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Social Media Moms Celebration at Disney World

The most fitting word to describe the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration seems to be MAGICAL.

Everything from the parties to the speaker presentations was executed in true Disney style.

Janice and I are honored to have been a part of planning the event and to have been there enjoying the celebration of moms in the social media space.

I just wish all of you could have been there… But hey, isn’t Disney about making “dreams come true”???

Yes, I believe it is… so add your name to this list to find out about future Disney events with 5 Minutes for Mom. We’ll email you as soon as the next event is planned and you’ll be living the Disney magic with us.

Let’s hear from you…

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We’ll be sharing more pictures and videos from the event here at 5 Minutes for Mom. Also, follow us and all the other moms here on Twitter as we tweet with hashtag #DisneySMMoms.

Have a magical day!!!

(Disney covered costs for Janice and me to attend this event. While attendees did pay for the conference, they recognize that it was a greatly reduced rate and appreciate that Disney is again supporting the social media movement with this event. Disney did NOT ask us or any other attendees to write about the event.)

Talk soon,
Susan, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom.

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Hey, did you know Janice and I also own two online stores… a pedal car store and a rocking horse store.


  1. says

    Susan!! Oh my goodness! I am still running on adrenaline from the past few days. What a GREAT event!! And it was so nice to meet you.

    I meant to tell you and Janice that I used to blog under “The View from My Beach Chair” and a long time ago ‘homeschoolblogger/clagettflstyle” – I’ve been following you two for a long time and just love what you do!!

    Thanks for a great event. Hope you all are adjusting to all the time changes ok :-)

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    Janice and Susan – you’ve done such an amazing job recapping this event. It is so exciting to see all the great content you and the conference attendees produced. I love watching the videos, looking at all the pics and remembering what a great time we all had.

  4. says

    When my son was five we went to disneyland and to see his eyes light up.
    I would do again and again. My eyes lit up aswell, it was my first trip and i felt like a kid myself. Thanks for putting up this blog.

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