they’ve fallen into the trap of specialty episodes too much. I really hope they turn it around.

  21. says

    I know, I wish they would leave sex out of it. I think that is what disappointed me most about Glee. I loved the pilot, because it was so clean, uplifting, and it just sucked you in. Now its pretty much like every other TV show (dirty, vulgar, overly dramatic), except it has music.

  22. Qwerty says

    I have found this season to be almost an entirely different show. It’s like Fox decided they knew what made the original show good, and then took out everything else, only to find out that they got it all wrong. Artie being a misogynist wasn’t a plot I actually liked. Major sexism? No. Premature ejaculation? Are they actually still on that?!?! And the songs they cover are not as wise, like Teenage Dream or Empire State of Mind, which are so relatively new and popular that a cover is virtually pointless. I have been wavering on getting Apple to give my money back on my Season Pass, because I really hate the new episodes.

  23. skinnydiva says

    I have said Glee just as interesting this season. The story lines are just “ehh” I know its a show about singing but sometimes there is too much singing, does that make sense? Not enough Sue Sylvester either. Characters are stupid & annoying. Finn is just too dumb & Rachel is annoying and now that they are together, it’s boring. Looks they are going to concentrate on Kurt for awhile and maybe get him a boyfriend. The great one liners are missing too. I used to not want to miss it but now I don’t really care if I do.

  24. says

    GLEE second season won’t beat the element of newness that the first came up with. There’s already lots of expectations and thus more frustrations. We’ve known the young ‘uns so much we wanna be their mothers! LOL! But yes, there’s still a lot going in there like having Gwyneth Paltrow do a Rihanna! Wow. Still, Glee could do even better. Like slap our jaws shut after a really awesome surprise. Hmp. Why don’t they have Jon Bon Jovi in there yet?

  25. JackieK says

    I couldn’t agree more. They have far too many themes and specialty episodes and not enough incorporation of an actual storyline with substance and character development. I feel as though the writers have gotten too caught up in their social agenda’s, such as their stance of homosexuality, to focus on what we the viewers fell in love with last season: the heart, the value, the comedy, and those ironic yet sincere characters that we grew so connected to. Instead, the writers have given us these strange characters who seem to be nothing but their devices of exposing us to vulgarity, sex, and their personal opinions on hot-button topics. The show has definitely gotten to preachy. I liked last season where they introduced the audience to certain issues, but didn’t necessarily preach it to us. This season the show is overly dramatic, missing Sue’s funny one-liners, lacking in a story line, and has become what the directors see as an opportunity to expose the audience to sex and preachy political issues. I am also dissappointed in the song choice as well. There is too many Top 40 hits and not enough revivals of old classics. It is virtually pointless to remake a song that isn’t that old anyway. I liked that glee was once able to introduce younger audiences, such as I, to old, yet timeless classics. Glee, i miss you, please come back!!!

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