Why I Love Kid’s Music, Sandra Boynton #FrogTrouble

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I love kid music. My secret’s out, and I feel better having admitted it.

I know some of you proudly drive around in your minivans or hybrids thinking, “I haven’t caved. I listen to what I want to on the radio. I’m not just a mom. I’m still cool.” That’s fine for you. But kid’s music saved my sanity when mine were younger. They were both very very chatty preschoolers. And the car, where we all seem to spend so much time, is this box of “Mommy, mommy, here’s every thought that I’m thinking.” And don’t get me wrong. I love that. I really do. That’s one of the main reasons that we don’t use DVDs in the car, because I think the time in the car is better spent talking or reading or even just having some time with your thoughts. That’s where music comes in. Music allows time for reflection and can easily be interrupted to share a thought when it comes.

frog trouble

Even though my kids are now 9 and 15, I requested a review copy of Sandra Boynton’s Frog Trouble: . . . And Eleven Other Pretty Serious Songs because we LOVED her earlier music releases. My oldest was older than my son is now, and we all loved listening to them, so I wondered if we could resurrect that fun.

You know how those second children grow up so much faster than our first born? I think that is part of the reason that Kyle didn’t enjoy it as much, and I also think that this target audience is a little bit younger. What I like about this kind of “kid music,” is that it’s not accompanied with annoying vocals or music. This is real music — country music in this particular case — but with kid-friendly vocals, the perfect compromise! There are several songs that Kyle (age 9) and I both liked:

  • “I’ve Got a Dog” (sang as dawg) by Dwight Yoakam took me back to my college years, because it’s exactly the kind of music that was popular then
  • “Heartache Song” by Kacey Musgraves has an old-fashioned Patsy Cline feel to it, and has lyrics that will make adults and children smile. Her heartache is over the fact that she has to clean her room and be quiet when company comes over.
  • Any fan of Alison Krauss will like “End of a Summer Storm,” which is her style. There’s nothing “kid” about it, but I did ask Kyle if he liked it, and he said he did. This might end up on your own playlist, whether you are carting kids or not.
  • Brad Paisley sings our favorite song, “Copycat,” because it’s typically Brad Paisley, but it has that humor that I love to share with my kids as well, and that I liked so much in her other CDs.
  • The other artists bringing songs such as as “Trucks,” “When Pigs Fly,” “Alligator Stroll,” the title track and others are Fountains of Wayne, Mark Lanegan, Ryan Adams, Ben Folds, Josh Turner, Darius Rucker, Linda Eder, and Falls Mountain Cowboys.

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Sandra Boynton is beloved by all for her board books and other projects, and her music carries that same whimsical spirit. I’m happy to share the opportunity with one of you to win Sandra Boynton’s Frog Trouble CD and a $50 gift card from amazon which you can use to buy other Sandra Boynton products such as her other CDs or classic board books.

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  1. Brittany says

    We love Sandra Boynton in my house. We sing all the songs, it would be fun to have something new to add to our rotation.

  2. Katie Curry says

    I love me some Snuggle Puppy. I’ve made up my own tune, and I really get going on the repeated chorus: OOOOOOOooooooh Snuggle Puppy, I love you!

  3. Jessica Riddle says

    I’ve always been a Dwight Yoakam fan…can’t explain it. And we’re ALWAYS in the market for new kids music;) Thanks for the heads up, Jennifer!

  4. Martha C. says

    My favorite is Blue Hat Red Hat. We still read it and have audio of my 18 year old “reading” the book when she was 2. So fun!!!!

  5. Anne Lehnick says

    We have Personal Penguin and the song that goes along with it. I think it’s super cute and pretty funny. I believe we also have The Going to Bed Book. Also very cute.

    My favorite artists on this CD are Dwight Yoakum and Darius Rucker.

  6. says

    Hi! :) Alas, Sandra Boynton is totally new to me, so I do not have a favorite as of yet, but I can say that at least based on the Christmas album I have of hers, out of these people, I do like Alison Krauss. :)


  7. Sunnymay says

    Brad Paisley is one of my favorite artists and he reaches around and helps out charities and other people. Allison Krauss is another artist who’s easy to listen to.

  8. Rebecca says

    At our house we love the “Little Pookie” books, and “The Going to Bed Book” is a favorite as well. I’m excited to hear the Ben Folds song on this album – my favorite Boynton song is “Penguin Lament” from “Blue Moo.” I would love to add this album to our Boynton collection!

  9. Angela Ash says

    My favorite Artist on this album is Dwight Yoakam. I’d love to hear “I’ve Got a Dog”. Very talented artists make for a great CD.

  10. says

    That is so cool that Allison Krause and Brad Paisley sing these songs, or was I reading that right? I’d definitely get into that, kid song or not. I would! Bonus that it keeps the kids occupied while I drive!

  11. Trisha McKee says

    The book Hey, Wake Up was always a favorite with my daughter. I’d read it to her every night. She is now thirteen and we are buying Boynton books for my friends baby!

  12. says

    If I had to pick just one Sandra Boynton book (because my son has quite a few of them and loves them all), I’d pick the Pajama Time Book. It’s cute and anything to do with sleep is a plus for us. :) But I also really love giving the Happy Birthday Little Pookie book as gifts to other little ones.

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