I just watched My Sister’s Keeper and I wept. Seriously wept.

I never cry anymore. (Not because I’m an emotional giant… rather the opposite. I actually take meds that tend to impair my tear ducts.)

But this movie was absolutely tear-your-heart-to-strips sad.

AnissaIt brought out all sorts of fears and emotions in me.

It made me think of all the amazing families I’ve met online through 5 Minutes for Special Needs and the rest of the blogosphere. I can’t grasp the profound suffering they’ve gone through.

As I watched I couldn’t stop thinking of Anissa and her fight for her daughter’s survival and how she’s now having to fight a totally different battle.


Anissa with her daughter Peyton.

I wept because my life is too good. And I think of it all the time… that everything in my life is so close to perfect and I just want to grab hold and not let go. And I’m so scared of letting each moment end that I can’t fully enjoy what I have.

I sat alone, by the light of my Christmas tree, let the credits roll and bawled. The tears felt so good. They had needed to fall for a very long time.

Written by Susan, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom


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    Everybody says they’ve cried watching that movie. My Sister’s Keeper was on our flight to Japan last October but I refused to see it – didn’t want to flood the plane!!

    You are right, sometimes, I think of my life, how everything seems to be perfect in my own standards – I have a healthy husband and daughter and we’re happy. There are nights when I’m scared anything wrong would happen and more scared to think how I’ll cope…

    What a beautiful post.

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    I only know Anissa through blogs like yours, but I’m praying for her all the same. I’m touched by her story. Thanks for sharing it.

    Sometimes, what we really need is a good cry. It how we appreciate the smiles.

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    Haven’t seen the movie yet because I know I will also weep when I watch it. But weeping is good. It cleanses the heart and mind and helps us see our lives through clean windows. Embrace the good life you are living and enjoy it and pray for incredibly strong women like Anissa to have the chance to live their “perfect life” dream, whatever that dream may be.

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    I’m not sure if I want to see that movie or not. It’s a strange thing…ever since I became a mother, I tend to choose funny/positive movies over the sad ones. Sometimes I just feel like there’s already enough “heartbreak” in real life that I’d rather skip the movies that portray it…{does that make sense?}

    I’ve heard great things about that movie though…

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    Seeing that picture of Peyton with her mommy got the tears pouring out of my eyes. My heart is aching for them. Absolutely emotional. I can’t imagine what that poor family is going through. Boy does it give me a sense of gratitude that I’m whole and healthy. I just pray for the same for this family to find happiness and health that they so much deserve.

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    First of all…have you read the BOOK? My oh my. If you cried during the movie, you will be a complete and utter mess at the book. Couldn’t put it down. And just to let you know: the book’s ending is completely different.

    Second of all…I have the same issue with my medication. I’m so glad someone else has verbalized this. I have only cried about 10 times since June 2007. This, from the girl who cried during diaper commercials. And probably Coke commercials.

    It makes a good cry all the more sweeter. It is so amazingly cleansing, is it not?

    Blessings to you,

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    Oh…and third of all, I had not previously known about Peyton and Anissa. I just read through a few of the blog posts between this comment and my last. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Thank you for bringing this precious family to my attention so we can pray.

    Blessings again!

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    My friend begged me to read the book, which was brilliant, then I watched the movie (which I thought could’ve been better) but I CRIED AND CRIED. I was hiccupping crying, it was incredibly touching!

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    Love the post, loved the movie and cried ME a river. My daughter Rachel asked, “why are you crying, it is just a movie?”I told her it reminds me to be thankfull for 4 healthy children and I cry because the only one who loves you more than me is Jesus. And just the thought of one of my children in pain causes the tears to flow like a waterfall. God Bless all mothers. “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy’ PSALMS 126:5 NIV

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