Wordless Wednesday – Spinning in Snow


Olivia Spinning

I photographed my kids and Susan’s kids this weekend for our annual Christmas photos. (Yes, I photograph them far too late for Christmas cards, but I never have time for sending those out anyway. My main goal is to have photos of them in their Christmas outfits before Christmas Day, so I am not stressed about getting “portrait shots” of them on the busy day!)

This shot of Olivia’s is my favorite of the shoot. When I took it and saw it on the back of the camera, I immediately knew it was the shot of the day. It is so Olivia and just what I had in mind when I found that dress for her. She loves the photo so much she wants me to blow it up for her bedroom wall. And I think I will.

Do you take photos of your kids in their Christmas outfits before Christmas day? Do you get professional shots done?

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  1. says

    She’s VERY beautiful!

    Hey, Janice, would you like to send me a pic of your Christmas tree for my ‘Christmas around the world’ post on Dec 25th? I don’t think I have any from the West Coast! :-)

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