5 Steps to Stress-Free Moving — Moving Tips and Checklists

If you are planning a big move, we want to help alleviate at least some of the stress with our free printables — downloadable moving tips and checklists with timelines that will help keep your move under control.

moving checklist

As part of our campaign to Celebrate Everyday Messes with Bissell, today we are sharing tips and free printables for stress-free moving.

In this video, Susan and I share 5 steps to help you with your move, as well as some of our favorite packing tips.

You can download our Set of 5 Moving Tips Checklists, which includes “Moving Plan Timeline”, “What to Carry with YOU”, “Open First Boxes”, “Order to Pack” and “Packing Tips” checklists.

5 Steps to Stress Free Moving with Free Printables

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  1. says

    GREAT tips. We are lucky to have Tobei’s work pay for movers everytime we move but one big thing they stress is a first to unpack box with bedding, curtains and whatever else we may need to spend first night in new home.

  2. says

    Thank you for the tips! We aren’t moving anytime soon but I’m going to incorporate your ideas into my spring cleaning regimen. I love how you offered the checklists…they are perfect!

  3. says

    We moved every year for the first three years we were married and have another move coming up in about a year (when we finish school) so these are so helpful! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Cindi says

    I will be keep this article, because my husband and I are
    going through the empty nest and will need a smaller home!
    Thanks, Cindi

  5. Marti Tabora says

    I’m not planning on moving any time soon but these are great tips and I really like the checklists. thanks.

  6. Cynthia R says

    we moved around a lot when i was a kid so I remember how stressful it was, thanks for the checklists, very helpful!

  7. Angela Ash says

    I wish I came across this just over a year ago. Moving was crazy. I know it’s always good to have a plan but it seems like it would be easier to follow a list already made. It would take the stress out of it compared to trying to create one myself.

  8. heather c says

    Oooo, I like the idea of the beds being one of the first things you set up. I do remember sleeping on the floor a few times…without a pillow! Must remember this when moving time arrives.

  9. Charlene Kuser says

    This video was so informative and I like all the tips.The paper plates between the plates was very nice tip.I always wrapped them in newspaper which took way longer.The unpack me first box was nice too.Now I have to check out the packing tips.This one I really need.Thanks for all the great tips,wish I heard about these
    before,would’ve saved me from being so stressed.

  10. says

    You helped me so much! I am going to move out next month and I should start packing my stuff. I just don’t know what to pack first and what to leave till the very last moment. You helped me a lot! Thank you!

  11. says

    I have already made a check list for my moving to New Zealand. I am so excited that I am going there. I love the nature and the climate. I hope that I will be very happy there! Thank you for sharing there incredible advices!

  12. says

    Great tips and a great video! Everything looks so much easier on the video tutorials, have noticed? Haha, but I’ve just tried some of these the last few days and all I can say one big thank you!

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