A Bride and Her Daughter

Flower girls are one of my favorite parts of a wedding.


I simply adore everything about flower girls and ring bearers, even if they might be a little wild during the ceremony and the photo sessions. Just more cuteness to me!

In fact, when I got married, I had a photo shoot three weeks before my wedding with my three year old flower girl. I knew the images I wanted to get with her and I knew that on my wedding day that there wouldn’t be enough time and she would be too overwhelmed.

My favorite photos from my wedding are those shots I did with her — three weeks before my actual wedding day!

Now, seventeen years later, my six year old daughter is jealous of those photos on my wall of me with a little girl who looks like she could also be my daughter. My Olivia wants to be in them! But, since I was married long before my Olivia arrived on the scene, having her as my flower girl was not a possibility.

So this past weekend, when I photographed a wedding here in Vancouver, BC, I was over the moon with the chance to photograph a bride and her flower girl, who is her eight year old daughter.


The two of them are so close. Their connection is strong and tender — and as beautiful as they are. It was an honour to capture it.




Yes, flower girls are simply divine. And when the flower girl is the daughter of the bride, I am in photographic heaven.

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. Janice is a Vancouver based family and wedding photographer at Janice Croze Photography.


  1. says

    Gorgeous photos Janice. I totally would have hired you for my wedding if we lived in the same city and not across country from one another.

  2. says

    What a wonderful keepsake for them on such a significant and special day! I agree that flower girls are so cute that they almost, but not quite, steal the show. I’d love to have a vow renewal with my husband and include my 2 daughters since they weren’t even a thought when we were married. It’s one way to keep them babies since they’re growing so quickly.

  3. Angela Saver says

    I love flower girls too. My 7-year-old sister was my flower girl & it was pretty special to me for her to be able to do it for us! It’s super cool for a daughter to be her mom’s flower girl!


  4. Rebecca Parsons says

    Such a beautiful moment, and i too love the bond of mother and daughter in moment like this you can see how special it is.

  5. meagan bs says

    my daughter was our flower girl at my wedding too, it loved it, she was perfect and so beautiful, we also got some great mother daughter photos.

  6. vickie couturier says

    I have some precious pictures of my daughter an I before her wedding,she was so beautiful,,it was a special moment for us

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