Are You Creating SMART Goals? Here’s How You Can…

Do you create goals for yourself only to find that you don’t finish them? If your answer was yes, don’t worry you’re not alone. There is a way that you can create a goal, work toward it, and finish it!

A popular method for setting goals is using the SMART acronym.

Each letter is a step by step process to help plan and achieve your goals.

Trying to get in shape is a perfect example of starting and not finishing. People find that restricting their diet and trying to begin an exercise routine too much to handle all at once. Instead break your goal down using the SMART method.

Running a marathon is on my personal bucket list. The word “marathon” sounds overwhelming doesn’t it? It does for me too but what if I applied the smart goals process to more achievable steps?

  1. Specific: What is my specific goal? To run a 5K race. 

  2. Measurable: How can I measure my progress? First find a training program. A great recommendation for beginning runners is the Couch to 5K . The program is designed to get you running 3 miles in 9 weeks. 

  3. Achievable: Is this an achievable goal? It is because I can put it into action by finding a 5K in my local area 9 weeks out or as close as possible and sign up. You must commit and then the training begins to make sense. 

  4. Relevant: Is a 5K a realistic goal? Yes it is because 3.1 miles is the shortest distance for a race. A marathon is 26.2 miles which is not realistic if I haven’t experienced a long run. I need to know how my body handles the mileage. There are many things to consider. How to stay hydrated, shoes, sports bras, comfortable clothing, music playlist and the weather just to name a few. 

  5. Timely: Is my goal timely? It is when you combine the training program with a race date! The entire process can be completed within a 3 month period. The same process could be used for a 10K, a half marathon and finally a full marathon. 

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It is possible to reach your goals when you break them down into achievable steps. Do you have any goals that you have been struggling with?

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Have you tried using SMART goals before?

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  1. Ashleigh says

    My problem is I set too many goals. I love this system…it would help me organize my thoughts. I find myself setting goals for all aspects of my life and then getting overwhelmed…not good! My biggest goals I struggle with are the ones that have to do with my career. Since I decided to stay home 3 years ago, I feel my personal goals have been swept in the wind. This year I’m trying to get back to myself! I’ve joined Weight Watchers and have started doing more things selfishly to help further my work-at-home career.

  2. says

    I second that! I think the more we become specific, the more clarity in mind and action can be seen. Confusion kills clarity and disorient anything that is targeted for a better tomorrow. This is the way it goes with fitness. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips, you have SMART-ly elaborated the term for better understanding :)

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