FREE Our society is obsessed with getting something for nothing — or at least a getting really good deal on that something. But, when it comes down to it, most of us adults understand the […]


Okay ladies — confession time: Do you have a list of things that you know you SHOULD do, but you don’t? You may try to do those things on your list. You may even do […]

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Teenagers and college students aren’t just engaging in risky sexual behavior anymore — many teens and young adults are engaging in risky password behavior… Do you love me? Do you trust me? Today, couples are […]

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The only thing more fantastic than capturing the perfect Instagram photo is transforming your Instagram photo into one of these fabulous Instagram photo products. You can’t get a more unique photo gift. We are all […]



Time is money. And I am broke. Like most mom bloggers and social media mom influencers, I am usually scrambling to meet my deadlines — both kid and work related. Some of my online friends […]


We gasp when we find out the truth. We are fooled into thinking we are so much worse than we are. How??? We are being forced to compare ourselves to lies — to beautiful people […]



#OccupyBabble is over — Dadding is here This week, Babble introduced their newest blog, Dadding, hopefully putting an end to the controversy that Babble was not recognizing the dad blogging community, and helping to unify […]

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Janice and I can be accused of running from a fight, especially if it is with a giant who feeds us daily. So when I read a post like Running a Successful Facebook Giveaway or […]

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My turn! Yes, we MomCrunch bloggers are taking turns telling it like it is! What does a day look like in our mom blogging madness? (You can catch up with Cecily as she kicked off […]


It has been one of those days. And at midnight, it is still not over. I am exhausted, overwhelmed and discouraged. I try to catch up with my inbox, my workload, my parenting duties, but […]