Ins and Outs of Blogging: Name That Blog!

Hey Ladies, this is Amber here, continuing my series of posts on the ins and outs of blogging.

This is the third post in the series — if you want to get caught up check out the earlier posts about why people blog and choosing a blog platform.

Once you’ve decided why you’re going to blog, and whether you’re going to use Blogger,, or another platform, you’re ready to get down to business and actually start blogging. But before you do, you have to consider the all-important question of what the heck to call your blog anyway.

There are a few schools of thought on choosing a blog name, but here are some things to consider:

  • What is your blog about? If you plan to write about parenting, using the word ‘mom’ in your blog name is great. If you plan to write about landscaping, and you just happen to have kids, you may want to leave it out.
  • Keep it simple. The shorter your blog name, and the easier it is to spell and remember, the easier it will be for people to find you. Especially when you consider that people from all over the world, some with very different backgrounds, may be visiting your blog.
  • Check for availability. This is a biggie. If you love the idea of calling your blog, I have bad news for you. And even though is technically available, I wouldn’t recommend snapping it up. A quick search on (or your webhost) will let you know if your blog name is available, and a quick Google search will let you know if someone else is already using that name, or something very similar.
  • Will the name hold up? If you name your blog “My Pregnant Musings” during your first pregnancy, the name may feel a little worn by the time your last child enters kindergarten. While you can change your blog name, you can expect that some people will have a hard time finding you, and your following may take a hit.
  • Think about SEO. Most people land on new web pages either through links from another site, or through search engines. Your blog’s name won’t affect your referral rate, but it may affect your search-engine friendliness. For instance, the name ProBlogger helps people who are interested in professional blogging find Darren Rowse through Google.

Before I wrap things up, I have a confession to make. My own blog is called, which violates every rule of naming your blog. It’s not easy to remember, it’s meaningless and most people pronounce it incorrectly – even people I’ve known in person for years (FYI – It’s my last name, and it’s pronounced STRAW-suhl). I can say from experience that having a less-than-perfect blog name is not the end of the world. All the same, if I could go back in time to May, 2003 when I chose it, I would choose differently. So learn from my mistake, and take some time to come up with the right name for your blog.

How did you come up with the name for your blog? Has it held up over time, or would you do it differently next time? What do you think is the most important thing to consider when naming a blog? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing Editor, Amber Strocel. Check out her poorly-named blog at


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    Great article and suggestions! I came up with my blog name (Seams Inspired) by incorporating my love for sewing and all the inspiring things I find in my daily internet searches. Sometimes, though, I wonder if people think I just can’t spell the word ‘seems’ correctly. 😉 I guess if you sew, you’d get it.

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    One of the mistakes I made with my first site is picking a name that had I’m in it — it’s best to stay away from ‘ because people get confused. I always get:

    is it IM or I AM — UGH

    5 years later I can’t go back but if I could that would be different

        • says

          Interesting point Vera about the contraction in your blog name. I hadn’t thought of that before. One solution is to also purchase the misspelling and redirect it.

          We own a bunch of variations on 5 Minutes for Mom to protect our brand and help people find us if they spell it wrong.

          For example, you can type or even and get to our site.

          • says

            That’s a great idea, Susan.

            I’ve also heard of people buying multiple extensions, like .com, .net and .ca (here in Canada). Just one more way to reduce confusion.

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    My blog is The Parsonage Family, because my husband is a pastor and we live in a church parsonage. I thought it was cute and fitting–and it is, for now. Little did I know that a) I would hate living in a parsonage and now wonder if I should rename if/when we finally get our own home, and b) that I would get serious about blogging and want to buy the domain, when it’s already taken by some guy whose last name actually is Parsonage!

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      That’s a tough one Jessica… yes, it’s hard to see into the future. If the domain is gone already and you think the name may not fit for long, it might be a good idea to start the change now. It’s one of those decisions that just gets harder the longer you put it off.

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      It’s not always easy to think ahead – it’s one reason why my blog is my last name. When I started it, I just meant to keep my family up-to-date. THEY all know my last name, so it met my needs at the time. Now? Not so much. But I also don’t want to change it, after so many years.

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    Fabulous advice Amber.

    It’s getting tougher every day to name new blogs as everything is taken. We were lucky to have named 5 Minutes For Mom back in March 2006.

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      It’s true – and that’s one reason I kick myself. I started my blog in May, 2003 – I could have chosen most any name I wanted back then! Now, it’s not so easy. Plus, after 7 1/2 years, people look for me at, so I can’t see changing.

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    I chose Alarm Clock Wars as my blog name because I started it when I was trying to get up WITH my alarm for 30 days, rather than hitting snooze for 30-45 minutes. At the time, it gave me some accountability as I posted how my mornings went every day (or just about). Now, I’m moving away from that, though I do come back to it once in a while. Mornings are always hard for me! But, I know that a lot of people have trouble with mornings, or just with time in general – there’s always so much to do!

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    I’m a pastor and I travel and speak all the time on our ministry as well as doing women’s and youth ministry. Often I share stories of my personal and often comical mistakes that make me a better christian woman. People asked me to start sharing these stories on line for them to read, but when it didn’t fit with our ministry website we decided it was time to start a blog and the name was the hardest part for me! In fact I had to start writing the posts ahead of time, so I din’t jump to soon on a name that didn’t fit. I finally settled on Royal Blunders! I believe we are all princesses undergoing constant training and sadly I make a lot of mistakes, but they are unintentional departures of the truth or accuracy (the def. of blunder) so I just keep it in check with humor…Royal Blunders! This was a great article that helped me see, I’m where I want to be! THANKS SO MUCH!

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      I think that Royal Blunders is a great name! I will admit, naming things isn’t easy for me, either. It’s probably why my own blog doesn’t exactly have the world’s best name.

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    So fascinating to read all the comments and hear blog-naming stories and perspectives!

    I am so glad that Sue thought of our blog name. I love it.

    THANKS for the great post again Amber!

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    This is such a great article & something that I wish I would have read years ago before I started my blog! I started my blog when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter & decided to start a blog to keep friends & family updated with our family, etc. I had NO IDEA that other people would actually find my blog & read it! Blogging has become SO much more than a scrapbook, it has become a community of sorts. I wish I my blog name had something to do with my etsy shop or my photography business (and not have my last name associated with it), but I started those AFTER I started my blog, so it is too late now and I am too chicken to change my blog name, so it will just stay The Larson Lingo :)

    • says

      This comment made me smile, since my own blog is my last name, and while I don’t love it I’m also too chicken to change. We are in the same (last named) boat. :)

      I try to tell myself that it’s the content that matters, not the name. It’s really true, so I don’t sweat it TOO much.

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    I started my blog with our last name in it on blogspot, but I always titled it Welcome to Married Life. Thankfully that domain was still available when I switched and although I get some weird google hits sometimes so far I’m not really competing with anyone which is nice! I think the name fits well because the blog was started just 6 months after we got married and while I don’t really write about my husband that much it’s still “married life” just with children now!

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    TY for this post. Got me thinking. I brainstormed with the kids, called my mom from home, spent long coffee talks with hubby. Finally decided with the just the name for the website, and have the blogsite itsruzanne2helpu. After a few weeks, no one came a-seeking help. Well, there goes my story. But methinks I just need to learn more. All I know is about helping others, sharing and all that nice, touching work and wisdom. Turns out I need help getting peeps to READ or visit my site. Refer, refer, refer! LOL.

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    If I had known in 2006 what I know now, I never would have named my blog “Our Little Tongginator.” Nobody can spell it, much less pronounce it, and few even know what it means. Yet I still manage to love it.

    It comes from a nickname we used to call our daughter when she was a toddler. We adopted her from Tonggu County in Jiangxi Province, China. And we used to call her “the terminator from Tonggu County,” which morphed into The Tongginator. And oh my lands does that nickname suit her.

    But in a few months, we’ll be traveling to adopt our second child. And then I’ll be up a creek with the blog name. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we again adopt through the same orphanage so that I can just add an “s” to my blog name.

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