What Do You, I and Olympic Athletes have in Common? {#Giveaway}

I’m sure not an Olympic Athlete. Heck, I’m not athletic at all. But I have something in common with many athletes… I can benefit from athletic sports tape and there’s a good chance you can too!

Disclosure – This is a sponsored giveaway by SpiderTech, but my love for their product is my own.

What do you and this Olympian have in common

In September, I first tried out SpiderTech athletic sports tape and wrote about it at What Is SpiderTech Tape and Why Should You Know?

I was surprised to realize that this intriguing looking tape that I’d seen in sports advertisements could be useful to an out-of-shape mom like me.

But it is.

I may not be in Sochi competing for a medal… ummm, I haven’t even run in a race since elementary school, but I still do need to exercise. And as I shared in my earlier post, I struggle with long-term knee pain that makes it difficult to get the exercise I need to stay in shape.

Well, I discovered that SpiderTech athletic sports tape can help me with that knee pain and keep me on the path to health.

My knee pain is caused from Patellofemoral syndrome (PFS) and it has made it impossible for me to run or use any type of stair climbing machine. Now it’s not like sports tape is going to magically fix my knees and have me signing up for a marathon, but it’s now a valuable tool in helping me manage my knee pain and keep exercising.

What Is It?

spidertech tapeSpiderTech is a non-medicated, pre-cut cotton kinesiology tape that you apply to your body wherever you are experiencing pain.

It’s used regularly by athletes to prevent and treat injuries as well as improve performance.

Visit their website’s education section for more information.

Watch this video to see how it works…

Win $250 Worth of SpiderTech Products

You have a chance to win $250 worth of SpiderTech products and a signed Olympic picture of Olympian and silver medalist from the London 2012 Olympic Games, Dotsie Bausch, one of the SpiderTech athletes.

Find out if SpiderTech can help you and then enter this giveaway below.


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  1. amber y says

    I’d love to have and use the Full Knee 10-Pack. I’m on my feet all day and my knees seem to take the brunt of that.

  2. Angella L (Iknow Doyou) says

    Gentle neck 10 pack because I have a neck injury that can be quite painful and I’m always looking for a tool to help.

  3. Mary W says

    OUr family could use every product Spider-Tech makes! For me, wrist, knee and back tapes. For my hubby- who is a Triathlete – quad, shin or shoulder tapes.

  4. Natalie says

    I would use spider tech products on my patients. I am a physical therapist and have a variety of conditions/patients that would benefit from these products.

  5. says

    I had surgery on PTT last December, so getting some strength back as I start to run is very important. I feel like the Calf & Arch support would give me just what I need to feel strong and confident as I build strength!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  6. Dawn Monroe says

    Id like to have my husband try the gentle elbow pack because he has tried Ace products and hot and cold packs with no relief.


    I would love to give the elbow or knee pack to my fiance, he has a lot of trouble with both of them, but lives a very healthy active lifestyle, i hope tihs could help him out a bit!

  8. Tammy S says

    I would love to try the Lower Back tape. This would be great since I have some pain in that area. This stuff is beyond cool!!!

  9. Tammy H says

    I would choose the Y Strips because I have a bad knee and often have a habit of straining my shoulders. The Y Strip could be used in various places

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