Mega Bloks First Builders Billy Beats™ Dancing Piano #Giveaway

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BillyBeatsBoxToddlers and music go together beautifully, as anyone who has ever seen a toddler’s chubby little legs bouncing up and down can attest. Dancing along to music comes naturally to kids, and toys that not only play music but allow young children to create their own are always a hit. I’ve had the pleasure to observe this first-hand over the last week with the Mega Bloks First Builders Billy Beats™ Dancing Piano!

Though my own children are all school-aged, I currently spend my days with members of the toddler and preschool set. I didn’t have to do much at all to introduce Billy Beats™ because as soon as it was seen by my 18-month-old friends, the interest level went straight to full excitement. At first, I switched it to “Dance Along” mode, in which eight different classic children’s songs can be selected. As soon as Billy Beats™ started bopping back and forth to the music, my young friends began bouncing along with him. Lots of shouts of “More! More!” could be heard in my living room. In the “Discover Music” mode, Billy Beats™ functions as a traditional toddler toy piano, with eight notes that can be played with the push of the Mega Bloks-shaped keys. The third mode, “Learn to Play,” prompts children to play the songs on their own by lighting up the correct keys. In this way, Billy Beats™ can be used by children of varying developmental levels, ensuring that this toy won’t get old as children grow up.

I like that there is a lower volume mode, as well, for I often find toys to be much too loud. Billy’s dancing feature can also be turned off, if children choose just to play music. A particularly unique feature incorporates sheet music stickers that can be placed on the Mega Bloks that are included (and stored) inside Billy. When the blocks are placed atop Billy’s hat, older children can match the color-coordinated notes with the keys as they learn to play the songs themselves. Though the age recommendation for Billy Beats™ is 1-5, this particular feature has attracted both my almost-6 year old son and my 7 year old daughter, too.

And I can’t forget the more whimsical sound features in addition to the traditional piano notes. In “Animal Sounds” mode, each key will play a different animal noise,  making for a silly way to play music, and “Funky DJ” mode provides even more fun sounds to explore.

Mega Bloks First Builders Billy Beats™ Dancing Piano  has been a big attraction with my young friends since I put it into the toy rotation, and I’ll even admit to using the sheet music to impress the kids with my own rendition of “Old MacDonald” once or twice. This fun toy provides a variety of play modes at various levels, ensuring a long shelf-life for children.

Enter to win

If your child is a fan of musical toys and Mega Bloks building toys, you can’t miss today’s giveaway. One winner will receive a huge prize pack from the Mega Bloks’ First Builders line worth $140:


  • Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag
  • Mega Bloks First Builders Farm
  • Mega Bloks Lil’ Vehicles Sonny School Bus
  • Mega Bloks Lil’ Vehicles Catie Convertible
  • Mega Bloks Lil’ Princess Sparkling Tower
  • PLUS the Mega Bloks First Builders Billy Beats™ Dancing Piano

This giveaway is open to U.S. mailing addresses only, please. To enter, fill in your name and email address in the giveaway tools form below to get started.

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  1. Anne Lehnick says

    I think my kids would like the building aspect the best. My daughter would probably bop around to the music while she was building away, but the building would be done more frequently by the pair of them.

  2. Jennifer Collver says

    I’m not sure which they would love more! They would just love it all – Since I have 2 sons (5 and 2) and a 3 year old daughter they would all be able to play with these, so while two of them would be building the other would probably be dancing and playing music :)

  3. Mechele Johnson says

    Tough question! I would say my daughter would be more excited about the music, and my son the building!

  4. Mary Casper says

    shes probably more excited about the music since she was singing and dancing since she came out of the womb

  5. Dawn Monroe says

    I have five grandkids under five so they would enjoy both. This prize would turn Nanas house into a play room!

  6. Dawn Monroe says

    I have five grandkids under five so they would enjoy both. This prize would turn Nanas house into a play room!.

  7. Dawn Monroe says

    I have five grandkids under five so they would enjoy both. This prize would turn Nanas house into a play room.

  8. randi says

    My granddaughter would love both, the 4 year old would love the building & the 1 year old is all about anything that makes noise!

  9. Kellie Conklin says

    My nephew will be most excited about the music! He loves to dance around and is always rocking out to any type of music :) Thanks!

  10. Jackie says

    My girls love building… And they love music too…. Im sure they will have tons of fun building as well as playing with billy beats

  11. Tara says

    He loves his blocks, but he loves his music more! We actually saw this toy in the store the other day and he loved it.

  12. Vikki Billings says

    My granddaughter will be more excited about the music and my grandson will be more excited about the building.

  13. kelly Knapp says

    I would hope the music, but I expect the building. that is part of what’s nice…either way they some of each.

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