March 2006

Do you ever find yourself slipping and not being the person you set out to be? Are you the woman, wife, mother, friend, employee or Christian you once hoped you would be? If you are […]


Spring is Coming!

by Janice

Spring Is Here

Just in case spring hasn’t made it to your city yet… It is coming! Here on the Pacific Coast, the flowers are starting to make an appearance. Is it spring-time weather where you are?


My Husband Eats Snails…

by Janice

Sure he “French’s it up” with garlic butter and a fancy sounding name, but they are still slimy, gross snails! It is our nine year anniversary, so tonight Phil and I indulged in an overpriced […]


Stroller Tote

Sparkability has some very cool finds. If you are looking for innovative and useful gifts for a new baby or for anyone with children, this is a great store to click on. I am totally […]

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Reading blogs can be a crazy “follow your nose” kind of thing – a pleasant path hopping from one link to another, from one person’s life to another’s. Tonight I started hopping through the web […]

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Jackson and Julia

My four year old son Jackson is an only child, although if you asked him, you might get a different answer. An unusually verbal little boy, Jackson said his first word “ball” at nine months […]


I recently found this great website from a link directory at The LiteracyCenter.Net provides safe learning activities for parents and teachers to share with young children. All online lessons are free of advertising […]

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Darn Cute

by Janice

So I was just doing some late night reading (it is 1:31 am, but blogs can be so addictive) and I came across this cute little post Mommy’s Lost Her Marbles on a Mommy Blog […]

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A funny post in a blog called Breed ‘em and Weep got me thinking about room sharing. She talks about studies that say “that siblings who share a room as kids tend to be much […]

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There is a reason has over 10,000 incoming links – Heather can make her readers laugh out loud and, for some of us, pee our pants on occasion. (But after giving birth, we really […]