May 2006

works for me wednesday

Sticky sap gone in seconds… This weekend at our cabin in the country, my son was helping my hubby gather firewood (see Wordless Wednesday pictures for this week) and my son did not have work […]


Tackle it Tuesday

Can blogging help you with your housework? Well, I think I may have found a way… Since we started this blog in March, my housework has suffered. I have clutter spots that are threatening to […]


I’m Back…

by Janice

We just drove in the driveway, unloaded our sleeping son and the truck full of luggage (there is always too much stuff when I am involved) and I have made my way to my computer. […]


Does faith come easily to you? Well, I suppose we would have to first start with, “Do you have faith and in what or whom do you have that faith?” I imagine if we polled […]


Here’s a chance to get free stuff or earn some extra cash just by blogging about what you love – parenting. Scott at the Baby Talk Blog is looking for mommy bloggers to contribute to […]

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A Tragic Story

by Janice

Standing at my door, fumbling for my key, I spot yesterday’s newspaper still sitting on my doorstep. I bend down to pick it up and notice the photo – a couple sitting on their couch, […]


Thursday Thirteen

by Janice

Thursday Thirteen

Banner by Chaotic Home 13 Things That Stress Me Out My son whining Fighting with my husband When my son gets up at 6am for the day Dinner time and I have nothing prepared Money […]


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works for me wednesday

Susan here with a little “Works For Me Wednesday.” Here it goes… In geek-speak: I use a high screen resolution (1280 by 1024 pixels) on my computer monitor so that I can have more screen […]


How often have you walked past that young person sitting on the sidewalk, dirty and desperate with their hands held out for change, and wondered how they got there? Yes, there are many paths that […]