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Tackling Susan’s Kitchen Chaos

Today Jackson and I were over at Susan’s house. Susan and I share looking after Jackson and Julia so that while one of us is with the kids, the other one can work (or sleep if we worked till the wee hours of the night.) We hop back and forth between our houses – fortunately we live only two blocks apart.

Susan’s home is a townhouse and doesn’t have a ton of space. We also have the office for our business there, so it is a constant battle to keep the house under control and find places for everyone’s stuff.

But the biggest problem we have keeping the house tidy is our lack of time. We are all crazy busy! Our Mom works in our office at least 14 hours a day and Susan’s husband’s job requires him to work insanely long hours and lately he is rarely home. So Susan and I mind the kids and try to get some work done. We are both so constantly behind and desperately trying to make our way to our computers that our houses can get very messy!

We try to purge our messes regularly so that we can keep things under control, but lately Susan’s house has been getting really crazy!

Today, as we tried to find room for Jackson to eat his dinner at the kitchen table, he said, “You really should clean up this mess.”

“Yes, Jackson we really should,” we all agreed.

“Why don’t we tackle it for Tackle It Tuesday?” I suggested.

So after we ate our dinner, I started to tackle. (Wow – I am a nice sister or what?!?)

And you know when you start tackling and the adrenalin starts going? Well, I not only tackled the mess in the kitchen, I sorted two other big bins of mixed up toys, moved the toys into smaller containers, found homes for those containers and put away the infant toys into their garage.

I washed the highchair (that served only as a catch all for clothes and other misc. items people would pile up as they came in the house) and Susan’s husband and I folded it up and added that to their garage as well.

If you were wondering about the filing box on the table, my mom had been doing some of the business’s filing at the table the other day and still hadn’t finished. (I put the box under the table so that she can finish up later.)

Finally, once I was finished at their house, I headed home in my messy van. Now I have tackled it a couple times, but it needed a quick purge too. So at 10:30pm, in the freezing cold, I tackled my van! Yes – when you are on a tackling role you just have to go with it! If only I had more time and energy – I have so many tackles to do at my house – but they will have to wait.

It felt so great to get Susan’s kitchen back under control. There is still a ton of sorting and tackling to do over there, but hopefully by the time this baby comes I will have both of our houses (temporarily) under control!

So – do you want to see the kitchen ? Be careful… this is frightening…

Here it is before. (Our poor children!!!) It is hard to see because of the filing box, but there is a bunch of stuff on the table that we pushed back so Jackson could eat.


And here it is now. (I know – I am the greatest sister ever!!!)


One important note:
Last week went a little bit off schedule. I am not sure if you heard my great news, but with all the craziness I didn’t get to visit your tackles. In the entire history of Tackle It Tuesday, I don’t think I have ever missed visiting you awesome tacklers. But this last week has been so busy. (And life just does not slow down when we need it too!) I have tried so hard to visit all you wonderful women who sent your screams of congratulations hurtling through the blogosphere, (you all are so awesome – I LOVE you) but I still have some more visits to go. As well, I have been trying to visit all the sites from the comments for the Ultimate Blog Party. I am still behind there too, but I am slowly getting there! And then today, due to a doctor’s appointment and looking after the kids, I didn’t touch my computer until now – and it is after midnight! I had hoped to get at least a couple hours of blog visiting in, but I am going to have to go give in and go to bed soon.

I am so sorry. I wish there were more hours in the day – or that I needed much less sleep! I constantly feel like I am failing in the blog visiting department. I try to visit everyone every time they comment. But lately, that has become impossible. I appreciate you all so very much – and I will be over to your place very soon!

So post those tackles girls – I will be over there asap!!!


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  1. says

    Where did you put the kids? lol

    I’ve sorted out my laundry room which was sooo cluttered, that I couldn’t open the door properly. Also, as it’s just off the kitchen, it was visible to visitors. Must keep it straight!

  2. says

    You did a great job on the dining area! I cannot believe you were out in the cold at 1030 last night cleaning out the van…that’s crazy.

    Congrats on the baby news. That’s always exciting.

    I’m tackling the pantry and the coat closet today

  3. says

    I so missed the good news! My prayers are for a healthy baby to join your tackles in life!

    You are a good sister and that is exactly how sisters are suppose to be. Sure wish mine live just down the street! And isn’t Jackson the wise one!

    Take it a bit easy for the next few months and give your body time to adapt! It is a bit early for nesting!

  4. says

    I’m whistling over here! That’s a true tackle, what a difference! How grateful your sister must be!

    And don’t feel bad because you haven’t been around all blogs, sometimes we all get a little too much in real life :-)

  5. says

    I’m up!! My kitchen table looks like that ALL of the time!!! Actually when I get home from this week’s tackle I’ll take a picture of its current state so you can see you’re not alone!! Joey is in the middle of a school project this week so it’s really a disaster right now!

    Oh, and I have your e-mail sitting in my inbox to reply to, I didn’t forget you, once you see my tackle you’ll understand why I’m behind on replying to e-mails! Just wanted you to know I wasn’t ignoring it and I didn’t forget you!!

    Happy Tuesday!!

  6. says

    This is my first Tackle It Tuesday! I did the ottoman in the living room – you could hardly see the surface for all the junk! And, the kitchen looks great – you are a good sister!! :)

  7. says

    That kitchen table is about what my desk usually looks like… glad to know I’m not the only one.

    I started going through all the Tackle It Tuesday entries and spent more time reading than I did on my own project, LOL! After Baby Boy goes down for his nap I’ll be off to tackle something else- laundry, most likely.

    This Tackle It Tuesday idea is motivating for me– thanks!

  8. says

    Woah! Nice tackle. The kitchen is gleaming. I’ll be wiping down the kitchen today but It’s not my Tackle just my major procrastination.

  9. says

    My first time and I was probably one of the 1st what with our time differences im in New Zealand

    Youre so blessed to live just 2 blocks away from Susan I live about 4 hours away from my sister I miss her. When I lived in Auckland and was suffering from depression she came and tackled my house with me – we were 2 hours away from each other then. Shes a wonderful sister and mum to her large family.
    You guys got so much done!!! :) and youre right the adrenalin does start flowing :)
    luv ya Janice my sister in Christ

  10. says

    OK.. I sarted this room on Tuesday, then gor an emergency babysitting request. It looks like I can take longer than today to finsih, is that correct? This room really needs to be done.

  11. says

    Ok, I don’t give a hoot about the kitchen, how the heck did I miss the baby news! CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m doing a happy dance for you right now (my son thinks I’ve lost it and maybe I have). Leave your sisters kitchen alone and go and put your feet up. She should be cleaning your kitchen:) I’m so happy for you and will be saying prayers for a healthy, and uneventful pregnancy.

  12. says

    Wow! Now that is sisterly love. I did that a few times for my sister too…only I tackled her bathroom and hall closet. It is amazing what a few focused minutes can achieve.

  13. says

    My goodness, you ARE a great sister. I’ll bet you got a big hug out of that! I do this from time to time for my daughter. I wait until she asks and then I rush down and spend a day helping her get it all sorted out again. And you are completely off the hook for getting behind in comments. Every single one of us who’s ever been pregnant remembers how tired you are the first few months. I’m still excited about your big news. :-)

  14. says

    Forget the fact that you are an awesome sister and that that was a great tackle…more importantly…

    CONGRATULATIONS on being preggars!!! It is truly as blessing. *hugs*

    Sorry – I am a week late in hearing the good news!

  15. says

    I’m late with my tackle tonight — didn’t get to work on it until evening. The dining area looks wonderful! I know what you mean about getting in that mode and wanted to tackle so many things once you get started — then time and energy run out.

  16. says

    It’s three minutes to Wednesday and I FINALLY got mine up! :)

    Great job on the dining room. Dining rooms have always been issues for me — they never seem to have enough ROOM for the dining! 😉 Looks good!

  17. says

    This is my second tackle. Last week was my pantry! Before pics on my blog. It was a disaster!

    I have yet to finish this week tackle, my laundry! I’m drowning in it and I am gonna be naked if it doesn’t get done soon!

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