Tackle it Tuesday — Finally, I am just doing it…

Tackle it Tuesday

I DID IT! I finally did it!

I have a problem finishing tasks. Especially tasks that are for myself and don’t have a set deadline.

And it drives me crazy.

You see, I love taking photos of my children. And I love staring at their adorable faces in my favourite shots even more.

I used to be a scrapbooker. Before I started blogging. Blogging killed the scrapbooking star.

But now the only place my photos live is online. The rest of the time they are trapped in hard drives, unseen and deperately missed.

Just before Olivia was born, we painted the inside of our house. I refused to put the artwork back up because I was determined to cover my walls with photos of my children.

Olivia will be three in September and my walls are bare.

SO, this summer I am determined to tackle my photo developing procrastination!

I will print, frame and hang photos. (Watch out — I promise you and myself that I will tackle my walls very soon!)

But this weekend, I began to tackle making PHOTO BOOKS!

I have never ordered a photo book! I have started them. But I have never finished and ordered one.

Something urgent always comes up and I don’t get it finished. Time passes and I forget my log in. And it all disappears…

This weekend, I started my book making quest by simply hitting ‘create books’ on Flickr. That took me to Snapfish and I quickly made a couple books using their autofill and a few edits. It was addictively simple.

But I wanted more.

I wanted to conquer Blurb.

Last month I had made an account, downloaded the software and uploaded some photos. BUT, par for the course, I didn’t finish it.

Well, today is the day that I END that procrastination. The day I put my analysis paralysis behind me. I will not be trapped by my perfectionism. I do not need to record my children’s entire lives in my first book.

I can just do a book. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be complete. It just has to be.

Here is a photo in mid-tackle:

Tackle it Tuesday - Blurb BookSmart

And it is.

It is done.

Check it out.

I feel liberated. I ordered one for my kids, (read: me.) Then I made a version for Julia and Sophia, a version for my mom, and a version for my in-laws that didn’t have all the photos of Susan’s kids.

Four books ordered and on their way to my house. Now I just can’t wait to get them.

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  1. says

    Love this! I really have to get going on this project. I have so many photos of my 7 month old and like one book to show for it!
    What can I say, a mom’s life is just too busy sometimes! Thanks for putting the MarketMeTweet banner up by the way, that’s my ‘other baby’ 😉

  2. says

    I feel your pain! With four kids I just get too busy and now I am a year behind. I have let scrapbooking go as well and any other hobby I have.

    We need a meme about finding a bit of timeout for Mommy! I strive to get a tackle or WW post done maybe I’d strive to post about a timeout a took.

  3. Jeannine says

    I finally took the time to go through all of my coupons and organize them. I purchase an “acordian style” hard plastic bag and labelled each divider by each month. In each section I put all the coupons that expire that month.

    jcpjfmdm @5minutesformom I finally took the time to go through all of my coupons and organize them.


  4. says

    this is something I need to do my mom and grandmother were great at keeping it all together I just want to pass this on to the next generation as well

  5. says

    Way to go! What a beautiful book–and great motivation for me to Just Do It! (I’ve been meaning to make photo books as well, I even have a gift card to Kodak Gallery.) Great tackling!

  6. says

    Congratulations on Tackling this task. With hundreds or even thousands of photos sitting on your computer, I can understand how this can be overwhelming. I am still trying to play catchup on all my photos. I have been using Heritage Makers Studio online to create books from all of my photos. I really love the variety of sizes offered and all the templates that allow me to simply drag and drop my photos where they should go. I think I have done 4-5 books so far this year.

  7. says

    I love love love love LOOOVE Blurb! (Have I mentioned that I love Blurb?)
    I turned my the first 15 months of my blog into a book (volume I) and am working on volume II right now – which contains the entire year of 2009 – not an easy task to be sure – but one that is sooo very important…and a little bit fun – if only I had more time!
    Great job! xoxo

  8. Arielle says

    Congrats!! What a wonderful feeling to have put your mind on a task and finished it! And BEAUTIFULLY I might add! Awesome job :)

  9. says

    I think I am going join the Tackle Tuesday adventure starting next week, summer seems like the perfect time! Now, to pick my first task….

  10. says

    Oh Janice! It looks great!
    The past two summers I have told myself that I would sit and scan all our old pictures into my computer so I can do stuff like this.. ugh.. I have yet to do it..
    Now I’m a little bit inspired to start up…

  11. says

    wow you’re so cool! I love the photo album you did. I also like taking picture of my 1 1/2 year old baby girl, I also did some videos with her pictures from the day that she was born up to now. You really have a talent in shooting pictures. Keep it up girl! :)

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