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If I had only had these adorable Kidaroo Crew labels for my children, then I would not have to share with you this sippy cup fiasco story.

Kidaroo Crew

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. It was absolutely sweltering. Not a cloud in the sky. My husband and I were dragging as we took turns pushing the toddler in the big double stroller and wrangling the preschooler around the county fair. Not even the freshly squeezed lemonade made us feel even remotely cool. My preschool daughter on the other hand was in hog heaven. She skipped from ride to ride. She was so happy!

You see my preschooler had begged to go to the county fair ever since she saw the big ferris wheel on our way to preschool. While we walked the preschooler to our last ride of the day, the kiddie train, the toddler lolled back in the double stroller.

Her eyes started dropping as she drank her sippy cup of juice. As we rounded a corner she dropped off to sleep. I saw her lose her grip on the cup. I turned my attention to my preschooler who squealed as she rode around on the kiddie train. Once her train ride was over, she piled in to the stroller and we headed for the car. We had had a great day.

It wasn’t til I got home and unpacked the diaper bag that I noticed that the toddler’s favorite sippy cup was missing. I searched the van. I unpacked the stroller from the back of the minivan to look in the storage bin. I reached in to the nooks and crannies between the car seats. Searched under all the seats. No sign of the toddler’s beloved sippy cup.

I wish I had thought to slap a label on my toddler’s cup. Or her shoes. Favorite toy. And even on her little stuffed puppy dog. Might have saved me lots of time spent on fruitless searches for items dropped out of the stroller. The award winning Snugaroos™ Custom 3D Labels are designed for sippy cups and baby bottles.

Snugaroos Custom 3D Labels from the Kidaroo Crew are fun, reusable labels that are a safe and smart alternative to adhesive labels. These 3D labels were created by a mom. One of the problems with some sticky labels is that they are hard to adhere to irregular objects like sippy cups and drink thermoses.

Snugaroos Custom 3D Labels are stretchable label bands that are perfect for easily identifying children’s drinking containers at daycare, preschool, nursery school, play dates, or in households with multiple kids. Can you imagine not having any more mix-ups or lost cups and bottles?

Snuagaroos Custom 3D Labels are:

  • Available in a variety of fun designs featuring a variety of bright colors and designs.
  • Parents and grandparents can choose from original works of art that captures the child’s and parent’s interests.
  • Labels can be further custom engraved by adding your own text, like your child’s name on the other side of the stretchy band.
  • Fit snuggly around containers so small children can’t remove.

Want to know more about the Kidaroo Crew and Snugaroos Custom 3D Labels?

  • Is a mom-owned company located in League City, Texas.
  • You can find out how to “Style Up Your Bottles & Cups!” by clicking here.
  • Snuagroos Custom 3D Labels are available in a variety of styles including: baseball, cheer, football, dance, and more.
  • Labels are available in a variety of colors.
  • Stretchy bands fit a variety of sizes of sippy cups, sports bottles, and drink thermoses.
  • Like Kidaroo Crew on Facebook.
  • Follow @KIdarooCrew on Twitter.

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  1. says

    My daughter received the cutest sweatshirt from her cousin, a hand me down. She took it to school before I could label it. A little girl stole it and when asked her mother insisted it was her daughters

  2. Tabitha P. says

    Last year for x-mas my dd got a stuffed bulldog. She ended up in the hospital over x-mas break. All she wanted was that bulldog during her stay,he was all that made the 4 days in the hospital bearable. Unfourtnely he got left at the hossy or at wal-mart when we went to pick up her meds. She still talks about him =(

  3. Janet W. says

    We lost my grandson’s hat on a biking trail and had to go all the way back to try and find it but it was gone.

  4. Nancy Kane says

    One time we lost my daughter’s stuffed toy elephant in the toothpaste section of the grocery store. She needed that animal to sleep at night and I was so worried it was gone forever. The store called us the next day to say it had been found. :)

  5. Kerrie Mayans says

    The teddy bear blanket that she slept with every night. We had about two weeks of sleepless nights before I was able to replace it with one I purchased off ebay.

  6. Jamie Brigham says

    Well I didn’t but my husband did! He lost our sons Buzz Lightyear Disney store sunglasses by leaving them on the roof of the car and didn’t notice until miles later when our son wanted his glasses… He can’t stand the sun in his face, he screams bloody murder so I gave him mine to wear.

  7. says

    Nothing expensive. We lost a nice thermos at Disney World, but I’m cutting us some slack for that one. Our son was having a seizure and I completely forgot about everything else. We walked away and left it behind. Our son ended up being ok, so that’s all that mattered! I had also walked away from our video camera that day, but someone chased after us with it!
    wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

  8. says

    When my 16 year old was just over a year old we lost his favorite blanket. He used it to sleep, to sooth. He wouldn’t let it out of his sight. It was a hard several weeks getting him to adjust to life without it. I learned to have a duplicate lovey in the future.

  9. Jennifer Aldridge says

    I lost my daughter’s favorite dolly. I think she got left in a hotel but likely we were able to find a replacement online a few days later.

  10. katklaw777 says

    I lost my sons winter coat once and had to buy a new one.
    It was fall and the weather was changing hot one day and cold the next.
    I left it simewhere…lol

  11. Cathy H says

    The worst thing we lost was a treasured teddy bear… thankfully an employee was kind enough to keep looking until it was finally recovered the next day!

  12. Karen Propes says

    A brand new jacket from her Grandfather. She was so sad, we finally found it, would you believe at her Grandfather’s house – lol, he didn’t see it either and he looked too.

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