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Disney sent 5 Minutes for Mom contributing blogger Dawn Cullo to ABC TV and Dawn’s expenses have been paid for the trip but no other compensation will be paid and all opinions are Dawn’s.


The ABC TV Show “Trophy Wife” is loosely based on creator and executive producer Sarah Haskins life. She married an older man who had been married a few times before and had children from those marriages. Creator Sarah Haskins was a young mom trying to assimilate into family full of kids and would talk about the ups and downs of her family life with her writing partner Emily Halpern. Soon they felt Sarah’s stories would provide great content for a TV show and that is how “Trophy Wife” was born.

The show tells a universally common story about divorce and co-parenting from a funny and unique perspective. I have watched this show since the pilot episode and have found it to be a smart and funny story telling about a common family dynamic.

The Cast

Sarah and Emily pitched the show to ABC with Malin Akerman as the lead character and initially ABC passed on the show. They tried again a year later and ABC changed their mind and picked up the show and really wanted to work with Malin.


Photo courtesy of ABC TV

Sarah and Emily hit the jackpot with the rest of the cast as well. In the pitch for the show they named the male lead Brad because they wanted an actor like Bradley Whitford to play the role. Luckily they were able to cast him, but he said that he would only do it on one condition. They had to change the name of the character he played because it would be too weird so they changed the name to Pete.

They were also lucky to cast Michaela Watkins as Pete’s eccentric second wife Jackie and Marcia Gay Harden as Pete’s intense overachieving first wife Diane. The children cast in the show are Bailee Madison and Ryan Lee as Pete’s older children Warren & Hillary and Albert Tsai as Pete’s adopted son Bert from his second marriage and Natalie Morales as Kate’s best friend Meg Gomez.

Trophy Wife - #ABCTVEvent

Photo courtesy of ABC TV

For those of you who are “Once Upon a Time” fans you will remember Bailee Madison as a young Snow White.

The Process

The creators talked about their process and how they pull ideas from their writers as well as working with a one line premise.  If the one line premise of the story is funny, then chances are the entire story will be funny.  For example a one line premise of an upcoming episode is about Warren joining the girls Field Hockey Team.

Some of the stories that they have pulled from the writers include the episode about Lice titled “Lice and Beary White” and the “Punisher“.  One of the writers just had an experience with Lice and one of the co-executive producers was a new parent and curious about how you learn to punish your children.  The Punisher is on of my favorite episodes.

Upcoming Episodes

Last week “The Wedding”- part 1 aired and it was awesome because as viewers we got to see what Kate’s dream wedding would look like. If you missed the episode you can catch it on ABC Online.


Photo courtesy of ABC TV

“The Wedding” – Part 2 airs tonight, March 18th at 9:30 pm. In this episode we get a comedy treat when Megan Mullally plays Kate’s mom Cricket and Florence Henderson plays Pete’s mom. I screened this episode as part of my trip to Los Angeles. There are some surprises in store for the viewers so you will have to tune in to find out if Kate’s dream wedding takes place.

Wedding planning continues as Kate will not be fazed by all the stress and chaos around her, which is only amplified by the arrival of her mother and Pete’s parents. However, things come to a screeching halt when the family gets some bad news, on “Trophy Wife,”

If you haven’t yet tuned into “Trophy Wife” now would be a great time to start watching. You can binge watch the show on ABC Online to get caught up. The season finale will be part of a Mother’s Day related storyline with Kate trying to figure out if she really is a mom.

One recent episode that was a real hoot to watch is called “Happy Bert Day” where Kate throws Bert an elaborate, Aladdin-themed birthday party and uses the party as an entree into the exclusive soccer mom clique. See Bert’s Birthday Dance.

Find Trophy Wife online at
ABC Online

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributor, Dawn Cullo.


    • Dawn Cullo says

      Hi Megan,

      You can also watch older episodes on ABC Online. I am glad that you saw the promos for the show.

  1. says

    I also viewed the promos for this show. I thought it looked cute and adore the cast. I love that ABC has shows that can be almost relatable to daily lives.

    • Dawn Cullo says

      Hi Tracey,

      You can also watch older episodes on ABC Online so you can catch up. There is a new episode on tonight too.

    • Dawn Cullo says

      I am so glad that you stopped by to read the article about Trophy Wife, I hope you can catch the new episode tonight.

  2. Katy says

    I think this show is super-funny! I’m not usually into comedies, but I caught the episode with Megan Mullally and fell in love! I will be tuning in!

    • Dawn Cullo says

      Hi Barbara,

      New episode is on tonight, I hope you can catch it. If not you can watch older episodes on ABC Online.

    • Dawn Cullo says

      Hi Annette,

      I am glad you stopped by to read the blog post. You can watch older episodes of Trophy Wife on ABC Online. I hope you like it.

  3. Cassandra Eastman says

    This show looks great, I love Malin Akerman as an actress. I’d definitely put this on my list of TV shows to watch!!

    • Dawn Cullo says

      I am so glad you will be watching!! It’s a funny show and I hope you enjoy the rest of season. You can also watch older episode on ABC Online.

      • Cassandra Eastman says

        Oh wow, that’s great that I can watch them online at Thank you so much, i’ll do that for sure!

  4. Linda Stewart says

    I may need to put my Kindle down and catch up on some TV. It has been so long since I watched anything on TV, I’ve forgotten what was out there.

  5. Veronica V says

    I have seen the commercials for this show but haven’t had a chance to watch yet. I think I may need to catch up by watching it on-demand.

  6. joanna garcia says

    Your reviews and from what i have heard this is a great show! it seems to be hilarious, yikes imagine having to deal with all of that! LOL

  7. Katie Marks says

    I hadn’t seen this show advertise, but I absolutely LOVE Malin Akerman, so I would probably enjoy this show!

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