Love Gray Away? Win an Annual Supply and $150 Visa Gift Card

Susan here with a fabulous giveaway to kick up the fun in your summer. This post is sponsored, but as always, my opinions are my own.

Gray Away

The sun’s shining, so skip the salon and spray your Gray Away!

The secret is out and everyone is talking about Gray Away by EVERPRO Beauty. This product is a fabulous time & money saver for brunettes battling gray hair.

What is Gray Away?

We all know gray roots show up way too fast after a coloring and who has the time and money to get to the salon every couple weeks when those pesky roots start showing? (Every six weeks is tough enough!)

Gray Away is an easy and convenient way to spray away gray roots instantly. (It really works instantly… you simply spray it on your roots and immediately the gray is gone.)

This video shows how easy it is to use…

It extends the life of hair color which saves you both time and money.

You’ll be happy to know, Gray Away does not contain dyes. It uses mineral derived pigments and it is safe for everyone to use, even pregnant women!

Gray Away is a great value ($12.99 for 1.5 oz.) and is available in drugstores nationwide and online.

Win an Annual Supply of Gray Away and $150 Gift Card

What Will You Do With The Extra Time and Money You Have Saved By Using Gray Away?

For a chance to win a $150 Visa gift card toward your summer fun and an annual supply of Gray Away, tell us a comment and then use the Giveaway Tools widget below to enter.


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Disclosure: This post is sponsored.
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  1. Nicole Dz says

    I would all the extra time and money for use to take a few spa days with my friends, mom, and of course me.

  2. Margaret Smith says

    I would spend extra time with my husband and kids and with the money saved, do something special as a family.

  3. Tammy says

    I would spend my time and money on mommy and me time with my daughter. We would go for ice cream, stroll through the zoo or get manicures!

  4. Tracy Robertson says

    I would get to relax more and get a little extra sleep with the time I save. I always dread the chore of having to color my hair and how fast it comes around! I would spend the extra money on something fun, like treating my boyfriend to the movies.

  5. Courtnie says

    I’d like to do more volunteering in my spare time! I’d use the extra money for gas and groceries.

  6. Rebecca Parsons says

    I would spend more time with my kids, taking the time to go and have you hair colored takes all day.

  7. Liberty T. says

    I would put the extra money toward a new pair of running shoes so that I could hit the trails with more comfort.

  8. Michael T says

    I’ve just started getting some grey in my hair, havent had to tackle using any products yet, but the time will come. Would be nice to enjoy more time with family

  9. Stephanie Gossett says

    I would spend less time looking at my hair in every light…haha… I would also just have little more time to relax with my family.

    teffgossett at gmail dot com

  10. Shari Alligood says

    Spend time taking in a movie or going on a date night with my hubby looking fabulous without my gray!

  11. Laura J says

    OH I would spend more time playing with my grandson! Maybe take in a movie with him! He would love that!

  12. Beth Cole says

    I would sit and read by myself for a few minutes! A luxury during summer break with little ones at home.

  13. christine j says

    I would love to spend more time with my daughter playing games. I would love this to stock up on diapers

  14. patricia says

    I would give this prize to my grandmother in law. She uses cheap dye for her hair, but if she had Gray Away to extend her hair color, maybe she would stop buying the cheap stuff and splurge on a professional coloring.

  15. Michelle S. says

    I would take some time for myself and go to the movies. I rarely go since movies are so expensive these days!

  16. Kelly Tupick says

    With all the time and money saved, I could spend more time with my family and maybe take them all to a movie or out to eat.

  17. Tabitha says

    with the extra time,i’d take a long hot bubble bath.
    with the money i’d buy the good bubbles šŸ˜‰

  18. Susan Ladd says

    I would use the time for my grandchildren and for shopping for Christmas for my family. I want to thank for this awesome sweep :)

  19. Rachael G. says

    I would spend more time with family and friends. Life is short, and I would love to have extra time and financial resources available to me by using this awesome product.

  20. Dallie Davis says

    I would plan & go on a fabulous family weekend getaway with all the time & money I saved by using Gray Away.

  21. virgomomwriter says

    Doing my own hair at home already saves me a lot of money, so with this product and the card I’d probably go shopping. :)

  22. Jill Myrick says

    I would spend the time and money by taking my children out for a fun day once a month and spending quality time with them.


  23. Barbara Butler says

    I would love it not having to dye my hair all the time I have lots of gray and would love this more time to spend with my grandkids

  24. stephanie baker says

    *sigh* i’d love to get a pedicure. there just hasn’t been extra time or money since baby, but it would be some good mental health for mommy!

  25. Natalie U says

    This would save me a headache and stressing out! As I get older, the grays are more stubborn and I hate dying my hair all the time. I’m going to see tomorrow if I can find this product!
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  26. kelly nicholson says

    ‘What would you do with all the extra time & money you have saved by using Gray Away?’

    think ill ghet out more..i may lose more time

  27. Cindy T. says

    I would spend the time reading & would use the $ to buy items that I collect. Thank u for the chance to win. :)

  28. Michelle S says

    If I had the extra money I would buy myself something nice, and if I had the extra time I would use it on sleep!

  29. Jennifer Reed says

    I would start a fitness regimen and buy a few workout clothes with all the extra time & money I have saved by using Gray Away.

  30. Stephanie R says

    I would plan some me time, as well as an extra date night per month. This is actually very VERY conceivable with how much time I spend on these darns grays!!

  31. Leslie L Stanziani says

    I would use the time and money to go on fun but educational day trips with my 4 kids and my husband.

  32. mariem says

    if i could put the time in consecutive blocks- i’d have a looong weekend to hang out with my fam. Thank u- this would be the neatest thing to happen to me since i won $20.00 on a scratch ticket in 2012! lol

  33. Laurie Emerson says

    I would use the money and time to buy more plants for our garden and would love to have more time just to enjoy it.

  34. mary renshaw says

    I just started a business so I need to look great but don’t have a lot of time! I would spend my extra time and money on my business and some new clothes!!! Here is to strong women and entrepreneurs!!!!

  35. Angela Ash says

    I wouldn’t worry about my hair – even it it were a bad hair day. I would go swimming and spend tons more time outdoors.

  36. Lisa Jones says

    Extra time and money would allow me to pay it forward to someone else. When I have the time/money I like to make baby blanket to donate to the hospital.

  37. Terri Moore says

    first of all I would look better since I always dye my hair weeks after it really needs to be done! I’m really into gardening so I would spend it on some blueberry bushes and a cherry tree and raised beds for more veggies. that would be fun !

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