Wordless Wednesday — A Girl and her Cupcake

wordless wednesday julia-cupcake-oct-09

Julia and her cupcake from Sophia’s birthday party last week.

Written by Janice, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
You get our feed right?

And hey, have you seen our pedal car store and our rocking horse store? Christmas is coming… Just sayin’…


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    You better be careful because this can lead to a full on addiction. I used to be a little girl w/a cupcake. Now, I’m a woman who can’t get enough of the cupcakes and it’s even better because I can make my own too any time I want. That looks so delicious that I guess I’ll be making cupcakes tomorrow. Julia looks a lot like mommy.

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    Oh, man… that’s SOOOOO beautiful :) haha The little girl is cute too LOL Kidding – she’s precious. And that is one scrumptious treat she’s got there!!


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